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What Size Dog Bed For Golden Retriever

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Walmarts Bestselling Dog Bed: Best Friends By Sheri Original Calming Donut Shag Cuddler

Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog Shocked by a Kitten occupying dog bed!

If your four-legged friend enjoys burrowing or curling up, they will likely be into this round dog bed, which has a raised rim for a feeling of security. The faux shag fur bed is filled with soft filling, while the bed itself is designed to feel like a mothers dog coat and is self-warming, according to the brand. Its also machine-washable and works in a dryer note that air drying could cause matting and comes in four sizes that fit dogs up to 150 pounds. Best Friends by Sheri doesnt recommend this bed for puppies and dogs that are currently teething. This dog bed has a 4.8-star average rating from more than 30 reviewers on Walmart.

How Much Should My Golden Retriever Weigh

Its not unusual to see a chubby Golden Retriever wandering around the dog park. After all, they do love their food! but being overweight is not good for any breed of dog. A large Golden Retriever can be big because they are tall and from English lines, but they can easily be over weight.

Proper feeding and exercise are key to healthy growth and development in Golden Retriever puppies. Appropriate nutrition and exercise are especially important in large and giant breed dogs. Avoid overfeeding or overexercising large and giant breeds in order to prevent joint problems.

Coohom Rectangle Washable Dog Bed

  • Simple Design & Nordic StyleOur rectangular shape dog bed which has 4-side edges presents elegant style and simple design, it give prominence to the texture and taste of the furniture.
  • Soft & Comfortable Full filled with safe PP cotton,the bolstered sides provide ultimate comfort for dogs who love to cuddle, curl and snuggle while sleeping.
  • No-slip Bottom Dog BedMore than 20 dots per square inch at the bottom, high density rubber dot shall prevent the large dog bed from sliding during rambunctious play with a favorite toy or a crazy doggy dream, steady and safe.
  • Easy Wash & CareThe entire pets bed is machine washable on gentle cycle or hand washable in cold water.
  • Multiple Sizes & Dog BreedsSize: 36 INCH (36.

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Best Large Dog Bed For Golden Retriever: Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa

If your dogs large, it might be a bit difficult to find a large enough bed for him thats also comfortable and supportive. This dog bed by Furhaven Pet goes the extra mile to provide your large dog with a top-notch sleeping area.

Featured specs

  • Removable cover


  • The best thing about this comfortable dog bed is that it has a contoured design that provides padding and cradling for your dog.
  • Its ergonomic. Its open design allows for your dog to sleep in a variety of positions without waking up sore.
  • The surface of this bed has smooth micro velvet. Its very soft and luxurious, sure to make your pooch feel very pampered.
  • Not just comfortable for dogs of all ages, this dog bed is also supportive for dogs who have joint problems. This is because it contains orthopedic foam thats thick and dense for the ultimate comfort.


  • Some people have reported that the cover of this bed isnt durable.
  • Others have reported that the zipper broke after a short time.

Extra Features

  • The foam thats used in this bed is made in the USA and has been certified by CertiPUR-US.
  • It has a removable cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine. The foam core can also be washed by hand, which is a bonus.

Buying Advice

This best orthopedic dog bed for large dogs offers many features that your dog will love. Restful nights and sweet dreams lie ahead.

Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed Review

Free shipping,Plus size Large dog house cowboy soft golden ...

Last but not least, the Go Pet Club orthopedic memory foam pet bed is my top pick for those with tiny budgets.

It may not look like much, but this orthopedic bed is actually very highly rated!

Pros and Features

  • Made out of 4 of 100% memory foam
  • Waterproof cover stops leaks and spills from reaching the foam.
  • Suede zippered covers has a rubber, non-slip bottom
  • Memory foam and suede are non-allergenic
  • Doesnt flatted over time


  • Although the cover is supposed to be waterproof, some customers say it still leaks.
  • The memory foam may be a smidge too hard for older dogs with joint pain.


Although its not my favorite on this list, I am including it because not everyone can spend upwards of $100+ on a dog bed.

Its a good option for those on a tiny budget who still want something thats relatively highly rated among customers.

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Safe For Your Dog & Easy For You To Maintain

  • COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH : Made of high grade washable material that is durable and yet easy on your pets skin.
  • SMART DESIGN: Base pillow & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort. Ultra-soft microfiber ensures the desired fluffiness for your pet friends. Non-skid bottom to ensure a firm grip on the ground.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This all-in-one design is super easy to keep clean.Removable bolster and pillow covers for an easy wash.Just unzip the easy to use zips for a hassle free removal of covers.Simple to spot clean as well.Though our covers are machine washable, for prolong use we recommend hand wash.
  • This stylish looking bed shall complement your home décor and fit effortlessly into your living space. Reversible ‘Center Pillow’ for that fresh look. Your faithful companions deserve a clean, comfortable resting place to call their own. So go on and pamper your pet with this comfortable and stylish pet bed from Pet Glam, specially designed to give that extra luxury your pet deserves

How To Tell A Good Bed From A Bad One

When it comes to spending over 100 dollars on a bed for your dog, its important to know a few things first. One of those things begins with whether the bed is a good bed or a bad.

