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Best Chew Bones For Golden Retrievers

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Tips To Prevent Chewing Snobbery

5 Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

The worst thing in the world is if your puppy decides theyre bored with what is theirs and ! Part of avoiding this scenario lies in picking a good teething toy.

We will go into some good toy choices in a moment. However, lets also examine some general ways to keep the teeth and focus on the right things, in addition to the specific toy utilized.

  • Rotate your puppys toys so they always stay new and exciting. If you keep a toy out of the rotation for about a week and then give it back to your puppy, they will think its a brand new score! Make sure to take the toys out of rotation if they are showing signs of becoming unsafe such as evidence of wear or breakage.
  • Find toys that give your puppy a job to do! This is where toys that can contain treats are a great bonus! They have to work to get to their reward, and pet toys can do that for them.
  • Give your puppy cool toys. Well, they can be cool as in hip, but also cool as in cold. Teething gums can become inflamed. Putting a toy in the freezer is a great way to help your puppy feel better and make the chewing process more fun!

To satisfy your puppys urge to chew, you need to follow these important tips about dog chew toys.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Our winner in the contest for the best chew toys for golden retriever puppies in the edible category was Blue Buffalo and their puppy dental bones. Made just for growing mouths, these dental chews help your new pup maintain great dental hygiene. Because puppies have special requirements, these chews are textured to help sore and aching gums during the teething process.

Blue Buffalo has included DHA to help promote cognitive development, Taurine to help devolop heart health and Vitamins A, C and E to help support the immune system. These treat chews are made with great natural ingredients, have no chicken by-product meals, and are corn, wheat and soy free so you know your puppy is getting a high quality treat every time.

The Four Best Ways To Choose A Dog

1. Dogs use up a significant amount of energy and time. Yes, they are fulfilling. However, if you live by yourself and work twenty hours a day, then maybe the idea of dog adoption is not the very best idea for you.

2. If you are rarely at home during the day yet you still desire a dog, you most likely should purchase a dog walker. You ‘d probably be smart to pick a dog that is not too clingy. Take a look at PetMD’s Breedopedia to pick from a wide range of breeds. If you are not typically at home, and you truly desire a dog, you most likely ought to invest in an all purpose pet walker. You would be smart to select a dog breed that isn’t clingy

3. Any dog that you get must be appropriate not to your way of life but also your environments. If you reside in a shoebox size house, then a big dog may not be the greatest option. You do not want your dog to have health problems, be bored, or ruin things. Big dogs belong in great huge locations with A great deals of space outdoors.

4. Think about the breeds that are appropriate for your area climate environment particularly if you have a backyard and wish to keep the dog outside.

5. Puppies need the most work when it concerns house training. If you do not desire your things chewed up, or do not have the time or money to train the puppy, think about an already housebroken, dog.

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Devil Dog Pet Co Premium Elk Antler Dog Bone

Designed for dogs between 45-70 lbs, this Devil Dog Pet Co elk antler bone is ideal for breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and Golden Retrievers. These elk antlers are organic, non-synthetic, all-natural, clean and odorless, giving them an edge to rawhide bones and other natural dog bones. These elk antlers are also long lasting and great quality, making them perfect for very aggressive chewers. They do not splinter so there is no possibility of them harming your dog, and they also help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth as they chew.

The bone is also very nutrient dense and wild sourced from the grounds of the Rocky Mountain region of the USA. This particular elk antler is 6 inches long, but if you have a smaller or larger dog you can buy a bone that is proportioned to their size.

Key Features:

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

Golden Retriever Puppy At Home Chewing On Rawhide Bone ...

The Nylabone Dura Chew is a textured dog chew bone with raised bristles that, during chewing, help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar build up, ensuring great teeth and gum health for your pup. The extra strong bone is made from durable nylon and is designed to satisfy powerful chewers, providing long-lasting enjoyment and encouraging positive chewing habits. If you are worried your dog is too much of a strong chewer that other bones do not work, then this bone may be worth trying.

The dog chew is bacon flavored for a taste your dog will love and it is made for large dogs over 50 lbs. There are other versions of this dog chew available in different chew strengths and sizes, based on your dogs personal needs. They are all made in the USA.

Key Features:

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Materials For Heavy Chewers

Avoid: Stuffed and Plush Toys: These toys are super cute. With that in mind, stuffed and plush toys should be avoided for heavy chewers as they are very easy with to break open. When it comes to heavy chewers, no plush toys lasts forever.

