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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Rescue

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Golden Retrievers That Need A Home Now

Dog lovers sleep in cars to adopt 5 stray Golden Retriever puppies in Stark County

By Andrea Powell

There are hundreds of benefits to owning a dog. If you are looking to add to your fur family, consider adopting a dog. You will save the life of that dog and allow another to come into the shelter to be saved.

Golden retrievers are well-mannered, loyal companions that love to play. They love meeting new people, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Goldens make great family dogs and hiking partners.

Check out all 25 golden retrievers looking for their forever homes and share with a friend.

Lebanon County Kennel Club

This club in particular is loved by the community because it is a low-cost or no-cost option for those who have Golden Retrievers. This club teaches owners the proper way to take care of their dogs while educating them on the true desires of the breed itself. They are American Kennel Club certified and they are typically always accepting new members. You can get into contact with them using the information below.

Why Help International Rescues

The demand for rescued Goldens in Southern California exceeds four times the availability of domestic rescue Golden Retrievers. Given the opportunity, SCGRR began to work with several international rescuers to help save Goldens in other countries as we have wonderful families waiting for the perfect companion.

Many of our rescue partners have no funding, They are good Samaritans doing what they can out of pure passion for these gentle souls. This is the case for our overseas partners on the ground in China , South Korea, and Turkey.

SCGRR provides the structure in Southern California to welcome dogs from these countries, providing immediate veterinary care, placing them into foster homes, and ultimately adoption. We reimburse these international rescue partners for a variety of expenses such as crates and water bottles for travel, paperwork fees, airline fees, boarding, or vaccines. Most receive basic medical treatment and required vaccines before arrival, but conditions such as heartworm treatment, advanced dental care, and glaucoma to repairing poorly triaged broken bones or abscesses from trauma these are dealt with under our supervision here, with our rescue veterinarians, just as we would our domestic Goldens.

The average cost to support the independent rescuers and get these precious pups to the U.S. over $1000 for each golden.

Please consider donating to help an International Rescue Dog, and give them a chance at their American dream.

Dogs from China

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Welcome To Our 2022 Annual Fundraising Campaign

Its a scene that rescuers relive over and over … a Golden staring out the window of a car as he leaves the only home he has ever known. Hendrix knows. He asks: Will you help dogs like me make this transition with a donation that tells us everything will be all right?

Here is how Hendrix learned to say goodbye and hello:


My name is Hendrix, howdy doIm very pleased to meet you tooThis is Mom and shes the bestLife is good, yes Ive been blessed

Whats that you say, my Mom needs what?Surgery? Oh man, thats toughCant leave her now, she is so dearAnd Ive been with her all ten years

With tearful eyes, Mom held my faceI fell into her warm embraceI cant care for you for longHendrix, we must both be strong

So Mom did what all good moms doShe called a rescue that she knewIt breaks my heart to see him goPlease help me find him a new home.

I saw her as she waved goodbyeI didnt quite know how to crySome kindly humans hugged me closeRubbed my ears and kissed my nose

Now I have a new addressAnd I can see its for the bestIt took some time to settle downBut smiles have since replaced my frown

I sometimes give a backward glanceThough rescue was my second chanceMy Golden heart had lots of roomAnd like a flower I have bloomed

To everyone who worked this rescueAll Ill say is thank you, thank youI wont forget that fateful driveCause that is how you save a life

Adopt A Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale

As we have no control over when Goldens come to our service, it is impossible for us to estimate how long it will take to find the right Golden for your familys lifestyle.Many of our dogs are not posted to the website because we have a qualified applicant waitingRead about adopting a senior dog here.we do not place dogs out of stateOur processWe will set up a call with you, to review your application, when we have a dog that fits your criteria.

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Faq About Golden Retrievers And How To Start The Process Of Adoption

What is the lifespan of a golden retriever?

Golden retrievers are active dogs with a life span of 10-12 years.

How much exercise does a golden retriever need?

The breed is part of the sporting group and was originally bred to retrieve ducks and fowls for hunters. They need daily exercise consisting of a walk, a game of fetch, or a trip to the beach. Ideally, they should have 60 minutes of intense exercise a day and a great way to achieve that is through hiking.

How to adopt a golden retriever?

If you think a golden retriever is the right dog for you, contact your local shelter. There are countless golden retriever rescues across the country if your heart is set on the breed and your local shelter doesnt have one. Be sure that your lifestyle is a fit for a golden and consider adopting an older dog.

You wont find a more loyal friend than a dog. No matter what type of companion you are looking for, you can find a perfect fit in a rescue pet. Adopt dont shop!

Help Rescue Animals

Surrendering Your Precious Pet

There are times in our lives when making the best decision can be the most difficult. Please understand that here at Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida we are dedicated to helping you through the process of surrendering your pet. We know this decision can be heartbreaking, but we will provide your golden with the best veterinary care, fosters to love them and a multiple step process for ensuring your golden gets the best home possible.

