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Are Golden Retriever Puppies Good With Kids

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Take A Closer Look At This Beloved Breed And See Why The Golden And Many Other Kinds Of Canines Should Be Celebrated Every Day

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Happy National Golden Retriever Day! This beloved breed has the reputation of being the perfect family dog —and for good reason. Goldens are friendly, funny, patient, smart and eager to please. They also require lots of love, plenty of exercise and some basic obedience training.

Before getting a golden retriever or any type of dog, you should do your research. Different breeds have different temperaments and needs that may or may not suit your lifestyle. The American Kennel Club is a good place to start your search, and talking to other dog owners can be quite helpful as well.

There are many breeds — including mixed breeds, of course — that make wonderful pets for different people. That said, are golden retrievers still the best family dog? Let’s look at both sides of the argument.

Be Aware Of Your Dogs Emotions Through His Cues Golden Retrievers Can Teach Your Kids About Emotional Awareness


After an exercise, it is natural to be tired. Same for us. Same for our dogs. Regardless of how energetic golden retrievers can be, they can get tired and need some moments to rest after running and playing around. When your dog already gets familiarized with your family and enjoy spending his time playing with you and your children, it is time to get to know your dog better, especially his emotions. Golden retrievers are easy going dogs that show all their emotions out, whenever they are happy or tired, so it is not difficult to figure out their feelings. Your children can learn to read the dog’s facial and behavioral clues to know if the dog is ready to play or prefer to take some rest. This ability also trains your children to be empathetic for the feelings of other people too.


Although Golden Retrievers Are Good With Kids Take Caution As They Grow Big In Size And Outweigh Your Kids


Golden retrievers are trustworthy and good with kids, we get it. But accidents happen from time to time when we are not in caution. Remember that retrievers are huge dogs, and they can accidentally knock out your kid while playing. Thus, do not leave your child unattended when a golden retriever is playing around. So keep an eye on them!


How Does A Golden Retrievers Hunting Background That Affect How They Interact With Kids

Golden Retrievers were bred and used as hunting dogs, but this will not affect how they interact with others.  Originally they spent time outdoors with their human hunting companions, retrieving waterfowl and game.

Historically many dog breeds that were used for other working purposes.  Despite these occupations Golden Retrievers and other dogs held, today they make great companion animals.  Many of the qualities these dogs had, is what makes them so good at being companions to humans.

Their bodies are designed to perform these activities, but their temperament and nature are loving and gentle, despite this background.  Their physical traits were a good match for these activities because they were combined with their loyal, caring, and dependable nature. 

These traits had them follow instructions and perform the work requested without much fuss.  Their love to be close to their human companions and to please others, is what made them good at this activity but also good at being a part of a family.

Golden Retrievers Is A Good Breed For Families With Kids For Its Friendly Personality

Adorable Kids Hugging Golden Retriever Dog Together Stock ...


Golden retrievers are energetic, and they love exercising. They not only enjoy a fetch game with you but also love taking part in any outdoor activity with you and your families. If you have hyperactive children who love running and playing around, a golden retriever can be a good companion for your children. Another good point of having a golden retriever to play with your kids is that this type of dog is well-tempered and obedient most of the time, so rest assured that your kids will have a playful and enjoyable time with a golden retriever.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that as golden retrievers are energetic and prefer large areas to play, unlike small dog breed or cats that can easily live in a small apartment and all you need is a cat tree for your cat to play with, apartments are not ideal places for this large dog breed. If you are living in an apartment, be considerate when deciding whether you should have a golden retriever. The dog can grow big in size and can mess around in your apartment while playing. Additionally, if there isn’t any spacious place for your dog to play and release his energy, you would need to take him outdoor more often.


Want To Ensure Your Golden Retriever Will Be Good Around Kids Do These 3 Things

Although most goldens are naturally good with kids, if you want to give yourself the best shot at having a golden that’s great around kids, do these three things:

Socialize them

We talked a little about this in the section about aggression, but to make sure that your golden is calm and confident around your kids , be sure to socialize them.

