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How Often To Wash A Golden Retriever

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How Often Should Retrievers Be Bathed

As per CBS News, Golden Retriever dogs are most famous in the USA. Everyone seems to be loving their golden fur coat which looks amazing to the eyes. The glaze when light falls on that fur is too good. The only issue that retriever owners face is how to maintain the fur of their dog.

A lot of patience and time is required for proper grooming of the retriever dogs fur. This grooming process includes some activities like shampoo, bathing, comb and removing extra fur, etc. This is an ongoing process but the question that gets asked should these activities daily, alternate days or what should be the frequency of grooming a retriever.

How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The maximum you can go without giving both should be no more than 45 days and that is to the extreme end. On the minimum waiting time, I always recommend it to be once every 15 days. In fact, if you bath your golden retriever in a gap of 2 weeks then you are doing great. Giving them a bath too often can be bad for their coat as there are some essential oils that give that glaze to their fur. Too frequent baths with shampoos followed with dry hot air blowers will cause a bad affect on these oils.

On my Instagram account, I had asked this question in a story about How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The owners with golden retrievers responded with various numbers and the average was 10 days.

How Often To Bathe A Dog With Health Problems

We want to provide the best care for our pets, even more so for those with health issues. 

So, how often should you wash your dog if there are health concerns? It depends on the problem youre dealing with.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog With Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be incredibly irritating for your four-legged friend. Maintain a regular bathing schedule with an oatmeal dog shampoo to boast anti-inflammatory properties that ease the itching. 

Shampoo removes your pups necessary oils, so avoid overbathing. Once a month or at times when your dog is dirty is fine. Never use human products on your dog. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog With Outside Allergies?

Allergy-prone skin can cause your pup discomfort, so you should take the right precautions not to make things worse. 

Look for natural products that are less likely to cause inflammation and dryness. Also, you should be understanding since a pup with allergies may associate baths with discomfort. Take your time and do it gently.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog if He Is Itchy?

You may be concerned about bathing if your dog has irritated skin. In this case, the best thing to do is to get vet advice on what may be causing the issue. Once you have an idea, you can look for products that can help. Again, everything in moderation. Dont bathe your dog too often, as it may make things worse. 

Method 4 Of 5:training Your Golden Retriever

  • 1Train your golden retriever to go potty outside. If you have a golden retriever puppy, then you will need to put lots of time and effort into training your puppy to go potty outside. As you do so, there are several things to keep in mind:
  • Never yell or hit your dog for making a mess in the house. Just pick him up and take him outside right away.
  • Clean up messes as soon as they happen to prevent your dog from re-soiling the area. Use an enzymatic cleaner rather than an ammonia based cleaner to clean up the mess.
  • Use puppy pads or newspapers to provide a place for your puppy to use indoors if he has an emergency and you are not home.
  • Take your puppy out to the same spot in the yard every time he has to go potty.
  • Give your puppy lots of praise and petting when he does go outside.
  • 2Consider crate training your golden retriever. Crate training is a good way to provide your golden retriever with a safe space to retreat to when he is feeling nervous or lonely. A crate is similar to a dogs den, so your dog should feel safe when he goes into his kennel.
  • Place a dog bed or a couple of folded up blankets or towels in your golden retrievers crate.
  • Never put your golden retriever in his crate as a punishment! The crate should be your golden retrievers safe space.
  • Keep your training sessions short and frequent. Dogs do not have long attention spans, so keeping your sessions under 10 minutes is ideal.
  • Children and babies
  • People of different genders, sizes, and races
  • Other dogs
  • This Groom Can Be The Perfect Answer For Golden Retriever Owners Who Want A Cut That Will Keep Their Dogs Cool In Hot Summer Weather

    • Anne Francis

    There has long been debate about cutting Golden Retrievers coats, and wetry to educate our clients as much as possible about all sides of the argument.Still, many owners have made up their mind and wanttheir dogs shaved down. In these cases, we compromise and use a snap-on comb and shears to do what we at our shop call the Golden Teddy Cut.

