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Do French Bulldogs And Golden Retrievers Get Along

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Characteristics Of The Breed

My French Bulldogs Meeting a Golden Retriever For The First Time

French Bulldogs are a bright, affectionate and charming breed. They arent known to bark excessively, but are alert enough to make an excellent watchdog. They do not require a lot of exercise and enjoy the family love whether the family is a single owner, a couple or a family. They usually get along well with other animals and love to make friends. Their adaptability and activity level makes them ideal for apartment living.

Brief Overview Of The History Of French Bulldogs

As this happened, the toy Bulldogs became popular in the French countryside where lace makers settled. Over a span of decades, the toy Bulldogs were crossed with other breeds. Including terriers and Pugs, which is how the dogs we know today got their famous bat ears. These dogs were given the name Bouledogue Français.

Eventually, the delightful breed that resulted was discovered in Paris, and thus began the Frenchies reputation as a city dog. The breed came to be associated with Paris café life, and with the bon vivants and fancy ladies who sought wild nightlife in Parisian dancehalls.

Well-known artists of the time, Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec depicted the Frenchie in paintings of the Paris demimonde.

Socializing A French Bulldog Puppy

Puppies should be handled with care especially before they are fully vaccinated. This does not mean you cant take them to see new places and things, it just means you shouldnt overwhelm their senses.;

Socialization is exposing your Frenchie to a variety of things. This helps to prepare your Frenchie for any experiences he may have in future. Seeing or getting used to these things as a puppy will eliminate or reduce any occurrence of fear when your French Bulldog experiences them as an adult.;

These things include meeting other dogs and animals like cats and so on. It also includes meeting a wide range of people, musicians, artists, children etc. Seeing and using different types of transportation systems and being in different environments can really help in socializing your Frenchie.;

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Look Out Labs: French Bulldogs Now 2nd Most Popular Us Dog

NEW YORK Could the French bulldog become Americas favorite purebred pooch?

After riding a rocket ship to popularity over the last quarter-century, Frenchies came in second only to Labrador retrievers the leaders for 30 straight years in the American Kennel Clubs latest rankings, set to be released Wednesday. They reflect the relative numbers of purebreds, mainly puppies, that were added last year to the oldest U.S. dog registry.

Stocky and smush-faced, French bulldogs have their charms at least in fans eyes but also their limitations.

Theyre not the type of dog to go hiking with you, AKC spokesperson Brandi Hunter says, but if you want a dog thats going to snuggle up with you, be cute, be adaptable, minimal grooming… thats the kind of breed for you.

A dig into the details:


After Labrador retrievers and French bulldogs, the top 10 breeds include German shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, beagles, Rottweilers and German shorthaired pointers. Dachshunds made the top 10 for the first time since 2013.

The poodle may also make a claim to the top-dog crown: A standard poodle named Siba was the most recent winner of the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show, held last year.

Inform Yourself Before You Get Another Dog

7 Easiest Dog Breeds To Train

Getting a new furry family member is always exciting. But dont get caught up in all the excitement just yet

First, get to know what the potential new member is like. You can either choose a breed that goes along well with Chihuahuas or get a mixed breed from a shelter.

Whatever you settle for, do your research beforehand.

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A Look At Golden Retriever Behavior

One of the biggest things that factor into dogs needing companions is their behavior. This is especially significant when it comes to golden retrievers.

We could write entire articles on the behavior of golden retrievers alone; however, well keep it brief and stick with the characteristics and behaviors that can affect if golden retrievers need a companion or not.

Goldens Are High Energy Dogs

First things first, golden retrievers are a breed with a lot of energy. If youve already got golden, this is likely a characteristic youre all too familiar with. According to the American Kennel Club,;golden retrievers were bred to do as their name sounds retrieve.

Since golden retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl, they are powerful and full of energy. They are a breed that needs adequate exercise, and they need it daily!

Those familiar with golden retrievers know that a golden who dont get enough exercise and playtime can begin engaging in activity thats less than desirable and no one wants that.

You may not have ever considered that a dog can get bored but with golden retrievers, thats something that can be all too common. When goldens dont get enough exercise and mental stimulation, they can get bored just like people can, and thats when destructive behaviors can begin.

Goldens Are Devoted and Eager to Please

Goldens Are Extremely Social and Love Attention

Is It Better To Have 1 Or 2 French Bulldogs

Do French Bulldogs Do Better in Pairs? This is a resounding yes. Frenchies are companion dogs, and having another Frenchie to play and run around makes them happy. If you are contemplating having a Frenchie for your first pet, you should consider getting two Frenchies from the same litter rather than one.

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Can Training Make A Difference To Make My Golden Retriever Good With Cats

Golden retrievers are smart animals. They can follow commands well and are quite obedient. Owing to that, training your golden retriever to coexist with a cat would be easier when compared to some other dog breeds.

