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Should My Golden Retriever Take Vitamins

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Feeding A Golden Retriever With Good Quality Foods: Retriever Dog Food Ingredients To Look For Include:

1. Meat and/or meat meal – provides protein for growth, and repair of body tissues and organs . It provides strength and flexibility in muscles and forms the essential components of the blood, hormone and immune systems. Good quality proteins are recommended to be the top or main ingredient in Retriever dog food.

2. A small selection of healthy grains – brown rice, whole oats or barley. Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient for dogs however, they can be useful in the diet as, when broken down during digestion, they become glucose and are used as energy.

3. Vitamins and minerals – ensures complete nutrition.

4. Vegetables and fruit – provide essential fiber for good digestion.

5. Healthy fats  – fat is a major source of energy producing twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. It helps the body absorb and transport certain vitamins and is essential for reproduction and pregnancy. Fat provides insulation and maintains skin health. It protects and waterproofs the coat hairs via sebum secretion.

6. Natural preservatives – many natural preservatives provide the fat soluble Vitamin E.

7. Prebiotics – can be helpful when it comes to healthy digestion.

Read the package of Golden Retriever food; the ingredients will be listed according to weight. The top ingredient will also be the main ingredient in the Retriever dog food.

You must provide plenty of fresh water to your Golden throughout the day.

How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever: Environmental And Lifestyle Factors To Be Considered

While your dog is made for aquatic life and can fling away much of the water collected after a dip with a good shake, constant swimming can lead to a muddy coat and an unpleasant scent. This is particularly true if your Golden has a penchant for algae-filled ponds and other less-than-pristine water bodies.

Naturally, a dog who spends a lot of time indoors will pick up less dirt and debris than a dog that is outside regularly. And whether or not those outdoor breaks are in the country or the area, it can also make a huge difference in how easily a Retriever gets dirty.

If you are aware of a parasite issue in your area , it is important to be alert, and more regular bathing and grooming might be in order.

Purina Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplements Has Prebiotics That Promote Gut Health

This product comes in powder form, making it ideal for mixing with your Golden Retriever’s food or water.

Key features

  • It is in powder form
  • Comes as a pack of 30 sachets
  • Has a high concentration of probiotics
  • Ideal for adult dogs and puppies
  • Veterinary recommended

The Purina Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplements are excellent for ensuring overall gut health for your adult and puppy Golden Retriever. This dog breed is known to develop issues in the gut, and having a supplement that improves the population of healthy bacteria in the gut goes a long way in preventing such problems. Further, this supplement brings relief to dogs experiencing diarrhea. We especially love that it can be given to adults and puppies alike, but be certain to give it in the recommended quantities. Each package contains 30 sachets, one for each day.

  • Ideal for dogs of all ages
  • Excellent for gut health
  • Lasts a decent number of days
  • Excellent for healthy fur and skin
  • Boosts immunity
  • Great for joints and heart
  • Soft chews are liver flavored
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Eases skin discomforts
  • Comes with 250 tablets

View Price on Amazon


Allow your dog to live a stress-free life where urinary tract infections are concerned. This supplement ensures that bacteria cannot thrive in the bladder, a characteristic that guarantees optimal health. To gain access to the Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Urinary Tract Support, speak to your vet.

Holistic Vets Tout The Benefits Of Vitamin C While Nutritionists Argue The Necessity Twitter

For humans, a source of vitamin C in the diet is literally necessary for survival. Early sailors deprived of fresh foods for extended lengths of time often suffered from “scurvy,” a nasty affliction characterized by bleeding gums, loss of teeth, a weakened condition, and sometimes death. It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that Captain James Cook, the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands, taught the British Admiralty how to prevent scurvy by adding fresh fruit or lime juice to its sailors’ daily ration of rum .

In the early 1900s, ascorbic acid was isolated and identified as the nutrient that prevented scurvy. Humans, it was discovered, are among the few animals that cannot manufacture vitamin C in their own bodies, and must obtain it from an outside source on a regular basis in order to avoid illness.

