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How To Properly Groom A Golden Retriever

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Do You Trim Whiskers Too

I definitely would not recommend you trim any whiskers.  I have seen people do it. But whether I agree with it is a whole different story.

There are so many different things and reasons why you shouldnt trim a golden retrievers whiskers. Its an important part of their senses which can also help them in hunting retrieving or any other relevant activities.I personally dont tend to do it but its completely down to you if you choose to do so. However, I will not be covering that inside of this blog post.

Nutrition & Coat Health

Okay, this isnt technically a grooming essential, but it isessential to a healthy golden coat. Without the proper nutrition, your Golden can experience excessive shedding, which can be a scary thing.

According to Roy Cruzen DVM, the number one reason for excessive shedding in dogs is a poor diet, or rather, a lack of essential nutrients. He says that most of the cheap dog food products barely meets the minimal requirements.

Some owners even opt to give extra nutritional supplements for their dogs. And one of the best for Golden Retrievers is salmon oil. This super fish oil will help keep the golden coat soft and smooth.

Other than a shiny coat, there are many more benefits to fish oil. Some of which, include better joints, healthier heart, better skin and a stronger immune system.

While there are proven benefits to this supplement, you should be aware of the potential negative side effects. As long as youre aware, the good far outweighs the bad. However, Id still consult with a vet prior to introducing any extra supplements into their diets.

Golden Retriever Grooming Includes Vaccinations And De

Vaccinations prevent serious disease and should start from the age of 6 weeks and continue up to the age of 5 with boosters thereafter every 3 years. You must make an appointment with your local vet to discuss a vaccination schedule. Golden Retriever insurance can help to cover these costs.All Golden Retriever pups are born with worms and de-worming is an essential part of grooming your dog. De-worming can start from 2 weeks. You should discuss an appropriate deworming schedule with your vet. Heart worms are fatal and a monthly preventative is recommended.

Learning how to groom your Golden Retriever will reap many rewards for both owners and pets in years to come. They are wonderful dogs that need the extra attention, love and care of every responsible owner. A Golden Retriever grooming routine helps you to bond with your dog and assists in keeping them healthy.

Brushing A Golden Retriever

While you only need to bathe your Golden Retriever every couple of months or so, you will want to brush their fur out far more frequently.

When you brush the fur, it gets rid of dead hair as well as dry and dead skin. It also stimulates the skin surface and helps distribute the natural oils to ensure the coat is healthy and clean.

All dogs need to have their fur brushed every few days for these benefits and to prevent matting in a Golden Retriever.

If you notice any hair mats, you will want to remove them through brushing as soon as possible. Goldens are particularly prone to matting behind the ears, on the tail, and in the thick feathering on their back legs. Make sure to brush these areas frequently.

Purplebird Downward Curved Straight Dog Grooming Scissors

5 Tips to Keep Your Golden Retriever Groomed Between ...

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An Overview Of The Best Dog Brushes For Golden Retrievers

We highly recommend looking at the comparison table we have below where we highlighted the features of each product.

  • Easily gets rid of stubborn tangles, knots and mats
  • Great for removing dirt and dander
  • Comfortable handle
  • Digs deep into a golden retrievers coat
  • Removes tangles and mats in the undercoat
  • The four-inch brush bar is a good size for a golden
  • Removes tangles, dirt and loose hair
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Stimulates the skin and helps keep your dogs coat shiny
  • Helps remove some loose fur
  • Soft bristles that are ideal for the sensitive face area

*Some of the above links lead to current prices and customer reviews on Chewy.

Carry on reading to discover why we made these choices, and lots of tips and buying advice to ensure you get the right product.

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  • How To Groom A Golden Retriever And Make It Look Natural

    Reasons Why You Should Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

    Ears Eyes And Skin Care

    The Goldens coated and floppy ears are susceptible to ear infections, says Talbott. Check the ears once a week for debris and infection and clean if necessary.

    Goldens who like to swim will need more frequent ear checks, as the water gets deep inside the ear and makes them more prone to infections. After swimming, thoroughly dry the inside of the ears with cotton balls.

    According to Talbott, Goldens are not susceptible to dry skin, but fleas will quickly produce allergies and hot spots. Keeping your Golden flea-free is crucial, she says.

    How To Groom A Golden Retrievers Feet

    Between the soles of the feet, the hair grows over the soles of the feet. This hair is usually cut short to align with the soles of the feet themselves, which gives a cleaner image but is also more pleasant for your Golden. Dogs sweat through the soles of their feet, so it is better and more comfortable for them when their feet and soles are free of long hair.