The issue with squeaky toys is that once the dog breaks the toy open, not only will they eat the poly fill but also try to eat the squeaker, which is not made for eating and can pose as a choking hazard.


Avoid Vinyl Toys and Latex toys: These are more appropriate for dogs who are gentle chewers. When dogs chew down on latex or vinyl toys, the toys can start to develop sharp edges that can cut your dog’s mouth. Since these toys are softer it is also easier to break pieces off of these toys. Small pieces of vinyl and latex can pose a choking hazard to your dog and intestinal obstruction.


Hard Rubber Chew Toys: These are great for hardcore chewers. A good portion of dog toys are made for aggressive chewers.


Fibrous, Strong Rope Toys: Ropes are also a popular dog toy for tough chewers. Rope toys are durable and usually easy to clean through the wash. Rope is also a popular option for indestructible chewable leashes.

When it comes to rope toys, quality matters. Cheap rope toys are easier to break apart and can become stringy. When string rope breaks apart and eaten by a dog, it can lead to intestinal obstruction, which is dangerous for your dog. When buying rope toys, look for toys made in the US and high quality.

How We Picked Our Favorites

We partnered with veterinarians Our list of favorites is vet-approved, so you can trust that the ingredients are safe and healthy for your canine companion.

We avoided real bones Whether cooked or uncooked, real bones are unsafe for dogs because they splinter and break into sharp pieces that can puncture your dogs mouth or organs.

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Best Dog Toys For Golden Retrievers

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the best toys on the market for Golden Retrievers. With chewies, tuggers, and fetch toys, there is something for everyone, whatever their preference is. Only toys made by reputable brands and highly recommended by pet lovers feature here.

If you asked us which dog toy wed choose over all others, wed have to settle in on the Classic Kong as our top pick. So if youre on a budget, and can only pick one, the Kong classic would be our choice. But who usually picks one dog toy? Youre likely to pick multiple, so wed recommend any of the other toys on this list to find which one your pup likes best.

Tougher Doesnt Always Mean Better

Golden retriever puppy chewing his bone down the stairs #goldenretriever #puppy

When looking for a long-lasting chew, its easy to assume that the sturdiest option will be the best, but that may not be the case. The harder the chew, the higher the risk of tooth damage.

Bones, antlers and cow hooves are very popular among tough chewers, but they are too hard for many dogs. If youve fed these natural chews without incident, thats great, but just know that the risk is there.

Hard chews are not suitable for puppies, seniors, and dogs with compromised dental health. The risk of tooth damage is too high.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to chews that you can indent slightly with your nail. This doesnt completely eliminate the risk of your dog damaging their teeth, but it does decrease the odds.

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Kong Jumbler Football Toy

The Kong Jumbler Football toy has a tennis ball trapped inside and gives off a loud squeak thats sure to engage your golden retriever. The exterior is like a football with handles that make it easy for your golden to grab it.

This football even floats, so your golden can have fun with it in the water. Its an ideal toy for interactive fun. Its durability allows it to endure tough play. This toy is available in red and blue.

Best Chew Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies: The Ultimate Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an affiliate, this website earns from qualifying purchases.

Taking care of a golden retriever puppy involves more than just feeding it. You also need to play with the puppy. This isnt always easy to achieve what with work and other commitments. So how do you keep the puppy entertained while ensuring that you dont come home to damaged furniture or shoes?

Whether its just for fun or reduce the pain of teething, golden retriever puppies love chewing. They will chew anything they come across from your favorite shoes left behind the door to entire bushes.

Investing in golden retriever puppy toys is an effective way of ensuring that your pup doesnt damage valuables in the house.

But what are the best chew toys for Golden Retriever puppies, and how do you choose?

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Choosing Golden Retriever Toys For Chewing

Golden retrievers are some of the most playful, fun, and trustworthy canine companions around, but they may be very heavy chewers if they have one minor flaw.

As retrieving dogs, they love to hold stuff in their mouths, and, when theyre in there, they might as well have a nice chew on it!

With so much playful energy, their vigorous chewing can often be harmful. Theres no rawhide or chew toy to hand. Your shoes, furniture, and curtains could turn out to be completely battered in a matter of hours.

Thats why investing in genuinely high quality. A sturdy chew toy would be one of the best choices you make as a golden retriever owner. Not only can it squeeze some destructive chewing, but it will also provide the mental and physical stimulation that your dog requires to invest their energy and have a nice time doing so.

