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English Golden Retrievers Puppies For Sale

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Characteristics Of White Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale!!

English Cream Golden Retrievers are known for their highly relaxed, ultra-mellow temperaments. These dogs are intelligent, loving, playful and incredibly loyal, which makes them the perfect pet to own from puppyhood. Many people desire the quality European bloodlines associated with the White Golden breed, which guarantee the highest pedigree for dog shows and future breeding. In fact, White Golden Retrievers are often bred for three main reasons: their unmatched temperament, their outstanding health, and their sturdy structures. White Goldens also sport glossy light-colored, cream-colored coats, and generally grow healthy and strong. All Goldens have at least some Golden color in their coats, even the whitest cream colored Golden still have gold highlights running throughout their coats. Hence the term Cream is a much more appropriate description than White.

This breed loves to be active and offers a beautiful light-colored coat of hair that stands out against other breeds. A White Golden Retriever puppy is a team player and behaves well with everyone. To breed white golden retriever puppies, is no simple task. It requires a lot of work, often artificial insemination and more frequently, C sections. Even though our white golden retriever puppies may be challenging to breed, they will radiate positivity and love the moment you meet them.

Our Deedee With Regal Goldens Dutch

One male available. We had wanted to keep a male puppy for ourselves from this litter. But the challenges of recovery from the pandemic are lingering on. So our pick male puppy we unfortunately must be placed. He is beautiful from the inside out, crate trained, sleeping through the night, been meeting lots of clients checking in for dog boarding, had a few trips to town for socialization, a few car rides, and has been entirely house raised from birth. We have been calling him Diez, but this could be changed as he is so young, just 17 weeks. Diez has had two sets of shots his third set isnt due for a few more days, all the puppy de-worming has been maintained along with vet checks throughout, he will be CKC registered, parents are cleared hips, elbows, eyes, heart, screened thyroid, pra, and Ichthyosis clear.

We are excited to be bringing together these two pedigrees. Dutch brings an imported pedigree to Canada, we are eager to be able to have DeeDee with him. DeeDee is fun dog and energetic dog, without being busy.

Dutch I was able to get to know at a dog show early this summer. He is a perfect gentleman, an easy to be with boy who is also beautiful, and sound with a complete set of health clearances.

Sire: CanCH Goldnote’s No Crime of Fashion

Pedigree, Photo Gallery, and Clearance Links for Armani

Litter Expected/Birth Date: August 20, 2022.Litter Release Date: October 29, 2022.

We Do Not Accept Fci Hip X

We do not import dogs with FCI hip testing that was done prior to a year old. This has become a very common practice in recent years with the imports. These misleading FCI x-rays are done by a European breeders personal vet. Then these older puppies are imported to the U.S. and breeders in the U.S. post these results as final.

Hip dysplasia is prevalent in Golden Retrievers in both American Goldens as well as English Goldens. We retired over half of the dogs that we imported initially because the health did not meet our very high standard. It is our commitment to health as a first priority that has enabled us to now be in a position to have lines with truly good health. In addition, and most importantly, to date, in the almost 12 years that weve been breeding, we have yet to have anyone report that their puppy has hip dysplasia.

For more detail on what is becoming quite a big trend with breeders of imported golden retrievers, see out page entitled FCI Hip Tested Golden Retrievers in the United States.

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Aggie And Armani Our A Team

We have been growing out two males with the intention of keeping one of the two boys to carry on Armanis lineage in a future stud dog. We have now made our decision of which of the two boys we should keep for ourselves. This means that we have one male puppy ready for his forever home. Photos provided in the photo gallery below. This beautiful boy Argus is crate trained, sleeping through the night, been meeting lots of clients checking in for dog boarding, had a few trips to town for socialization, a few car rides, and has been entirely house raised from birth.

Our own Armani has been a solid producer for us, so this breeding to our own Aggie is especially exciting. Armani is 11 years old, and continues to be athletic, healthy and young at heart.

The puppies have arrived! A large litter of 9 puppies! Five males, and 4 females! All cream coloured puppies this time around! Mom and babies are healthy and happy! Aggie is now ready for kennel visits, so contact us for details about our puppy process, questionnaire and to arrange a kennel visit with the entire Goldnote Gang!

  • Male Puppy Available – Stunning Headpiece!
  • Aggie and Armani – Available Male Puppy
  • Male Puppy Available from Armani and Aggie – Seriously Fun Puppy
  • Aramani – New Champion

Litter Expected/Birth Date: August 6th, 2022. – ArrivedLitter Release Date: October 15th, 2022. – Expected Release

Our Violet With Regal Goldens Dutch

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Violet begins her breeding career with an imported stud dog pedigree that we were very pleased with his results for previously. Violet and Dutch are expected to produce exceptionally beautiful dogs that will be lovely from the inside out. Violet is one of our most easy to love and live with female of our entire kennel. She has hosted countless boarding dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Violet has a following of boarding dog families who all want her to be Play Pal for their dog during stays with us. Dutch at Regal excels in being a very straightforward dog to live with, and to love, both by his human and canine companions.

