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How To Get Golden Retriever Hair Straight

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This Groom Can Be The Perfect Answer For Golden Retriever Owners Who Want A Cut That Will Keep Their Dogs Cool In Hot Summer Weather

  • Anne Francis

There has long been debate about cutting Golden Retrievers’ coats, and we try to educate our clients as much as possible about all sides of the argument. Still, many owners have made up their mind and want their dogs shaved down. In these cases, we compromise and use a snap-on comb and shears to do what we at our shop call the Golden “Teddy Cut.” 

This month’s subject, Rory, has been groomed at our shop for eight years.  During colder times of the year, he is kept in a traditional Golden trim, but Rory is a big swimmer and enjoys a short ‘do during warmer months. When we catch up with Kat—a longtime coworker of mine who is performing this groom—Rory has already been washed, dried with a high-velocity dryer and set under a room-temperature blower.

Step 1: Finish Drying

Use a high velocity dryer to blow out excess hair and damp spots.

Step 2: Remove Dead Coat & Detangle

Using a slicker brush and undercoat rake, move through the coat to make sure the coat is dry and tangle-free and all dead coat is removed.

Step 3: Trim Nails

Clip the nails and file smooth.

Step 4: Trim Pads of Feet

Clip the pads of the feet with a #30 blade.

Step 5: Sanitary Trim

Clip sanitary areas.

Step 6: Clip Body

Using a size “O” snap-on comb, clip the entire body of the dog, leaving the back of the front and rear legs, which will be scissored.

Step 7: Blend Clipper Lines

Use a carding knife to help blend any clipper lines.

Step 8: Trim Tail

Step 9: Trim Rear Legs

Step 10: Trim Hocks

Grooming Tutorial Blow Drying: Questions And Answers With Joanne Lastoka

Mike’s Question:

Ok Joanne, what’s the proper method of drying a dog from the skin out? My guys are doing lots of swimming this week, its hot, humid, and now starting to rain again. I don’t want hot spots, but do want to exercise my dogs in the water. Last time I dried a dog I did it wrong and had feather mats big time.


It is hard work Mike, even with a good cool forced air dog dryer or livestock dryer, that’s why most groomers, both at vet clinics and in private businesses don’t dry the dogs totally. They stop at damp dry and crate him/her to “air” dry before sending the dog home.   Drying the dogcompletely is really important, both to prevent the dog from getting “hot spots” , and  in case of a show dog, you don’t want the dog laying on damp coat & pressing his coat into the waffle design of a crate, or creating unsightly cowlicks here and there!

Often if the owner feels beneath the hair, close to the skin the dog will still be damp.   I’ll describe drying the dog in stages.  Dogs that have never been dried with a forced air dryer before should be allowed to get used to the sound &“feel” of the drying SLOWLY and with great care and patience by the owner/handler.   See “Puppies” below, instructions can be modified for older dogs as well!  Your lap is the best place to dry a very young puppy, and a grooming table with arm is the choice for a dog of 3 to 4 months of age and up.

Working with an older puppy or Adult:

Drying Instructions for BodyCoat  
The Tail:

Can I Change My Golden Retrievers Fur Coat From Curly Or Wavy To Straight

This answer depends on why their fur is curly or wavy and who they are genetically.

If it is not related to genetics and who they are as a dog, there are a few things that can be done to help their coat take on its natural appearance.

First and foremost, focus on their diet.  Make sure they are eating a healthy and nutritional diet.  Ensure that they are getting enough food to eat daily, which may need to go up or down from one day to the next based on their energy and activity level.

A healthy diet can also reduce shedding and create a beautiful, smooth and healthy fur coat.  It can also be helpful to supplement with fish, coconut, or olive oils containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to promote a healthy-looking fur coat.

Make sure that your Golden Retriever is groomed regularly.   Daily brushing can make all the difference in how anyone’s fur or hair looks, including your Golden Retrievers.  It can be difficult to determine if a Golden Retriever has curly fur if they are always knotted or tangled.  These knots and tangles can make them look like they have curly fur, but they may not.

