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How To Trim Golden Retriever Bum

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A Bath Brush That Can Help Massage In Shampoo Untangle Knots And Lift Out All The Weird Crud That Got Stuck In Your Golden’s Fur While They Were Rolling Around In The Yard

Promising review: “I have two dogs who love to roll in dirt and grass. It used to take 25-30 minutes to get all the gunk out of their fur. This product gets the job done in five minutes. It also helps keep the drains from clogging up with fur. Seriously, if you have a pet, you need to get this. Best thing I have ever purchased for our dogs.” —Amanda P.


An Orthopedic Dog Bed Because The Memory Foam Will Help Relieve Some Of The Joint Pain Older Goldens Often Experience

Promising review: “Our golden retriever loved it from the time it was delivered and set up. The memory foam gives him incredible support in any position. Although he is a young dog, I would think this bed is perfect for older dogs whose joints are beginning to stiffen. I have placed the bed in my office and he lies there happily for hours watching me work. We will consider getting another for the living room.” —Docta K


A Durable Rope Leash With A Padded Handle So Even If Your Golden Is A Tugger Your Hand Won’t Get Hurt Or Strained

Promising review: “Purchased the two pack for my one old golden retrievers — so comfortable to hold onto, and they seem to do better walking with it! I was actually quite shocked by the quality — it’s excellent! I’ve had so many people ask where I got it — such a great price!” —Kirsten


A Sensitive Skin Shampoo Because Goldens Are Especially Vulnerable To Skin Allergies And Itches

Promising review: “This is the best shampoo for our golden retriever. She doesn’t itch and scratch, and smells good without an overwhelming perfume smell! Her blonde fur stays a nice color and shines. We have been using this product for several years now. This shampoo also goes a long way, as we bathe our dog weekly and the bottle lasts for around six months.” —JP Ellis


A Foldable Pool Because Goldens Love Chilling By The Pool During The Summer As Much As You Do

Sadie ~ Golden Retriever Pup ~ Classic Look & Trim

Promising review: “Very well made, durable, sturdy. Bottom does not get affected with dog’s incessant scratching, as dogs love to do in water. Perfect size and height for my 75-pound golden retriever. He loves to play and lie in it on summer days. Easily folds along the creases to put away. After one summer season, it is still like new. Happy with the product.” —BBM


An Indoor/outdoor Shower Wand For When You Want To Wash All Your Golden’s Hard

Promising review: “I have three golden retrievers with A LOT of fur. This thing makes washing them so much easier. The pressure is awesome and rinses through their thick fur much faster than any other shower attachment I’ve tried. I also love that it can be twisted to different settings or so the water stops running without shutting the water off each time. Would highly recommend.” —Shannen Cobb


Grooming Tutorial Blow Drying: Questions And Answers With Joanne Lastoka

Mike’s Question:

Ok Joanne, what’s the proper method of drying a dog from the skin out? My guys are doing lots of swimming this week, its hot, humid, and now starting to rain again. I don’t want hot spots, but do want to exercise my dogs in the water. Last time I dried a dog I did it wrong and had feather mats big time.


It is hard work Mike, even with a good cool forced air dog dryer or livestock dryer, that’s why most groomers, both at vet clinics and in private businesses don’t dry the dogs totally. They stop at damp dry and crate him/her to “air” dry before sending the dog home.   Drying the dogcompletely is really important, both to prevent the dog from getting “hot spots” , and  in case of a show dog, you don’t want the dog laying on damp coat & pressing his coat into the waffle design of a crate, or creating unsightly cowlicks here and there!

Often if the owner feels beneath the hair, close to the skin the dog will still be damp.   I’ll describe drying the dog in stages.  Dogs that have never been dried with a forced air dryer before should be allowed to get used to the sound &“feel” of the drying SLOWLY and with great care and patience by the owner/handler.   See “Puppies” below, instructions can be modified for older dogs as well!  Your lap is the best place to dry a very young puppy, and a grooming table with arm is the choice for a dog of 3 to 4 months of age and up.

