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Do Golden Retriever Get Along With Kids

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Take A Closer Look At This Beloved Breed And See Why The Golden And Many Other Kinds Of Canines Should Be Celebrated Every Day

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Happy National Golden Retriever Day! This beloved breed has the reputation of being the perfect family dog —and for good reason. Goldens are friendly, funny, patient, smart and eager to please. They also require lots of love, plenty of exercise and some basic obedience training.

Before getting a golden retriever or any type of dog, you should do your research. Different breeds have different temperaments and needs that may or may not suit your lifestyle. The American Kennel Club is a good place to start your search, and talking to other dog owners can be quite helpful as well.

There are many breeds — including mixed breeds, of course — that make wonderful pets for different people. That said, are golden retrievers still the best family dog? Let’s look at both sides of the argument.

Be Aware Of Your Dogs Emotions Through His Cues Golden Retrievers Can Teach Your Kids About Emotional Awareness


After an exercise, it is natural to be tired. Same for us. Same for our dogs. Regardless of how energetic golden retrievers can be, they can get tired and need some moments to rest after running and playing around. When your dog already gets familiarized with your family and enjoy spending his time playing with you and your children, it is time to get to know your dog better, especially his emotions. Golden retrievers are easy going dogs that show all their emotions out, whenever they are happy or tired, so it is not difficult to figure out their feelings. Your children can learn to read the dog’s facial and behavioral clues to know if the dog is ready to play or prefer to take some rest. This ability also trains your children to be empathetic for the feelings of other people too.


Although Golden Retrievers Are Good With Kids Take Caution As They Grow Big In Size And Outweigh Your Kids


Golden retrievers are trustworthy and good with kids, we get it. But accidents happen from time to time when we are not in caution. Remember that retrievers are huge dogs, and they can accidentally knock out your kid while playing. Thus, do not leave your child unattended when a golden retriever is playing around. So keep an eye on them!


Fact #4: 3000 Golden Retrievers Are Participating In A Study To Help Increase Golden Retriever Health

The Morris Animal Foundation launched the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study in 2012.

Together with veterinarians and the participating golden retrievers and their owners, they’re collecting data about their health, environment, and behavior to find potential risk factors for cancer and other diseases.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Cats: Signs That Goldies And Cats Dislikes Each Other

Golden Retriever Temperament and Personality

Well, in time, when the Golden Retrievers and cats get familiar with the presence of each other, they will become relaxed. But, it’s not always the case, and having them get along with each other really needs time. Below are some indications that the relationship between the two is not turning out that fine as you expected:

Signs that the Golden Retrievers dislike the cat:

  • Always bark, whining, and strain to get into the cat
  • Sees the cat as their prey most of the time
  • Snarling and lunging over the cat often

Signs that the cats dislike the Golden Retrievers:

  • Have pinned back ears
  • The tail is swishing on a back and forth motion
  • Hissing, spitting, or yowling

Immediately separate the two pets once any of these signs are exhibited by one of them. Eventually, go back from the start.

How Does A Golden Retrievers Hunting Background That Affect How They Interact With Kids

Golden Retrievers were bred and used as hunting dogs, but this will not affect how they interact with others.  Originally they spent time outdoors with their human hunting companions, retrieving waterfowl and game.

Historically many dog breeds that were used for other working purposes.  Despite these occupations Golden Retrievers and other dogs held, today they make great companion animals.  Many of the qualities these dogs had, is what makes them so good at being companions to humans.

Their bodies are designed to perform these activities, but their temperament and nature are loving and gentle, despite this background.  Their physical traits were a good match for these activities because they were combined with their loyal, caring, and dependable nature. 

These traits had them follow instructions and perform the work requested without much fuss.  Their love to be close to their human companions and to please others, is what made them good at this activity but also good at being a part of a family.