They should be bathed regularly, with every six weeks being average.  Some Golden Retrievers that get extra dirty will need baths done more frequently, but bathing can ensure that their fur coat appears as fluffy and beautiful as possible.

Apply Flea And Tick Medication To Finish Your Golden Retrievers Grooming

On the off chance that you are grooming your Golden Retriever every month, at that point this is an incredible chance to make sure to take flea and tick precautions.

Keeping your canine’s coat liberated from insects won’t just assist the canine’s overall health but will likewise keep its coat liberated from dander and flea dust.


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Golden Retriever Matted Hair: Do You Need Golden Retriever Grooming

Golden Retriever Getting His Hair Done Stock Photo

Do you need a Golden Retriever to groom? The short answer to that is yes. Golden Retrievers have a beautiful golden double coat that doesn’t need a lot of daily care, but the weekly brushing is wise, particularly when it’s shed. Besides shaving, your Golden will need to trim their thighs, heels, and ears.

You can take your Golden to the grooming lounge, but you can also take care of yourself. Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started.

It’s smart to start brushing when your Golden is only a puppy. A young puppy’s coat doesn’t need to be groomed yet, but this way, your Golden Pup will get acquainted with the brush, the scissors, touching and stroking him or her, looking at his or her teeth by opening the mouth, etc.

This will make the grooming experience a good one for both you and your dog. Your local grooming salon will also be glad that your pup will encourage people to contact him or her if you plan to take your dog to the groomer!

Some dogs enjoy being washed, groomed, and bathed. Goldens need to be brushed regularly, and they need to be brushed every other day while they’re grinding. You should check the skin and skin of your Golden Retriever for wounds or parasites when brushing your Golden Retriever.

Some Simple Tips To Improve The Straight Hair Of Golden Retrievers

Since the hair coat of Golden Retriever plays a vital role in promoting its healthier lifespan, you should be cautious about the skin coat of your pet. Besides this, Golden Retrievers are the playing companion of the kid. Hence, infection in the skin coat hampers the health of your child along with the Golden Retriever.

Therefore, here are some hair care tips for your Golden Retriever:

  • Brush the hair of your Golden Retriever daily.
  • Regularly bathe your pal.
  • Feed your Golden Retriever a healthy meal that includes all essential nutrients.
  • Consult with the Vet and include the required food supplements.
  • Always reward your furry buddy with natural snacks after training.
  • Massage the skin coat of your Golden Retriever with coconut oil. Also, mix little coconut oil in the meal of your Golden Retriever to improve the pigmentation of the hair.
  • Give proper training to your pet. Include behavioral training sessions like potty trainingbite inhibition trainingbarking control training, and training to calm your lovely pal. Along with this, give training to the pet for service activities .
  • Involve your pal inadequate physical activities like swimming, long walks, hiking, fetching, etc.
  • Always use dog-based hair care products for your Golden Retriever.
  • Immediately seek the suggestion from the Vet if you notice abnormal behavior in your pet like aggression, excessive barkinggruntingbiting or chewing, or pawing. 

The comment box is eagerly waiting for your reviews and suggestions.

Golden Retriever Matted Hair: Advice On Golden Retriever Grooming

The Golden Retriever comes with a double coat: an undercoat that insulates from heat, cold, and water, and an outer coat that covers the skin, for example, when your dog runs through thick bushes. The coat of the Golden Retriever does not need much grooming, and the dog should look natural and regular. Still, some pieces need to be trimmed to give the Golden a well-maintained and functional look.

What Can You Do About Your Golden Retrievers Wavy Or Curly Hair

If your golden retriever’s wavy or curly hair is caused by something else other than their genetics and their nature, there are things you can do to help their coats take its natural form.

Here is what you can do about your golden retriever’s wavy or curly hair :

  • Proper diet
  • Consult their vet

Proper diet

Feeding your pup the right food will keep their fur as healthy as possible and will help their hair to grow properly and if they are shedding a lot their diet can stop that too.

You can also consider supplements like Omega-3 and Omega-6. The one I use for my dogs is the Vetoquinol Triglyceride Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Capsules with Fish Oil for Pets which you can check on Amazon here.

