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Best Golden Retriever Training Books

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Perfect Puppy In 7 Days: How To Start Your Puppy Off Right By Dr Sophia Yin

Best Golden Retriever Dog Training | Thor | Dog Training in London

Best for: visual learners and kids

If youre a visual learner who likes things spelled out for you, start with this book. Dr. Sophia Yin was a vet and animal behaviorist who wrote several manuals on training dogs using positive reinforcement. This particular book is full of photos and step-by-step guides. Plus, its gotten tons of glowing reviews from fellow vets. We recommend reading this in conjunction with Karen Pryors book, as both authors preach the positive reinforcement technique as an avenue to establish a loving, trusting relationship between you and your puppy.

Team Dog: How To Train Your Dogthe Navy Seal Way

Drawing from fifteen years of experience, Team Dog: How to Train Your Dogthe Navy SEAL Way shows all dog owners how to have the unbreakable bond of a combat dog. It showcases training that gains the dogs trust and achieves obedience. It uses tips from the SEAL guidebook and from the authors own experience on the battlefield.

  • Uses the dominance method to establish the owner as team leader.
  • Once the perfect dog is chosen, the training will guide you on making it the familys best friend.
  • Invaluable steps by step instructions written in direct and accessible language.

John And Amy Dahl And The 10 Minute Retriever

Training your dog ought not to take an eternity. Not when you operate a squeezed schedule and have no luxury of too much time at your disposal. This is the book to look up to. It is straight, direct and to the point. That is why it is christened The 10-Minute Retriever.

The book lays bare the strategies you need to follow through to achieve the desired ends. These are broken down into 10-minute sessions which are to be implemented on a daily basis.

The breakdown lets you save your time and that of the retriever chiefly by making good use of the latters limited attention span.

All factors considered, the book is simple and very easy tofollow. This notwithstanding, it is deeply informative still. You will find ita truly treasured passion if you are an absolute beginner. Below is a breakdownof its finer details and contents:

  • Principles and Equipment
  • Some of the unique skills you will gain from this book arehow to use an electronic collar humanely and effectively, how to set up testsin the field, and how to force fetch. These methods have been noted to grantyou firm controls and inculcate good manners to your dog.

    With well over 40 years of service, expect to gain from the author that others cannot give. 40 years is definitely too long a duration of time to master all the details and basics of retriever training. The combined skills you will gain will definitely shore up your own experience.

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    Adolescent Golden Retriever Training

    My Golden Retriever wont respond to my commands anymore!

    You have been training your GR puppy for months, he has become the most well behaved puppy in historythen one day, he just wont do what you say! This is classic adolescence behavior and may start happening when your golden is between 8-10 months. Just like humans, dogs also have an adolescence period, and just like humans, they like to test boundaries. During this time it is very important that you continue training basic obedience commands:

    Take your golden retriever dog to an obedience class that uses positive methods only!

    If your dog wont answer to your command, gently but firmly keep asking until he does. NEVER give up, otherwise they learn that if they ignore you long enough you will stop bothering them. Adolescence is also a period of physiological changes in the dog, you may notice that they will start interacting with other dogs differently. It is important to continue with socialization exercises to keep all interactions positive. Bring treats with you everywhere and treat your dog for having friendly encounters with other dogs. It may seem like free treats to you, but it is not. You are building a strong and positive association with other dogs, so your pooch will keep treating them nicely.

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    Love Has No Age Limit

    15 Best Books For Golden Retriever Lovers

    With a strong emphasis on building a bond with adopted dogs, Love Has No Age Limit-Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home focuses mainly on adult dogs. Addresses issues that may have been present for years before the dog is adopted. It provides methods to ensure the transition from shelter to forever home is as smooth as possible.

    • Provides practical advice on avoiding common mistakes with older dogs.
    • Specifically written for people adopting adult dogs that have pre-existing issues.
    • Main focus is building a bond of trust and good behavior with abandoned dogs.

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    The Other End Of The Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

    Focusing on the difference in language between primates and canines, The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs looks at how human behavior affects dog behavior. Revolutionary techniques teach against using dominance and rough play. It examines what truly drives dog behavior and obedience.

    • Highlights the importance of vocal tone in gaining trust and obedience.
    • Combines accessible scientific perspective with troubleshooting common problems.