Help them have positive experiences while kids are screaming or running around, or when you bust out the big scary stroller.

Also, get them used to different types of people in different types of outfits and situations.

Train them

When your golden is obedient, you’ll be able to control them better.

Did your kid just puke all over the floor?

Asking your dog to sit and stay will make your life much easier.

Did your kid just fall and bust their knee?

They might not want your dog all up in their business right then and there, so asking your golden to sit and stay while you make everything better will also make life easier for everyone.

Exercise them

A tired dog is a good dog.

If your golden has pent up energy, they can chew up the house, run around the house, or be more apt to jump on your children.

But if you mentally and physically stimulate your dog, many of their bad behaviors will go away.

You can get some of that energy out by training them, playing games like fetch and tug, and giving them puzzle toys.

Golden retrievers are one of the best breeds for families with children.

They’re sweet, gentle dogs that love being around people.

Golden Retriever Puppy Is Not Suitable For You If You Are A Couch Potato

We all know that golden retriever puppy has a higher level of energy when compared to the other dog breeds. They are tends to burn off the energy they possess.

It is essential for you to conduct a one to two hours exercise with your golden retriever puppy daily if you don’t want them to make a mess inside your home.

There are lots of exercises that you can do with your dog.

They are excellent companions for playing, walking, hiking, running or even swimming.

They are good in any kinds of activities. This puppy is also in need to have mental stimulation to have a better thrive.

Obedience training commands can train a golden retriever puppy all by yourself. Goldens are considered as the most obedient type of breeds.

Agility training and canine freestyle are some of the activities that golden retrievers can conduct to have better mental stimulation.

What Is The Right Method To Introduce Your Child To A Golden Retriever

The best part about having a Golden at home is that they will greet you with a happy wagging tail. For children, it is important to prepare your dog beforehand. For instance, if you are going to have a baby, you can adopt the following measures-

  • Try to introduce the basic baby smell to your dog. Golden Retrievers are sensitive to smell. Once they get used to the sweet baby smell lingering in the air, bonding with the little one won’t be a problem.
  • Bring a common baby item near the Golden Retriever. This can be a blanket, baby shoes, or even a toy.
  • Familiarize your dog with baby furniture and baby clothing too. Let the dog sniff these things to avoid confusion later on.
  • It is also important for the Golden Retriever to get acquainted with baby sounds too. For example, if the baby cries in the middle of the night, the dog can be surprised. However, if the animal is already aware of it, it relatively stays calm.
  • The more the Retriever understands the baby’s smell, the better it is for the breed to start bonding.
  • Getting used to the baby’s scent will ideally help the animal with their bonding!

    How To Introduce A Golden Retriever To A House With Young Children

    Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? 7 Awesome Benefits ...

    According to the American Kennel Club, safety is the most crucial consideration you should have when introducing your dog to your children. It’s always best to start with a puppy. It should be easy to get your pup to naturally bond with your kids. However, if your dog is a bit older and wiser, you should supervise the introduction. Gradually, through repetition and basic commands, you should help to establish a bond of a lifetime between the two.

    Common Behaviors That Golden Retrievers Must Know When Around Kids

    The golden retriever will follow your child wherever it goes. But it is a good idea to train your dog with regard to different behaviors. Here are a few details that might help-

    • Let the dog get acquainted with the kid’s room. Let them know whether they are allowed or not.
    • It is necessary to train the Golden Retriever when it comes to playing with the baby. The dog can jump over the child or can accidentally kick the child. To avoid these, try to let the dog know its rules.
    • Train the dog to spend quality time with the kid. For example, while on the road, the kid and the dog can bond together in the back seat. Both can take care of each other. Short and intimate interactions are best suitable for retrievers.

