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Best Dry Puppy Food For Golden Retrievers

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How Much Should Golden Retriever Eat In A Day

5 Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever in 2020.

Golden retrievers have an in-built clock in them, which propels them to have their meal at the right time. It is advisable to feed the golden retrievers 2 times a day and with an average intake of 1300 to 1700 cal according to their size and requirements. Make them eat with an interval of 12hrs in between.

In the case of golden retriever puppies, start by feeding them 3 times a day for three weeks and then turn into 2 times. You can give them ice cubes if they are thirsty, and treat them with crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumber for short hunger pangs.

What Should I Look For In A Golden Retriever Food

You should always look for packed foods that contain high protein moderate fat and less carb diet charts. Also always look for food that contains meat like chicken, turkey, duck, fish, and lamb.

Food that contains dietary fiber like magnesium, potassium, and vitamins like vitB12, Vit E, Vitc that helps improve immunity and restores shine and luster on the coated skin.

Taurine Deficiency In Golden Retrievers

Past publications and research suggest that Golden Retrievers may be genetically predisposed to taurine deficiency, which is well-documented as potentially leading to DCM, via FDA.

Veterinary cardiologist Dr. Joshua Stern from the University of California at Davis has been studying the rise in cases of DCM in Golden Retrievers, including a potential dietary link. Many cases of DCM in Golden Retrievers are taurine-deficient.

Pet owners who suspect their Golden Retrievers may be affected may wish to consult their veterinarian to discuss checking taurine levels or conducting an echocardiogram.

For more on this, visit:

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Best Dog Food For Small And Large Breeds

Small breed dogs and large breed dogs have different nutritional needs. Large breed dogs are more prone to musculoskeletal problems than smaller breeds, and so they often require large-breed dog food with different balances of certain nutrients to promote musculoskeletal health, especially as puppies. Small breed dogs, on the other hand, can choke on large-sized kibble and have their own nutritional requirements that can be accommodated with a small-breed dog food. Research your dogs breed to find out if there are any additional nutritional requirements you should be aware of.

Diamond Naturals Premium Large Breed Formulas Dry Dog Food

The Best Puppy Food For Golden Retrievers

Designed of high quality ingredients, this Golden Retriever dog food offers holistic nutrition for each and every dog of this breed out there. Every dry formula of this type of food is enhanced with guaranteed probiotics for digestive support and ideal nutrition.

A puppy of such a large dog breed requires protein to grow. This product doesn`t only provide high quality protein, but also the perfect profile of amino acids for muscle support.

This product`s formula also includes strong phytonutrients and antioxidants gathered from oranges, carrots, blueberries and spinach to aid support a healthy immune system for your little fella`.

The perfect content of minerals and protein, along with antioxidants and omega fatty acids, will definitely help the development and growth of your Golden Retriever pup.

This is a family owned company, which although it might seem it can`t compete with the big pet brands, it does use trusted sources from all over the world.

Basic Stats:

What We Don`t Like:

  • Smelly farts.

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Does My Golden Retriever Need Supplements

For a healthy lifestyle, vets often recommend supplements for dogs. The main supplements that a golden retriever need is

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Essential phytonutrients
  • Calcium

These are some of the supplements that a golden retriever needs to meet its daily nutritional requirement. A good quality dog food for golden retriever contains all the essential nutrients.

What Should A Golden Retriever Eat

There are some things we should take note of when looking for the best dog food for our golden retrievers. Golden retrievers, being active, need a lot of protein for muscle build-up. Protein-rich dog foods are important for our dogs. Thus, it is best to look for dog foods with meat such as lamb, chicken, turkey, or fish, as the first ingredient.Dog foods rich in carbohydrates are also beneficial for our goldens to sustain their energy. However, some golden retrievers are prone to allergies to corn or soy. Thus, dog foods containing soy or corn may not be good for them. Alternatively, you may consider those with whole rice or brown rice in the ingredients.Also, taurine is said to be essential for proper cardiovascular function. Lack of taurine can cause heart failure in our dogs. Therefore, look for dog food that includes taurine among its ingredients.Choose dog foods containing no poultry or animal by-products as they are not the healthiest ingredients for our dogs. If it is not good for humans, most probably, it is not good for dogs too. Also, avoid foods with sugars, artificial colors, and flavors. Most dog treat products contain these ingredients. Hence, it is best to limit giving these treats to our golden retrievers. Of course, asking your vet about the best dog food for our golden retrievers is always a good move to ensure the best for our dogs.

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Moderate To High Protein

Animal protein is still the best.

The amino acid profile of animal proteins is more complete than their plant counterparts. Ideally, you should aim for a protein content that is at least 25% of the dry matter weight of the dog food.