    In the winter, these long hairs can also cause ice formation between the soles of the feet that will irritate the dog. In the Spring and Summer, long hairs on the feet and paws can pick up grass spikes, which can be very irritating and even dangerous for your dog if they are not picked out of their hair quickly.

    For cutting the feet, you use straight scissors, the size does not matter much, but a small pair of scissors is more pleasant due to the small surface. To prevent accidental damage to the skin, make sure you cut with the scissors blade, not with the tip.

    Keep the blade flat on the section to be cut and the tip directed outwards. This way, youll cut the hair between the soles of the feet and the outer edges. For the largest, upper sole, bring the hairs down, from top to bottom. The hairs, which fall over the sole, need to be cut away on that line with the straight scissors.

    A few short snaps on your Golden Retrievers foot and then drop the coat again and see if more needs to be cut away. You can use a normal comb to lift the hairs. The overall look must be natural.

    How Often Should I Trim My Golden Retrievers Nails

    The nails need to be trimmed at least every 2 4 weeks unless your dog walks a lot on hard surfaces like pavements, this will wear the nails so they can be cut with more extended time in between the trimming.

    On average, it must be done every 2- 4 weeks, and if youll do it yourself, it is recommended to buy a that is suitable for large dogs. The pliers type is the best. Be very careful not to cut into the life of a nail! That will hurt and bleed a lot. If you dont want to cut the nails yourself, go to your local dog grooming salon or vet for a nail trim regularly. I do that, as well. If the groomer doesnt have time, Ill go to the vet and have Stippys nails done!

    How To Groom A Golden Retrievers Heels

    The hair on the back of the heels grows longer, and it is desirable to shorten this with a small curved shear. For this, you first comb the hair straight back so that the hairs protrude. Then place the scissors at the top of the heel, pointing vertically downwards. Cut down several times in a straight line, cutting the hair entirely to one length.

    Regularly comb the hair back to get an overview of what still needs to be shortened. Shorten well from all sides until the coat on the heel forms a neat overall look.

    How To Groom Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers are easy-going breed, and their coats are easy to care for. They shed profusely mostly in spring and fall, so you should groom your golden. Grooming a golden retriever is an enjoyable bonding time. With simple tools, grooming your dog requires 30 to 40 minutes. Some of the steps to groom your golden are:

    Tips For Determining The Best Possible Clipper And Blade For Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers, like all dog breeds, have an undeniable look about them. Part of that look for Goldens is their thick, smooth fur. Although their fur can be wavy or straight, all Goldens have a waterproof topcoat and dense undercoat that can make trimming them at home a struggle.

    Youll want to ensure that you have clippers that can handle thicker fur, and preferably can move at varying speeds. Youll want faster speeds for dense areas like your Golden Retrievers neck and chest, but you can use slower and more deliberate speeds for their paws and faces if necessary.

    Because Goldens have long, thick fur, youll want to ensure that you have a long enough blade. Standard #10 blades are okay, but you wont want anything shorter than that, and longer blade options like a #7 would be ideal for most of your dogs coat. Important note: shorter, in the case of clipper blades, is a higher numbered blade like a #15 or a #30.

    Your primary concern with your Golden is trimming the hair on their feet and trimming stray hairs because doing more will definitely interfere with the overall look and breed standard of a Golden Retriever. You will want to get a clipper set that has precision abilities to ensure that you can get the most natural look with the least amount of trouble while you trim.

    The Best Brush For Golden Retriever Grooming Is A Selection Of More Than One

    The basic tools required are : pin brush, undercoat rake, bristle brush and slicker brush .

    Mikes Question:


    Do You Know What A Hock Is

    A hock is simply the bone area that bends backward above a dogs paw. it usually points the opposite direction to a dogs head. It is very easy to see and can be easily identified by visually looking just above your dogs paws.

    Make sure to feel exactly where your dogs tail is inside of its fur so you dont cut in the wrong places.Now you will want to hold your dogs tail down and then make the first cut horizontally around the area of the hock.

    That will let you know exactly how long you need to trim. So then you can move onto the width. You sitting in chairs to target the side of the tail and make very subtle cuts along each side.

    You do not want an abrupt looking cut along the side of your dogs tail as that is not the look we are going for. Instead,  make the cuts look very subtle and nice as if it will almost cut with a soft pair of scissors.

    If that makes any senseI usually use a good measure of an inch off depending on how long my dogs hair has grown. Any more than that and it can start to look a bit silly.

    Prepare Your Golden Retrievers Coat For Grooming

    Why Have Your Dog Groomed Professionally?