Daily grooming

If their hair is tangled it may look like curls so by daily grooming you are making sure that their hair is natural curls and will keep their fur healthy and will minimize the shredding.

Most important is to make sure that the grooming session is regular.

Keeping them active

Exercising regularly and making sure that they stay active has a great role in keeping them and their coat healthy.

It’s also essential for keeping them from gaining weight which will definitely have a negative impact on their coat’s health.

Regular bath

To keep their fur shiny and smooth you gotta bathe them regularly, use a good shampoo because some shampoos can cause them a rash, allergy, or infection which will cause hair loss and a good shampoo can help to keep their hair straight or wavy.

How Often Should Golden Retrievers Be Bathed To Reduce Shedding

golden retriever lose lots of hair

Golden retrievers should be bathed on average once a month to reduce shedding and keep them clean and looking healthy.  This, however, can vary from one golden retriever to another.  If they have gotten into something filthy or the autumn season, bathing them more often is acceptable.

As a general guide, they can be bathed anywhere from once a week to every six weeks depending on the situation.   For golden retrievers that shed a lot, this can help.

When bathing a golden retriever more often, say every week or two, it is essential for pet parents to pay attention to their skin for combating shedding.  Excessive bathing of any dog is linked to dry skin and skin irritation.

Bathing your golden retriever when they genuinely need it, or more often at certain times, can be beneficial to reducing shedding but shouldn’t replace brushing.  It shouldn’t be done to prevent shedding in golden retrievers that shed a lot.

During the spring and autumn seasons, bathing golden retrievers more frequently can reduce the amount of hair that ends up everywhere, but it will not entirely prevent it because golden retrievers shed a lot. 

During these seasons, increased bathing, increased brushing, a healthy diet, and extra exercise can work wonders.  All these are combined with reducing their stress level, and extra cleaning life can be a lot happier, despite the excess hair.

When And How Often Should You Groom Your Golden Retrievers Hair

A Golden Retriever has a dense, silky coat that’s water repellent.

It comes in a light, medium, or dark golden color and has an undercoat. Their hair can be wavy or straight, and the feathering is often lighter than the rest of their fur.

As a general rule, brushing should be done once a week. Baths shouldn’t be done too often, so every 3 to 4 weeks is good.

Not only will brushing keep your Golden’s coat looking glossy, but it also helps in keeping the tangles away. On top of that, you’ll find less hair around your house when you brush them often.

Do you want to minimize pet hair indoors? Take the grooming routine outside!

If your pup gets dirty or stinky, then it’s time for a bath – no matter how long ago his last one was. It’s also best to bathe your dog before trimming. It will make the whole process easier, and the final result looks better.

Proper grooming begins before you ever pull out the brush, however. Lay down the foundation by teaching your dog to be patient while you work on them. Praise them and give them treats when they behave well. As always, calm and consistent training is vital.

Step By Step Guide To Get Your Golden Retrievers Hair Straight

Undoubtedly the beautiful, long, and straight hair of Golden Retrievers steals the heart of everyone. Thus, Golden Retriever is the best family dog with outrageous popularity. You cannot take your eyes off its irresistible straight and dense hair after a single sight of the Golden Retriever.

Straight hair in Golden Retrievers is natural. Yet, you need to put some effort if you want the hair of your Golden Retriever straight and healthy. For this, you need to properly brush, bathe and groom the pet using dog-specific and qualitative hair care products.

Golden Retrievers may have different hair types based on the genes, types of breeds, health issues, and grooming. So, I believe that whatever be the type of hair, your Golden Retriever should be healthy. Yet, since straight hair is more appealing, most owners prefer Golden Retriever with straight hair.

As you read further, I will be disclosing some information and tips about the Golden Retriever and its straight hair in this article. Please do share your views later.

  • Some Simple Tips To Improve The Straight Hair Of Golden Retrievers
  • Why Is My Golden Retriever Curly Or Wavy Causes And What To Do Grooming

    I adopted my golden retriever when she was less than 2 months of age and there was really no way to tell how her coat would grow and look like when she is fully mature.