Owners can train their golden retrievers to respect their feline companions, by either telling them not to bark for no reason or stop chasing the cat if it seems it doesnt want to play.

Doing this will encourage the cat to feel more relaxed whenever the dog is around. And eventually, help it befriend the cat. If you dont know where to start you can pick a copy of a book on that shows step by step how to do it. Dont feel pressure it takes time.

When training, recognize the needs of the two different species. A cat might want to sleep when the dog wants to play. Training a golden retriever to expect to run and play on certain times of the day will allow you to predict their behavior.

You can more or less control what happens depending on the personality of your pets. Discourage or encourage good and bad behavior when appropriate.

Consequently, youll find how well they are trained and how often then spend time together will make a big difference. There are lots of happy owners that have golden retrievers and cats together like lifelong friends.

And with a golden retriever having good breed traits, there is a high chance of that happening. Perseverance and patience win the day!

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Cats: Fidos And Felines Coexistence

Are You Prepared For Another Dog

Kelpies, Cattle Dogs, Boxers, French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers showing us their lure coursing

Before you go and adopt or buy another dog, ask yourself this question: am I ready for a second dog? While your Frenchies welfare matters, you should be ready to take on the added responsibility of raising another canine.

French Bulldogs are relatively low maintenance, so its easy to assume that a second dog would be easy. Unless youre planning to get second a Frenchie, you might be entering uncharted territory when it comes to a second dog.

So how would you know if youre ready for a second dog? First of all, everyone at home should be on board with the idea. You should also have the financial means to support not just your Frenchie but also the next canine youre about to bring home.

Moreover, your home should have enough space for two dogs. Time and effort are also necessary if you are to get a companion for your French Bulldog. You simply cant bring home a new dog then expect your Frenchie to perform the onboarding process.

Just like your French Bulldog, you have to train the newcomer. Think first if you can deal with this necessary process. This can be a lot of work, depending on the breed youre going to choose.

If you think youre ready for a second dog, the breed is the next most important considerations.

Canines are like food. Two different dogs dont always mix with each other.

French Bulldogs are friendly, laidback, and easy to live with. Its important to look for a second canine that will complement this personality.

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Socializing At The Puppy Stage

Early socialization is necessary to help the French Bulldog to seek others company in your absence. It will help them to minimize their fear of being lonely. On meeting a stranger, human, or dog, they will be well-mannered and not shy and timid. Puppies start observing and walking from around seven or eight weeks after birth. Early socializing can start from home itself. Puppies at this stage are not fully mature, mentally and physically.

So, involving them in sophisticated training is not a good idea. It is the time when allowing them to get familiar with other members of the family must start. Gradually they will begin to recognize everyone in and around. They will also initiate to mingle with other pets, if any, in the house. As they grow old, after about six or 12 months, they can slowly start going for a stroll or a walk in the evening. It will help them to recognize the environment. They will also meet other dogs with an instinct. Soon, they will experience sharing a bond with others of the same or different breed.

In the case of socializing a mature dog, the pet parent must start socializing soon after bringing them home. The sooner, the better. Dogs with a negative experience will have some difficulty in bonding with other dogs. But with repeated and friendly encounters with other dogs, they will help them move forward in life and enjoy.

How Dangerous Is A French Bulldog

They especially have trouble breathing. You need to protect them from heatstroke and if your summers get hot, your home needs to be air-conditioned. Along with respiratory disorders, Frenchies also suffer from spinal disorders, eye diseases, heart disease, and joint diseases. Read more about French Bulldog Health.

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How A French Bulldogs Features Can Result In Negative Responses

Occasionally we have encountered dogs will react badly to Claude wanting to play with them. Some of the time you can simply put this down to a grumpy or naturally aggressive dog who just doesnt want to play.

Other times though, it could be the Frenchies features that produce this response, and heres why: Frenchies have a very expressionless face, with not many available expressions.

Ive heard that some dogs do find it hard to read a French Bulldogs face. That means another dog might see a playful Frenchie approaching, and think that the face they see is an aggressive one.

Lets be honest, Frenchies only really have one facial expression apart from when they open their mouth wide, so you can forgive other dogs for thinking the wrong thing when encountered with the face below!

I am a member of lots of French Bulldog Facebook groups, and there have been a few posts from people saying their Frenchie gets attacked by other dogs, often for no reason.

Whilst weve not had this with Claude, perhaps some dogs do give off different vibes who knows? I do believe some of it could be due to their lack of facial expressions.