If you have decided to reach out to GRRMF, please .

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Lehigh Valley Kennel Club

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club is yet another amazing club option for those of you looking to get a Golden Retriever or those of you who have a Golden Retriever. This club is American Kennel Club certified and they specifically help Golden Retriever owners educate themselves about the breed while also learning how to properly care for them. This club encourages obedience, shows, training, and trials. You can find out more information about this club using the information listed below.

What Makes The Golden Retriever Dog So Popular

Golden Retriever Shocked by Puppies occupying his bed!

The breed was valued for the hunting abilities so ably produced by the careful blending of foundation stock, and only later became popular as a pet. After the Golden Retriever made the transition, however, this dogs rise to the height of popularity was meteoric and remains one of the most popular of all breeds in America.

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How To Look For Golden Retrievers Puppies For Sale In Pennsylvania

Looking for a Golden Retriever puppy in Pennsylvania? Look no further! With our network of independently verified breeders, you can find the perfect Golden Retriever puppy for you.

Because we are located in Ohio, only a few hours outside of PA, many soon-to-be-owners prefer to make the drive to come pick up their pup in person from the breeder. But dont worry if coming to us isnt practical for you, weve got you covered! We can deliver your pup right to your home, anywhere in PA, for a flat fee of only $325.

Want to know more about how it works? Check out our convenient Puppy Travel Program for more information.

To get connected with your new, furry friend, simply browse our available list of family-friendly Golden Retrievers here.

Average Cost For Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Pennsylvania

It doesnt matter where in the country you livewhether it be Pennsylvania, or sunny San Diego, the cost of adopting your Golden Retriever puppy can range from $1,000 to $3,500.

Remember, cheaper doesnt mean better, or even comparable! In fact, cheaper puppies are more likely to come from puppy mills, where they arent adequately cared for and are oftentimes sold to families without having received proper veterinary care and checkups beforehand.

Your pup deserves better than that, which is why here at My Golden Retriever Puppies, we ensure high-quality care is taken of your pet at all times.

Our adorable golden retriever puppies typically range from $1,800 and $2,600 and even though the upfront price may be higher than some others, the quality of our breeders and their puppies means you will likely save thousands over the lifetime of your new furry best friend. We even have all types of golden retrievers for sale!

At My Golden Retriever Puppies, we pride ourselves on our golden retriever price being fair and affordable for high quality puppies.

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Breeders Vs Pet Stores

While purchasing a puppy from a pet store may seem like the more accessible and cheaper option, that certainly doesnt mean its the right choice for you.

When you purchase a Golden Retriever puppy from a pet store, youre much less likely to receive the kind of assurances and services that a high quality breeder can provide.

The sad truth is that many pet store purchased pups actually come from puppy mills. The Humane Society defines apuppy mill as: an inhumane high-volume dog breeding facility that churns out puppies for profit, ignoring the needs of the pups and their mothers.

In other words, when you buy a Golden Retriever from a pet store, youre likely to be purchasing a puppy that could have very well come from a puppy mill. As a result, you wont know anything about where your pup came from, and you wont receive any of the support youd receive if you go through a qualified breeder instead. Basically, there is zero authenticity with pet stores.

When it comes to adopting any animal from a pet store, there is an increased risk of unforeseen health or genetic problems.

While pet stores usually provide some form of checkup and vaccination service, the veterinary care they provide is likely to be the no-frills kind, meaning theres a higher chance they could miss something that a more qualified examination would likely find.

What Are The Golden Retriever Colors

Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale

The breed was first considered to be a yellow variety of Flat-Coated Retrievers but was recognized as a separate breed, the Yellow or Golden Retriever, in 1912. A few of these dogs had come to America by way of Lord Tweedmouths sons by 1900, but the AKC did not register them as a separate breed until 1927.

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Golden Retriever Rescues By State

LindsayI Heart Goldens earns commissions from qualifying purchases.

Are you looking for a Golden Retriever rescue near you? Youve come to the right place. Well help you find the closest Golden Retriever rescues so you can adopt a Golden of your own. Or maybe youre trying to find a rescue to send a Golden Retriever to. Either way, these rescues are there for you. If your area doesnt have any Golden Retriever rescues, you may need to look at nearby states.

Below, we break down all the Golden Retriever rescues in the US, state by state. Some states dont have any Golden Retriever rescues. Fortunately, some of the Golden Retriever rescues listed cover areas of more than one state.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Long shining coats, floppy ears, and heart-warming smiles Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America and many parts of the world. Their docile, loyal, and eager-to-please personality makes them the perfect companions for everyone, especially families with small children. See Golden Retriever puppies for sale and learn everything you need to know about this lovable breed.

While these fluffy pups make the perfect addition to almost any family, Golden Retriever dogs have also been known to be serious workers and athletes. Our Golden Retriever puppies are often selected to serve as guide dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, and more!