    This months subject, Rory, has been groomed at our shop for eight years. During colder times of the year, he is kept in a traditional Golden trim, but Rory is a big swimmer and enjoys a short do during warmer months. When we catch up with Kata longtime coworker of mine who is performing this groomRory has already been washed, dried with a high-velocity dryer and set under a room-temperature blower.

    Step 1: Finish Drying

    Use a high velocity dryer to blow out excess hair and damp spots.

    Step 2: Remove Dead Coat & Detangle

    Using a slicker brush and undercoat rake, move through the coat to make sure the coat is dry and tangle-free and all dead coat is removed.

    Step 3: Trim Nails

    Clip the nails and file smooth.

    Step 4: Trim Pads of Feet

    Clip the pads of the feet with a #30 blade.

    Step 5: Sanitary Trim

    Clip sanitary areas.

    Step 6: Clip Body

    Using a size O snap-on comb, clip the entire body of the dog, leaving the back of the front and rear legs, which will be scissored.

    Step 7: Blend Clipper Lines

    Use a carding knife to help blend any clipper lines.

    Step 8: Trim Tail

    Step 9: Trim Rear Legs

    Step 10: Trim Hocks

    How Often To Bathe A Gr Pup / Stinky

    How Often to Bathe Your Golden Retriever? 5 Tips No One ...

    Feb 24, 2015

    xooxlinds said:I have been told from 2 groomers that it is important not to bathe a golden pup ‘too often’ as their natural oils keep their skin and coat healthy. This is understandable, however, we have been getting rain almost every day and Eli has been getting quite stinky. I have a few pet colognes, but they only cover up his stinky smell and I am afraid to bathe him too often in fear of drying out his skin and coat. I have only given him a bath maybe 2x a month, so far. What are your suggestions? I give him fish oil on top of his food and 1 tsp. of organic coconut oil 1x day on his food. Are there any other remedies to control a stinky pup that you can recommend? Thanks in advance!

    Difficulty Walking On Leash

    Some Goldens either never really got the hang of leash training, werent ever trained, or have regressed due to poor reinforcement. Either way, its important to correct this behavior as soon as possible. While on a walk, if your pup goes wild, stop.

    Wait until your pup calms down. Once they do, continue the walk. You will literally repeat this repeatedly. Granted, youll need ample amounts of time to make this successful. Try walking three times a day this way for a few weeks to see if the behavior improves.

    How To Bathe Your Golden Retriever

    Goldens are energetic dogs, and to have a peaceful time giving them a bath, you need to know what youre doing.

    To spare you the troubles of the first couple of baths with your dog, here is what Ive gained through experience over the years by giving my dog baths:

    • Always Gather supplies first

    Get together everything you will need in the bath in the bathroom first. Thats for two main reasons; the first is that you never want to open the bathroom door and get out while youre in there to grab something you forgot you will need.

    Trust me; your dog will become Bolt and will run out of there in lightning speed.

    The second is that you dont want to make the baths take longer time than needed. You want to make sure your baths are as efficient as possible.

    • Check the water temperature

    The water should be lukewarm so its not too hot or too cold. If its cold outside, your dog must take the bath indoors, but if its warm and your dog is well trained, you can give them the bath outside.

    Lukewarm water temperature ranges between 100 and 110 F

    • Start with a shampoo rinsefrom the neck down

    Start by rinsing your dog with the shampoo. You should start from the neck and go down. Lather everything except for the dogs head and face. Never let shampoo get on their head, so be sure if your dog is too excited and keeps moving around.

    • Rinse really well

    Leaving shampoo or soap on the dogs skin will get them really irritated and may cause issues if left for long.