Also, the very first ingredient must be a clearly stated animal protein. In some cases where a plant ingredient is first on the list, these are often treated as special diets. You still have to look at the guaranteed analysis of the product.

The 7 Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers

SHADOW’S FAVOURITE FOOD𦮠|INTERNATIONAL DOG DAYð?|Best Dry Food For Golden Retriever Puppy| #shorts

Golden Retrievers are famously upbeat, loyal, and intelligent animals. Whether as a companion or addition to a family with small children, Goldens continue to be one of the top pet choices for millions of families around the country.

The food you give your dog has a major impact on their health and wellbeing, so its important to choose the right option. To help, we researched hundreds of products and thousands of verified reviews to find the 7 best dog foods for Golden Retrievers available now. Heres our list:

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Purina Pro Plan Large

The top five ingredients are chicken, rice, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, and poultry by-product meal. The dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 32 percent protein.

It also contains 15 percent fat and 45 percent estimated carbs. This yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 47 percent.

Its listed as a time-proven field-tested formula with balanced calcium levels ideal for large and giant breed puppies.

This is a budget-friendly food that many people recommend. This formula is highly-ranked and has been a favorite with consumers.

Purina Pro Plan is what we are currently feeding our guide dog puppies.

But, as is true of the adult Pro Plan food listed above, please note that it contains poultry by-product and soybean meal, both of which are often considered to be inferior ingredients.

But apparently many consumers have found that their dogs are doing well on this food.

Different Dogs Different Diets

Of course, nutritional needs vary from breed to breed. One only needs to look at a golden retriever to know they require a different diet than a Chihuahua!

Large breeds have special requirements, and its important that they be met. For example, joint and bone problems are much more common in big dogs than little ones, but choosing the right puppy food can reduce the risk.

Large-breed puppy food has reduced amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which helps control the rate of skeletal growth. Also, you may find puppy foods that contain glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility.

With proper nutrition, you can lessen your dogs chances of developing conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

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How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy

Knowing how much to feed your Golden Retriever and how often will help your Golden Retriever start off with a healthy lifestyle. As owners, we want to make sure that our new puppy gets just the right amount food to grow at their pace. We do not want to overfeed or underfeed. Our wish is to make life for them as comfortable as possible.

For more detail on this topic check out our article Golden Retriever Feeding Chart. If you use our recommended Purina Pro Plan, see below for the feeding chart.

Why High Quality Food Is Important


A Golden Retrievers life span is lower than most breeds, so using a high-quality dog food is a great tool to use to extend it as long as possible. Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers are prone to several serious health issues as well. Some of those health issues are joint problems, various forms of cancer, and allergies.

Here is a list of the most common illnesses Golden Retrievers face:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand Disease
  • Cataracts

Feeding a Golden Retriever quality food from a young age helps ensure they will grow into, and continue living, a healthy life. For more information check out our article Golden Retriever Health Issues: Common Problems.

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What About Growing Puppies

A puppys needs for protein and calories are higher than an adults. However, large-breed puppies need to be kept on a calorie-controlled diet to prevent them from growing too quickly.

According to AAFCO nutrient profiles, they also need lower calcium and phosphorus levels to reduce the risk of joint issues. So, yes, its good to look for a Golden Retriever puppy food thats right for your growing pup.

Lets Wrap Up All We Have Learned

Your lovely Goldy is a vigorous, lively, and dynamic beastie. This breed is famous for its intelligence and obedience. They thrive on human companionship and always bring joy to their owners life.

To protect their bones from becoming brittle too soon, make sure you find the best product in the market for your pooch. They will be thankful and reciprocate with lots of love.

The products we chose to present to you are some of the best formulas in the market today. In case you would like to expand the scope of your search, we advise you to try your luck with the best large breed dry dog food. Make sure you steer clear from the worst dry dog food brands. If youre searching for canned food, we suggest scanning through the best canned dog food on the market.

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Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Adult Dog

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog

  • Real pasture-raised beef
  • Ground barley
  • Peas

This crunchy kibble is made in the USA with the finest ingredients like chicken and wholesome grains.

All the ingredients used in this dog food are selected by experts and it supports the immune system, bone health, and skin of your adult dog.

In addition, probiotics, prebiotics, chicory root extract, fibers combine to give healthy digestion.

It gives a guaranteed level of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A to support the eyes, teeth, gums of your dogs.

And it is rich in antioxidants due to the presence of blueberries and spinach.

They also offer food for puppies, senior dogs at a reasonable price.

Some Suggested Foods For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Choco | Puppy’s best feed – Royal Canin | The Golden retriever

Of course puppies require a higher amount of protein and fat than adults generally do.

But note that adult goldens who are very active, such as dogs who do agility, generally need more protein and fat than other goldens do. But they may not need as much as puppies do.

