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Shock Collar For Golden Retriever

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Black Rhino Large Dog Collar

E collar Conditioning for labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, gun dogs, hunting dogs

The Black Rhino Large Dog Collar is made with ultra soft neoprene padding on the inside of the collar to ensure your Golden Retriever is comfortable. The collar is adjustable to best fit your pup, lowering the risk of chafing or rubbing. With reflective material interwoven, this collar increases both you and your Golden Retrievers safety while on night walks.

  • Ultra soft neoprene padding reduces rubbing or chafing
  • Adjustable fit gives your Golden Retriever as close to a custom fit as possible
  • Reflective material makes night walks safer for all involved

Potential Problems With Shock Collars

If the electric collar is used without prior knowledge it can lead to several problems

  • Wrong Reflex Action

There are times when a dog might misunderstand the cause and source of the stimulus even if he knows it is a punishment. As a result your dog may develop the wrong reflex to the shock collar so for e.g. if you want your dog to stop an improper action, he may get more aggressive as a defense mechanism. If youre teaching your dog to not pick up scraps from the street, it gets difficult to condition his behavior in a noisy environment where he can get triggered easily or may mistake noise as the reason for that irritation. So he wont understand his misconduct but will think the cause and effect are something else. To fix a wrong reflex, choosing the right training environment is important if youre using shock collars.

  • Excessive Stimulation

You must understand your dogs temperament before using a shock collar because too much or too little stimulation can direct your dogs behavior incorrectly. Dont use the collar as a punishment for longstanding misconduct because it may damage your dogs neck and nerves. Nervous disorders like involuntary urination, fear, panic, unwanted aggression and in some cases epilepsy.

  • Over-Stimulation in Wet Conditions
  • Low Sensitivity

Choosing The Right Collar For Your Retriever

Purchase a collar made from leather for its longevity and durability. You will need it for training and taking them for walks. A 1 Inch wide leather collar is the best choice for a Golden Retriever who has long hair, as the narrower collar will prevent matting. A 1.5 Inch wide leather collar is best for Labrador retrievers. The added width will help disperse the pressure around their neck as they pull on the leash.

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What Is Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a training method that uses rewards or treats to teach your dog how to behave. The idea here is to make them associate certain actions with good things like food or toys.

Positive reinforcement should be used in conjunction with other training methods because it might not always work independently.

This type of training can take a lot of time, so you should be patient with your dog. Your Golden Retriever will learn what you are teaching them, but they will need more practice to get to the point where they instinctively know what you want them to do.

Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever

10 Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever In 2021
  • References:
  • Golden Retrievers are loving, pleasant, and eager to please their owners in all situations. Their superior intelligence makes them incredible working dogs, and their friendly behavior makes them ideal for families. Besides that, they also serve as peaceful gestures in therapy sessions.

    Goldens, as they are incredibly affectionate, they are highly energetic as well. They demand plenty of exercises to remain in shape and keep the malicious behavior on the down-low. So, they love running, going for walks and even swimming.

    This dog breed is happiest when living with an active, busy family who spends most of their hours with them. Also, Golden retrievers are easy to train and excellent around kids. But, they are a larger breed, which makes them a potential threat to children. They may accidentally knock a child down due to excitement.

    In a situation like this, shock collars can be helpful. Collars that provide enough movements yet withstands the vigorous pulling are the best type for your Golden Retriever. Although shock collars are a little on the touchy side for most pet parents, they are deliberate not to hurt your dog in any way. All they do is stimulate positive and obedient behavior no harm, no foul!

    It isnt easy to find the best shock collar for a Golden Retriever, but weve made a list. Check it out!

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    Gotags Nylon Personalized Collar

    When it comes to our pets, we can never do too much. We always want to make sure theyre as safe as possible and this is one of the best collars for doing that.

    You can choose from 5 different base colors and numerous thread colors to design a unique collar with your pups name and number written on it. No more lost dog tags!

    Its made from durable nylon and should be comfortable even if your dogs fur is long. It has a noncorrosive D-ring to attach a leash to and a side-opening buckle for ease.

    The large should fit well, but if your dog has a slightly smaller neck you may want to measure them and get a medium.

    What You Need To Know About Bark Collars

    Popular models of shock collars come with several features and modes. The new age collars give owners the choice between shock modes, or even get a collar without a shock just a beep and vibration. The best bark collars are created using smart tech, such that even if other dogs are barking, the device recognizes the bark of your dog and will not get activated on its own. This is a very important feature to ensure the training process goes right and your dog can be conditioned correctly.

    Things To Consider

    • The collar should always fit properly if you can fit two fingers between the collar belt and the dogs neck, then it isnt tight.
    • Always reposition the collar on your dogs neck every two hours to prevent any kind of skin damage.
    • If your dog has a loud and consistent bark, owing to which the collar activates often, ensure he doesnt wear it for more than 12 hours.
    • Always check your dogs neck to see if the skin has any kind of damage or irritation. Consult a vet immediately if you see any kind of skin irritation.