Dogs, however, can produce vitamin C in their bodies, and because of this ability, nutritionists have long considered it unnecessary to add C to a dog’s diet. Until recently, few dog food makers added vitamin C to their products – or if they do, it was for the preservative action of the vitamin, rather than its nutritive value.

#5 Remember That Your Golden Retrievers Condition And Age Will Affect Results

Golden Retriever Torture

Bear in mind that you will need to feed your chosen supplement at a double dose for the first two weeks.


After this, you should start to see signs of improvement in your dog. You can then reduce the dose and continue using your chosen supplement on a daily basis.

If your dog is a little overweight, then this will add extra stress to their joints. So it will be harder for your chosen supplement to take effect. Regular exercise and the correct amount of food will help your dog stay at the right weight.

Bear in mind that you will need to feed your chosen supplement at a double dose for the first two weeks.


After this, you should start to see signs of improvement in your dog. You can then reduce the dose and continue using your chosen supplement on a daily basis.

If your dog is a little overweight, then this will add extra stress to their joints. So it will be harder for your chosen supplement to take effect. Regular exercise and the correct amount of food will help your dog stay at the right weight.

The age of your golden will also impact the level of joint damage. Older dogs are more likely to have significant joint damage. Cartilage does not have any nerve endings. So any joint damage can be quite advanced before you see any physical symptoms.


It’s a great idea to consider adding a joint supplement to your dog’s diet before you see any signs of pain or discomfort. Many owners now choose to start their Golden Retrievers on a joint supplement right away.


How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever: What Is Your Bathing Routine

Intend to bath your Retriever once every six weeks. Depending on the circumstances , you will need to reach the south once a month. However, some dogs, particularly older ones, who are less involved, can get through with scrub downs as rarely as every eight weeks, or probably longer. By

Depending on the circumstances , you will need to reach the south once a month. However, some dogs, particularly older ones, who are less involved, can get through with scrub downs as rarely as every eight weeks, or probably longer. By maintaining good grooming, particularly brushing, between the baths, you will become familiar with your dog’s hair and skin condition and be able to tell if your schedule needs to be changed.

When Should I Begin Using A Joint Care Supplement For My Golden Retriever

The larger the breed of dog you have, the earlier you should consider supplementation. Golden Retrievers in particular are prone to more severe joint problems. Many veterinarians recommend supplementation for Golden Retrievers as soonas they stop growing, or as early as 12 months old.

Remember, all preventative measures are far more effective before signs of joint pain are present.

Joint pain is an absolutely terrible thing to observe in our Golden Retrievers. Talk to your vet and come up with a plan. If supplementation is right for your dog, we encourage you to try our Project Paws ™ line of Canine Joint Care Supplements. Not only do we believe it to be the best product on the market, but each bottle provides 14 healthy meals for shelter dogs!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. 

Prosense Multivitamin For All Life Stages Excellent For Dogs Of All Ages

Vitamins are essential for improving the general quality of health, and this is why this product works well.

Key features

  • Supports overall body wellness
  • Comes as chewable tablets

Aside from being excellent immune boosters, vitamins prove highly efficient where improving the overall quality of life is concerned. The ProSense Multivitamin for All Life Stages provides this support to young and old dogs alike. Each tablet is packed with vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D3 and E. Each if these vitamins works to enhance functions in the body and improve immunity. The product comes in the form of tablets that are easy to chew. A tablet a day ensures that your dog’s health improves by the day.

  • Great for healthy skin and coat
  • Contains 180 tablets

The skin and fur of a dog largely contribute to their beauty, and the Pet Tabs Plus for Dogs helps to reduce skin problems and improve the beauty of your Golden Retriever’s coat. Aside from this, the multivitamins work to improve the overall health of your dog. Immunity also gets a massive boost from vitamins, helping your dog resist many diseases. In this product, the vitamins that stand out include Vitamin A, D3, E and B12. Moreover, trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium help to keep bodily functions at their best.

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What To Look For When Buying Joint Supplements For Your Golden Retriever

At What Age Should I Begin Giving My Golden Retriever a ...

It hurts to see your adorable little furry pet in pain; therefore, you know you have to give them medication to help them recover in no time. While you can’t magically take away your pet’s joint pain, you can definitely help by getting the right joint supplements for them.