Golden Retrievers Is A Good Breed For Families With Kids For Its Friendly Personality


Golden retrievers are energetic, and they love exercising. They not only enjoy a fetch game with you but also love taking part in any outdoor activity with you and your families. If you have hyperactive children who love running and playing around, a golden retriever can be a good companion for your children. Another good point of having a golden retriever to play with your kids is that this type of dog is well-tempered and obedient most of the time, so rest assured that your kids will have a playful and enjoyable time with a golden retriever.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that as golden retrievers are energetic and prefer large areas to play, unlike small dog breed or cats that can easily live in a small apartment and all you need is a cat tree for your cat to play with, apartments are not ideal places for this large dog breed. If you are living in an apartment, be considerate when deciding whether you should have a golden retriever. The dog can grow big in size and can mess around in your apartment while playing. Additionally, if there isn’t any spacious place for your dog to play and release his energy, you would need to take him outdoor more often.


What Is The Best Way To Tell What Your Golden Retriever Puppies Fur Will Look Like

The best way to tell what your Golden Retriever puppies’ fur will look like is to check their parents.  The mother and father Golden Retrievers can give pet parents a good indication of what their puppy will look like as adults since genetics play a role.

This doesn’t mean that always be the case, but it can show what is likely to be the puppies’ color, regardless of what the Golden Retriever puppies ears look like or what the fur coat is as a puppy.

Some people believe looking at the Golden Retriever puppies’ ears will determine what color their adult fur coat will be, particularly the tip of their ears.  While this can be fun to do, there is no scientific evidence to back up this idea.

Reasons You Might Want To Consider Getting A Companion For Your Golden Retriever

Best Companion Dogs For Golden Retrievers To Get Along ...

Now that you know a bit more about golden retriever behavior and where it stems from, you can better understand some of the reasons you might or might not want to consider getting a companion for your golden retriever.

As we’ve mentioned a few times, it’s not absolutely necessary for golden retrievers to have a companion. In fact, most golden retrievers are happy to be around only humans; they just need ample attention from their owners and plenty of exercises.

That being said, golden retrievers can have a companion if you decide yours would do better with one .

 All that being said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might want to get a companion for your golden retriever and some of the reasons you might want to hold off on getting one.

Reasons to Get a Companion for Your Golden Retriever

First things first, every dog and every owner is different. These reasons and ideas are an all great food for thought, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to make the ultimate decision on whether or not to get a companion for your golden retriever – you know him or her best!

However, there are, of course, some things to consider when it comes to thinking of getting a companion for your golden retriever.

A lot of them have to do with golden retriever behavior, and some of them have to do with owner preferences and abilities. Let’s take a look.

A Companion Can Help Get Energy Out
A Companion Means Less Alone Time
You’re Just Ready for Another Dog

You’ve Got Very Young Children

Want To Ensure Your Golden Retriever Will Be Good Around Kids Do These 3 Things

Although most goldens are naturally good with kids, if you want to give yourself the best shot at having a golden that’s great around kids, do these three things:

Socialize them

We talked a little about this in the section about aggression, but to make sure that your golden is calm and confident around your kids , be sure to socialize them.

Help them have positive experiences while kids are screaming or running around, or when you bust out the big scary stroller.

Also, get them used to different types of people in different types of outfits and situations.

Train them

When your golden is obedient, you’ll be able to control them better.

Did your kid just puke all over the floor?

Asking your dog to sit and stay will make your life much easier.

Did your kid just fall and bust their knee?

They might not want your dog all up in their business right then and there, so asking your golden to sit and stay while you make everything better will also make life easier for everyone.

Exercise them

A tired dog is a good dog.

If your golden has pent up energy, they can chew up the house, run around the house, or be more apt to jump on your children.

But if you mentally and physically stimulate your dog, many of their bad behaviors will go away.

You can get some of that energy out by training them, playing games like fetch and tug, and giving them puzzle toys.

Golden retrievers are one of the best breeds for families with children.

They’re sweet, gentle dogs that love being around people.