Bernese Mountain Dog French Bulldog Mix = French Bernese

Show Me Goldens & Frenchies in Missouri
  • There is a noticeable size disparity between the parents of the Bernese Mountain Dog French Bulldog cross. The Bernese Mountain Dog measures up to 28 inches while the French Bulldog grows only up to 12 inches.
  • The French Bulldog Bernese Mountain Dog mix may take after the Bernese Mountain Dogs size, but it may also inherit the French Bulldogs muscular physique, making it an intimidating dog.
  • Despite its terrifying stature, this hybrid dog is a gentle and friendly dog that is committed to being a great family pet and companion.
  • Because of its huge frame, the Bernese Mountain Dog French Bulldog mix requires about four to five cups of dry and high-quality dog food a day. However, it needs less exercise.
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    What Causes Aggression In French Bulldogs

    Aggression can be caused by a number of different things. This is because it can stem from multiple factors, such as genetics and the environment.

    There are several common reasons for aggression, including fear, dominance, territoriality, and a typical level of interest in social interactions.

    While these factors can potentially cause aggressiveness toward people or other dogs, they mostly have to do with how well your dog is socialized as a puppy.

    This means that its easier to prevent aggression in the Frenchies than it is to fix it after its already developing.

    The most important factor that causes aggression is fear. A puppy who was abused or neglected as a baby may be too scared to interact with people.

    This might lead them to lash out unexpectedly, which could result in someone getting seriously injured or even killed.

    Another reason might bite is that theyre feeling territorial. This mostly happens when a dog feels like you or another person are invading their space, but it can also happen when a dog is particularly interested in protecting any pets or other animals that live with them.

    Because fear and dominance are such prevalent factors in aggression, its important to socialize your French Bulldog puppy as early as possible.

    This means giving them positive interactions with people and other dogs so they dont feel threatened by anything or anyone.

    Tip #: Inform Yourself Before You Get Another Dog

    Getting a new furry family member is always exciting. But dont get caught up in all the excitement just yet

    First, get to know what the potential new member is like. You can either choose a breed that goes along well with Chihuahuas or get a mixed breed from a shelter.

    Whatever you settle for, do your research beforehand.

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    Frenchiestore Is Here For You And Your French Bulldog

    Whether you have one Frenchie or two Frenchies Frenchiestore specializes in the French Bulldog dog breed. Frenchiestore offers a large variety of Frenchie pajamas, organic dog hoodies reversible harnesses and more. Everything you need on your Frenchie journey, including valuable information. Sign up to our Frenchie Blog today.;

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    Why Are Labs So Special

    Top 5 Companion Dog Breeds

    Now, lets go back to the number one breed for the past 30 years and what makes them so special.

    Labrador Retrievers are pretty similar to Golden Retrievers when it comes to their personality. They make amazing family dogs because they are generally never aggressive and get along great with children! Labs are also great with other dogs. However, dont mistake their easygoing personality for low energy. These amazing dogs are full of energy and require a lot of exercises. They will fit in with an active family the best because they love going on long walks, hikes, and runs! It is simple, Labs are athletic and bouncy so they need regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things!

    One thing that is not so great is that, for short haired dogs, Labs shed SO MUCH! You wouldnt believe how much they actually shed! Be prepared, for a lot of brushing because of the high shedding!

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    Tip #: Mental And Physical Stimulation

    Exercise;your Chihuahua when you go out.

    Dont carry them around in a bag or hug them all the time. Give them the ability to experience the world on their four feet. This will pay off.

    Playing fetch, chasing around other dogs and vice versa, will drain energy from your Chihuahua. Thats what youd like to do before introducing a bigger fellow dog to your petite Chi.

    If during the walk your Chihuahua hasnt exercised properly, its likely theyll snap at another dog. They could also start destroying furniture or items at home.

    How Are Frenchies Likes

    Frenchies are unarguable, one of the cutest breeds of dogs you can ever own. Besides being your closest companion, they also make excellent show dogs. They are believed to have their roots among the English Bulldogs and are said to have been made as lap warmers for the lacemakers who migrated to France. And who can blame them!

    But before you head out to the pet shop to get your little furbaby, did you know that these Frenchies snore? And how!

    They are not light snores that stir you in sleep from time to time. These are deep, loud snores that interrupt your sleep and steal your quiet hours. In short, if you are a light sleeper or easily disturbed by noises, French Bulldogs are not the dogs for you.

    Heres everything you need to know about why Frenchies snore and how to stop the snores.

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    Shih Tzu French Bulldog Mix = French Shih Tzu

  • The French Bulldog Shih Tzu mix is an exciting mix of the tenacious French Bulldog and the royal Shih Tzu.
  • While the facial features may resemble that of a French Bulldogs, the coat of this hybrid dog often takes the form of the Shih Tzus. Its medium to long coat needs brushing at least three times a week to keep it shiny and clean. Owners must trim the fur around its eyes to avoid blocking its vision.
  • As a result of two small dogs, the French Bulldog Shih Tzu mix may survive on a full cup of dog food per day separated into three meals. The cost of its daily food intake is about $0.70 to $1.
  • The hybrid dogs high energy level will make it run around for hours on end inside a home. Owners need to take this hybrid dog on activities for about 45 minutes a day to wear out the hyperactive puppy.
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