    When she was around 5 months her fur started to be wavy and when her coat grew longer and it started to curl, I didn’t know If it’s normal for their fur to change at that age or is this something I should worry about.

    I did some research and got some answers, so if you’re in the same shoes, here is the short of it;

    Why is my golden retriever curly or wavy? Golden retrievers can have wavy hair because of genetics, so it’s perfectly normal. According to the AKC; the standard for a golden retriever’s coat is to be water-repellent with a good undercoat and an outer coat that is firm and resilient, so their coat could be straight or wavy. 

    Let’s dig a little deeper to learn everything that you need to know about golden retriever’s curly or wavy hair.

    Can Breeding Miniature Goldens Be Bad For The Dogs Themselves

    Golden Retriever Getting His Hair Done Stock Image

    There will always be questions raised over the ethics of selectively breeding dogs to fit certain characteristics that suit us as humans rather than those characteristics that are necessary for the breed.

    However, breeders have undertaken much research and study in order to create Miniature Golden Retrievers that are not only suitable for people wanting smaller dogs, but that provide benefits to the dogs themselves.

    Smaller sized dogs are not only easier to care for, they’re also likely to live longer, as demonstrated by the increased lifespan for Miniature Goldens over the breed standard.

    Many dogs will also shed less hair and should avoid the inherited diseases that can afflict Golden Retrievers.

    Will Your Golden Retriever Get Straighter Hair After Shaving

    Golden Retrievers have a double-layered water-resistant and dirt repellant skin coat with long, straight, soft, and shiny hair. But all Golden Retriever does not follow this rule of nature. So, there are some exceptions.

    Moreover, if the hair of your Golden Retriever has curly hair, you might think that shaving their hair can be helpful. And the hair that grows after shaving will be straight. But shaving is a worse idea for making the hair of your pet straighter.

    The double coat of Golden Retriever has an immense role in their survival. The outer skin coat of the Golden Retriever protects them from extreme cold and gives warmth. Besides this, the hair coat on the outer surface prevents the infection of bacteria and parasites.

    And the undercoat helps in the insulation of the heat to deal with the extreme climatic condition. Without the hair, the sensitive skin of Golden Retriever is susceptible to various infections, sunstroke, and skin disorders. Thus, if you shave the skin coat of your pet, it is sure to die sooner.

    How Long Does It Take For A Golden Retrievers Hair To Grow

    When you look at a matured Golden Retriever, long and shiny hair covers it from head to toe. So, most people assume that these dogs are born with long and dense hair. But this perception is a myth because a Golden Retriever needs at least eighteen months to get its full coat after birth.

    In the initial days, Golden Retriever will have dense and shorter hair. And it looks like a yellow-fluffy ball. But as it grows, the hair also starts growing and becomes longer.

    Although hair growth in Golden Retrievers is a natural process, several factors influence the growth rate. Some of them are genes, diet, exercise, attention, and care.

    However, if you want a full coat in your Golden Retriever, you can take help from the article- How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

    Keep Your Couch Clean By Giving Your Dog A Comfortable Bed

    The tips mentioned above can certainly help you reduce the amount of hair your Golden sheds and prevent some of the hair that is shed from covering your floors and furniture.

    But it won’t completely eliminate the problem – your Golden Retriever will still end up leaving hair around your home.

    However, most of the hair your Golden sheds will cling to the surfaces and areas in which he spends the bulk of his time. So, be sure to provide your pet with a comfortable bed and teach him that the couch is off-limits.

    This may take some time and effort to accomplish, but your efforts will be worth it, once you start noticing less hair on your furniture.

    It’s also important to remember that Golden Retrievers often suffer from joint problems, such as hip dysplasia.

    One of the best ways to help take coddle your canine’s joints is by providing him with a high-quality, orthopedic dog bed that is designed to provide exactly the type of support he needs.

    Other Options If You Want A Short Haired Golden Retriever

    20 New Straight Hair Goldendoodle

    If you want a golden retriever but don’t want to deal with the long hair, you might want to consider another type of dog.

    Goldendoodles could be a good option, or labradors, or golden retriever mixes.