    Things You Need To Teach Your Children About Your Golden Retriever

    We talked about training your golden retriever so they well-behaved, well, your children also need to learn a couple of things so they can live peacefully with the golden retriever.

    So, here the things you need to teach your children about your golden retriever.

  • Make sure that your children never hit the golden retriever 
  • Never try to ride them
  • Never pull their ears 
  • Avoid stepping on their tail
  • Do not poke them
  • Do not pull their tail or their paws
  • Never pull their cheeks 
    • Hiding from you
    •  Giving you less affection than usual 
    • Rolling their eyes at you 

    If you noticed any of these signs you need to stop whatever is upsetting them and back off, but if they generally seem upset then, you can start with their basic needs such as make sure that they had enough physical exercise, give them attention if that’s what they are looking for, and make sure that they are not hungry. 

    You also need to teach the same rules to the kids of any guests you have around the house, especially during the holidays when the house is packed. Any child that interacts with the dog should know these rules by heart and follow them religiously, and if they can’t, they absolutely should not be allowed to interact with the dog.

    Choosing A Family Pet: Benefits Of Golden Retrievers For Children

    Golden Retrievers are great dogs and they bring much joy to any household that embraces them.  This extremely exceptional breed of dog is intelligent, gentle, kind and loyal.  Additionally, these dogs are sweet, happy and very playful.  With the right training, they can be easily housebroken and keeping them around the home is almost effortless.

    A well-trained Golden Retriever is tremendously calm, affectionate and easy to teach.  These dogs are safe to have around the elderly and children and they freely express their love for each member of the household. Here is a list of benefits of having golden retrievers around children!

    What Does The Ideal Temperament Of The Golden Retriever Look Like

    Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

    It is natural for humans to get attracted immediately to the cute face of a small Retriever puppy. The wagging tail, their curiosity, and the endless wet kisses- all these help you to understand the different sides of a Golden Retriever.

    Further on general terms, Golden Retrievers are ‘’obedient, smart, playful and intelligent dogs’’.

    A study by the American Kennel Club states that ‘’Golden Retrievers occupy the third rank in terms of family dogs’’. This means that they are affectionate towards all members!

    Golden Retrievers are pretty active. They will play with your kids and even look after them. Just some training is required to groom the animal to become the finest four-legged family member.

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    Whens The Right Time To Start Training Golden Retriever Puppies

    Speaking ideally, you should start training your Golden Retriever Puppies at Stage 4.

    But, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    First and foremost, you should never be too harsh with your Golden Retriever Puppies while you’re training them and always try to make it seem more like a game than commands.

    And, secondly, never punish your pups! This can really have a bad effect on your puppy’s development of personality!

    And, it may even lead to some conduct disorders.

    So, take a chill pill.

    Labs Can Be Yellow Black And Chocolate Goldens Can Only Be Gold

    It is a common misconception that Labradors can be golden in color. In fact, if you ever do cross paths with a golden colored Retriever then it is probably a Goldador .

    The color of Golden Retriever vs Labrador dogs is one of the major differences.

    Golden Retrievers and Labradors have differences coat colors.

    Their breed standards state:

  • A Golden Retriever’s coat is gold. This color may range anywhere from a creamy off-white to shades of gold to darker shades with reddish hues.
  • The Labrador Retriever has three different official coat colors: yellow, black and chocolate.
  • Labrador Retrievers can also come in a red or silver. However, these two colors are not officially recognized.

    Do Not Leave Your Golden Retriever Puppy For More Than 5 Hours

    Golden Retrievers can make a strong bonding with the members in the house. They are ready to please their owners.

    They also love to be with people especially with children who like to play with them.

    If you leave your golden retriever puppy alone in your house, it will just make her feel sad that can lead her to have anxiety, depression, or in other cases, their sadness can make them have destructive behavior.

    Even though you already hired a pet walker or a person that will take care to your retriever puppy in times that you are busy, all of these solutions will never replace the presence that you always give to your golden puppy.

