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Best Joint Supplement For Golden Retrievers

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Genuine Naturals Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs

10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Golden Retrievers

These Genuine Naturals joint supplements come in the form of sugar-cube sized treats, helping to ease your dogs aches and pains and restore energy and mobility back in to them. Formulated with organic turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and dried yucca, alongside other natural ingredients, these supplements reduce joint swelling and tenderness as well as restoring flexibility and helping relieve pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia. Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, these chews are made with natural ingredients without ever using harmful chemicals.

They are manufactured in the USA in a USDA facility and come with no serious side effects like other pain medication. With 120 chews in each jar, these supplements will last you one month for larger dogs, two months for a medium breed and four months for a small breed.

Key Features:

Zenapet Dog Immune Support Superfood Supplement

If your Golden Retriever isnt a fan of multivitamins in the form of treats, you can try giving a powder type. I recommend the Zenapet Dog Immune Support Superfood Supplement. This powder can be added to your Goldies meal for an added dose of vitamins and minerals.

Every scoop of this supplement contains spirulina, turkey tail mushroom, beta-glucan, and resveratrol to boost your dogs health. It acts as a natural antioxidant and is also an excellent choice for allergy relief and the heart health of your dog.

Moreover, this supplement doesnt have fillers, so your dog gets nothing but 100% nutrient-dense ingredients. It also has more scoops per jar than other powder supplements on the market.

Aside from that, this supplement doesnt have hormones, soy, corn, dairy, preservatives, and oils. Its very gentle on the tummy for faster absorption. So far, I havent noticed any irritations on my dog.

For Golden Retrievers weighing 31 lbs. to 60 lbs., two scoops a day is ideal per day. For bigger dogs up to 90 lbs., 3 scoops is the recommended serving. Each scoop is equivalent to 1,000 mg or half a teaspoon.

Another thing that I really like about the Zenapet supplement is its 30-day money-back guarantee. Youre entitled to a full refund if youre not happy with the results. For me, thats an excellent guarantee for the price.


  • Servings are small for easy blending


  • Its not the most convenient supplement to give to your dog, but it provides good results.

How Should My Pup Use Joint Supplements

Its important to remember that while these products may reduce pain and inflammation they dont act in the same way as pain killing medications.

Your pup cant just take an occasional pill and feel better, supplements need to be given consistently and over an extended period of time to work best for pets.

Some joint supplements even require that your pet take a higher dose for a period of time to achieve optimal results.

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Glucosamine And Chondroitin: The Science

Together, glucosamine and chondroitin may repair joints and promote healthy cartilage, which should relieve arthritic pain.

Chondroitin promotes water retention and elasticity in the cartilage. This helps with absorbing shock and providing nourishment to the joint lining. It also inhibits destructive enzymes in joint fluid and cartilage, reduces clots in the small vessels, and stimulates the production of GAGs and proteoglycans in the joint cartilage.

Cartilage cells use glucosamine to produce GAGs and hyaluronan. Glucosamine also regulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans in cartilage and has mild anti-inflammatory effects because it can scavenge free radicals. These cells can use supplemented glucosamine in the same manner as naturally produced glucosamine.

Taken together, these mechanisms are beneficial to the joints and can cause increased joint flexibility and mobility.

Wholistic Pet Organics Ester

Healthy Breeds Golden Retriever Z

Is your Golden Retriever suffering from a nasty allergy? If thats the case, you should consider giving him the Wholistic Pet Organics Ester-C Powder Supplement. This is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C made with pure calcium ascorbate concentrate. With this form, the supplement remains easy on the stomach and is faster to absorb.

Moreover, this supplement provides a powerful antioxidant that will help counter the irritation brought by allergic reactions, UTI, and coat problems. It also removes free radicals on your dogs body to boost its immune system.

Whether its for your puppy or senior Golden Retriever, this Ester-C powder supplement is a good choice. You can easily add this to your dogs food. For dogs weighing 31 lbs. to 60 lbs., the ideal dosage is just half a teaspoon. Meanwhile, for bigger dogs, the maximum dosage is ¾ teaspoon.

For Goldies weighing 60 lbs., each 1-pound jar will last for 227 days. That will save you a lot of money, even if the upfront cost is much higher than most.

Unlike basic vitamin C, this patented formula is 4 times more readily available once ingested. Its also chondroprotective, which helps delay your Goldies cartilage deterioration.

Aside from the 1-pound jar, you can also buy this in small amounts of 3 and 6 ounces to see if your dog will thrive on it. Overall, this is NASC-reviewed, tested, and label compliant for your peace of mind.


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Tailor It To Your Dogs Needs

Pets can be fussy when it comes to food. Make sure you first run a trial before you buy a whole lot of supplements. Find out whether your dog is comfortable eating chewable supplements or prefers the powdered form. Some supplements are flavored to help you administer them to your dog.

