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3 Year Old Golden Retriever

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Two Best Ways To Help Your Golden Retriever Calm Down

Golden retriever missing for 2 weeks found swimming in Jersey Shore bay

1) Your Golden Retrievers energy is likely coming from a lack of activity. The longer your Golden goes without any playtime, the more they become anxious and let out their energy in other ways, like chewing on things, and jumping on unsuspecting family members.

So, it is advisable to keep your Golden outside playing, walking, or interacting with other dogs, for as long as possible to let them get it all out of their system.

2) The next helpful tip involves giving your Golden Retriever a lot of attention, but not just when they have annoyed you into it with their lovable clingy attitude.The pent-up energy could also come from the inability to get their owners attention, and they may act out to get you to play with them.

To help subdue these behaviors, make sure to give your golden attention throughout the day, not just when they act out. This will help because instead of associating their bad behavior with your affection, they will instead not have to act out for you to pay attention to them.

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food is also a great choice of puppy food for Golden Retrievers. This food contains high-quality ingredients and is made in the USA. It supports healthy brain development that increases the intelligence and trainability of your Golden Retriever. This food is highly recommended by our staff veterinarians as well.

Below is Eukanubas Large Breed Puppy feeding chart.

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Feeding Chart

Puppy Age
3 5/8 Cups Per Day

How Old Is My 3 Years 6 Months Old Golden Retriever In Human Years

How old is my dog in human age? What is the real age of your dog breed? Calculate dog years to human years!

How to use the dog years calculator? Select a breed, enter your dogs age, click on the calculate, and the dog years to human years converter calculates the result.

Your 3 years 6 months old Golden Retriever is 30.63 years old in human years and is considered as a Young Adult dog.

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Youll Have To Hide Your Shoes Because Goldens Love To Chew

These dogs like to carry things and, often when theyre bored, will start moving your stuff around the house. Theyre famous for their chewing habits so provide her with resistant toys, specially made for heavy chewers, and dont let her get too bored during the day.

Lock up your shoes, telephones, remote controls, games, kitchen utensils, clothes, and small pillows, or theyll meet a very messy end. Also, move your garbage can inside a cabinet or in a place your dog cant access.

She should never go through your dinner leftovers as eating human food can harm Golden Retrievers. For safety reasons, hide all electric cables before bringing your puppy or new dog home.

The crate is a good way to keep your dog away from temptations when youre not around. This way shell be in a safe place and you wont have to worry about the Nintendo youve forgotten on the sofa before going to bed.

A Brief History Of The Science Behind Dog Age To Human Age Conversion

Asher is 1 year old!

In 1953, a French researcher by the name A. Lebeau published a paper to show that the relationship between a dog`s age and a human`s age is not constant over the lifespan of the dog. Lebeau`s paper was titled L`age du Chien et celui de l`Homme. Essai de statistique sur la mortalite canine .

To convert a dog`s age to its human age, Lebeau divided the stages of a dog`s life roughly into puberty, adulthood, old age, and end of life. He then proposed a series of numbers that can be used to multiply a dog at each of these different life stages to obtain the dog`s equivalent human age. This means there is a multiplier for converting a dog`s age at puberty to its equivalent human age, a different multiplier for converting a dog`s age at adulthood to its human age, and so on.

Building on Lebeau`s work, scientists also realized that one size does not fit all when it comes to converting a dog`s age to its equivalent human age. This is because small-sized dog breeds live longer than giant-sized dog breeds. Hence, smaller dog breeds age slower than giant breeds. Thus converting a small-sized dog breed age to its human age requires a formula that is different from the formula for a giant-sized breed.

Therefore, in 1997, researchers from Purdue University developed a dog age to human age conversion method that extended Lebeau`s work. Their method took dog breed size into account in converting a dog`s age to its human age equivalent.

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Golden Retrievers Are Were Bred To Be Active Outgoing Dogs

They were bred as working dogs, meaning they have a genetic predisposition for more stamina and energy than some other dog breeds. They were primarily used as companions in mid-19th Scotland to hunt waterfowl, and track downed birds during hunting. This history means that the Golden Retriever was bred to keep up with birds being tracked in the water and on land over many miles. This sporting breed has always been high energy and ready to please.

What Are Some Things People Do To Increase Their Dogs’ Lifespans

There are a number of things people can do to increase their dogs’ lifespans. Some of the most important ones are to feed them a healthy diet, make sure they get plenty of exercises, and keep them free from parasites and diseases.