Working with an older puppy or Adult:

Drying Instructions for BodyCoat  
The Tail:

How To Trim Your Dogs Butt While Waiting For Groomers To Reopen

The worst part about this is that my dog may never know why his pop-pop felt the need to trim his hole

Just like barbershops and salons, many dog groomers are shuttered until further notice . But unlike us, our dogs are virtually powerless to stop the dirtying of their incessantly burgeoning coats, leaving many pup owners utterly astounded by how quickly their pristine snowballs have become swampy tumbleweeds over the course of quarantine.

One area of particular bogginess among these suddenly ungroomed dogs is *sigh* the asshole, which, now overrun by a tangled mess of fur, is especially prone to doggie dingleberries and excessive matting. Fortunately , you can take matters into your own hands until groomers are able to safely reopen, washing and shearing back there yourself. If you have any hesitations about doing so, just follow this advice on how to groom your dog at home from Chris at Avenue of the Paws mobile dog grooming. 

Your dog — and their ass — will be better for it.

How To Make My Golden Retriever Stay Still While Being Groomed

Dog Groom Brasil by " Ed Lopez": TRIMMING GOLDEN RETRIEVER

Golden retrievers are energetic breeds and it’s kinda difficult to make them stay still while grooming them, trimming their nails, or brushing their teeth.

One of the things that work like magic with golden retrievers is exercise, so on the day you decide to groom them or do anything that requires staying still, burn all of their extra energy by playing with them, running with them, or even take them for a long walk.

Final Thoughts On Grooming A Golden Retriever In The Summer

I hope this article has made you think twice before shaving your double-coated dog.

No matter how hot the temperature gets you should not shave your Golden Retriever. Their double-coat is actually helping them stay cool. After all, their long flowing coat is one of their many beautiful attributes.

Remember to keep your dog’s coat groomed with regular brushing, and bathing to keep it looking its best, and to help the coat do its job to protect your dog from extreme temperatures.

How Can I Tone Down The Smell On Golden Retriever Feathers

Even with a little trimming, some Golden Retrievers will still have a little odor attached to their feathering. Thankfully, there are a couple of remedies dog owners can use to reduce the odor or get rid of it altogether:

Use Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. To use this remedy, mix one-part apple cider vinegar with three parts water, and spray it on your dog’s feathering. This mixture neutralizes odors in a pinch and will not harm your dog if he decides to lap it up.

Use baby wipes. Some dog owners have had success with rubbing baby wipes on their dog’s coat to reduce odor. If you’re looking for quick cleanup in a pinch, this is a smart choice.

Express your dog’s anal glands. This is gross, but it has to be done from time to time. Pushing out built-up secretions will immediately reduce the stink.

Use a dog deodorizing spray. Several sprays exist on the market that make it possible to just spritz your dog and remove the scent.

My Retriever Lost His Feathers And Is Older Whats Going On

Admittedly, it’s rare to see older Golden Retrievers those experience blowouts. When you do, it’s often accompanied by lethargy, weight gain, and general malaise. The majority of cases that fit this bill are due to hypothyroidism.

If you’re concerned about hypothyroidism as a cause for blowouts, then it’s crucial to get your dog to a vet. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can seriously harm your dog.

Products From Amazon That Golden Retriever Owners Swear By

Dog Grooming Singapore

Easy-to-clean brushes, tough chew toys, and other essentials to help make your retriever’s life a little more ~golden~ .

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Reasons Why You Should Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

So many people believe that shaving a Golden Retriever will keep them cool in the summer, this is absolutely false!

Shaving any dog with a double coat is never a good idea. The only time shaving should be done is when necessary.

Necessary times for shaving are:

  • If your dog’s coat has been neglected and has severe matting, and brushing or trimming is not an option.
  • If your dog requires surgery or suffers from hot spots.  Then the affected area needs to be shaved.
  • Let’s look at why you should never shave your Golden Retriever, or any other double-coated breed:

    What Do Male Or Female Retrievers Have Better Feathering

    With many canine breeds, certain traits can be gender-specific. Others aren’t so distinct. Feathering is one of those traits that’s hotly debated over its gender ties. The jury is still out on whether or not one gender has thicker feathering than the other.