Common Health Conditions for Golden Retrievers

  • Lymphosarcoma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Sub-aortic Stenosis narrowing of the aorta
  • Immune-Mediated Disease
  • Creates a healthy coat of hair
  • Strengthens immunity

The Only Natural Pet Ultimate Daily Vitamins really hit all the right spots. It covers all of your Retrievers health requirements. The product is manufactured in USA. It is FDA approved and has high quality natural ingredients. Its natural bacon flavor and chewy texture makes it irresistible to your pup.

Types Of Dog Joint Supplements

There are four main types of joint supplements that your dog can take and the one that fits your dog will depend on their lifestyle.

The most preferred type of joint supplement is a liquid supplement, as every active ingredient in the supplement is absorbed into your dogs intestinal tract. Some manufacturers suggest you mix a liquid supplement with their food, while others may have to be given through a dropper or through a syringe.

Tablet supplements are also common, although they are not always favored by dog owners because it can be difficult to get your dog to swallow a tablet. Experts recommend pushing the tablet right to the back of your pets mouth to avoid their gag reflex, but it can be difficult to watch your pup in pain. Tablets also contain binders to compress active ingredients and prevent them from loosening, often affecting the amount of absorbable ingredient.

A powder supplement can be a great choice for those who dont like to work with tablets or liquids. They can be mixed with food or dissolved in your pets drink.

The last type of joint supplement is a dog chew. Some manufacturers create their joint supplements to look like dog chews and treats to entice your dog to eat them and this can be a great way to make sure they take the supplement, especially if they are very picky.

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Vetriscience Glycoflex Ultimate Strength Joint Support Bite

This is one of the best joint supplements for golden retrievers, especially for those working, active, and senior dogs who have begun to show signs of deteriorating joint health. This joint supplement has been used and further recommended by numerous veterinarians for more than forty years.

According to clinical statistics, the supplements have shown to increase hind leg strength in dogs by almost 41 percent over just 4 weeks. Its formula features a powerful blend of three essential ingredients, namely: glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. These ingredients together provide maximum joint support that will help your aging retriever restore their activeness and energy levels.

It further consists of Vitamin C, manganese, and glutathione that pave the way for increased immune support and better absorption in the body.

A great feature of these supplements is that they come in the form of delicious soft chews and are available in two amazing flavors duck and chicken liver. The flavors make it easy for dogs to take their daily medicine dose without any problem.

Additionally, these supplements provide all the essential nutrients that your retriever needs in order to function normally and actively at all times.

These joint supplements consist of MSM, a naturally occurring, sulfur-containing organic compound that increases joint mobility in dogs and maintains optimal joint function in their bodies.

The 7 Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

Male vs Female Golden Retrievers: How they are Different?

Does your dog suffer from joint problems? Surprisingly, joint issues are common in dogs of all breeds and ages. Common causes of joint pain include fractures, congenital disorders, hormonal conditions, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease, and injuries. Joint supplements can relieve joint pain, stiffness and stimulate joint cartilage. To help, weve researched hundreds of products and tens of thousands of verified reviews to find the 7 best joint supplements for your dog.

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Best Budget Joint Supplement: Cosequin Maximum Strength

Best Budget

Some dogs require supplements for the short term, but orthopedic procedures, arthritis, and chronic illnesses may mean that your Golden needs to take a joint supplement for the rest of his life.

This can be expensive, especially for large breed dogs! Cosequin Maximum Strength is an effective supplement that wont break the bank due to how much it cost per serving.

Product features:

  • Contains three GAG ingredients plus an antioxidant
  • Highly bioavailable ingredients and safe for all dogs
  • Available in60, 132, 180, and 250 count bottles

Cosequins GAG ingredients are glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. Each of the three are provided in high doses for maximum joint support. It also contains manganese, which is an antioxidant.

While it does not contain some of the herbal ingredients or omega 3s found in other supplements, Cosequin is still highly bioavailable which means that your Golden may start to show results a little sooner than the four to six-week mark. Also, fewer ingredients mean a lower overall cost.


  • Contains high amounts of glycosaminoglycan ingredients
  • Available in larger quantities and is very cost effective
  • Can be purchased online through


  • May take 4-6 weeks of use to achieve full effect
  • Contains fewer anti-inflammatory ingredients compared to other supplements

Boswellia Serrata Joint Supplements For Dogs

Boswellia serrata, or Indian Frankincense, is a gummy resin made by the boswellia bush. In extract form, its use in Ayurvedic medicine dates back to ancient times.

Today, one important research study investigated whether oral boswellia extract could potentially decrease pain and improve joint health in canine research subjects. One strength of this study was that the administration and purity of the extract was heavily standardized from patient to patient. Researchers saw positive reduction in pain and improvement in mobility after just two weeks in 71 percent of patients, with improvements in all patients after six weeks.

Dosage was 400 mg per every 10 kg of the dogs body weight. Only mild diarrhea and flatulence were reported as side effects, and these occurred only briefly in just five out of the 24 participating dogs. This research is sufficiently positive to make Boswellia serrata a supplement you may want to talk with your vet about as an option for supplements for hip dysplasia in dogs.

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The Number One Root Cause Of Joint Issues Is Canine Obesity

When dogs are overweight, it dramatically and no one wants that for their beloved companion. When your dogs joints are forced to carry extra weight, it causes pain, which creates a vicious cycle: pain leads to inactivity, which results in even more weight gain.