    How To Make Sure Your Golden Retriever Is Good Around Children

    Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? 7 Awesome Benefits ...

    Even though golden retrievers are naturally great with children, it’s still a good idea to train them to make sure they’re being as good as they can be. Here are some of the ways you should teach your golden retriever to make sure they’re being good around your kids!

    Make Sure You’re Giving Them Plenty Of Exercise

    This is one of the simplest ways you can ensure that your golden retriever is going to behave well around your kids. If possible, you should be giving them two hours of exercise every day. This includes walking, running, swimming, and games like tug of war.

    When you’re exercising your golden retriever, it’s best to get them into a set routine they can follow every day. Generally speaking, it’s best to exercise your golden retriever in the day too help make sure they stay tired for the rest of it.

    Train Them Properly

    Training your golden retriever is THE best thing you can do to make sure that they behave properly around your child. And with the right training program, not only will they behave around children and babies, but they’ll also behave in every other setting as well.

    The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

    So instead of worrying about whether they’re going to be well-behaved or not, you’ll only have to worry about how much fun you’ll have with them!

    And in most cases it’s still going to be:

    And the best part is it also has a 60-day money-back guarantee! So there’s no reason not to give Brain Training For Dogs a try!

    Golden Retrievers: What’s Good About ’em What’s Bad About ’em

    Golden Retriever temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books

    The Golden Retriever’s kindly expression says it all. This is one of the finest family dogs in the world: cheerful, demonstrative, trustworthy with everyone, and forgiving of any mistakes made by inexperienced owners.

    Give this breed two brisk walks each day, play fetch games, and take him out for a good run once a week, and he is adaptable to almost any lifestyle.

    Friendly with everyone , his bark is welcoming rather than protective.

    You must control his tendency to chew on objects and to mouth your hands — provide a box filled with toys so he can carry things around in his mouth.

    A Golden Retriever remains enthusiastically puppy-like for many years, so early obedience training is required to instill calmness and good manners.

    Eager to please and wonderfully responsive, he is nonetheless distracted by exciting sights and sounds, so you must be both patient and persistent.

    The mind and heart of a Golden is sweet and gentle, but his body is robust — until he’s taught not to pull on the leash, you’ll need good biceps to walk him.

    If you want a dog who…

    • Is large, athletic, and natural-looking
    • Has a pretty feathered coat
    • Has a cheerful, tail-wagging nature
    • Is steady-tempered and dependable with everyone
    • Is peaceful with other animals
    • Is eager to please and very responsive to training

    Difference Between Labrador And Golden Retriever Temperament

    The words commonly used to describe the temperaments of both Goldens and Labs are the words we use to describe very good dogs! Both breeds are friendly, reliable, affectionate, gentle, trusting, and kind. But many potential owners wonder about the differences between Lab and Golden Retriever personalities.

    Before talking about temperament, it’s always a good idea to remind new dog owners that all dogs are individuals, and breed alone does not guarantee any specific personality traits or behaviors. Meeting the parents, good training and socialization practices from puppyhood into adulthood are the best ways to ensure that you get the kind of dog you want.

    Labs and Goldens are both very trainable and obedient, which is good news for novice owners. Canine behavior experts explain the minor temperament differences between Goldens and Labs in terms of degrees. Generally, Goldens are said to be a bit softer, gentler, and more sensitive than Labs.

    While both do well in families with children, Labs tend to have the advantage in adapting to households with boisterous, lively, and loud young children. Many Goldens prefer a slightly more calm and tranquil home environment.

    It’s always important to take your lifestyle into account when choosing a dog…both the breed and the individual animal. An active family with young children may prefer an energetic Lab, while a retired couple may welcome a gentle Golden instead.