    Though there’s still some debate on the topic, anecdotal evidence suggests that males tend to have slightly thicker feathering than females.

    Bonus Tips To Make Bathing Your Golden Retriever Easier

    Tip #1: Introduce your golden retriever to the bath equipment prior to bathtime

    Tip #2: Exercise your golden before bathtime

    If your golden is full of energy, bath time will be much harder.

    Play some games or exercise them beforehand to get some energy out so they’ll be more relaxed in the tub.

    Tip #3: Give lots of treats throughout the whole process

    And if they enjoy it, it’ll be much easier for you.

    Tip #4: Place a bath mat in the tub

    If you bathe them in a tub, placing a rubber bath mat on the floor will help them get some traction and not slip and slide all over the place.

    What Types Of Brush Are Right For Your Golden Retriever

    How to Trim Golden Retriever Tail & Feathers

    If you want to buy a brush for your Golden Retriever, then we recommend you choose from undercoat rake, wire pin, slicker or bristle brush. The bristle brush and wire pin brush are suitable for regular brushing of your Golden Retriever’s coat when it’s already in good shape and not tangled too much. You don’t have to get both a bristle brush and wire pin brush as they pretty much do the same job. So, it is really down to your personal preference.


    On the other hand, you must have a slicker brush as it’ll help you remove tangles and mats, especially in your pooch’s topcoat. It is also good for getting rid of loose fur. However, the slicker brush may not penetrate fully into your Golden Retriever’s thick undercoat.


    Finally, you will need an undercoat rake to remove the undercoat during the shedding season. This is essential because the undercoat that doesn’t fully come out can become severely matted causing your pooch discomfort.


    How To Groom Your Dog At Home While Social Distancing

    Aly WalanskyApr 09, 2020â—?9 min read

    All across the country people are sheltering in place in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. While we do our part by staying inside, many tasks we normally outsource to more competent people have seemingly fallen into our laps — like learning to do our own eyebrows and, of course, grooming our pets. This has made taking care of our pets while social distancing a little bit more challenging.

    Professional dog groomers exist for a reason, and we love having them as an option. But extenuating circumstances mean expanding our skill sets… and that will include learning how to groom our fluffy little friends.

    When How And How Often To Brush Your Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers need to be brushed 3-7 times per week with a .

    My golden, Oliver, doesn’t have that much or that long of fur , so we brush him 3-4 times per week.

    Other goldens with lots of fluff may need to be brushed more often.

    Brushing them will help prevent matting and get rid of the dead fur, as well as prevent shedding all over your house.

    And here’s a bonus tip: to help keep your house clean, make sure to brush your golden outside.

    After you’ve brushed them, rub your hands down their back, chest, tail and legs to get any extra fur sticking to their coat.

    Before I go out on a walk with Oliver, I take the brush out and leave it on the doorstep.

    This ensures I do it when I get back, while also helping me remember to do it while he’s already outside.

    Now a lot of people ask about deshedding their golden retriever with a tool such as the Furminator.

    It’s not recommended to do this as their undercoats are incredibly important, and it can also strip their outer coats.

    And finally, one more tip about brushing your golden is to take this opportunity of brushing and rubbing them all over to check for lumps, cuts, or any other abnormal spots.

    Learn more about the best brushes for golden retrievers here.

    When How And How Often To Bathe Your Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers have natural oils that protect their skin and coats so bathing them too often can strip them of this oil and leave their skin prone to drying out or getting infections.

    Most people bathe their golden retrievers every 1-2 months, although it would not hurt to wait even longer between baths.

    And when bathing your golden retriever, make sure to:

  • Use a dog-friendly
  • Rinse them off thoroughly
  • Dry them off completely with a blow dryer or towel
  • If you don’t rinse them off thoroughly, soap can get trapped in their fur and cause skin irritations.