But how do you know? A good dog bed can be easily identified by going off good characteristics, so I have listed a few good characteristics for you to take a look at below:

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Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

About: The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed is a great choice for owners and goldens living in warm climates, thanks to its elevated design. By holding your pet off the ground, air will flow beneath the bed, and it will prevent your dogs hips, knees, and elbows from digging into the floor.


  • Breathable high-density polyethylene fabric keeps your canine cool
  • Elevated dog bed that can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Fabric is made from recyclable materials and is GREENGUARD Certified
  • Powder-coated steel frame is strong yet lightweight
  • Easy-to-clean dog bed just spray it down with a hose and let it air dry
  • Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors


  • Versatile and can be used just about anywhere
  • Great for use in hot climates
  • Quite affordable and provides good value


  • Its not suitable for goldens over 100 pounds
  • Some dogs may not like the elevated design

Amazonbasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

The is a simple design that gets the job done.

Built with a breathable mesh fabric this bed allows airflow under and through the bed. This is ideal for keeping dogs cool during the hot summer.

The materials are durable and made for outdoor use. Keeping your dog cool is especially important if your Golden Retriever is an outside doggo. The sturdy design makes cleaning a simple task because all you need is a hose.

The 7 inches of elevation can also benefit dogs with joint problems. By raising the bed to the dogs standing level it is easier for old dogs to transition between standing and laying.

If you need to move the bed it can be readily disassembled and assembled. However this process can take some time depending on the size of bed you order.

Over time the bed can sag in the middle with extended use. I recommend getting one just large enough for your dog but no longer than necessary. The shorter length should improve the lifespan you get from it.

All in all the AmazonBasics Elevated Dog Bed is a good outdoor/warm weather bed option.


The BarksBar Dog Bed is comfy and aesthetically pleasing although not made with the most durable materials.

Sporting bolsters on all sides this dog bed offers plenty of head support. The top of the cover is made with ultra soft polyester materials making the rim very comfortable for your dog.


Overall this is another quality dog bed by Furhaven. If you like the style and your dog likes a life of comfort you should check it out.


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Fleece Bed For Golden Retriever

Some pet owners simply love a crate bed for their golden retrievers so that they place them inside the crates. This bed has a simple design and is ideal for putting on the floor for your golden retriever to relax on it.


The Fleece bed uses a plush and synthetic fleece material that provides comfort and coziness to your pet. It is perfect for your dog to relax on it and suitable for winters and summers both. The sheepskin fleece helps the dog to adjust according to the weather changes. This Fleece bed can be placed into a crate or just put on the floor for the dog to lie on it. It is available in three different fabrics and sizes to suit your dog’s requirements.


It is machine washable. It is very lightweight and has a simple design. The sheepskin fleece is very soft and comfortable. It is easy to clean.


It is a foamless crate bed.

Bedsure Large Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed

Bargain Pick

The Bedsure Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed is a versatile option that is worth consideration if you are looking for a bargain.

The simple rectangular design is perfect for use in crates or car trunks. There are three size options available so I recommend measuring your crate or car before purchasing.

The bed is designed to be reversible. On one side you have a cool Oxford fabric for the summer. On the opposite side there is a warm sherpa fabric for the winter. If your dog tends to overheat or is always cold you can of course use one side all year round.

The cover is removable and machine washable. However this cover does not effectively protect from water damage.

The egg crate foam provides decent support but will not last as long as memory foam. The base is thinner than most dog beds making this option less firm. Although designed for crate use the material is not strong enough to protect against avid chewers.

If you are looking for a travel bed or one that fits a crate this is an option you should consider. The reversible concept is unique and beneficial also. The quality is definitely below the previous two beds on this list so I would not recommend this one for older dogs.


The Best Friends by Shari donut style bed is fluffy and comfortable.

The faux shag fur is quite tempting for dogs to sink their teeth into. If your dog thinks of the bed as a toy it will not hold up well against chewing.


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

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Runner Up For Best Orthopedic Dog Bed: Barksbar Snuggly Sleeper


  • 4 orthopedic foam base for extra comfort and joint protection
  • Bolsters on all sides for your dog to use as a pillow or bury their head under
  • Removable liner you can easily take off and throw in the washing machine
  • Rubber-lined bottom for stability on tile or wood floors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly


  • Not as plush as an orthopedic bed

Who this bed is for:

This bed is great for puppies and younger dogs who spend time in their crate.

It can also work as a bed for around the house and is more friendly on your wallet than an orthopedic bed.

Amazons Bestselling Dog Bed: Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa

HJKL Large Dog Bed Big Size Pet Cushion Warm Sleeping Bed ...