Theres a massive amount of chew toys on the market, and its easy to be overwhelmed by options. Heres what you need to worry about golden retriever toys for chewing before you buy it.

Virbac Cet Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

Best Bones for Golden Retrievers: Our Top 7 Dog Bone Chews ...

No doubt, Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic chew is one of the best munch available in the market right now.

What made this chaw is special is because of the material used in the production.

They are made with beef hide.

This beef hide combines with the natural antiseptic plus an abrasive texture that works with the dogs chewing action to loosen tartar as well as provide clinically proven plaque control.

Additionally, the materials used in the production make it extremely easy to keep your hounds teeth healthy without posing any risk.

It also helps to keep the dogs breath fresh.

Most customers confirmed that they witnessed a positive change in their dogs teeth just within 30 days of using it.

This chaw is also made to fight bacteria.

When you order this munch, you wont only be getting vet recommended chew but as well a toy to help keep your pet healthy.


  • Comes in different sizes which include small, medium, large and extra-large
  • Freshens hound breath
  • There are customers that complained of size inconsistencies

Is it made in the US?

No, it is made in Mexico but still a great option

What the size?

It has small, medium and large size

What is it made of?

It was made from beef hide

The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

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Chewmax Roasted Trachea 10 Count Of 6 Inch 100% Natural Roasted Trachea

Treat your furry friend to a premium roasted 100% natural pet treats.

This premium treat will completely satisfy your dogs natural instinct to chew.

Made in Michigan, United States and comes with 10 counts of 6 inches individually wrapped 100% natural roasted Trachea.

Carefully sourced raw materials were used in the production of this treatment in order to produce the finest treats.

They dont smell bad and can last for a really long time.


  • Not a lot of users yet

ChewMax Roasted Trachea 10 Count of 6 Inch 100% Natural Roasted Trachea Recommended By Us

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed

Pet owners that want a whole and natural dog food for their Golden Retriever will love this formula made by Blue Buffalo. It contains real meat, like deboned chicken, to promote strong muscles, which is crucial for big dogs like the Golden Retriever. Moreover, it contains whole grains, fruits and veggies that further encourage a healthy body.

A unique feature to this is that it contains LifeSource bits. These bits are a mix of nutrients that are further enhanced with more ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. The dog food also has chondroitin and glucosamine that helps support bone and joint health, making a dog more mobile. Moreover, it has omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that help the dog stay healthy with a beautiful coat.

This dog food is an excellent choice for dogs that are active and need extra support. It has L-carnitine that helps the muscles, helping aid a dog stay healthy and mobile in their active lifestyles. It also has loads of essential vitamins, phosphorus and calcium to encourage stronger teeth and bones. Moreover, there are antioxidants, mechalated minerals and vitamins to support a healthy immune system.

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Pet N Shape Beef Bone

The Pet n Shape beef bone is sourced and made in the USA, guaranteeing a safe and healthy chew for your pup. Each bone is roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor and they contain no artificial additives, colors, or preservatives and contain no wheat, corn, and soy. Perfect for medium to large-sized dogs, these bones are a great treat that can help clean teeth and exercise jaw muscles, keeping your dog entertained while you are out and stops them from chewing other things around the house.

Each bone is completely digestible and ensures your dog a lot of nutrients and protein, too. These bones come in different pack sizes, up to six bones per pack, and there are also options available for smaller or larger dogs who will need different sized bones for safety.

Key Features:

Things To Consider When Buying Bones For Dogs

golden retriever puppy chewing bone

There are a few things to consider when buying a dog bone to ensure your dog gets the most out of their bone.


First of all, you want your bone to be durable. As we mentioned above, dogs are natural chewers and a bone is going to be useless if it breaks very easily. This is especially important if your dog is a big chewer or has a large jaw on them. Synthetic bones are much less likely to break than natural bones. However, if you want to go for a natural bone, raw dog bones are better than cooked dog bones, because they are less brittle and less likely to splinter, which can cause harm to your dog if they swallow the splintered pieces. You should also look for bones from strong animals, such as cows.

Dog Size

The bone size that you choose directly relates to your dogs size. If you have a small dog or a puppy, they will need a smaller bone because they have smaller mouths. Similarly, if you have a larger dog, they will need a larger bone. If you buy a small bone for a large dog they could actually risk swallowing it, so it is always better to go for a larger bone if you are in doubt.


As we said above, natural bones are far more nutritious than synthetic bones because they come from animals. Bones with marrow in are extra nutritious, because this is the part of the bone where the nutritional ingredients are held.



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