The modern Golden Retriever breeds lineage is linked to the Spanish Water Spaniel, the Tweed Spaniel , and the Red Setter. Originating in Scotland in 1911, these dogs were bred to be hunting companions and were expected to retrieve game from small bodies of water. While Golden Retrievers got their start in Europe, it didnt take long for Americans to fall in love with this gorgeous and playful breed. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Golden Retriever breed in 1925.

  • Country of Origin:Great Britain
  • Weight:55 – 80 lbs
  • Height:21 – 24 inches
  • Color:As indicated by their name, their coat comes in light golden colors to dark golden colors. Their golden coats can range from a light cream color, into the yellows, or even into a dark copper shade.

Breed Rating

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Sometimes All A Dog Needs Is A Second Chance

For Love, Devotion, and Life.

Beach time with friends!

NEW ITEMS IN OUR STORE: Place your order now for immediate shipment. All pricing includes shipping and sales tax.


2023 NGRR CALENDAR – $15.

Please go to Store

2021 brought more Golden Retrievers into NGRR than 2020. Since January 2022, NGRR continues to get Goldens, which makes us cautiously optimistic that there will be more Goldens toplace for adopting families than there was last year. As restrictions continue to ease, please bepatient as we continue with mask-wearing encounters and preferably outdoors home visits when a dog comes available. Please also be aware that the wait time for an availableGolden may be several months or more, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

We are hopeful to be announcing some in-person, outdoormeetups for our Golden friends in the coming months stay tuned and send Daisya note if you have suggestions of locations or times for ameetup!


Ygrr Rescue Partner Rescuing Dogs From Ukraine

free! free Golden retriever pupp – for free adoption || 2021 || spf

ROLDA is right next to Ukraine We recently worked with ROLDA to bring some dogs to YGRR. The ROLDA Dog Rescue Team is working tirelessly right now to help Ukrainian pets. Situated so close to the border, ROLDA is in a unique position to co-ordinate and conduct multiple missions to find and rescue pets.This position

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Top 4 Golden Retriever Rescues In Pennsylvania

May 1, 2022

  • Golden Retriever Rescues in The Other States
  • Golden Retrievers are known as the perfect family dog as they are friendly, compassionate, sporty, and extremely smart. They have been known to be featured in trials, shows, and tracking. If youre looking for a place to adopt your new Golden Retriever in Pennsylvania then youve come to the right place. If youre looking for specifically Golden Retriever puppies in Pennsylvania then you can check those out here. Weve compiled a list of the best Golden Retriever rescues in Pennsylvania. Lets dive into this.

    Support International Golden Rescues

    Together with our rescue partners in Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan and China, SCGRR works to bring beautiful and often abandoned Golden Retrievers to Southern California. International Rescues are often very costly to the rescue as the dog can be the price of a full fare ticket if we do not have volunteers that are already

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    Take A Look At Our Retrievers Available For Adoption

    Each week we accept additional retrievers into our program who then receive their veterinary checkups and are moved to foster homes for evaluation and to complete any medical treatment they may need before being adopted. Click on the dogs name below for a close up view and please check back often for updates.


    What To Know About Golden Retriever Dog Health

    Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale

    If youre thinking about bringing a Golden Retriever puppy for sale home, make sure you understand this breeds individual health concerns. The average life expectancy for a Golden Retriever is between 10 14 years. Even though this breed tends to be healthy, especially when you purchase from a reputable breeder, there are some common health considerations.

    Make sure to keep an eye out for these health issues in your Golden Retriever:

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    Pennsylvania Golden Retriever Rescue

    The Pennsylvania Golden Retriever Rescue is an organization that has gotten over 16,000 Golden Retrievers adopted. This is a huge organization that is linked across the country with other states. This is somewhat of a hub to be able to browse available Golden Retrievers by state. This organization spends their time making sure that all Golden Retrievers are either safe in a rescue center of theirs or are adopted by loving owners. This whole organization makes it their goal to have a portal of available Goldens accessible at all times to ensure that anyone looking for a new Golden Retriever to add to their family will find one through their platform. We love this rescue simply because there are a lot of options for Golden Retrievers. If youre looking to contact the rescue center, then you can use the information listed below.

    • Website:

    Average Cost For Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Washington

    It doesnt matter where in the country you livewhether it be Washington, or sunny San Diego, the cost of adopting your Golden Retriever puppy can range from $1,000 to $3,500.

    Remember, cheaper doesnt mean better, or even comparable! In fact, cheaper puppies are more likely to come from puppy mills, where they arent adequately cared for and are oftentimes sold to families without having received proper veterinary care and checkups beforehand.

    Your pup deserves better than that, which is why here atMy Golden Retriever Puppies, we ensure high-quality care is taken of your pet at all times.

    Our adorable golden retriever puppies typically range from $1,800 and $2,600 and even though the upfront price may be higher than some others, the quality of our breeders and their puppies means you will likely save thousands over the lifetime of your new furry best friend.

    For more about the true price of a golden retriever puppy, you can read ourfull price breakdown here.

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