    Golden Retriever Training: The Beginner’s Guide To Training Your

    2 days agoFeb 09, 2017 ·Choosing a GoldenRetriever Puppy. 12. Bringing Puppy Home. 15. Speaking Your Dogs Language. 18. Effective Discipline. 21. Potty Training Your GoldenRetriever 24. Basic Obedience Training. 27. Sit 27. Drop. 29. Come 29. Fetch. 31. Stay. 32. Wait 34. Leash Training Your GoldenRetriever 37. Leash Training a Very Young Puppy. 38

    Courses213View detail Preview site

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    The Art Of Raising A Puppy By The Monks Of New Skete

    Best for: understanding the big picture

    Since the 1970s, the Monks of New Skete have been writing and thinking about humanitys relationships with dogs. This is a great book to read before you even consider adopting or purchasing a puppy. While the monks have lived and worked with German shepherd puppies for several decades, their advice and wisdom on all things canine applies to any and every breed. Get ready to dig deep into understanding your dog more than you ever thought possible.

    Wellness Natural Pet Food Grain

    6 mo Golden Retriever | Daisy | Best Virginia Dog Trainers
    • Mini crunchy puppy treats: These delicious, grain free soft treats are made with 2 kinds of fresh meat plus added vitamins specially for puppies and a natural source of DHA to promote healthy brain development
    • All natural: These crunchy and tasty treats are made with whole fruits and veggies including superfoods like blueberries and sweet potatoes for a naturally craveable flavor and a boost of antioxidants
    • Thoughtfully made: We craft delicious treats with simple, natural, high quality ingredients chosen for their nutritional benefits, No meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
    • Find the right treats: From puppy to senior, small dog to large breed, crunchy to chewy, grained to grain free, treating to training, weve got an all-natural recipe for every dogs needs and taste
    • Training and rewarding: These bite sized crunchy treats are the perfect rewards during training sessions or any time you want to thank your dog for good behavior

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    Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs

    The first book covering breeding and training of your hunting dog, Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs will help you coach an extremely versatile hunting companion. It is written by a highly successful NAVHDA trainer. Contains excellent advice on genetic diversity, hunting, tracking, retrieving, and testing.

    • Information on blood tracking, upland hunting, waterfowling, and off season hunting.
    • Designed to help produce a high scoring versatile hunting dog.
    • The author has had a 90% success rate passing the NAVHDA tests.

    Best For Service Dogs: Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog: Step By Step Instructions With 30 Day Intensive Training Program To Get You Started


    Acquiring a service dog can be a lengthy and expensive process. Training Your Own Service Dog by Lelah Sullivan is a guide to teaching your dog skills to help him or her be a companion animal. Sullivan is a retired service dog trainer who covers the fundamentals of training a dog for a variety of disabilities. Though we recommend going through a licensed service dog agency for most needs, Sullivans book can help those who need a little extra help around the house and dont have the extra funds to acquire an official service pup. The author also has a Facebook group that she visits frequently for advice and suggestions.

    Overall, this guide to self-training a service dog will help pups behave better and follow a variety of commands after finishing Sullivan’s steps.

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    Golden Retriever Puppy Training

    One of the very first things we have to do is train our puppy their name. If we cant get their attention, we cant ask them to do anything else.

    We also need to train our golden retriever puppy slowly to wearing a leash and collar, so they are happy to wear them as soon as possible. We will provide you some ideas on how to toilet train a golden retriever puppy.

    Learn how to do this in the following articles:

    Is The Book Appropriate For Your Dog

    15 Best Books For Golden Retriever Lovers in 2020

    You also want to look at whether or not the book is appropriate for your dog. For example, a book on standard dog training may not be appropriate for a puppy. You want to go with something that actually has expertise and training a puppy if that is the type of dog that you have. In addition, not all training techniques are going to work with all dog breeds or dog ages. Make sure that you know exactly what youre getting by doing your research carefully and finding out if the book has been written for your particular dog. If the author clearly does not know about your breed of dog or doesnt seem to have much experience with puppies, then you may want to go with a different book.

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    How To Choose The Best Dog Training Collar For Your Golden

    1 week agoJun 28, 2021 ·One of the best dog trainingbooks Ive seen is Kari Gunaways book: GoldenRetriever Puppy Training. In this book, you will learn some of the most common mistakes people make when training their dogs, as well as some of the best, and most effective training techniques. Karis list of dog-approved training items is simply amazing.

    Courses232View detail Preview site

    Puppy Training: A Step By Step Guide To Positive Puppy Training That Leads To Raising The Perfect Happy Dog Without Any Of The Harmful Training Methods

    Covering all aspects of getting a new puppy, Puppy Training: A Step By Step Guide to Positive Puppy Training That Leads to Raising the Perfect, Happy Dog, Without Any of the Harmful Training Methods! is a great book for first time puppy parents. It provides information on preparations to make beforehand, basic training, and puppys first commands. It also includes guidance on troubleshooting common problems.

    • Information on the important first few days of adjustment.
    • Covers crate training and housebreaking methods.
    • Gives the basic framework for teaching the puppy any number of commands and behaviors.