Amazons top selling dog bed boasts a 4.5-star average rating from more than 42,300 reviewers. The L-shaped sofa is wrapped in easy-to-clean microsuede and features an orthopedic foam cushioning for support and plush faux fur lining to help keep your canine companion snug while they catch some Zs. It’s available in sizes Small for pups weighing up to 20 pounds to Jumbo Plus, made for dogs weighing up to 125 pounds. Choose from 17 colors, ranging from Chenille Cream and Waves Brownstone to Celadon Green and Rose Pink.

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Pls Pet Paradise Orthopaedic For Golden Retrievers

As a pet lover, your natural instinct tends to bring the best products before your own. And when it comes to aiding their postural disorders like hip dysplasia or arthritis, you should bring the best one in your budget. PLS pet comes with a large & extra-large orthopaedic dog bed to meet your puppys health needs.

The large size comes in 31 inches by 24.3 inches by 12.5 inches which is suitable for pets up to 80 lbs. This bed features a plush pillow top on top of an ordinary mattress which provides additional softness. This one also comes with medical-grade firm foam to soothe dogs pressure points.

Corn kernel fabric gives a luxurious look. However, the entire foam is waterproof so you can keep your dogs bed clean and dry on the inside. Even, if the bed is getting dirty, you can remove the cover & bring it to wash easily.


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Top Crates For Golden Retrievers

In this section, well review our favorite dog crates for Golden Retrievers. Hopefully, this list and the information below will point you in the right direction. Golden Retrievers are similar in size to most Huskies and German Shepherds, so the crates for each of those types of dogs will be about the same usefulness to your Retriever.

While this list below is not completely comprehensive, it should put you in a good starting point when buying a crate for your Golden. Youll want to look at the cost, quality, and durability ratings of each crate before deciding which is best. Lets jump in and look at our favorites in further detail.

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Benefits Of A Good Dog Bed For Golden Retrievers

Its pretty hard to imagine life without a bed its considered a basic necessity for humans. And its no different for your golden retriever he deserves a great bed of his own and will enjoy many of the benefits they provide.

Some of the most notable benefits hell enjoy include:

  • Beds provide improved sleep quality.Dogs sleep between 12-18 hours a day, depending on their age, so its super important theyre spending that time getting quality rest. And a bed will help ensure exactly that.
  • Beds can help with joint pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and similar issues.As dogs age , their joints become more sensitive to hard surfaces, so a dog bed with memory foam or supportive cushioning may help alleviate pain and stiffness. In fact, one bed discussed above has been clinically shown to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Dog beds provide your pup with a safe space of his own. Your golden deserves a place to rest of his very own, where he can get away from the family, rest, and recuperate. A good bed will serve wonderfully in this context.
  • Dog beds will help keep your four-footer off the furniture . Hey, youre the owner, you make the rules! But having his own bed helps Fido learn boundaries and gives him somewhere super comfy to chill out. A dog bed is also way easier to clean than a sofa in most cases .

Most Stylish Orthopedic Dog Bed

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Puppy occupying his bed!

If you dont want to sacrifice style for comfort, this plush dog bed from Bowsers is ideal for a modern, bohemian vibe. But dont let the chic look fool youthis orthopedic bed is supportive and functional. It has low bolsters on all sides that allow your pup to press up against the sides and find a cozy spot to cuddle up.

The center of the bed is made of 100 percent cool-gel memory foam, which helps to keep dogs cool while sleeping or resting. The micovelvet cover is easy to remove and can be thrown in the wash for simple cleaning.

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Best Rugged Golden Retriever Bed: Carhartt

Made from 100 percent cotton canvas, this dog bed can withstand years of chomping, wet paws, and enthusiastic digging. The nontoxic water-repellent coating makes it easy to keep clean, and its triple-stitch seams and sturdy brass zipper hold up to years of spin cycles. Our tester noted that the bed is a good size, yet lightweight and easy to move around.

For more about this bed, see our Is It Worth the Money? video review here.

What To Look For In A Good Dog Bed For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are on the larger side, so theyll need a place to sprawl. Their fur helps maintain their body temperature, so most of them may not want a super hot bed. Theyll need something durable since they love to play with their things and easy to clean.

Materials should be removable and washable. Your Goldens fur will attract a lot of dust and debris throughout the day, and all that gets deposited on a bed. Make sure your Goldens bed is always clean without having to perform some magic ritual with the right cover material. Microfiber is often an excellent choice for this.

The materials should be supportive on the interior, cradling your Goldens bones and joints without wearing unevenly. Memory foam is great for this, but a thick polyfill can also help. Dogs need support just like humans do, so the right bed is critical for alleviating any discomfort.

Seaming and zippers should be sturdy and avoid fraying and breaking. Goldens love to play, so you may find the bed dragged around the house. Make sure the materials and the seaming can stand up to that kind of energy, or you may be replacing your bed really soon.

You can find beds that help reflect body heat to your dog, but since Goldens have thick fur, that may not be appropriate. However, if you find your Golden sitting next to the space heater a lot, you may want to consider this option for comfort purposes. Otherwise, get something with circulation instead.

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