The litter has arrived. We have 7 males! Yes that is SEVEN! We also have 2 females. They are thriving, Violet is an amazing first time Mom. No hesitations, she knew exactly what to do from the first puppy! We presently have space for deposits. These puppies will go home in February.

  • Dutch Male Puppy – Summer 2022
  • Regal Goldens – Dutch

Sire: CanCH Goldnote’s No Crime of Fashion

Pedigree, Photo Gallery, and Clearance Links for Armani

Litter Expected/Birth Date: August 20, 2022.Litter Release Date: October 29, 2022.

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Welcome To Golden Country Tails Kennel

English “Cream” Golden Retriever Breeders

Golden Country Tails kennel is a proud breeder of English Golden Retriever dogs. We are a boutique kennel west of Edmonton and north of Calgary, Alberta.

Our mission is healthy dogs with strong genetics, kind dispositions and temperaments that conform to the looks and colouring that English Golden Retrievers are known for.

We are a proud member of the Canadian Kennel Club and only sell certified purebred and registered puppies.

English, or British Cream Golden Retrievers as they are also referred to, not only are stunning to look at but also have an amazingly loving and gentle disposition. They love to please and give unconditional love.

Please take your time to familiarize yourself with all of the information on our website. If you decide an English Golden Retriever is right for you and your family please check out our puppy page for availability.

English Cream Golden Retrievers

We would like to write a note here about the so-called English cream Golden Retriever phenomenon: There simply is no such thing nor are there any rare white Golden Retrievers! There are, however, Golden Retrievers of many shades of gold ranging from the very light cream to very dark ones.At KYON we have owned/bred British style Golden Retrievers since 1970 and many of our dogs have from the very onset been of cream colouring. We have, however, ALWAYS valued the full colour spectrum in our Golden Retrievers. We would also never dream of claiming that those of our dogs that are of cream colour are more valuable or rare than those of our dogs that are of a more golden colour. The below photo of the 5 KYON dogs sitting shows our typical colour range.

In recent years there, unfortunately, have been marketing strategies in place which have given customers the incorrect impression that it is only the very light cream colour that distinguishes a Golden Retriever of British style from the more American Style Golden. This is totally incorrect, as the British standard allows for any shade of cream or gold.The cream-coloured Golden Retrievers are furthermore not any healthier, nor do they live any longer than their more Golden-coloured counterparts.A well-bred Golden Retriever of any colour-shade is most likely to have exceptional health and longevity IF :

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White Golden Retriever Puppies: Fully Trained

Our fully trained White Golden Retriever puppies understand behaviors that are right and wrong. Fully trained puppies are introduced to other dogs and groups of people, but theyll still require a leash. These puppies from Golden Meadows Retrievers have the following abilities:

  • Walking on a leash properly
  • Maintaining potty-trained nature
  • Showing comfort in a crate due to crate training
  • Comprehending hand signal commands
  • Showing name recognition

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Coat & Coat Care

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Retrievers are a double coated breed. The water-resistant, slightly wavy topcoat and the soft undercoat combine to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The undercoat sheds heavily in the fall and spring. English Creams have mild feathering on the back of their forelegs and heavier feathering on the front of their necks, back of their thighs, and on the bottom of their tails. Some owners trim the feathering, while others leave it long.

Before adopting one of our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale, keep in mind that this breed is moderate-high shedding. With a medium-long coat thats especially long around the ears you can expect dog hair to stick to clothing, furniture and a range of other surfaces. Because of the length of your dogs fur, youll need to brush your pup fairly often. Daily is ideal, with a minimum of three to four times a week.

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Whats The Difference Between Labs And Golden Retrievers

Before golden retrievers were recognized as a subtype of the retriever breed, labradors became one of the most popular dogs in the world. Now that we know there is a difference in personality and appearance between English cream golden retrievers and English labs, the question is: How exactly do you tell the difference?

The best way to tell the difference between a labrador retriever and a golden retriever is its body shape: A labrador has a broad head with a short yet wide snout. Its coat is short, sleek, and typically only comes in white, beige, brown, or black. Golden retrievers have smaller heads, narrow and long snouts, and long fluffy and feathery coats in white, beige, red, and honey.

But in terms of personality, attitude, and overall temperament, what is it that sets golden retrievers apart from labrador retrievers?

Labradors and golden retreivers are obedient, loyal, and trainable dogs perfect for any family, but many experienced dog owners conclude that goldens are more sensitive than labs. Goldens tend to be gentle, soft, generally good-natured, and patient.