There are a few features that you must consider when buying the best joint supplements for your golden retriever.

  • It should contain a variety of active ingredients, such as chondroitin and glucosamine, because they greatly help boost joint health in dogs.
  • If your pet has allergies or sensitivities towards food, make sure to look for hypoallergenic supplements.
  • Choose the kind of formula that your pet will easily consume. These typically range between powders, liquids, and chewable tablets.


At What Age Should I Begin Giving My Golden Retriever A Joint Supplement Tarit

Much like humans, our Golden Retriever’s joints wear down over time. As proactive pet parents, we want to do everything in our power to ensure our dog’s joints stay healthy and our dog’s stay active for as long as possible.

It goes without saying that proper diet and exercise are absolutely vital for the health of your Golden Retriever’s joints. In addition, many veterinarians recommend supplementing your dog’s diet with glucosamine & chondroitin as a preventative measure, and as a way of supporting the health of already aging joints.

At Topdog Were More Than Just An Educational Resource Were Your Partner

We like to keep things simple.

  • Teach: We provide resources to help you educate yourself on how to help your dog get better, feel better, and stay better. Whether that is recovering safely and successfully after surgery, age comfortably into their golden years, or taking proactive steps to ensure lifelong comfort, support, and mobility, we are your partner on your dog’s journey.
  • Nurture: We formulate various advanced joint supplements that provide your dog’s joints with the essential nutrients needed to become and stay healthy. Check out TopDog’s Joint Supplement for Post-Surgery Dogs.
  • Support: We’re here for you and your dog no matter what life stage they’re in. Our Product Finder Quiz helps you determine the best combination of natural supplements to improve your dog’s wellbeing. Our Facebook Support Group provides a vibrant community of dog owners just like you. Our extensive educational database is updated regularly, and all our supplements are formulated by our very own Dr. James St. Clair.

We look forward to getting to know you and your dog! 

Things To Consider When Choosing Multivitamin Supplements For Your Dog

With the swarm of multivitamin supplements in the market, being guided on choosing ensures your dog’s health for satisfactory results. Below are tips to guide you on that purchase.

  • Talk to the Vet: The first and most important thing to do is check with your veterinarian. They will guide you on whether or not your dog needs vitamin supplements. As much as vitamins are essential to your dogs’ health, it may be harmful to them if taken inappropriately. If a dog is undergoing treatment, introducing a multivitamin without confirmation from the vet may interfere with the medication. It is potentially dangerous.
  • Check the Ingredients: when selecting multivitamins for your dog, you must check the ingredients. Be sure not to get one that contains ingredients your dog may be allergic to. Do not also fault yourself if you make the purchase and discover later that your dog doesn’t like it. It is okay to switch between multivitamins. You may also seek your vet’s opinion on the ingredients to consider. 
  • Product Form: soft chewable multivitamins are usually easier to give to dogs. You can mix multivitamins that come in tablets or powder with your dog’s meal. You merely have to know what form works.
  • Flavor: since this is all about your dog, you should find a flavor it likes. If the taste is not right, you may not be able to get your dog to take the much-needed multivitamins. 
  • What About Feeding Your Golden Retriever A Raw Diet Or Homemade Food

    Reasons to Use Joint Supplements for Dogs – WINPRO Blood ...

    Other diets in the studies above included raw diets and homemade diets.

    Here’s what Dr. Lisa Freeman had to say about it: “We also emphasize that changing to a raw or home-prepared diet may not be sufficient to improve cardiac abnormalities and may increase the risk for other nutritional deficiencies or infectious diseases.”

    Are There Other Concerns With Golden Retrievers Eating Vegetables

    Gardeners should be mindful if your Golden Retriever has easy access to your garden. Your Golden Retriever may help itself to some of the vegetable varieties that are less than optimal or downright toxic to your dog. While small amounts of vegetables are okay, large quantities of vegetables – even healthy ones – can potentially cause gastric issues.

    Gardeners may want to ensure some preventive measures are in place to ensure your Golden Retriever doesn’t help himself with large amounts of vegetables or the wrong types. For example, consider erecting a fence around your garden to ensure your Golden Retriever cannot help himself to vegetables in your garden.