Getting your dog to a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise is, in fact, more important and will provide more relief than any joint supplement. While supplements are important, they are not miracle workers if your dog is overweight, no pill will be able to provide relief.

Dasuquin By Nutramax Laboratories

Best Joint Supplements for Golden Retrievers: Top 4 ...

Nutramax makes two distinct joint-supporting lines of products, referred to as chondoprotectants: Cosequin and Dasuquin. While both contain glucosamine and chondroitin, the Dasuquin line of productsavailable as a soft chews or chewable tabletshave a distinct advantage: The combination of glucosamine, low-molecular-weight chondroitin, and ASU has been shown in clinical studies to provide good joint support better than any one of these by itself, Dr. Downing says.

Of the chondoprotectants available, Susan Jeffrey, DVM, an associate veterinarian at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, has had the most experience with Dasuquin.

I’ve had owners tell me they don’t need to give additional medication while the pet is taking Dasuquin, she says.

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Glucosamine Dosage For Dogs

Its important to go by the recommended dosage by body weight for your dog when using supplements. This information should be provided on the product label.

It will take at least 2-3 weeks for you to notice if these products are improving your dogs condition. The following dosages were not evaluated by the FDA but have been used in the adjunctive treatment of chronic pain conditions:

Anecdotal recommendations

  • 15-30 mg/kg/day based on the chondroitin ingredient
  • After 4-6 weeks, 7.5-15 mg/kg every other day if improvement is seen

Giving your dog glucosamine supplements for the entirety of their life could provide health and well-being benefits related to mobility.

If you stop giving your dog glucosamine, you will notice stiffness and reluctance to be move within a few weeks of stopping.

Its important not to switch products while supplementing before youve seen an effect, as there are differences in concentration and formulas between manufacturers.

Do Not Allow Your Dog To Become Overweight

Though it may come across as harsh, obesity is unacceptable. The main cause of joint issues in dogs is obesity.

When your dog becomes overweight, it will decrease their overall quality of life. Lets be honest, no one wants this for their canine best friend.

Yet, when a dogs joints have to carry lots of extra weight it will lead to pain, inactivity, and eventually more weight gain. This is a vicious cycle you should prevent at all costs.

You should aim to get your dog to a healthy weight and also find quality glucosamine supplements for dogs. The combination of these two things will ensure your dog is healthy for much longer.

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Best Probiotic Supplement: Purina Pro Plan Calming Care

Purina Pro Plan Calming Care is the best choice for a probiotic supplement. Probiotics have made big waves in both human and veterinary medicine. Both people and animals have a combination of good and bad bacteria in their gastrointestinal tracts. When there is disease or inflammation, harmful or pathogenic bacteria can displace the beneficial type, causing further illness.

Probiotics are live cultures of beneficial bacteria that can displace most types of harmful bacteria and can facilitate faster response times from the immune system.

Product features:

  • An effective probiotic that benefits the digestive tract
  • Has an anti-anxiety effect after three to four weeks of use
  • Comes in powdered form in individual packets

Purinas Calming Care probiotic is different from others in its class. The active ingredient known as Bifidobacterium longum BL999 works like most other probiotic cultures, but also has a naturally calming effect. In other words, dogs with both gastrointestinal and behavior problems can greatly benefit from it.

Purinas Calming Care probiotic comes in a powdered form which is measured out into individual packets. Sprinkle the contents of one packet onto your dogs food once a day. For best results, use Calming Care every day for at least three to four weeks. It is safe to use with other recommendations from your veterinarian and works with Goldens of all ages.



Look For A Product Lot Number

Golden Retriever gets arthritis help from supplements!

A lot number is a code assigned to a batch of products. With that, a supplement with a lot number means it has undergone quality control procedures. This also means that the manufacturer is monitoring the movement of the product, so it can be pulled out of the market even before it reaches the end of its shelf life.

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Does My Dog Need Joint Supplements

You may wonder if your dog does, in fact, need a joint supplement to prevent joint discomfort r address it after its already affecting your pup.

Generally speaking, almost all dogs can benefit from a joint supplement. But some may need it even more than others. This includes:

  • Large-breed dogs. Many large dog breeds are prone to joint and skeletal issues, and the extra weight they carry puts more pressure on their joints. Supplements can be particularly helpful for preventing joint problems in larger dogs like Great Danes and Mastiffs.
  • Senior dogs. As weve seen, older dogs start to produce less glucosamine as they age and are therefore more prone to joint discomfort and issues. Joint health supplements given as a dog is reaching older age can help Fido feel more comfortable as time goes on.
  • Dogs with malformations or injuries. If a dog already has a joint or skeletal issue thanks to an injury or birth defect, joint supplements may be recommended by the veterinarian to help maintain good joint health and help with discomfort.

At the end of the day, theres a simple rule to follow: Ask your veterinarian whether or not your dog will benefit from a joint supplement. Theyll be able to tell you if your pups joints need a little assistance or if theyll be fine until a bit later in life.

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