    Spend some extra time for the Golden Retrievers body where the fur is thick. Brush the coat from head to toe once a week. Remove matted hair with the help of a sharp pair of scissors. If your Golden Retriever is dirty and smelly then, bath it before grooming. After bathing, brush your golden Retriever again to straighten out the coat.

    Tooth Brushing: Step By Step

    You can introduce tooth brushing to your dog by first making the dog used to feeling your finger in his or her mouth. Once theyre comfortable with that, it will be easier to open the dogs mouth and introduce a toothbrush. 

    Follow these four steps to brush your Goldens teeth:

    • Place a small amount of pet-safe toothpaste on a toothbrush designed for use with dogs.
    • Lift the Goldens lip to expose the gums and teeth.
    • Use gentle motions to brush the teeth and gum, just as you would with an infant.
    • Ensure you reach the molars and premolars because they are most prone to cavities.

    As long as you use toothpaste made specifically for dogs, your Golden can ingest it without running any risks. And if your dog is anything like mine, hell try to eat the toothpaste.

    For most dogs, its not going to be easy in the beginning. So, dont forget to reward your Golden after the brushing. Rewarding them with a treat or a good girl/boy message will make brushing easier next time. Positive reinforcement is key!

    Bathing The Golden Retriever

    Now, it is time to bathe the golden retriever in some warm water. Getting a good quality dog shampoo is a good idea because it wont irritate the pup and will result in shiny fur. Some experts recommend bathing after trimming the golden retriever, but others maintain that you should wash it first. If your pup is smelly or dirty, it is a better idea to bathe the dog before you attempt any grooming. You can skip this process if your dog has been bathed recently or do it afterward to get the excess hair off.


    Some owners bathe their dogs only when the dog is dirty, while others have a regular bathing schedule. This is left up to the owners, but regular bathing is known to reduce shedding.


    Rinse the entire body of the dog carefully, making sure the coat is soaked thoroughly. Lather the shampoo from the tail to the tip of the dog and wash it off thoroughly. It is important to not leave any in the fur since that can increase chances of matting. Rub your dog dry with a large towel. If you want your pup looking show-worthy, you will have to blow-dry your pup instead. If you blow-dry, make sure to keep the heat low and not to move opposite to the direction of the furs growth.


    You need to or brush your dog again right after bathing it. This will help straighten the fur so that it is easier when you start trimming the golden retriever. Some people also use an undercoat comb so that they can get as much of the undercoat as possible.


    Golden Retriever Grooming Styles

    Now that you have all the right tools to groom your Golden like a pro, what do you need to know about Golden Retriever grooming cuts?

    Golden Retrievers and extreme cuts dont mix! Professional groomers who work with show quality Goldens emphasize the importance of an overall balance and symmetry in a good cut.

    An untrimmed Golden Retriever has thick, long hair on areas like the neck, tail, and legs.

    A properly trimmed Golden should look neat, with the thickest hair on the neck, tail, and legs/feet trimmed to look smooth and even.

    Severe summer cuts are generally not done on Golden Retrievers.

    Its important to remember that a Goldens thick undercoat works as insulation in the winter.

    The undercoat will be much thinner in the summer, but leaving the top coat intact will protect your Golden from sun and heat.

    Environmental And Lifestyle Factors To Consider

    Although your dog is built for the life aquatic and is capable of flinging away the majority of water accumulated after a dip with a good shake, frequent swimming may lead to a dirty coat and an unpleasant smell.

    This is especially true if your Golden has a penchant for algae-filled ponds and other less-than-pristine bodies of water.

    Naturally, a dog that spends a lot of time indoors is going to pick up less dirt and debris than one that is regularly outdoors. And whether or not those outdoor romps are in the country or in the city can also make a big difference to how quickly a Retriever gets dirty.

    If you are aware of a parasite problem in your area , it is important to be on high alert, and more frequent baths and grooming may be in order.

    Do Golden Retrievers Have Wavy Hair

    One of the most common questions asked by new Golden Retriever owners is how does Golden Retrievers have wavy hair.

    Yes, Golden retrievers have wavy hair which is genetic. There are other dog breeds with this features as well, but retrievers are easy to train and dont shed a lot.

    If you find that your retriever is having a problem with it, this article will give you some insight as to why.

    It is not uncommon for a retriever to have issues with their coat. There are many reasons why a dog may suffer from a lack of coat growth.

    However, one of the most common reasons is because of the breeds eating habits.

    Some of the most common problems include:

    • Having too much or too little food
    • Not getting enough exercise
    • Not receiving proper grooming
    • Not getting the proper nutrients.

    As long as your retriever gets proper exercise, receives adequate nutrition, and gets enough love and attention, there is nothing that can be done to stop their coat from falling out.