    Our pup Bailey up on the garden boxes. He’ll have easy access to them in the summer, so we’ll need to install preventative measures such as a fence.

    Another concern is digestive issues. Some vegetables can cause your Golden Retriever some stomach issues, while others not so much. Vegetables in their raw form can be tough to digest for dogs.

    While cooking is a better option for many vegetables, one still needs to be mindful of any added spices or sauces, which can negatively impact your dog’s digestive tract. 

    Provided your Golden Retriever is only getting a small amount, there should be little issues with vegetables, provided your choices come from the healthy list discussed.

    How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever: How Much Is Enough

    The answer to the question is as follows: there is no definitively correct or incorrect answer. It’s really necessary not to brush your dog too much. This can be just as devastating as much as not washing enough. Too much bathing will take away natural oils. Losing this protective coating will leave your Golden with a dull coat that is disappointingly unattractive.

    More significantly, it leaves the skin unprotected and susceptible to dandruff and infections. It is recommended that you use a very mild shampoo, but even the mildest soap may harm the skin if it is overused.

    On the other hand, not taking a bath frequently enough may cause obvious problems. While Goldens prefer not to emit strong odors like many other breeds do , they can still grow a little funk if left unwashed for too long.

    Is A Dog Multivitamin Right For Your Pooch What You Need To Know

    Dog owners will often go to great lengths to keep their furry companions happy and healthy. 

    Daily exercise, regular bathing and grooming, vet visits, and high quality dog food are just a few ways to keep Fido in tip-top shape. But many wonder if it’s safe — or recommended — to add a daily multivitamin to the mix. Humans take them, so why shouldn’t dogs — right?

    Depending on your pup’s age, size, diet, and health, it could be in their best interest to introduce a daily supplement. It’s important to first understand the benefits and risks so you can decide if a dog multivitamin is right for your pooch.

    Best Vitamins For Golden Retrievers To Keep Your Fido Healthy

    8 Reasons You Should Give Your Dog Supplements

    Tom Thorpe Reviews

    Like us, Golden Retrievers can suffer from nutrient deficiencies and a weak immune system. To avoid this, the best vitamins for Golden Retrievers can help bridge the nutritional gap. These vitamins and supplements will augment your pet’s changing needs while boosting its immunity. But as with your dog’s food, you have to be very picky when it comes to vitamins and supplements.

    Take note that vitamin products for dogs vary widely in terms of nutrition, ingredients, and overall value. There’s no one-supplement-fits-all product. You have to know what your dog actually needs by consulting your pet’s veterinarian.

    Below, I reviewed 8 of the best-selling dog vitamins in the market. See which one is the best pick for your Goldie.

    Check Price

    Vetriscience Vetri Mega Probiotic Vitamin Supplement For Dogs

    This non-dairy probiotic supplement is made from all-natural sources of beneficial microorganisms to support your dog’s digestive tract. It’s designed to help normalize digestion, relieve symptoms of food intolerance, support regularity, and soothe gastrointestinal upset. Each capsule contains over five billion microorganisms.

    What Type Of Shampoo Should I Use To Wash My Golden Retriever

    According to many canine experts, it’s not recommended to wash your dog using dish soap or human shampoo. This will most definitely strip your dog of its natural oils. Plus, shampoo made for humans is too acidic for regular use on a Golden Retrievers hair and skin.

    The best shampoo to use is one that’s specially formulated for dogs. It’s recommended that you use a highly-rated oatmeal shampoo like this one at amazon.com to help in the nourishment of their coats. It’s organic, soap-free, and contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera to naturally soothe and moisturize sensitive or dry skin.

    While using this shampoo, you should wash your pup from front to back, gently scrubbing your dog’s fur to get the dirt that’s attached to the undercoat. 

    When drying your Golden Retriever you can choose to use an old dog towel, but many people choose to use a blow dryer on their dog in order to make sure that all their fur is dry. A double-coated dog, like a Golden Retriever, can stay wet for hours, even after being towel dried so a hair dryer can really speed up this process.