Learn more aboutthe difference between golden and labrador retrievers.

It comes down to preference and which breed you think would work better for you and your family. But if youre looking for an English cream golden retriever that is full of love, patience, and endless snuggles, be sure you get one from expert breeders who treat their dogs like their own family.

About Snowy Pines White Labs

White Golden And English Cream Golden Retriever Online Profiles

Golden Meadows Retrievers will work to find you the right companion that suits your lifestyle and home. All of our puppies and adult dogs feature their own online profile that will tell you more about their personality and characteristics. If any of our pups catch your eye, be sure to fill out our Puppy Information Request Form to learn more.

By contacting Golden Meadows Retrievers, you can give us the opportunity to learn a little more about you so that we have a better chance of pairing you with the right new family member. We want to find the best homes for our pups, so well match you to each litter based on temperament, activity level and pack placement. Reach out to Golden Meadows Retrievers to find your new furry friend today.

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Summer Brook Trained English Golden Retriever Puppies: Whats The Difference

What distinguishes our training programs from the training provided by most is the focus our puppies have on a handler. You can see this by looking at videos of our puppies in training. The very first thing we teach a puppy is to have and to enjoy having eye contact with a person. We dont even think about training particular behaviors until eye contact is the norm. Many training videos show puppies that are barely paying attention to the handler. This type training will at the best produce puppies that reluctantly follow a handler and their food.

The Foundation of Our Training Program

The foundation of our program is teaching puppies to want to look at a handler and focus on them. We train our puppies to think instead of react. They figure out for themselves what they need to do in order to please a handler and get a reward. Our teaching methods are built on marker training and shaping instead of luring and leash pressure.

Minimal Use of Luring

Luring is simply having a puppy to get into a position by following a treat. We will occasionally use luring in the initial phase of training. However, we quickly change from luring to shaping and by far most of our training is done with shaping.

Shaping Our Primary Training Method

Training Starts Early

The Parents Of Our Puppies

AKC Registered English Cream Golden Retriever For Sale Fredericksburg ...

All of our girls have OFA excellent hips . Our boys also have very good hips. We do eye tests yearly. We have our dogs hearts examined by a board certified cardiologist. Summer Brook also does genetic testing. All details including links to proofs are on the individual dogs pages which you can get to through the Our Dogs Page.

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English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

If youre looking for the perfect family dog, its hard to go wrong with a golden retriever. Sweet, lovable, and responsive to training, this dog is the perfect choice for families with smaller children due to its gentle disposition. At Keystone Puppies, our network of breeders produces some of the cutest golden retriever puppies around including our rare English Cream Golden Retrievers for sale. Famous for its beautiful, nearly white coat, this breed is also commonly referred to as a Platinum Retriever.

Despite what the breeds name suggests, the first English Cream Golden Retriever originated in Scotland, not England. First bred in the 1800s as a cross between Wavy-Coated Yellow Retrievers and Tweed Water Spaniels by the latters namesake Lord Tweedmouth, a British statesman the breed derives its name from its popularity in some of Englands first dog show championships. Today, these dogs are more commonly adopted as loving companions thanks to their good-natured temperament.

If youre able to keep up with your new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, youll be bringing home a loyal companion whose mission in life is to make you happy!

  • Country of Origin:Great Britain
  • Weight:55 – 80 lbs
  • Height:21 – 24 inches
  • Color:Before you buy an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, get familiar with the coat and care of the breed. Their coat comes in shades varying from bright white to cream color. As they age, their coat may darken into light gold.

A Good Home Is A Must

We are very selective about where our puppies go. Our puppies must go to homes with people who have time for a puppy. We wont place a puppy in a home where a puppy will be left alone for most of the day. We cannot send a puppy to a home where he or she wont receive hours of attention every day. Even our trained puppies need a lot of time and love. We dont just offer Trained English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale. Our goal is to provide companions for families who really want to share their lives with a dog.

For information on how our puppies are raised up until they are 8 weeks, see our Raising Puppies page.

Training Changes 2022

Starting with our 2022 litters, we have made a few changes with regard to our training program. Please see the link at Training Changes-2022 for details.

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The New Kennel Was Built In 2011

  • the kennel is over 1800 square feet so there is a lot of room for the dogs
  • it has heated floors, so the dogs and puppies are warm and dry in the winter
  • it has air conditioning in the summer month, so that makes it nice in cool inside
  • central vac is the main cleaning system
  • two kitchens and one bathroom, because that keeps the humans happy too
  • dog doors in each run so my babies can go in and out as they please
  • the runs for the dogs are 5x 10 inside and 5x 20 outside
  • Exercise runs outside are 30x 40 to 60x 70
  • You can see pictures of our New Kennel here
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