Other things that can help include providing regular veterinary care, keeping them warm in the winter, and not over-treating them with chemicals and medications. By following these simple tips, people can help ensure their dogs live long and healthy lives.

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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Toddlers

Just like babies, golden retrievers are known for being good with toddlers.

Goldens are patient and like attention, and toddlers are curious and like to touch things, so theyre usually a perfect match.

We spent Olivers first Thanksgiving at my parents house and they had lots of people over.

One couple brought their two-year-old and he and Oliver played chase all through the house.

It was adorable and the best part was that you couldnt tell who was having more fun they were both having a blast!

However, just like with babies, you wouldnt want to leave your toddler alone with a dog.

Toddlers can often grab, step on, or trip over dogs, which might scare or annoy them.

So as long as you supervise the two of them, golden retrievers are known for being good with toddlers.

Miniature Golden Retriever Size

Golden retriever missing for 2 weeks found swimming in bay by NJSP, reunited with owners

A full grown Mini Golden Retriever will be smaller on average than a standard Golden. Thats because they are a mixed breed with either Cocker Spaniel or Toy Poodle lines as well. Its very hard to predict the height and growth rate of a Golden Retriever mix unless the other parent is a dog of similar size, such as a Labrador. They can fall anywhere along the vast range of 20-65lbs in weight!

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Health Screenings For The Parents Of A Litter

All prospective puppy buyers want their new puppy to have the best possible chance for a long and healthy life, and regular veterinary care is important toward achieving that goal. But in addition, the risks for many significant health issues can be greatly reduced through careful breeding practices, beginning with certain screening examinations of the parents of a litter. Each breed has its own particular hereditary problems, and Golden Retrievers are no exception. Failure to screen for these conditions before breeding results in taking unnecessary risks for genetic disease, and frequently leads to distress for the buyer and dog alike. Below is a discussion of important diseases for which the GRCA Code of Ethics recommends pre-breeding health testing. Reputable breeders are expected to conduct screening examinations for these diseases on the parents of a litter, and to disclose the results to prospective puppy buyers.

At What Age Is A Golden Retriever Considered A Senior

Golden Retrievers are larger dogs so that automatically shortens their lifespan. Larger dogs age faster than smaller dogs, the reason why is still a mystery but scientists believe that its simply because large dogs grow faster. Growing faster can lead to an earlier incidence of tumours and other abnormal tissue developments including cancer.

The lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 10-12 years on average. Decades ago Golden Retrievers lived to be 16-17 years old. The reason for their reduced lifespan now is believed to be because this breed is more prone to certain types of cancer than any other breed.

A Golden Retriever is considered a senior at the age of 7.5-10 years old.

Many people believe that 1 human year is equivalent to 7 dog years, but this is not the case and it all depends on the size of the dog. Scientists have come to the conclusion that for every 4.4 pounds of body mass a dog has, their life expectancy is reduced by one month.

To find out how old your dog is in human years you can check out this chart.

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How Does Neutering/spaying Affect My Dogs Growth

Spaying or neutering your dog has its pros and cons. The pros are fairly obvious: less marking, reduced misbehavior, and zero chance of getting an unexpected litter of puppies.

Spaying and neutering can also protect against certain cancers. Dogs cant get testicular cancer or uterine cysts if those parts have been removed, after all.

The cons arent as widely publicized, however. Theres some evidence that fixing your dog too early can increase the risk of hip dysplasia and other skeletal issues. You may want to wait until your dog is at least 12 months old before getting them fixed.

Spaying/neutering often delays the closure of your dogs growth plates, which can result in them growing slightly taller than they otherwise would. This also leaves the window open longer in which they can suffer skeletal damage, though, so be careful about how active you allow them to be.

Do Dogs Have The Same Life Stages As Humans Do

3 Year Old Golden Retriever X Labrador Male

Yes, dogs also go through different life stages during their lives. Puppyhood would account for infancy, toddler years, and early childhood. This phase lasts from birth until 6 months. Then, dogs reach the adolescent stage which would be adolescence for humans too. The adolescent stage lasts between 18 and 30 months.

The adulthood in a dogs life cycle begins at about 24 months up to 36 months depending on the breed. This life stage would be adulthood and middle age for humans.

Then comes the senior stage, which bears many similarities to the human senior life stage. A dogs golden years will begin between the age of 7 and 10 depending on the breed. Dogs also tend to get grey-ish coats, they slow down and sleep more.