    A pet-friendly hair dryer like this adjustable speed pet hair dryer on amazon.com, can also help with regular grooming. It’s temperature controlled so it won’t get too hot for your pooch.

    How Can You See If Your Golden Is Doing Well With Their Food

    It’s not hard to tell if your dog is flourishing in its diet. Signs to watch out for are,

    • A shiny coat
    • A consistent, healthy weight
    • Healthy, regular stools
    • Lots of energy

    If your dog gets itchy or flaky skin, vomits, or has diarrhea, they may not be able to handle their food correctly. However, these problems can be caused by many other possible health problems, so take your dog to the vet for a checkup.

    8,154 Customer Reviews

    Taking Your Golden Retrievers Hair Length Into Consideration

    Six Reasons Why You Should Take Naps With Your Golden ...

    Did you know: the shorter your Golden Retrievers hair is the less often you have to bathe them? Although this may be a fun fact, it’s not recommended to cut your dog’s hair short. Some people even go so far as to shave their Goldens!

    This, however, is not recommended! When you shave a Golden Retriever you are exposing their skin and undercoat to the harmful environmental elements around them, including the sun and temperature extremes. Shaving a Golden Retriever can not only eliminate the dog’s ability to regulate their body temperature, it can also permanently damage their coat.

    It should be noted that combing your dog often is actually more beneficial for your dogs skin and coat than it is to bathe them. Brushing your dog daily or weekly is not only encouraged, it’s recommended.

    Regularly brushing your Goldens fur will go a long way toward a healthy coat that’s free of tangles and parasites.

    Does My Dog Need Supplements How To Optimize Your Dog’s Diet

    Aly WalanskyApr 08, 2020â—?6 min read

    In this modern age of pet care, people are more concerned with their pets’ wellness than ever. We’re paying attention to ingredients, we’re buying health insurance, and we’re constantly searching for new ways to boost our dog’s nutrition. One of the most common means of doing so is by adding supplements to your dog’s diet. But, like with anything else we’re putting in our dogs’ bodies, we want to be careful we’re making the best decisions.

    That’s why we spoke to the experts — vets and nutritionists — about what supplements are, which dogs need to take them, and what aspects of a dog’s everyday life they can help with. Here’s everything you need to know about dog supplements:

    Vetriscience Glycoflex Ultimate Strength Joint Support Bite Check Today’s Price

    This is one of the best joint supplements for golden retrievers, especially for those working, active, and senior dogs who have begun to show signs of deteriorating joint health. This joint supplement has been used and further recommended by numerous veterinarians for more than forty years.


    According to clinical statistics, the supplements have shown to increase hind leg strength in dogs by almost 41 percent over just 4 weeks. Its formula features a powerful blend of three essential ingredients, namely: glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. These ingredients together provide maximum joint support that will help your aging retriever restore their activeness and energy levels.


    It further consists of Vitamin C, manganese, and glutathione that pave the way for increased immune support and better absorption in the body.


    A great feature of these supplements is that they come in the form of delicious soft chews and are available in two amazing flavors; duck and chicken liver. The flavors make it easy for dogs to take their daily medicine dose without any problem.


    Additionally, these supplements provide all the essential nutrients that your retriever needs in order to function normally and actively at all times.


    Check Today’s Price




    Check Today’s Price


    These joint supplements consist of MSM, a naturally occurring, sulfur-containing organic compound that increases joint mobility in dogs and maintains optimal joint function in their bodies.









    Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Food For Golden Retrievers

    It’s certainly true that not all ingredients are created equal. But, unless you’re a nutritionist or a food scientist, it can be hard to determine what’s what.

    There may be some preservatives that could cause damage to your dog. They may be fine in the short run, but since you’d be feeding them to your dog every day for their whole life, the cumulative effect could be cause for concern.

    Here are a few chemical preservatives you should try to avoid,

    175 Customer Reviews

    • Butylated hydroxyanisole and Butylated hydroxytoluene : These compounds have been labeled carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.
    • Ethoxyquin: This is also used as a pesticide and a hardening agent in rubber. The FDA is investigating whether it causes liver and blood problems. And it’s already banned in Australia and the EU.
    • Propylene glycol: This is used to preserve the moisture content in some dog foods. The FDA already banned it for use in cat food, as it can cause Heinz body anemia.
    • Tertiary butylhydroquinone : Studies suggest that this preservative can cause stomach tumors in animals and damage the DNA in cells.
    • Propyl gallate: This substance contains xenoestrogens, which are linked to breast cancer in humans.