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    Cesar’s Way: The Natural Everyday Guide To Understanding And Correcting Common Dog Problems By Cesar Millan

    Best for: pups who need a little extra structure

    Though the pack leader mentality is often frowned upon today , there are some canines who require a little extra structure in the classroom. This is where Cesar Millan comes in. His books Be the Pack Leader and Cesars Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems focus on exercise, discipline and affection, in that order. Basically, youll learn how to think like a canine and effectively use pack instincts to train your dog to exhibit good behavior.

    Best Dog Training Collar For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Best Golden Retriever Dog Training | Banner | Dog Training in London

    1 week agoOne of the bestbooks you can use for training your dog is called Kanni Dog Training Book. This book will teach you all the necessary steps in training your dog. In fact, this book is written by experts in the field and has illustrations as well. Kanni Dog Training Book was designed by an expert and a trainer He is the one who has trained …

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    James Lamb Free Training Your Retriever

    Training Your Retriever by James Lamb Free is the first retriever training book that I ever read. I recognize that it is old. I mean, it is the book that my grandfather used to train his Labrador Retrievers. It was last updated in 1977. Many of the top notch pros base their training programs on Frees approach. Tom Dokken, Rex Carr, Bill Tarrant, and Mike Lardy all have pieces of James Frees training approach in their programs.

    It is a timeless book with a great history of field trials in the U.S. If you are new to the AKC tests and trials, you should read this book to understand these fun events.

    Even if you dont choose to follow his outdated program, I believe this is a great read for anyone getting into training retrievers.

    For me, I love this book for both sentimental and practical reasons. If you decide to buy this particular book, I think you will also benefit from a newer program like

    The Other End Of The Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs By Patricia B Mcconnell

    Best for: future Dr. Dolittles

    Really get to know what your dog is thinking and how to best communicate with them using this book by Dr. Patricia B. McConnell. As a zoologist and animal behaviorist, McConnell talks a lot about how humans and dogs naturally have different styles of communication and what this means during training . Get ready for calisthenics, introspection and vocal warmups: McConnell emphasizes the importance of body language, self-awareness and tone of voice when we talk to our dogs, and youll probably have to adjust along the way.

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    Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog In 7 Days

    If you need some fast training, then you may want to consider this book from celebrity dog trainer and star of the CBS show Lucky Dog Brandon McMillan. Lucky Dog is a show that has McMillan rescuing an untrained sometimes called unadoptable dog and getting them to a state where they can actually be adopted.

    He put them through a specific program where they learn to obey his seven most important commands, learn to trust him and learn to respond as a trained and friendly dog.


    If your dog has behavior problems, then this is definitely the book for you.

    Brandon McMillan specializes in behavior problems, and often the dogs that he brings on his show exhibit some of the most severe problems out there.

    What this means is that he has the knowledge and experience that will teach you exactly how to overcome the same problems in the exact same way that he did, which make a difference with even the worst behaving dog.

    These are all lessons that were learned from his television show, and if you are a fan of the show and have seen his techniques, you will agree that this book is going to be an invaluable training tool for overcoming major behavior issues.

    One of the most unique things about this book is that it purports to train your dog in seven days, which is probably a reference to the amount of time that he has to train dogs for the television show.

    Why you should buy

    How To Train Your Dog In 7 Days: A Step

    15 Best Books For Golden Retriever Lovers. Part 2.

    How to Train your Dog in 7 Days highlights training methods that work quickly, with no wasted time. It covers the basics of canine body language, as well as words and signs. Also included are techniques for coaching different behavior at home and in public.

    • Creates links between human and canine language, so commands are always understood.
    • Sets a clear 7 day training program, so there is no time wasted.
    • Detailed instructions on training to interact with other dogs.

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    Training For Chewing Problem

    All dogs love to chew especially golden retrievers, they will chew anything they can get, including your favorite shoes, however, they arent wild, they only bite due to pain from teething and trying to soothe their aching gums. Fortunately dealing with chewing is quite simple, just buy them toys to bite to relieve the pain and prevent them from unnecessary chewing, some veterinarian also advice to use a socket filled with ice to help with gums problem, however, you should always be around when you are giving it to your golden retriever, you dont want them to rip the sock and swallow an ice cube that can lead to very serious health problems.

    How To Train A Golden Retriever

    Training a golden retriever is a multi-step process. Start with the basics, such as potty training, leash training, and socialization skills. The training process continues into adolescence and adulthood as you reinforce and refine the skills your retriever learned.

    We have created the complete guide on training golden retrievers at any age. We will take you from puppy training, continued adolescent training, and reinforcement training for adult golden retrievers. Along the way, we will teach you the importance of potty training, crate training, socialization, and corrective behaviors

    We hope our step-by-step approach will make you feel confident in training your pup With tender love, care, and vigilance, your golden retriever pup will be a well-behaved best friend in no time!

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