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What Is Bad About Golden Retrievers

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link & purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

As a Golden Retriever owner myself, I can certainly go on and on about all the great things about this breed. But, nevertheless, you are here because you want to know what is bad about Golden Retrievers?

I will give you all the insights into the bad things about this breed, but I do have to warn you that because I am so in love with this breed, I am able to get past the so-called bad things. Perhaps when you read this article you will find out that a Golden Retrievers negative traits, are really just things that you can overlook.

Golden Retrievers are certainly popular, but they are not for everyone. If you are considering adding a Golden Retriever to your family, keep reading to find out if you too can look past their bad things.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

If you havent adopted your golden retriever puppy yet, please know that you should only get your new dog after he/she is 7-8 weeks old. Studies have shown that separating a puppy from mom and siblings before that time may lead to behavior problems later on. The good news is that you can start training your baby golden retriever as soon as he is home with you. Up until your puppy is 6 months old you should focus your attention on 3 main things:

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Stage Four: Sexual Maturity

Starting at around six months old and continuing until as late as sixteen months, Golden Retrievers will grow to their full size, and if they have not been neutered, they will reach sexual maturity and start entering heat cycles and displaying mating behavior.

At this age, your golden retriever may also be trying to understand and define their role within the pack, and as a result, may start challenging both human and animal members of the family. They can also start displaying territorial behavior.

During the early months of this period, you may feel like your golden retriever has unusually long legs for their body, but this will even out over time. Their ears and nose also tends to grow faster than the rest of them, so they will go through a period of floppy ears as well.

Goldens grow very fast during this period, which leaves their bones vulnerable to injury. This is a good time to be wary of anything that puts excessive pressure on the joints, such as big jumps.

Key Development Milestones:

  • If not neutered, begin displaying mating behavior
  • Start of territorial and challenging behavior
  • Legs, ears, and nose grow disproportionately faster than the rest of the body
  • Fragile bones due to rapid growth

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Babies

Jackson Visits Walmart

Golden retrievers are known for being great around babies.

Theyre gentle and loving, and are usually not heavy barkers.

But you still want to take be careful establishing their relationship.

Take it slow introducing them and always supervise your pup around your baby.

Also, keep in mind that their mouths could have some germs that you dont want your baby to be exposed to yet, so be careful letting them get too close, as most goldens cant hold their licker.

There are loads of stories out there about goldens sleeping under cribs or letting babies crawl or sleep on them, so if you have a baby and a golden, be sure to take lots of pictures and enjoy this precious time!

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Why Is My Golden Retriever So Small

Although its not good for a dog to be overweight, being underweight has health issues of its own. When your Golden Retriever is wet you should not be able to see their ribs through their fur, or see the nodules of their spine. If you can, have a chat with your veterinarian to make sure there isnt a medical reason for their low weight.

However, some small Golden Retrievers are just short and therefore weigh less too. Height for any animal is on a spectrum, so you will always have outliers on either end of that range. However, sometimes a golden is short because they arent a pure breed.

Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Table Food

Feeding your Golden Retriever table food is not the best practice but can be done in moderation. Some table foods are healthy for them such as blueberries and plain yogurt.

Just be aware that feeding them too much table food can throw their entire diet out of whack. They may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals like they do from their dog food.

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They Can Easily Knock Over Small Children

It is true that goldens make great family dogs, and they are great with children. However, when they are puppies they are very bouncy and energetic, and they are large enough to knock over a small child.

Puppies need to be supervised around small children. This breed is very energetic, playful, and loves to run and jump around. Even adults need to be careful because a golden can easily knock you over when they get excited and start running into your legs.

They certainly dont mean to do any harm, it is just their excitable nature.

What Factors Affect A Dog’s Lifespan

Purebred 3 Year Old Female Golden Retriever

Several factors affect a dog’s lifespan. The breed is one factor, as some breeds have a shorter lifespan than others.

Diet, exercise, and weight are also important factors. Dogs that are overweight or obese have a shorter lifespan than those that are at a healthy weight. Providing plenty of exercise and feeding a high-quality diet are the best ways to help your dog live a long, healthy life.

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When Should I Feed My Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers should have scheduled times to eat daily. The scheduled times will help them with their energy levels and keep them healthy.

You can schedule their eating times as to what works best for your schedule. For example, feeding them before you leave for work and then when you get home.

As a puppy, they will eat three times a day, so you will need to find times in those first few months to feed them more often. When they are an adult or senior, the scheduling of feeding times will be easier because they will only eat twice daily.

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