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Best Golden Retriever Breeders In The Northeast

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Alpha Golden Retrievers Texas

Raised in a country setting, Alpha Golden Retrievers are a highly regarded breeder in Texas that raises well socialized with puppies. Located in Sealy, Texas in Austin County, Alpha Golden Retrievers are AKC Certified which helps verifies they arent a puppy mill.

The Golden Retriever puppies bred at Alpha are raised in a clean and healthy atmosphere. Most of their puppies are purchased before birth and there is usually a waiting list. So if you want one of these Golden Retriever puppies in Texas, youll likely have to wait a few months.

However, Alpha Golden Retrievers does not just sell to just anyone. They always make sure their dogs are going to be well taken care of and loved for their entire life. They do an interview with anyone interested in purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy to make sure they are going to the best home possible and will never end up in a rescue.

A Golden Retriever puppy purchased from Alpha is set firmly at $3,250. Breeding rights can also be purchased for an additional price of $550 if youre interested in starting your own Golden Retriever breeding program. As required by the breeder, the puppies will be microchipped before purchasing.

When purchasing a puppy from Alpha Golden Retrievers Texas, you will also be given a certificate for 30 days of pet insurance from AKC once the puppy is registered.

Best Golden Retriever Rescues In New Jersey

If youre searching for the best Golden Retriever Rescues in New Jersey, then youve come to the right place. The vast majority of Golden Retrievers grow up in their forever homes, adored by the entire family for their unique traits. However, once in a while, a rescue is needed when a family can no longer care for their Golden. In New Jersey, there are several options for rescue shelters that specialize in this breed. 

This article is your reference for finding the perfect Golden Retriever shelter for your location in the Northeast. Each rescue shelter differs slightly, from the services offered to the exact location of the facilities. Within this list, youll be able to find a forever friend or even volunteer within one of these philanthropic organizations. Golden Retrievers in New Jersey need help finding suitable homes. Lets learn more about these facilities and how to help these wonderful pets.

Before scrolling down this list of Golden Retriever rescues in New Jersey, check out our other recommendations:Best Dog Rescues in New JerseyandBest Golden Retriever Breeders in New Jersey.

Eirlys Golden Retrievers California

Eirlys Golden Retrievers is another family-run kennel facility located in Northern California. The name Eiryl is actually of Welsh Origin which means snowdrop and it was chosen in honor of the familys heritage.

The main breeder of Eirlys named Marina Hall Phillips has an extensive background in animal genetics, behavior, and husbandry. She has been in the service dog industry for 20 years before she decided to start breeding Golden Retrievers.

As a result of her years of experience, the Goldens that her kennel produces are very much delightful as they have a balanced temperament, excellent working ability, perfect structure, and penchant for family companionship.

There arent many litters offered by this breeder since they only have a small breeding program. Nevertheless, if you want to take your chances, please do so. Their litter is well-planned so they really offer quality puppies.

Eirlys Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

All the Golden Retriever breeders included on our list passed our standards. However, if you want to verify their legitimacy, read our ultimate puppy buying guide for some proven tips on how to safely find a breeder online or how to find a puppy for sale while avoiding scams.

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What Questions A Breeder Should Ask You

In addition to all of the questions that youll have for a breeder, they should have a lot of questions for you, too.

Reputable breeders care about their puppies and theyll be quizzing you to see if youll provide a good home for them.

They may ask you:

  • Have you owned a dog before?
  • Do you currently have a dog?
  • What pets do you currently have
  • Do you know that its going to take a lot of work?
  • What type of lifestyle are you expecting with your new golden?
  • Why do you want a golden retriever?
  • Do you have children?
  • What kind of home do you live in?
  • How much time will you be able to spend with the puppy? And with the dog when theyre an adult?

Why Are Golden Retriever Shelters Needed

Pretty Retriever female #1 in Northeast Indiana

Rescue shelters dedicated to the Golden Retrievers offer a needed service to New Jersey and the Northeast. Not only are Golden Retrievers faithful, loving pets, but theyre also energetic and can be challenging in small apartments without a yard. Thats where New Jersey Golden Retriever rescue shelters come into play: they offer a second chance for puppies and adult dogs who need rehoming. So whether their shedding, constant fetching, or some other characteristic becomes an issue for the doggie family, they can turn to these rescues as a humane option. 