How Long Does It Take For Golden Retriever Puppies To Get Their Adult Fur Coat

For Golden Retriever puppies to get their adult fur coat, it can take quite a while.  Like the rest of their growth, it can be a slow process that many pet parents will only see slight changes.  There is so much growing and changing during the puppy phase, these changes are gradual but happen over their whole entire body during a long process that can take up to eighteen months or more.

At around three to six months, Golden Retriever puppies will begin to change.  These changes to their adorably fluffy and soft fur coat will be subtle.  Their Golden hair will start to fall out around six months of age, and then it can take up to another six months to a year for their adult fur coat to completely come in.

It is a gradual process of falling out and growing in that affect the Golden Retrievers fur coat in many ways, including coloring, texture, length and amount.

For Golden Retrievers puppies whether they get lighter or darker one thing is certain they will need more grooming.  Adult Golden Retrievers have longer fur coats that can get tangled easily, so pet parents will need to ensure good grooming habits during this transition time from puppy to adult dog.

Additional Tips For Introducing Your German Shepherd And Golden Retriever

Get your resident dog acclimated to the new dog’s scent before any interactions. One of the best ways to do this is to allow the dog to sniff a blanket or towel that the new dog has been lying on. This step will decrease the shock during introductions.

Consider making the initial introduction in a neutral location, such as a park or a neighbor’s yard. Have each dog handled by a different person and on a six-foot leash.

Allow the dogs to walk near each other without interacting with each other at first. Even if one or both dogs initially ignore each other, this is a better outcome than combative behavior. Keep a positive attitude to keep the dogs calm.

Let the dogs sniff for a few seconds, and offer praise for their positive behavior. Lead them away from each other, then back again multiple times. Make sure the dogs continue to receive praise for behaving nicely toward each other.

Can Training Make A Difference To Make My Golden Retriever Good With Cats

Golden Retrievers and Cats (Are They Good Together ...

Golden retrievers are smart animals. They can follow commands well and are quite obedient. Owing to that, training your golden retriever to coexist with a cat would be easier when compared to some other dog breeds.

Owners can train their golden retrievers to respect their feline companions, by either telling them not to bark for no reason or stop chasing the cat if it seems it doesn’t want to play.

Doing this will encourage the cat to feel more relaxed whenever the dog is around. And eventually, help it befriend the cat. If you don’t know where to start you can pick a copy of a book on Amazon that shows step by step how to do it. Don’t feel pressure it takes time.

When training, recognize the needs of the two different species. A cat might want to sleep when the dog wants to play. Training a golden retriever to expect to run and play on certain times of the day will allow you to predict their behavior.

You can more or less ‘control’ what happens depending on the personality of your pets. Discourage or encourage good and bad behavior when appropriate.

Consequently, you’ll find how well they are trained and how often then spend time together will make a big difference. There are lots of happy owners that have golden retrievers and cats together like lifelong friends.

And with a golden retriever having good breed traits, there is a high chance of that happening. Perseverance and patience win the day!

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Cats: Fidos And Felines Coexistence

Tom Thorpe Blog

Taking a look at most of them, cats and dogs don’t collide well with each other. But, not all dogs have bad behavior towards felines. In fact, there is a number of dog breeds that can mingle easily with cats. But, what specific dog breeds are those? Do Golden Retrievers get along with cats?

In this blog post, we will have you covered. Let’s find out if these two four-legged creations coexist with each other very well. Check them out below!

What Is The Right Method To Introduce Your Child To A Golden Retriever

The best part about having a Golden at home is that they will greet you with a happy wagging tail. For children, it is important to prepare your dog beforehand. For instance, if you are going to have a baby, you can adopt the following measures-

  • Try to introduce the basic baby smell to your dog. Golden Retrievers are sensitive to smell. Once they get used to the sweet baby smell lingering in the air, bonding with the little one won’t be a problem.
  • Bring a common baby item near the Golden Retriever. This can be a blanket, baby shoes, or even a toy.
  • Familiarize your dog with baby furniture and baby clothing too. Let the dog sniff these things to avoid confusion later on.
  • It is also important for the Golden Retriever to get acquainted with baby sounds too. For example, if the baby cries in the middle of the night, the dog can be surprised. However, if the animal is already aware of it, it relatively stays calm.
  • The more the Retriever understands the baby’s smell, the better it is for the breed to start bonding.
  • Getting used to the baby’s scent will ideally help the animal with their bonding!