    The same goes for drying them off.

    If you don’t dry them off well, moisture can get caught in their fur and cause hot spots.

    To see an example of how to give your golden a bath, watch the video below.

    How To Brush A Golden Retriever In A Few Simple Steps

    Dog Grooming


    Golden Retrievers love to run around and play.  When you mix the high energy level with a wavy and long coat on their skin, you are dealing with a dirty pooch on a more frequent basis. Your furry little friend will carry around quite a bit of dirt in their long coat. Moreover, if their beautiful long hair is left tangled up and you brush them, it will turn into painful mats of hair that’ll be extremely difficult to get out.


    Obviously, you could bring your pooch to a professional groomer as these experts have everything required for giving your pooch a thorough cleaning and a deep scrub. They can even trim your Golden Retriever’s hair and treat it with shampoo and conditioner. Your dog will come out looking its best and feeling great.


    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to shell out a few dollars for their dog’s grooming. If you are one of them and want to brush your Golden Retriever yourself, you might be interested in knowing how you can properly brush your pooch. In this post, we are going to guide you on brushing a Golden Retriever.  We’ll also list some of the best dog brushes that you can use for this purpose.


    Preparing Your Golden Retriever’s Coat For Grooming

  • 1Brush your Golden Retriever from head to toe. Pay close attention to each area, spending extra time on parts of your Golden Retriever’s body where the fur is thick or matted.
  • To keep your Golden Retriever’s coat in good shape, brush it head to toe at least once a week, if not every day. This will help avoid matting and will also help decrease the amount of fur your dog sheds in your home.
  • Terryl Daluz

    What Our Expert Does: It’s important to make sure a dog is as comfortable as possible before grooming. For instance, you might spend a few minutes petting the dog and letting them explore their surroundings before you begin to brush or wash them.

  • 2Remove matted fur that is too tangled to be combed or brushed out. If you are brushing your dog every week, the mats that develop should be minimal. In order to remove mats, cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors, being careful not to cut your dog in the process.
  • Before cutting out a mat, you should try to brush it out. Hold the fur above the mat close to the dog’s skin in order to protect the dog from excessive pulling. Brush or comb the fur out gently, starting at the very tip of the mat and working your way in towards the skin.
  • Lather the shampoo all over your dog’s body, rinse thoroughly and rub dry with a large towel.XResearch source If you want a show-worthy coat, it may be necessary to blow dry the pup’s fur. Just remember to keep the heat low and move in the direction of the fur’s growth.XResearch source
  • The Cost Of Vet And Vaccination Of Golden Retriever

    The cost of vet, vaccinations, and other medications for your pet in the first year will cost approximately ?6,000 to ?8,000.

    As soon as your puppy matures, you won’t need to take him to the vet just as much, but there’ll be 6-monthly or annual vaccination and routine check-ups. You will need to visit the vet for monthly checkups, vaccinations, and deworming.

    Once your puppy matures, you won’t have to take him to the vet just as much, but there will be 6-monthly or annual vaccination and regular check-ups. After the first year, the vet fee and vaccination will cost around ?2,000 per year.

    How To Get Mats Out Of Your Golden Retrievers Coat Cory Eckert

    If you own a Golden Retriever, you already know that your dog is loyal, lovable, and has an easy-going temperament. You also know that this breed is known for its golden coat of thick, soft fur.

    With such an easy-going temperament, grooming this beautiful coat can be a great bonding experience.  

    It’s best to start early, while your golden is still a pup, so that he/she understands and knows the routine.

    Daily head to toe brushing is ideal but even once a week will help prevent matting and decrease shedding.

    As your golden ages, you’ll understand exactly what I mean about matting and shedding!

    When Golden Retrievers do get mats, they are notorious for getting them behind their ears, under their arms and legs and around the “back end area”.  These thick clumps of hair can be tricky to remove. That’s why regular brushing and thinning of their hair in these areas can be a great preventative measure.