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    Benefits Dog Training Collars Offer

    Training a dog is not easy. Our furry friends have a mind of their own and hunting instincts that are pretty strong. Sometimes what we consider misbehavior in our pooch is just their natural reaction to nature and their environment. But training is vital nonetheless, and here is why a training collar comes in handy.

    How A Shock Collar Changed My Relationship With My Dog

    How to steady a labrador retriever, golden retriever, with e collar, electronic collar

    Cruel? With careful, compassionate application, a shock collar can be the kindest thing you do for your pet.

    For exclusive access to all of our fitness, gear, adventure, and travel stories, plus discounts on trips, events, and gear,.

    Im not going to sugarcoat any of this. You should consider using a shock collar to train your dog only if youve reached the limits of positive reinforcement, and even then only after enlisting the help and expertise of a professional trainer or veterinarian. But if your dog has a persistent behavior that is limiting its ability to lead a happy, full life, then you may find that a shock collar can help.

    My wife and I adopted Teddy a year and a half ago from a little rescue organization in northeast Montana. She was five months old and had lived a hard life. The rescuer thought she was a Great PyreneesGerman shepherd mix. It took us a solid year of consistency, patience, and unconditional love to get her to feel comfortable in our family. Watching all that hard work pay off as Teddy blossomed into the sweetest dog weve ever owned was totally worth it.

    While we were trying to figure that out, our friend Ty flew in to visit for the weekend. It was winter, so a lot of the far-flung hiking trails werent accessible, but I still wanted to show Ty a part of Montana hed never seen. We ended up taking the dogs to a trail Id never hiked before. It was overcrowded, and it did not go well.

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    Petsafe Martingale Dog Collar

    There is a collar named Martingale Collar Buckle made by the Pet Safe company. Like the other collars, it is also simple-looking and available in different colors.

    Sometimes a person gets irritated when the collars slide over the head and neck of the dog during the walk. Martingale Collar is made up of a quick-release buckle. Some of its different features are as follows:

    Quick Release Buckle:

    The best feature that makes it different from other collars is that martingale-style has a quick snap buckle for on and off. It makes it safer than the chain collars and prong collars.

    It uses the leash with your hand, allowing it to automatically tighten when your dog drags or pulls and becomes loose when the dog stops. This collar keeps the dog under control and decreases the dogs risk of escaping and slipping of the collar.

    Material Quality And Sizing:

    Its other best thing is that it fully satisfies your golden retrievers material and size needs or any other pet. It is very comfortable to wear on. Its material is very long-lasting, and it comes in different sizes according to the health and age of your dog. It is softer than other collars.


    • Dogs can get hurt when try to pull you
    • Sometimes becomes loose

    After looking at the above features, you will quickly learn about the martingale collar and its safest quality. Martingale assures you the perfect grip when you take your gold retriever for the walk. It would be best if you bought it as it is easily affordable.

    Funnipets Dog Training Collar

    Are you looking for an effective training collar for your dog? Is your dog naughty and often gets caught up in mischiefs? Do you have trouble training your dog?

    Well, the answer is staring right at your face. This top-notch training collar, especially for golden retrievers, can be a massive help in training and behavioral obedience. The shock can set right any amount of aggression, barking, leash training, sitting, etc. Sometimes, the vibration warnings or the beep is all it takes to snap my pup out of mischief.

    Maybe the best thing about this collar is its built-in LED light on the receiver and the remote. Now, you can easily find your dog in the dark with the help of this exceptional collar. This additional feature also makes it perfect for night walking and ensuring the safety of your dog.

    If your dog loves to swim like mine, it should be no problem as the training collar is also waterproof. Just take care that your dog is not in the water for a very long time.

    If your dog doesnt require the shock mode and does well with the vibrations and beeps, you can remove the outer shock layer. This will also help reduce friction on the dogs neck from the receiver and protect your dog against skin damage. All in all, this collar is of good quality and can help you greatly in training your dog.

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    Petrainer Pet916 Shock Collar 100% Waterproof Electric Dog Shock Collar With Remote Battery Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever Dogs/puppies

    Today we present a training collar signed Petrainer, the Pet916 which will seduce by its reliability, its solidity but also by its affordable price.


    Petrainer innovates with his Pet916 since it appears as the only manufacturer in this comparison to offer a pack that includes two training collars. It will therefore not be necessary for the owner of two dogs to invest in the purchase of an additional collar . But thats not the only advantage of the Petrainer Pet916 training collar.

    A bit like PetSafe products, Petrainer training tools are distinguished by their reliability and hereby simple but formidably effective technology. With a range of about 300m, it will be more suitable for proximity training and will be particularly suitable for teaching your dog to get rid of bad habits such as:

    • The nuisance and disturbing barking
    • Scratching Doors
    • The holes dug in the garden
    • Unwanted jumps

    Material level, we are here with the Petrainer on a case which may seem imposing but which all in all is rather light and which will suit dogs of almost all sizes Thanks to an adjustable collar for necks of 20 to 70 cm.