    While it’s not 100 percent certain that these substances would cause significant harm to your dog, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are plenty of foods that don’t use these kinds of ingredients, so why not go with them?

    #2 Paws & Pals Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Dog & Cat Supplement

    Golden Retriever Loves Bath Time!

    View on Amazon

    Paws & Pals Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil contains Omega-3 and is well-suited for dogs of all ages. It is 100% natural. The Wild Salmon caught off the coast of Alaska is the source of the fish oil, which is prepared in an FDA-registered facility. It also contains essential Omega-6 fatty acids. It is pure and free from GMOs and toxins.  It packs healthy nutrients and antioxidants like selenium, astaxanthin, plus vitamins D, B12, and more. This salmon oil is found to help your dog with dry, flaky skin, allergies, joint problems, shedding coats, and inflammation. It comes in a 32 oz bottle with a dispenser pump, which means you don’t have to try and open your pet’s mouth and force them to swallow pills. The flip-top cap and pump make the entire process easier, tastier, and mess-free. One major change a lot of satisfied customers observed in their pets after adding Paws and Pals Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to their golden retriever’s diet is that their dogs stopped itching and scratching right away. Since it prevents inflammation, their skin felt more moisturized and healthy. Also, the pets talking this oil are reported to have grown less stiff and more active.


    View on Amazon


    Our Top Pick: Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

    Product Name: FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

    Product Description: The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs is perhaps the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers. It comes in three sizes. I would say that the perfect size for Golden Retrievers is the largest size. It measures 6.5 inches x 2 inches x 8.75 inches. It’s also lightweight but has a substantial feel to it. This deshedding tool doesn’t feel cheap either. The grips are made of non-slip rubber. I find this to be the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers because it prevents loose and damaged fur from shedding off. The overall design of this deshedding tool is both aesthetic and functional. I like how it makes my deshedding job easier. My Golden Retriever is quite happy because deshedding doesn’t hurt at all. After the couple of times that I have used this, the blades are still intact and effective in helping my dog shed. There seems to be no damage to my dog’s skin and fur. It doesn’t dig into the skin and makes deshedding uncomfortable or painful. The price may seem a bit unreasonable, but I guarantee you that it is worth every penny.

    Brand: FURminator

    The Number One Root Cause Of Joint Issues Is Canine Obesity

    When dogs are overweight, it dramatically decreases their quality of life – and no one wants that for their beloved companion. When your dog’s joints are forced to carry extra weight, it causes pain, which creates a vicious cycle: pain leads to inactivity, which results in even more weight gain.

    Getting your dog to a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise is, in fact, more important and will provide more relief than any joint supplement. While supplements are important, they are not miracle workers – if your dog is overweight, no pill will be able to provide relief.

    Vetriscience Glycoflex Ultimate Strength Dog Joint Support

    Part of a veterinarian-designed joint support program, these vitamin supplements are formulated to maintain comfort and mobility throughout all stages of your dog’s life. Featuring glucosamine, MSM, and Perna canaliculus, these chews are clinically proven to increase hind leg strength by over 40% in just four weeks.

    Dr Lyons Advanced Strength Hip And Joint Health Soft Chews

    Should I Consider Selling Dog Supplements?

    Made with six powerful active ingredients scientifically proven to provide hip and joint support, including those standbys glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, these vitamin supplements for dogs protect their mobility for daily activities like running, jumping, and playing. In addition, these chews have hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and manganese—plus a boost of irresistible flavor from liver meal.

    Why You Dont Want To Overfeed Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Golden retrievers are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and they love eating.

    Those two statements may sound random, but they are related.

    According to the Banfield Pet Hospital, overfeeding your golden retriever can cause them to grow too fast and increase their risk of hip dysplasia.

    To make sure you don’t overfeed them, use a measuring cup when dishing out their food and never free-feed them.

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