    If your Golden Retriever has mats, they will only get worse and should be removed.  Here are few methods and steps to follow to help rid your dog from those nasty mats!

    Where Should You Give Your Golden Retriever A Bath

    Golden Retriever Show Trim

    Puppies are usually small enough where they can get baths in the sink or a large bin.

    But when they get bigger you can wash them in the tub or shower.

    I’ve even seen people make grooming stations for their backyard that consists of a raised platform and hooks to attach their collar to, then they just bring over the hose and blow dryer.

    Does The Akc Have Standards Relating To Feathering

    The American Kennel Club is the leading authority on dog breeds. They set the standard for breeding ideals, and that includes the standards for Golden Retrievers.

    If you want to have your pup participate in a dog show, you might as well learn about standards for your dog’s coat and feathering.

    Entering your dog into a show will require you to make sure that he’s up to standard. Here’s what you need to know about your Golden Retriever’s coat standards, feathering included:

    The outer coat needs to be water-repellant and thick. The undercoat should be thick. The topcoat should be “neither coarse nor silky” in texture.

    Your dog should have moderate feathering on the back of his forelegs and stomach. It should have some thickness to it, but not so much that it’s difficult to run fingers through.

    The feathering around your Golden Retriever’s neck, back of thighs, and tail should be heavier. This is where feathering really matters.

    There should not be any feathering around the front of your dog’s forelegs. It’s considered to be very undesirable.

    The feathering shouldn’t be excessively soft. Super-soft fur on retrievers of all types tends to be seen as a serious fault and can disqualify your dog from a show.

    Feathering is allowed to be lighter than the rest of your Golden Retriever’s coat. This is considered to be an allowable deviation, and may even be considered a positive trait by some judges.

    How To Pick A Golden Retriever Puppy From A Litter

    • So, what’s the best way to choose a golden retriever dog from a puppy litter? To select a good golden retriever dog from a puppy litter, first, you’ll need to examine every puppy’s appearance, size, temperament, and gender. A quality way to view how your future puppy will turn out is to check out his current parents. If he has siblings, you can ask their opinions on what kind of dog they would be comfortable with living with you and if they would consider purchasing another pup from the litter. This step isn’t necessary if your puppy will be raised by only one of his siblings.
    • Golden retrievers are extremely popular today, so it should be easy to find reputable breeders who are responsible, respectful, and loving. The Internet is a valuable resource when researching where to purchase your puppy; a reputable breeder will typically have a web page that contains up-to-date information about their stock. They usually have a frequently asked questions page as well so that potential clients can get an answer to common questions. If a puppy mill is mentioned in the topic sentence, this is a major warning sign because many puppy mills are terrible. You may even want to call the local police department or sheriff’s department with your concerns.

    Trimming A Golden Retrievers Paws And Rectal Area


    Unless you plan to show your Golden Retriever, trimming is very limited. The most important parts to keep trimmed are her feet and rectal area. The fur in and around the feet should be trimmed regularly, along the top, below, and between the pads. Trimming a Golden Retriever’s paws is as important as trimming her nails.

    Begin by clipping the hair around the bottom of the paw so that it is level with the pad up to the nails. Then, using your finger, bring the hair up from between the toes to the top of the paw and round it to the shape of the paw. Turn the paw over and, using short blunt-nosed scissors, carefully trim the fur from between the pads. Trimming the fur between the pads is particularly critical if you live in a region where it snows in the winter or is hot and humid in the summer.

    In the winter, snow gets trapped in the fur between the pads and develops into painful snow or ice balls. In hot, humid summer weather, moisture can get trapped in the fur on the back of the leg from the heel pad up to the stopper pad.If you notice a reddish change in color on your Golden’s paw, it may be caused by persistent licking due to either an allergy or some sort of irritation. Check her feet and, if necessary, call your veterinarian.