    Why Are German Shepherds And Golden Retrievers Suitable For Each Other

    According to 2 Puppies, a similar size is just one thing that makes these dogs suited to life in the same household. GSDs and Goldens have many other traits in common.

    German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers both have high intelligence levels, which is a common trait that makes these breeds popular as service animals. These dogs are also ideal for therapy and emotional support needs.

    Even though these breeds are  intelligent, they are also reasonably calm. All dogs, regardless of the breed, require appropriate stimulation. When a dog has the right level of stimulation, they will be better-behaved.

    Both GSDs and Goldens will require plenty of interaction with their human family members. Living out in the backyard all the time is not a suitable life for these dogs. Play with each other, and activities like walks make a huge difference.

    Consider The Dog Breeds That Are Good Companions For Golden Retrievers

    Best Companion Dogs For Golden Retrievers To Get Along With

    If you’ve decided your golden retriever needs a companion, it’s probably safe to say the next thing that popped into your mind was just what kind of dog to get.

    A big influence will likely be a breed you already know, like, or are interested in. But there are actually some other things you can consider, like dogs that are known to make the best companions for golden retrievers.

    Purina has an awesome listof the best dogs for multi-pet homes, meaning dogs that get along well with other dogs, other people, and other types of pets.

    If you want to get a companion for your golden retriever, but aren’t sure which breed to get, the following dogs can make good companions for golden retrievers:

    • Golden Retrievers
    • Maltese
    • Boston Terriers

    You can, of course, choose a companion dog that isn’t on this list; these breeds are simply the ones that are known to more easily adapt to living in a home with another dog or pet. ‘

    Why German Shorthaired Pointer Gets Along With Miniature Bull Terrier

    Like other terriers, the Miniature Bull Terrier is a loyal and protective breed that protects its home against intruders. Also, it makes a lovely pet and companion for all canines and other pets in the house. However, early socialization is a must if you want them to be friendly with small-sized pets.  

    How Long Does It Take For My Golden Retriever To Interact With My Cat

    Encouraging your pets to coexist doesn’t mean forcing them to do it according to your schedule. You need to be patient and know that each pet will have its own personality.

    A cat might be overly terrified or aggressive towards another pet. Or the dog might be too playful and continuously chase the cat – oblivious that the feline doesn’t want to return the attention.

    Mini golden retrievers also tend to get along better with younger cats. This is not to say that they won’t get along if one or the other is older.

    But pets are more open to new connections at a younger age. They are likely to be less territorial since they’re still adjusting to their surroundings.

    Giving them ample space will allow them to observe one another from a safe distance. They get to smell and hear the other furry family member without the hissing or barking. Scheduling their meal-time is also important.

    Keep it separate and feed at different times. You don’t want them to fight because one is being over-protective of their food.

    Doing the above for a couple of days to a few weeks helps them get used to the other’s scent and behavior. And when you finally get them close, they’re more inclined to tolerate their new friend.

    Golden Retrievers Are Inherently Playful And Enjoying Making Friends

    Golden Retrievers are designated to the Sporting Group of dog breeds, which means they love an active lifestyle. It is essential to keep in mind their energy level when deciding to adopt a golden. For instance, they wouldn’t make very good apartment dogs, and if you’re not a fan of walking, they aren’t the right breed for you.

    Their water sporting and hunting past gives the breed unlimited energy and a love for playing outdoors and anywhere near water. They love to play fetch and will play for hours upon hours, which is perfect for families with energetic and adventurous children with large yards. The breed is not shy around new people and will welcome playtime with any companion who will join, human and animal alike.