    I have a friend who had a golden retriever and lab mix and he essentially looks like a short-haired golden retriever.

    He’s sweet like labs and goldens, has a blocky head, and has lots of energy.

    When Should You Give Your Golden Retriever Its First Bath

    When should a Golden Retriever have its first bath? The earliest you should give a full bath to a Golden Retriever puppy is about 8 weeks of age. Prior to 8 weeks spot cleanings can be done as needed. The ability of the puppy to regulate its own body temperature is the primary reason for waiting.

    After 8 weeks old, you can bathe your puppy with lukewarm water. Remember to use a gentle or mild dog shampoo; never use human shampoo on a dog. Also, avoid using flea shampoo on any puppy younger than 12 weeks of age.

    How Can I Tell If My Goldendoodle Will Have Straight Hair

    Straight-haired Goldendoodles are very low maintenance and easy to groom. However, they shed much more hair than curly or wavy-haired Goldendoodles. They are not the best option for people who suffer from allergies because of how much they shed.

    You can avoid them shedding too much by brushing their coats on a daily basis. But how will you know whether your Goldendoodle is going to have straight hair or not?

    The snout of your Goldendoodle puppy is the best way to determine which coat type they’re likely to have. Straight-haired Goldendoodle puppies will often have short and neat hair around the snout. This is compared to curly-haired Goldendoodle puppies who tend to have mustaches or beard-like patterns around their snout.

    If your Goldendoodle puppy is other than a first-generation dog, you should look to the parents to see what their coat looks like. If the parents have straight hair, it’s likely that their offspring will have the same type of coat.

    Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut way to determine whether your Goldendoodle will have straight hair or not. The only way to really find out is to wait for them to grow up and mature into their final coat types!

    How To Keep Your Golden Retrievers Skin And Coat Healthy

    We all want our dogs to look, feel, and smell their best, but it takes effort to keep that coat shiny. Grooming practices vary from breed to breed, and factors like bathing, brushing, and diet all have an impact on your dog’s reflection. Let’s get into the importance and logistics of keeping your Golden Retriever healthy on the outside, too.

    Why do we brush and bathe our dogs in the first place?

    Although bathing seems like it would be the more important of the two, brushing actually has a much greater impact on your Golden Retriever’s health.

    Brushing removes dead skin cells from your dog’s body and helps to stimulate and redistribute the natural oils that give his coat that lustrous shine. With regular brushings , you’ll also start to know your dog’s body like the back of your hand. This means that if any potentially worrisome growths pop up, you’ll notice and get them checked out by your vet quickly.

    Golden Retrievers shed all year long, but typically shed more in the spring and fall when their coats change. Ideally, your Golden Retriever should be brushed daily to improve shedding. Regular use of an undercoat rake can also be a big help for you .

    How does your Golden Retriever’s diet affect coat health?

    Everything To Know About How To Groom A Golden Retriever


    Golden Retrievers have undeniably beautiful coats. Those long, glossy, golden locks make them stand out amongst other breeds.

    But how do you keep that coat looking good? It isn’t as hard as you might think. Grooming a Golden is a pretty straightforward process.

    We’ll show you everything you need to know about how to groom and trim a Golden Retriever by yourself.

    Keeping Your English Cream Golden Retrievers Coat Shiny

    If you’ve been fortunate enough to find companionship with a particularly white-coated Golden Retriever, you know already how joyful it is to see that beautiful coat flouncing as he runs.  Strong, healthy fur is an earmark of well-bred Goldens; when maintained correctly, your pup’s fur will stay shiny and protective of his skin long into old age.

    Unfortunately, many Golden owners struggle with proper coat maintenance after adoption. Golden Retrievers have several unique coat features that require a special approach to both bathing and brushing, and if the wrong method is used, it can hinder the fur, keeping your dog from looking his best. This is particularly true for white-coated Goldens. Their fur is so light that it not only shows debris like mud and grass stains easily but can pick up dyes from shampoos and coat conditioners, too.


    Bonus Tips To Make Bathing Your Golden Retriever Easier

    Tip #1: Introduce your golden retriever to the bath equipment prior to bathtime

    Tip #2: Exercise your golden before bathtime

    If your golden is full of energy, bath time will be much harder.