    How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Be Friendly With Kids

    If you want your kids and dog to have a long-lasting and life full of beautiful memories together, you are not alone. Many parents of both kids and furry Retrievers worry about how they can create this strong bond. If your dog is not used to being around your kids, or vice versa, you may need to put in a little more effort to change this. You don’t want to see any negative energy in your home. Or worse yet, an incident that ends with a bite.

    See also  Can Golden Retrievers be Aggressive?

    The good news is that training your dog should be easy. His generally friendly personality will make it easy for you to help him build a strong relationship with your kids. This is why it is essential to train them to socialize with your kids from an early age by doing the following.

    It is recommended that you start when they’re about eight weeks old.

    The most important thing to teach your dog is to know how to behave appropriately with your kids.

    A positive association between them is essential. Plus, it will save you from breaking up any fights.

    Obedience training by a professional dog trainer should do the trick. But positive reinforcement from you should yield more effective results.

    Golden Retriever Dog Art Canvas Print Of Lashepard Painting

    Golden Retriever, great family dog (With images)

    Copyright text is for display purposes only and will not appear on your artwork dog art Golden Retriever flat CANVAS sheet print of LA Shepard painting 8×8 winter dog walk ABOUT THE PRINT: This open edition image measures 8×8 inches and is printed on 8.5″x11″ flat CANVAS sheet with archival inks. I use a specially designed CANVAS for archival fine art prints. Your Giclee print will come on a very high quality flat Canvas sheet, looking like the original painting, and can be framed easily in…

    two little boys with their dog, golden retriever, so cute

    Why Are Golden Retrievers So Good With Children And Babies

    Now you know that golden retrievers get along well with kids and babies, you may be wondering why they’re so good! Here are a few of the most common reasons golden retrievers are the perfect family dog!

    They’re Loving And Loyal

    First of all, golden retrievers are extremely loving and loyal. Not just to you, but to everything member of your family As well as this, they’re also great at reading people. So they can often tell when they need to be calm and when they can play.

    They Love To Play

    As well as being loving and loyal, golden retriever’s absolutely love to play! They’re full of energy and if you have young kids, they’ll spend most of their time playing and having fun with them. In fact, the chances are your children will become tired for your pup does!

    They’re Patient

    One caveat to this is an older golden retriever. When golden retrievers get older, it’s less likely that they’ll want to play as much. But even then, they’re still extremely peaceful. Although you should never let a child do it, golden retrievers, are a lot more resilient to being pulled around compared to other dogs.

    And when they’ve had enough, they’ll just leave the room and find somewhere quiet they can be by themselves. Just make sure if you notice them doing this, you make sure your children stay away from them.

    They’re Very Gentle

    Teaching Your Kids How To Act Around Your Golden Retriever

    As well as training your pup, it’s a good idea to teach your children how to behave around them. No matter how well behaved your retriever is, if your kids aren’t treating them correctly, they may snap as a warning.

    Here are some of the best things to teach your children.

    Never Pull Or Tug At Your Dog

    The number one thing to teach your kid is to never pull on your golden retriever. Young children have a habit of grabbing and pulling fur, ears, tails and paws. While golden retrievers are patient, this would drive anyone crazy.

    And even with patience, if they get yanked around too hard they may instinctively bite or growl if they’re in pain.

    Don’t Let Them Chase Each Other

    You also want to make sure that your children and golden retriever aren’t chasing each other. While it looks like fun, and it probably is, your retriever is too big. One of the big problems with retrievers is they don’t quite realise how big they are.

    If they’re constantly chasing each other, eventually, your golden retriever is going to knock your child over. Especially if they get overexcited.

    So it’s best to avoid this kind of game altogether.

    Make Sure They Give Your Golden Retriever Time Alone

    Sometimes your golden retriever is just going to want to be by themselves. They won’t want to play or be clambered on. Make sure you’re paying attention to your pup to see when they want a break. Also teach your children what to look for, so they know when to leave them alone as well.