    The only time this becomes an issue is when your dogs eating habits are out of balance.

    If you have found that your dogs eating habits are out of balance, the only way to correct this is to reduce the amount of food or water that your dog eats.

    Therefore, if you have a dog that has not been receiving proper exercise, this could cause your dog to have issues with it.

    A problem with Golden Retrievers having wavy hair is the lack of grooming that your dog receives.

    Trimming Your Goldens Nails

    This is a very quick and easy process but you do want to be sure not to trim too short. I usually go for the guillotine type nail cutters which work very effectively but be careful as they are very sharp.

    Make sure to keep a couple of treats around you to reward your dog for each step of the process. Of course, if they are following the stepsAlso what you could do is talk to them in a very authoritative and calm manner.

    This lets them know that everything is fine and under control. If you find that their nails are really and I mean really really long. Then you may have to trim off a little by little at a time just to reduce the nail, as opposed to just cutting it off.

    That way you avoid bending or breaking and ensure that you get a nice clean cut. You can also use a grinder to actually grind on some of the nails.Make sure to only use it for a minimal amount of time because it starts to heat up causing pain to your dog. Once youve got them looking nice and short tennis time to move on to the next part.

    Finishing The Dog: Tools And Finish Grooming

    The coat should be light, straight, and stand off of the body with no loose hair.  Any loose hair or fuzziness to the coat should be carded.  Everything about the finish should be natural.  The feet and the outside edges of the ear are trimmed with thinning shears.  In the warmer months, many pet owners try to keep the dog cooler by shaving the coat. The Golden Retrievers double coat is designed to protect them during any season.  If you are trying to keep the dog cooler, you should elect to remove the undercoat with a good bath and blow out. When you shave this breed, you are exposing their skin to the elements and take away their ability to stay cool.

    Trim Your Golden Retrievers Coat

    (1) Grooming Your Golden Retriever

    A Golden Retriever has undercoat and overcoat, which helps to keep the dog at a comfortable temperature. This combination traps cool air between the coats on a hot day and catches a warm breeze on a cold day. So, avoid trimming your goldens intact skin. With thinning shears, Trim the coat of golden Retriever from feet, leg, body, chest, neck, ears up to its tail. Do not trim the fur too short. Trim the length by tapering the coat from base to its tip.

    How To Groom A Golden Retriever Step By Step

    When you groom your golden retriever make sure to pay special attention to the double coat. They like to roll in the mud and dirty up their coat. Therefore, we are responsible for our dogs grooming needs. Golden Retrievers are not an exception. 

    Keep in mind that when satisfying your Golden Retrievers grooming needs, a little maintenance goes a long way. Being well-groomed means your Golden Retriever will look not only good but also feel good. 

    The difference between a low-maintenance Labrador and a high-maintenance Golden Retriever lies in a single genetic line.

    That genetic line is responsible for your Golden Retrievers long coat with heavy feathering. Consequently, that genetic line is also responsible for its grooming needs and routines.

    And to be honest, they pose a serious dog grooming challenge. 

    So whats the best way to deal with their excessive hair growth?

    We will dive into the rules for golden retriever grooming whether you are using straight scissors, a steel comb, or a brush.

    Set Up Your Golden Retriever Grooming Station

    Choose a place to work on your pet where you are both comfortable. Some people keep their grooming tools next to where they sit to watch television and brush their dog while watching a favorite show. Others prefer to brush their pet in a bathroom, laundry room or other space that is not carpeted so they can easily clean the floor afterwards.

    The Grooming Basics For A Golden Retriever

    Before you start, give your dog a spritz of coat conditioner, then brush your fur baby with a slicker brush. Move through the hair in sections, starting at the top and moving your way down and back. Push the brush into the coat at the base near the skin and pull out from their body.

    Use an undercoat rake to remove excess hair. Lift the coat one section at a time and move the rake from the base to the end. As you work, you can add another spray of coat conditioner as needed.

    Then, use a to go through your dogs tail and ears. If you encounter any mats, use a dematting rake to work through them.

    One of the best grooming tools for Golden Retrievers is the Hertzko self-cleaning brush. Some people also swear by the for removing loose undercoat hair.

    Then, clean the ears with an ear-cleaning solution. Put in a few drops, work it in gently, and wipe away any excess.

    Trim the nails with a or . Watch out for the quick, which is the red center of the nail where the blood supply is. If you nick it and you see a little blood, dip the nail in styptic powder.

    This video will show you how to trim your dogs nails on your own:

    Finally, brush their teeth twice a week or so. You can use a toothbrush made just for dogs or a piece of cotton wrapped around your finger. Apply some doggie and scrub each tooth.

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