    If I Want A Particular Color Golden Retriever Can A Breeder Help Me


    Yes, if you want a particular color Golden Retriever, a breeder can help you.  Quality breeders are knowledgeable and skilled at what they do, breed Golden Retrievers.

    These breeders will practice responsible breeding methods.  They will have knowledge of the background of their dogs including their parents and in many cases, the entire background of the Golden Retriever puppy.  Since they have bred the dog, they know their background.

    The knowledge and skill that have can not only be beneficial for potential pet parents that are looking for a particular color Golden Retriever, but also in helping them to have a healthy, smart, and better behaved dog.  They can find a dog that has a high potential of being a certain color because of their knowledge and skilled background.

    While there are no guarantees in life when it comes to the coloring of a Golden Retriever, reputable breeders will be able to select a dog that is a good match.  The critical part to remember is choosing a reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced breeder.

    There are some breeders that do not follow responsible breeding practices.  Thorough research and investigation must be done before selecting a breeder to ensure they following responsible breeding practices.  The health and safety of the dog you choose depend on it, which goes above and beyond the Golden Retriever puppies coloring.

    If I Want To Show My Golden Retriever Puppy Does Their Color Matter

    Yes, if you want to show your Golden Retriever puppy, their coloring will matter.  The American Kennel Club and other associations have strict guidelines that each dog must fall into.  These can relate to height, weight, color, behavior, and how they move, to name a few.

    While having a pure-bred Golden Retriever puppy may seem like all that is needed to show them in the ring, this is not the case.  They must meet specific criteria which are different for every dog breed and can be found on these organization websites.

    Golden Retriever puppies whether lighter or darker than another, may be not show quality but are still pure-bred.  This is a normal part of life as not everyone can be pageant-worthy.  If this is the case for your Golden Retriever puppy, it is important to remember that they are no less loveable and beautiful, just slightly different.  If they don’t end up in the show ring, they are still a wonderful dog and furry best friend.

    Common Behaviors That Golden Retrievers Must Know When Around Kids

    The golden retriever will follow your child wherever it goes. But it is a good idea to train your dog with regard to different behaviors. Here are a few details that might help-

    • Let the dog get acquainted with the kid’s room. Let them know whether they are allowed or not.
    • It is necessary to train the Golden Retriever when it comes to playing with the baby. The dog can jump over the child or can accidentally kick the child. To avoid these, try to let the dog know its rules.
    • Train the dog to spend quality time with the kid. For example, while on the road, the kid and the dog can bond together in the back seat. Both can take care of each other. Short and intimate interactions are best suitable for retrievers.

    How To Introduce A Golden Retriever To A House With Young Children

    Introducing a Retriever to your house is exciting. The kids will surely love the dog and build a long loving relation.

    Like most puppies, untrained Golden Retrievers are inquisitive, boisterous, and loves chewing any and everything. Thus, it might scare the kids in the beginning. 

    So, teaching your kids how to interact with the pet is the best idea to strengthen their bond.

    If you have a two years old child, managing things might be difficult. You better keep the new pet on a leash during the first few meets. It is best to separate the child and puppy until the puppy turns 14 weeks and learns basic commands.

    Similarly, you can involve your child above two years old in the training of your pet to make them both familiar with each other.

    How had you introduced your pet to your house?

    How long did it take you to become used to it?

    What Are German Shepherds And Golden Retrievers Personalities Like

    Do Corgis And Golden Retrievers Get Along? – Corgi Care

    German Shepherds have a reputation for following commands given 95% of the time, according to Petrix.

    Golden Retrievers have a high degree of both confidence and friendliness. Even though Retrievers are very enthusiastic, their intelligence is high, almost on the same level as that of Shepherds.

    Mental stimulation is of great importance for German Shepherds because of their working background. These dogs are active learners that will enjoy challenges, making obedience training a necessity for these agile dogs.