    Goldens Are The Best To Make Your Kids Outgoing And Active

    It’s a proven fact that kids that grow old with a golden retriever are more likely to be outgoing, active, and social.

    Also, raising them with a dog, in general, will make them stronger and less likely to have allergies.

    If you have highly energetic kids, then getting a golden retriever that is also an energetic breed that loves exercising will be a great option because when you don’t have enough time to spend some time playing outside with them, they will at least have each other to keep active.

    Why A Golden Retriever Might Not Be Right For Your Family

    Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? (What You Must Know)

    Although golden retrievers make great pets, they’re not right for every family.

    Here are some reasons that goldens might not be good for your family:

    Golden retrievers are boisterous puppies

    As puppies, goldens are energetic and excitable, and a crying baby or bumbling toddler can get them riled up.

    Of course, the toddler and puppy phases will go by quick, so take this with a grain of salt, but just be aware that while your golden is a puppy they’ll require extra supervision around your children.

    Golden retrievers have needs, too

    Golden retrievers are not exactly low maintenance dogs.

    They’re high energy breeds that need lots of exercise and attention.

    A house with kids could be the perfect fit for a golden, but if you’re always away at soccer practice, or always changing diapers and trying to get the kids to sleep, it may be tough to attend to the needs of your golden retriever too.

    Should You Get A Golden Retriever Puppy 12 Things To Know

    Golden Retriever Puppies can be considered as one of the most popular dog breeds that you can find in the United States and other countries.


    They became famous because of their good character and having an attractive appearance.

    We all know that having a dog inside your house will give you responsibility for a long time. 10-12 years of responsibility to be exact if you have a golden retriever puppy.

    If you are a type of person that was not born as a dog lover but has a golden heart on taking care of breed dogs such as the goldens, here are the 12 things about what to know before getting a golden retriever puppy.

    Give Your Golden Retriever Puppy The Right Food For Them

    Pet owners who have this kind of dog breeds always want to give the food that will suit to their tummies.

    However, it is challenging to search for foods that you can find from the different markets near you.

    You, as a pet owner is in need to be trained to be a label reader to find the foods that will fit for your golden retriever puppy.

    You can search for different foods that were made for puppies, but there are some manufacturers of dog food that will give you a specific food that can suit the needs of your dog breeds.

    It is imperative for you, as a pet owner to feed you golden retriever for about three to five meals per day, for the first two-quarters of the life of your puppy.

    Moreover, after the two-quarter of your puppy’s life, you can now feed your golden retriever puppies for about two time small meals per day.

    If you have the right schedule on feeding your puppy will help you to monitor the food amount that your puppy ate easily.

    This will also help you to have easier potty training for your new puppy and will help you to control the weight of your golden retrievers.

    Golden Retriever Puppies Are Suitable For Small Children

    Many dog lovers will automatically think that the golden retriever puppies are the best dog for a house that has many children.

    Golden retriever puppies can turn into an unruly, strong, and a dog that has a higher energy level to play with children very quickly.

    Golden retrievers whose age is six months old or two years old has a higher energy level.

    Families who have children living in their house whose age is seven years old below is not recommended to buy golden retriever puppy for it might harm your children.

    The above pieces of information aresome of the things that you should know first before buying golden retrieverpuppies.

    This article is not meant to persuade you to buy this kind of dog, but rather this article tells you the information that you should know about a golden retriever puppy.

    It is always your choice to purchasea golden retriever or not.

    Are Male Or Female Golden Retrievers Better For Children

    Golden Retriever Dogs & Puppies

    The female golden retrievers are better for children than males, they are more independent and more intent on exercising their dominance by participating in the “alpha” behaviors such as marking their territory and growling.

    You can learn about all the differences between male and female golden retrievers here.

    Many families want to get a dog but they are scared because they have kids and they don’t want an aggressive dog or any pet that can harm their children, so if you know someone that is also struggling to make that decision, please share this article with them.

    Don’t forget to share ?

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