If in doubt, its best to check with a vet who knows canine nutrition regarding your dogs specific needs.

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Golden Retriever Allergies & Food

If your dog is displaying symptoms of a food allergy, it could be caused by any food they consume, from wheat to meat. The best treatment is to visit your vet and discuss an allergy test or an elimination diet. There are also a number of dog foods for allergies that eliminate common dietary culprits.

Not sure if your dog has allergies? Remember that allergies can develop at any age. Here are signs you should get in touch with your vet:

  • Itchy skin
  • Swollen ears, lips, eyelids earflaps

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry

Top Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Lamb Meal, 3. Whole Grain Brown Rice, 4. Cracked Pearled Barley, 5. Ground White Rice

If you want your young Golden Retriever to have a perfectly balanced start, go for Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food. Aside from balanced nutritional value, this food contains probiotics for healthy digestion and fewer tummy troubles. Plus, there are plenty of superfoods that add a punch of antioxidants and make it extremely beneficial for your puppys immune system. It is especially good for puppies that are extra active they will get all the healthy carbs they need. The lamb used for the recipe is a pasture-raised healthy one.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry Dog Food

PetListed Verdict:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food is formulated specifically for dogs that require high protein and high carbohydrate diets. This dry kibble features a mixture of meats including beef, chicken, lamb, and venison, as well as healthy carbs including peas and sweet potatoes.

Key Details:

  • High protein and high fat content for maximum performance and lean muscle
  • Contains LifeSource Bits, a veterinarian approved mixture of vitamins, minerals, an antioxidants.
  • Pricier compared with other dry dog foods

Ingredients To Avoid Feeding Your Golden Retriever

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food

Golden Retrievers can sometimes develop food allergies. Grains such as corn, wheat, and soy are common, so look for food that doesnt contain any of these if you want to be especially cautious. Also, you should look for natural ingredients and avoid anything artificial like colors, preservatives or flavors. You should also be careful of food that contains too high a sugar content. These are often common in semi-moist dog food. While many of the dog foods listed above contain ingredients we often find in human food, there are some foods that we eat that are not safe for canines. These include garlic, onions, chocolates, grapes, and raisins, so always be wary of what you are offering to your dog if you ever feed them off your plate.

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What To Look For When Buying Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

It is best to look for a formula that is specifically made for large-breed dogs and designed for their stage of life. You should be looking for food that is made from wholesome, natural ingredients not food that contains fillers, artificial additives, or by-products. Lean protein should make up a big proportion of the food from meat, poultry, and fish sources. Fat and calorie content should be limited as Golden Retrievers have slower metabolisms and you dont want your pooch to be at risk of becoming obese.

Look for food that has that label of complete and balanced nutrition as this ensures that they are getting the right stuff for a healthy lifestyle. Also, consider factors like the kibble size as Golden Retrievers are better able to eat food a bigger size and this helps to stop your dog eating too much too quickly, which can lead to serious issues like bloat.

Dont Give Them Too Much Of A Good Thing

Overfeeding your puppy can undo all the benefits of breed-specific golden retriever puppy food. By consuming too much food, your puppy will have elevated levels of the very nutrients that should be limited.

Additionally, overweight puppies may develop other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Good eating habits developed during puppyhood will lead to a healthy mature dog in the years to come.

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What Golden Retriever Owners Swear By

Im sure youve met a lot of Golden Retriever parents. Consequently, Im also certain that each and every one recommends different diets and dog foods! Some people swear by dog foods meant for other large breeds. Thats something you should never try. See, the thing is that each and every breed is different and, obviously, has different nutritional needs.

Since Goldies are intelligent, energetic, playful and have a beautiful coat made of long hair, they need special nutrition. So, the first thing you should do is to tune out all that bad advice. There are three core things that you should look for when buying dog food. Lets take a look:

  • Stay away from filler ingredients such as soy, corn, rice, etc
  • Always choose a dog food with high meat contentnot high protein
  • Macros matter more than calories do

However The most important thing you need to do before making any changes to your dogs diet is to always consult the vet because he is a highly trained professional who knows more about a dogs body and needs. After all, we all want our furry companions to be happy and healthy.

How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Your Golden Retriever

Golden retriever puppy eating royal canin food | Best food for Golden Retriever puppy | cute puppy

This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

You love your golden and want whats best for him. But there are so many choices.

The pet food industry has exploded in recent years.

Its so confusing when you go to the pet store or look on-line to choose a specific food for your special pup.

Of course, theres more than one food that will help your dog grow properly, be healthy, and thrive.

Ill discuss some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a great food.

Ill also recommend some foods that have been highly rated for large-breed dogs.

Remember though that, if you intend to switch your dog to a new diet, do so over the course of seven to 10 days to help avoid intestinal upsets or diarrhea.

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