    • Dry really well

    Tip 6 Cleaning Your Golden Retrievers Bedding

    This is a great way to ensure that your dog is always in a clean environment at all times. Their bedding can be easily overlooked as it is simply where they sleep. However, you have to that dogs are constantly outside picking up things and eating things that they see on the street.

    When they get home, all of that is marched right into the house and then into his/her bed before they take a nap. The best part about all of this is the fact that it can be fixed very easily. All you need to do is wash your dogs bedding more often and this should sort it out in no time.

    I recommend washing it out with some hot water and vinegar or hot water and baking soda to kill any smells or bad odors. Make sure to avoid using any fabric softeners as this may irritate your dogs skin too. Even make sure to spray down any nonwashable items with a hose out in the backyard as this will ensure that everything is clean. Onto the next section for tip 7.

    Does Shaving A Golden Retriever Ruin Their Coat

    Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Ruin Their Coat? Shaving a Golden Retriever can permanently damage their coat. The double coat of a Golden Retriever protects their skin from weather conditions, parasites, and sunspots that can cause cancer. There is no guarantee that the coat would grow in naturally if shaved.

    READ: How do you reset the low tire pressure light on a Mercedes?

    How To Make Your Golden Retriever Comfortable With Ear Cleaning

    If your Golden Retriever is older, and you havent regularly checked or cleaned its ears, when it was a puppy, it isnt going to be comfortable with ear cleaning the first time. Fortunately for you, it is easy to get into a routine and ensure your Golden Retriever is comfortable with ear cleaning. Here is what you need to do:


    If you follow this routine every time you clean your Golden Retrievers ears, you will notice that your dog will eventually get used to it and will let you clean its ears without causing any problem.

    Tip 7 Wipe Down Your Dogs Ears

    Ears are another area that can build up a lot of bad smell. You may find that you cant even find the root of the smell after thinking that you have checked their whole body. Ears can very easily in most cases be the culprit of the crime. Make sure you go and check those too. If you find that this is the case, then there are a few steps you can take to fix it.

    Firstly, you will need a batch of wipes to wipe down your golden ears to ensure that there are no fungal bacteria building up behind or inside of his/her ears. For the inside of their ears or around the , I recommend you use some warm water and cotton balls to gently wipe away any dirt or debris from the inside.

    Be very careful with this and always make sure that your dog is relaxed as this could result in a bad reaction in his/her behavior. Onto tip number 8

    What Shampoo Should I Use

    Your shampoo selection is important.

    I mentioned above that the wrong shampoo can trigger allergies or actually dry out the skin.

    People-shampoo should not be used.

    It is not toxic or anything, but the different ingredients used to make them smell good can cause irritation to the eyes or nose or skin.

    Rather than risking it, I suggest that you just use the gentle shampoo and condition that is made specifically for dogs. It will keep their skin from drying out and flaking. It is also less likely to include things that will trigger allergies.

    I like this shampoo from Furminator. You can click on the link to see how much it costs today. Make sure you also get the Conditioner as well because it has some extra de-shedding properties made especially for Golden Retrievers.

    If you would like to give this shampoo and conditioner a try, check out the price right here on

    Does The Size Of Your Dog Matter

    How To Bathe A Golden Retriever? Ultimate guide

    Its easier to deal with a puppy but we have tips for dogs of all sizes. Keep in mind that the breed also matters and there are low maintenance dogs that require a different bathing schedule.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Small Dog?

    Your small dog can get very dirty and carry a lot of mess into the house. It doesnt need as much bathing as it usually spends less time running around compared to bigger dogs, but they still require a bath once every few months. We recommend buying a breed-specific shampoo to keep its skin and coat in a top-notch condition. 

    Washing Big Dogs

    Big dogs need thorough and frequent washing. Using the bathtub may not be an option anymore, but you can still get them clean outside with the hose in summer or the shower during winter. 

    Reward your pup for behaving after getting its bath. Positive reinforcement comes in handy when you have to move from the tub to an outside area. 