Most rescue shelters operate out of facilities, although some are remote and require the assistance of foster families to function. Offering a refuge for Golden Retrievers of all ages, theyre community-based organizations that provide a needed service. One of the most common issues pet owners run into is moving to another house or apartment that either doesnt accept dogs or doesnt have a large enough yard space.

Sometimes, this means a Golden Retriever needs a new home. Shelters on our list offer training and other resources to new owners to ensure health and stability for their furry friends. Unfortunately, some pet owners fall in love with Golden Retrievers before realizing how much work pet ownership can be. Whatever the reason, these shelters allow their dogs to experience a second chance within a loving home.

More Golden Retriever Rescues:Best Golden Retriever Rescues in the United States.

Questions To Ask About The Puppies

How do you socialize the puppies?

Theres a lot of handling and exposure to different things in the world that breeders can do to help raise a well-socialized puppy. A good breeder will be able to talk to you about this.

Where are the puppies born and raised?

Are they raised in the home, or out back in the shed?

Will they be examined by a vet before they go home?

The answer should be yes.

What are the puppies bred for?

This may include being bred for companions , or show, sport, or hunting.

Syrah Goldens Jefferson Ga

Syrah Goldens specializes in breeding European-type, light golden retrievers. And, Syrah Goldens unique methodology sets the company apart as one of the 10 best golden retriever breeders in the USA. First, Syrah Goldens imports its adult golden retrievers from established breeders in Europe, Russia, and Australia.

Then, more interestingly, many of their puppies cuddle up in foster homes in order to better socialize them before finding their forever homes. The result is a socialized golden retriever puppy that you can adopt and love for years to come.

Ne Golden Retriever Breeders

View Full ProfileView Full ProfileView Full ProfileAttachment 649320Yankee Golden is an amazing facility… I could go on and on about it, but you may just want to visit their site. Although they specialize in purebred Goldens, they recently have decided to selectively accept adoptions of Golden mixes as well. They have a large facility, and it simply wasn’t being used to the fullest extent.Great place, great people, great dogs, great care… can’t say enough good about it.

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost Puppy Prices And Expenses

Golden Retrievers are not as expensive as other purebreds like Rottweilers or Tibetan Mastiffs. They only cost around $500 to $2,000 depending on several factors like the breeders reputation, guarantees, certification, etc.

Of course, if you want a dog from a champion bloodline, that would be more costly. Usually, their price range is between $2,000 to $3,000.

Aside from this initial cost, you also have to provide some necessary items for your pup.

Heres the price breakdown of these items Im talking about:

$415 $830

English Golden Retriever Puppies Raised With Care

Fourthly, our adults are very impressive, but people keep coming back for second and third puppies from us because of the way we raise our English Type Golden Retriever puppies and where and how our dogs live. Read our How WeRaise Our Puppiespage and theOur Homepage for detailed information. See our page on Golden Retriever Puppies to see our future breeding plans along with availability.

Focused Puppy Training Program

And finally, we have a very popular training program for those wanting a start in training for their puppy. Over 90% of families getting puppies from us choose to get the training. See our Trained English Golden Retriever Puppiespage for details on our Focused Puppy Training Program.

You must see some of the many videos of our past puppies to appreciate what we do with these young puppies. Several of these videos can be found on the Puppies page. Also, many more videos can be found on our Youtube channel.

Enjoy Your Visit!

Weve designed our website with two goals in mind. The first is to communicate information about our own English Golden Retrievers . Secondly, our website was designed to help those who are just starting a search for an English Golden Retriever puppy and want to learn more about the imported lines of Golden Retrievers. There are dozens of pages on our website with a wide variety of information.

Rocking O Alpacas And Golden Retrievers


Rocking O Alpacas and Golden Retrievers is a breeder located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Susan J. Ohsberg raises well-adjusted, friendly, and healthy Golden Retriever puppies.

Rocking O Alpacas and Golden Retrievers is an AKC-certified kennel. There is not much forthcoming information on the breeders website about disease clearances and certifications, but keep in mind that you will probably find this information in the puppy contract when purchasing your dog. Make sure to ask about any questions you may have before committing to buying a puppy.

Rocking O Alpacas and Golden Retrievers is accepting puppy applications, but all of their puppies until the end of 2021 are spoken for at the time of this writing.