    Golden Retrievers enjoy outdoor activity, particularly anything that involves being in and around water. These dogs have a strong desire to please their family members, and food rewards work effectively with this breed.

    Both breeds have high exercise needs and benefit from daily walks and playtime in the yard. Games such as fetch or Frisbee will help stimulate both of these types of dogs.

    GSDs are known for being very protective of their families, making careful introductions to strangers necessary. Goldens, on the other hand, tend to lean towards being too friendly to strangers, making them less useful as guard dogs.

    Both of these dogs tend to bark a lot, although for different reasons. German Shepherds bark because of their protective nature, whereas Retriever barking is usually play-related.

    Both breeds benefit from their owners knowing how to help them control their barking through positive training methods.

    What Health Issues Could German Shepherds & Golden Retrievers Have

    Both breeds have varying health risks, which depend on whether they come from American or European lines. Both can be vulnerable to health conditions that arise due to obesity, making regular physical activity important.

    Joint issues, such as hip dysplasia, can be common in both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers because of their large size. Owners should also expect arthritis as these dog’s age, although a proper diet and supplements can make a difference.

    Of the two breeds, American Goldens have a higher chance of getting cancer. Treatments have varying degrees of success, depending on the type of cancer.

    What Does The Ideal Temperament Of The Golden Retriever Look Like

    It is natural for humans to get attracted immediately to the cute face of a small Retriever puppy. The wagging tail, their curiosity, and the endless wet kisses- all these help you to understand the different sides of a Golden Retriever.

    Further on general terms, Golden Retrievers are ‘’obedient, smart, playful and intelligent dogs’’.

    A study by the American Kennel Club states that ‘’Golden Retrievers occupy the third rank in terms of family dogs’’. This means that they are affectionate towards all members!

    Golden Retrievers are pretty active. They will play with your kids and even look after them. Just some training is required to groom the animal to become the finest four-legged family member.

    Related:Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

    Choosing A Family Pet: Benefits Of Golden Retrievers For Children

    Golden Retrievers are great dogs and they bring much joy to any household that embraces them.  This extremely exceptional breed of dog is intelligent, gentle, kind and loyal.  Additionally, these dogs are sweet, happy and very playful.  With the right training, they can be easily housebroken and keeping them around the home is almost effortless.

    A well-trained Golden Retriever is tremendously calm, affectionate and easy to teach.  These dogs are safe to have around the elderly and children and they freely express their love for each member of the household. Here is a list of benefits of having golden retrievers around children!

    Why Is Supervision Necessary To Play With Golden Retriever Safely

    Do Corgis And Golden Retrievers Get Along? – Corgi Care

    A healthy Golden Retriever gives warning signs when they are uncomfortable that the children fail to understand. The ability to read the dogs’ activities comes with maturity. Thus, adults must supervise the dogs and children when they play.

    Small children do not know that,

    • Bared teeth and growl mean back off.
    • Stiff posture and curled lips with fiercely growling denote the danger.

    It would help if you taught your child these signals to avoid dangerous situations so that the pet and child become a companion of a lifetime.

    Now, how will you teach your children to play safe with your Golden Retriever?

    Maintain Standing Position

    Golden Retrievers are larger dog breeds. The first rule to play safe with them is to remain standing. You can go down on the ground only when you are having a picnic with your pet.

    First, sit several feet away then, gradually reduce the distance. If you see your dog getting excited, stand up and move farther. Besides this, teach your child not to roll around the ground with the dog.

    Control The Game

    The game must be in your control. For example, if your child and the Retriever are playing tug. Your “cue” command should signal Golden Retriever to leave the tug toy and end the game.

    Unstructured and physical playing with a dog may be dangerous for your kid. The game rules should be simple like; fetch, catch and throw, running, etc.

    Keep The Playing Time Short

    Stop The Play When The Golden Retriever Gets Excited

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