    Play some games or exercise them beforehand to get some energy out so they’ll be more relaxed in the tub.

    Tip #3: Give lots of treats throughout the whole process

    And if they enjoy it, it’ll be much easier for you.

    Tip #4: Place a bath mat in the tub

    If you bathe them in a tub, placing a rubber bath mat on the floor will help them get some traction and not slip and slide all over the place.

    Grooming A Golden Retriever Doesnt Have To Be Difficult

    You might think that a gorgeous coat takes a ton of work, but it doesn’t! A Golden is mostly a wash-and-wear kind of breed. As long as they get the basic nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear washing, and combing, you don’t need to worry about much more.

    It’s important to note that the time you put into teaching your dog to accept grooming routines will pay off in the long run.

    If your dog is being difficult, grooming will take twice as long. But if you teach them to enjoy the process, and wait calmly, it will go smoothly and be less stressful for you both.

    With a little work, you may find that both of you enjoy the process and it can even be bonding time together.

    Do you have grooming tips for fellow Golden Retriever parents? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

    Steps For Cutting Your Golden Retrievers Hair Yourself

    Cutest F1b Smooth Coat Goldendoodle


    Not every groomer bathes dogs before cutting their hair, but we recommend it as a good first step. Next, saturate your dog’s coat with water. Use a dog-friendly shampoo, applying it to your dog’s hair in the same direction as their hair grows. Work the shampoo into a lather and, if you can, leave the shampoo in for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, as any soap left on your dog’s skin can cause irritation, then repeat if necessary. After bathing your golden, you can either let them air dry or use a blow dryer to speed the process along.


    Whether you bathe your dog or not, you should always brush out their coat before you give them a haircut. Actually, you should use a slicker brush on your Golden every day to keep their coat free of tangles. Weekly, use a de-shedding tool to remove dead hair from the undercoat. Use both brushes on your Golden before trimming them. 


    Trimming not only keeps our dogs’ hair clean and neat-looking but also prevents mats and tangles from forming. Here are the most important areas to trim:


    Goldens are notorious for tangled ears. Trim their ear hair to prevent mats and tangles.


    The lesser-known area you should trim on your Golden is their shoulders. This technique gives your dog a clean, less bulky look. Use thinning shears and trim vertically in the direction of the coat.

    Ready Heres How To Trim Your Golden Retriever At Home

    After the bath, grab your scissors and thinning shears. Electric clippers aren’t necessary, but depending on the trim, you can use them. Invest in a good pair of scissors because it will pay off in making the job go more smoothly.

    Note that you should NEVER shave your pup bald unless they have a severe matting issue. Their hair protects them from the sun, wind, and from getting too cold or hot.

    And if you’re wondering, Red and English Golden Retrievers are cut the same way as standard Goldens. 

    There are many different styles of trims you can give your dog. These include summer trim, swimmers trim, a show trim, field trim, or teddy cut. You can also give them a sanitary trim, which is when you tidy up their rear to keep them clean.

    If it’s hot, you can give them a summer clip. A swimmer’s clip or field trim is ideal for working dogs. The teddy cut is a favorite for pets because it gives your dog an adorable teddy bear appearance. 

    What Kind Of Coat Do Golden Retrievers Normally Have

    Golden retrievers are a double-coated breed; it means that their coat is made up of two parts.

    The first is the outer coat, the one which has the long and the smooth fur and the undercoat, it’s the fuzzy and soft one, both coats work together to protect the skin from moisture, sun, cold, and heat. The coat has an important role as an insulator against any weather condition.

    Do Golden Retrievers Need To Be Shaved In The Summer

    The answer is no, never shave a Golden Retriever, no matter how hot the weather is. The double coat of the Golden protects your furbaby during every season and every temperature. The double coat keeps your dog cool during summer and warm during winter.

    Look at it this way, the double coat of a Golden or any other double-coated breed works like sort of an insulation for the dog. Besides keeping your Golden nice and cool during summer and warm during winter, the double coat also protects your Golden’s skin from getting sunburned.

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