    In terms of water resistance, this training collar reaches a rather respectable level compared to its low price. Indeed, the Petrainer, which is completely waterproof against splashes, rain, and snow, is also resistant in cases of brief immersion underwater.




    • The high degree of customization
    • A good degree of tightness
    • 3 stimulation modes

    Types Of Golden Retriever Dog Collars

    The Bark Collar For Golden Retriever vs. Behavior Modification

    When choosing a dog collar for your Golden Retriever, you should be picking from two types of collars, including rolled collars or flat collars. They will come with either a snap or buckle fastener. Lets explore the differences between these two collar types and fasteners.

    • Flat Collars: This type of collar is typically padded and provides more support for your active Golden. While some flat collars may get caught in the fur, others are specifically made for dogs with long coats and they will stay in place naturally.
    • Rolled Collars: Cut to be about 1½ inches wide, rolled collars are then rolled narrowly to create the collar. They are well suited for long-haired dogs, as they dont get easily tangled in the hair.
    • Buckle Fasteners: These fasteners look a lot like belt buckles and will stay on your Golden Retriever longer than other kinds of fasteners. They are also easy to adjust, making them comfy for longer wear.
    • Snap Fasteners: This fastener snaps together utilizing an eye and a plastic hook. They are better for puppies because they have less patience waiting for their owners to fasten the buckle.

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    Patpet Dog Training Shock Collar With Remote

    Are you tired of your pups unwanted behavior? Are you worn out with all those extra classes and training programs, with no positive results? Well, you dont need to worry anymore. This shock collar with a remote for dogs can guarantee immediate improvements in your dogs behavior.

    My dog used to bolt every time the door opened and wouldnt stop barking. Ever since I bought this shock collar, I have been relieved and surprised at my dogs progressive behavior.

    That is not all the customer service is just superb too. I wanted another collar as the previous one had broken, and they sent it in just under three days.

    Furthermore, the shock collar gives your dog vibration warnings that would be enough to give a sudden jolt to your dog and to help her be on her best behavior but not enough to hurt her.

    Do you know what else I love about this shock collar? Its battery life is just amazing. It lasts for a long time which is very effective. I recommend this shock collar for dogs if your pup has some obedience problems.

    Moreover, this dog training collar is manageable and easy to use. It has also been found to be adjustable to fit about any size of a dog. Also, I greatly recommend this collar for your dog as it is of excellent quality and no doubt would be a lifesaver in case of any disobedience from your dog.

    In addition to that, the shock collar receiver is rainproof, which is a plus if there should be any mishap.

    Petoffers Dog Training Collar

    The PetOffers remote dog training collar has been rigorously gone through various reliability tests to ensure proper performance, usability, and your dogs safety.

    Indeed, the collar we are reviewing is an advanced training device with a remote that assures control over extensive distances. But with built-in voice command chips, patented technology!

    Dogs are our best buddies, and we would do almost anything to make sure they are safe. A high-quality dog training collar can drastically enhance the communication between the two of you!

    Everything about this electric stimulation collar is so impressive and worth the praise.

    For instance, it comes with the auto-retractable feature, meaning HideStatic technology. It will not irritate your dogs neck in any way. When the stimulation button has been pressed, the collars probe will automatically ignite to release a safe shock.

    Sometimes, even the most rigid and most efficient shock collars fail to stimulate positive behavior. Therefore, PetOffers has taken this aspect very seriously by incorporating a customizable voice into the system.

    Say Adios to the traditional audible beeps system because now, you can record basic obedience commands in your voice. Once you press the play button, the collar will automatically play your voice, making it more effective and friendly to train your dog.

    You can use this feature by long-pressing the lock button for 3 seconds to deactivate and activate the remote.



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    Five Reasons Not To Use A Shock Collar:

    1.) You love your dog.The bond between you and your dog is precious. Using aversive training methods based on fear and pain may result in your dog avoiding you, or even becoming aggressive with you. Using humane training based on rewards instead of punishment addresses unwanted behaviours without jeopardizing the special relationship you share with your pet.

    2.) Shock collars are not more effective than humane training.While punishment-based tools like shock collars can result in changes in your dogs behaviour, studies have shown that positive, reward-based training is just as effective.

    3.) Shock collars can harm your dog.The electrostatic shock can cause psychological distress for your pet, including phobias and high levels of stress, and can result in unhealthy increases in heart rate and painful burns to your dogs skin. Use of shock collars can also habituate your pet to pain and cause increases in aggression and fear-based behaviours.

    4.) The experts advise against using shock collars.Veterinary associations and humane organizations have long recognized that punishment-based training can be detrimental to animals. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations position statement on training strongly discourage aversive training methods.

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