    Long Hair Vs Short Hair Dog Baths Frequency

    So, how often should you bathe pups with different hair lengths?

    How Often Should You Bathe Your Long Hair Indoor Dog?

    Preparation is key. Have everything you need on hand to make the bath as short as possible. 

    Also, keeping your pup detangled with the right brush can help, especially before bath time. Make sure you do it thoroughly to avoid matting.

    Long-haired pups usually dont like getting wet, particularly if you dont dry their hair properly after, as this can cause itching. Indoor dogs dont require frequent baths, but its good to keep their coat pristine once every few months.

    How Often Should You Bathe Your Short Haired Dog?

    Short-haired pups coats dont get as messy but they still need a bath every once in a while, particularly if they get dirty or start to smell. Grooming is also essential. You want their coat in the best possible condition to prevent skin irritation and dryness.

    Taking Your Golden Retrievers Hair Length Into Consideration

    Did you know: the shorter your Golden Retrievers hair is the less often you have to bathe them? Although this may be a fun fact, its not recommended to cut your dogs hair short. Some people even go so far as to shave their Goldens!

    This, however, is not recommended! When you shave a Golden Retriever you are exposing their skin and undercoat to the harmful environmental elements around them, including the sun and temperature extremes. Shaving a Golden Retriever can not only eliminate the dogs ability to regulate their body temperature, it can also permanently damage their coat.

    It should be noted that combing your dog often is actually more beneficial for your dogs skin and coat than it is to bathe them. Brushing your dog daily or weekly is not only encouraged, its recommended.

    Regularly brushing your Goldens fur will go a long way toward a healthy coat thats free of tangles and parasites.

    What Shampoo Should I Be Using

    There definitely a few small questions that you have to ask yourself when it comes to the part of bathing a Golden Retriever. I mean I definitely had to ask myself if you.  and the real too things to consider are

    The fact that they have a big thick coat as well as skin that releases natural oils.So you dont want to dry this skin out too much. And you really have to also be careful to not get something so soapy that you cant wash it out.

    Because of that, I decided to save you some of the hassles and create a product review posts on some of the best shampoos out there. Each one I tested over a period of two weeks and left my honest opinion on each.

    When And How Often Should You Groom Your Golden Retrievers Hair

    A Golden Retriever has a dense, silky coat thats water repellent.

    It comes in a light, medium, or dark golden color and has an undercoat. Their hair can be wavy or straight, and the feathering is often lighter than the rest of their fur.

    As a general rule, brushing should be done once a week. Baths shouldnt be done too often, so every 3 to 4 weeks is good.

    Not only will brushing keep your Goldens coat looking glossy, but it also helps in keeping the tangles away. On top of that, youll find less hair around your house when you brush them often.

    Do you want to minimize pet hair indoors? Take the grooming routine outside!

    If your pup gets dirty or stinky, then its time for a bath no matter how long ago his last one was. Its also best to bathe your dog before trimming. It will make the whole process easier, and the final result looks better.

    Proper grooming begins before you ever pull out the brush, however. Lay down the foundation by teaching your dog to be patient while you work on them. Praise them and give them treats when they behave well. As always, calm and consistent training is vital.

    How Dirty Ears Affect Your Golden Retriever

    Dirty ears often have bacteria inside, which can cause an ear infection that may seriously inconvenience your retriever. Another major problem with dirty ears is the fear of injury since debris that gets inside the ear of your dog can damage the ear if it isnt removed. A buildup of dirt in your dogs ear can also impede its hearing, which is important for its safety.


    You should make cleaning the ears of your dog a regular part of their grooming. Start by making it into a routine, so you wont need to worry about serious ear problems or infections caused by dirty ears.


    Why Does My Golden Retrievers Shed So Much Hair

    Most shedding in golden retrievers is entirely normal and natural, although there are a few health reasons that can contribute to heavier shedding than normal. Allergies can cause increased shedding as they irritate your dogs skin and loosen the hair follicles, allowing the hair to fall out easily and quickly.