    Trimming a Golden Retriever’s Paws and Rectal Area was last modified: August 10th, 2016 by zsoltm1778

    What Tools Should I Use To Groom My Dogs Feathers

    How To Trim A Golden Retriever [DIY At Home]

    Like with any other high-maintenance breed, grooming a Golden Retriever requires specialty tools. A good grooming kit for your pup will include clippers and a brush, but those aren’t always the best tools for feathering grooming.

    According to experts, the best tool to clip and thin out feathering is a set of thinning shears. This will help your dog’s coat keep its full look while reducing the actual feathering to a minimum. They’re also fairly easy to use, too.

    Grooming Step 2: Shave Goldendoodle Trouble Areas

    Due to the tangling of Goldendoodles fur it makes it necessary to completely shave certain areas. Even if you plan on leaving the coat longer in length these areas should still be trimmed. The belly, genital area and anus should be shaved smooth with your clippers. The beautiful curly fur of a doodle makes these areas act like sponges and can increase risk of mats and infections. You will also want to shave about an inch below the ear canal to allow air flow.

    The Reason That You Should Buy A Golden Retriever

    The reason that you should buy a golden retriever is that they are so versatile. They are great for children because they can play and interact with them at the same time. You can let your child have their way with your dog until it gets old enough to learn his place in the family. The reason why you should buy a golden retriever is that they love playing games like Frisbee.

    When you have a puppy it might not be so common for it to want to play such a simple game but once it is older it will become more interested in it. This is one of the reasons why you should get a golden retriever puppy for sale because they will love playing this type of game.

    The most important reason that you should buy a golden retriever is that they love to be around other dogs and can be great with children. They can be great if you decide to take your dog out on a walk every day or go to the park.

    Golden retrievers are just so loving to have around your home and they will be so glad to see you. This is why you should buy a golden retriever puppy for sale because you will be happy with the dog and with how well it will fit into your home.

    How To Train A Golden Retriever Puppy Not To Bite

    • How to train a golden retriever not to bite: this can be one of the most important things you learn about owning this dog breed. Some golden retriever dogs will playfully bite your fingers or your feet. It looks cute, and you laugh, but often it can give your new golden retriever puppy the feeling that it’s okay to bite on your skin. Some golden retriever dogs like to pull on socks, and they appear so adorable when they do so.
    • You may think that biting isn’t such a big deal, but the fact is, your golden retriever puppy just learned a valuable life lesson. They learned that biting is not okay, even if you aren’t trying to hurt them. Golden retrievers are very responsive to positive reinforcement. So start training them right away by making sure they understand biting isn’t okay and that they won’t get it from you.
    • One way to train your puppy not to bite is to teach him a “no biting” command. This is much easier than you might think. Most golden retrievers respond very well to food rewards, giving them dry food as a reward for not biting. The dry food is just an incentive, but it’s a lot better than reprimanding them in such a negative manner.
    • Another way to train your dog not to bite is to play “nip games.” These games are usually played indoors, but they’ll work just as well if you play in the backyard or anywhere else that your dog is allowed to go. Just use your voice with your golden retriever and say, “nip!” When he does this correctly, praise him and offer him a treat.

    Completing The Grooming Of Your Golden Retriever

    How To Full Foot Trim

  • 1Wipe your dog’s eyes and clean his or her ears. Golden Retriever grooming is not complete without paying close attention to these areas. You can use mineral oil and cotton balls for these specifics of dog grooming, being careful not to get it directly in your dog’s eyes.
  • 2Cut your Golden Retriever’s toenails. This can be a delicate operation, as your dog needs to keep its feet still in order to avoid injury. Remember to take your time, use a good pair of dog nail trimmers, and avoid cutting above the quick, the live part of the nail.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • The length of your dog’s trimmed nails will vary, depending on the dog. The goal it to cut your dog’s nails below the quick but to take some length off of them. Nails that are too long can break, possibly causing infection or an irregular gait.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Train your dog to associate good things with its feet being handled by giving it a treat whenever you trim its nails.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source

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