    Things You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Retrievers Ears

    We have already shared tips on how you should clean your Golden Retrievers ears, but its also important that you learn what to avoid when you are cleaning your Retrievers ears.

    • Never use vinegar to clean your dogs ears. Some people will suggest there is nothing wrong with using vinegar to clean an ear infection, but you shouldnt use it for your dog because its acidic and will cause irritation in the inner ear.
    • You shouldnt use water as well since it allows bacteria to grow and cause the infection to spread.


    Method 3 Of 5:entertaining Your Golden Retriever

    How Often to Bathe Your Golden Retriever? 5 Tips No One ...

  • 1Exercise your golden retriever often. Golden retrievers are energetic dogs that require regular exercise. Make sure that you take your golden retriever for a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk twice per day or play some games with him in your backyard for an equivalent amount of time.
  • Keep in mind that younger dogs will need more exercise than older ones.XResearch source
  • 2Play fetch with your golden retriever. Golden retrievers love to play fetch, so this should be a regular part of your playtime together.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Kennel ClubThe American Kennel Club is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States. The AKC advocates for the responsible ownership of dogs and promotes purebred dog events, such as the Westminster Dog Show.Go to source Get some Frisbees or tennis balls to play fetch with your golden retriever.
  • Make sure that you play fetch in a safe, fenced in area so that your golden retriever will not get distracted by a bird or other small animal and run off.
  • 3Take your golden retriever swimming. Golden retrievers are great swimmers, so try to find some opportunities to let your golden retriever go swimming now and then. For example, you could take your golden retriever to a lake or let him swim in your pool if you have one. Just make sure that the water is safe for your golden retriever and watch him at all times.XResearch source
  • The Best Brushes To Use After The Wash

    Ive actually written a whole article on the best brushes you can use for a Golden Retriever. You need to be really careful when picking brushes because the wrong one can cause a lot of damage.

    And you also get a lot of these so-called best brushes that simply dont work. Because of that, I ran a 6-month test on all the best brushes that you can find online.

    Applying Tick & Flea Powder

    At least once every month, you should apply tick and flea powder on the entire coat of your Golden Retriever. This will keep those bloodsuckers away.

    Ill admit, this isnt as essential in some areas. These annoying little pests are much more prevalent in warmer regions, especially during spring and summer. However, they can be in your home year round.

    If these parasites are already present, a warm bath with special flea dog shampoo will kill them. with combing using a tick and flea comb to remove the dead vermin from the coat.

    But because bathing your dog will not permanently keep the bloodsuckers from attacking again, the tick and flea preventative powder should be applied. Again, itll depend on the area which you and your dog live in.

    Tip #1: Brush Your Golden Retriever Daily

    The best way to keep shedding to a minimum is to brush your golden daily.

    This gets the dead fur off of your dog and onto the brush, instead of off of the dog and onto the floor.

    I brush my golden, Oliver, outside so any extra fur that comes off of him goes into the yard and not the house.

    Learn more about the best brushes for golden retrievers here.

    Here Are Some Tips On How To Wash Your Dog

    Make sure that you rinse all of the soap off the dog’s skin. If the soap does dry on the skin, it could irritate and result in inflammation, rashes, hair loss, and other skin lesions, according to Dr. Freeman. Soap-free shampoos, , help avoid this particular problem. Make sure that you rinse the pup with luke-warm water to reduce the amount of itching caused by the bath itself. Using a hose or a shower-head type sprinkler is ideal. Plus, don’t forget to wash in their ears. Read our guide on how to clean dog ears. Pet owners always joke that cats hate water, but dogs might not be so fond of water and bath time, either. To make bathing more pleasant, utilize positive rewards like treats, scratching favorite spots, and playing with a favorite toy during bath time, Dr. Freeman suggests. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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