Snowwater Retrievers Jamestown Pa

If you have a soft spot in your heart for English Cream golden retrievers, then SnowWater Retrievers offers exactly what you need. Specializing in golden retrievers that display white or light cream coats, SnowWater Retrievers caters to a highly discerning niche in the golden retriever market.

The sires and dams residing at this Jamestown breeder have been carefully selected for their traits and imported from all over the world to create ideal pups. If you desire a golden retriever puppy with a coat so white that it would raise the eyebrow of a dog show judge, then SnowWater Retrievers can satisfy your needs.

Reasons To Choose A Reputable Breeder

Golden Retriever Puppies Ohio Cheap

I touched on this in the intro, but here are five reasons to choose a reputable breeder:

  • is inherited. If you have two healthy parents , the puppies are likely to be healthy as well.
  • is inherited. Everything that was said about health also goes for temperament.
  • Inbreeding is a major problem with golden retrievers where dogs that are too closely related can produce unhealthy puppies. Responsible breeders will know and take steps to prevent this.
  • Socialization is important to raising healthy puppies and its the breeders job to socialize them at first.
  • If anything were to go wrong, you would want a breeder with integrity to help navigate the problems, whether that ends up in a refund, a replacement puppy, etc.
  • Coachs Golden Retrievers Georgia

    Coachs Golden Retrievers is run by a former football coach with over 25 years of experience breeding dogs. He considers his Goldens as an extension of his family so he makes sure that they are well taken care of.

    This breeder does not advertise puppies that much and in most cases, the litters are sold through referrals or repeat purchases. You would really have to reach out to him for his available puppies.

    Since his dogs are often repeated purchases, several families already own second and third-generation Golden Retrievers from this breeder. If this also sounds appealing to you, check the dogs out through their webpage.

    Coachs have puppy homes in various states, but mainly they are located in Atlanta.

    Coachs Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

    Why Famn Damily Farm

    When you come to see a pup, you will not find their parents in a cage. All of our dogs are members of our family. While we do have a large pen, our dogs are seldom in it. In fact, mom and dad will insist on meeting you. One of the Goldens’ greatest goals in life is making as many human friends as they possibly can. The majority of our clientele comes from referrals.

    When coming to pick up a pup, you may have the lucky chance to meet some of the friends of Famn Damily Farm, Phil and Kathy!

    Read More

    When you come to see a pup, you will not find their parents in a cage. All of our dogs are members of our family. While we do have a large pen, our dogs are seldom in it. In fact, mom and dad will insist on meeting you. One of the Goldens’ greatest goals in life is making as many human friends as they possibly can. The majority of our clientele comes from referrals.

    When coming to pick up a pup, you may have the lucky chance to meet some of the friends of Famn Damily Farm, Phil and Kathy!

    #6 Kp Golden Retrievers

    KP Golden Retrievers is a member of Golden Retriever Club of America, United Kennel Club and Cascade Hunting Retriever Club.

    Mother daughter duo Debbie and Kim love spending time with their dogs and family. This is a small home breeder so only a few puppies are available throughout the year. All the breeding dogs are both AKCregistered and UKCregistered.

    When you collect your puppy, you receive a 3 generation pedigree, microchipped with registration, puppy socialization, and sales contract with 26 months health guarantee, AKC registration paperwork and lifetime support for the puppy. First set of shots, deworming and exposure training are all done by Debbie and Kim.

    After your application has been screened, you need to make a $500 deposit. Total price is $2800 including the deposit. You can pick your baby up when it is 8 weeks old. If you ever face any unfortunate complication, Debbie and Kim will always welcome the furbabies back. No questions asked!

    What We Feed Our Pups

    All dry pet food need to be processed to destroy bacteria, therefore rendering the natural heat sensitive nutrients useless in their products.A dog cannot live a healthy life without essential nutrients, enzymes, and minerals that are missing from the processed food he eats.It is all about prevention for dogs and cats. We want the best for our pets and we want to share this with you.

    Gaylans Golden Retrievers North Carolina

    Gaylans Golden Retrievers has quite an interesting history. The husband and wife who owns this kennel did not originally plan to breed Golden Retrievers but mares.

    In the process of finding a horse to bring home, the wife named Gayle realized that her money isnt enough to pay for one. A horse owner even laughed at her face because she cannot afford it.

    Just as when they are about to go home empty-handed, the husband thought of buying a Golden Retriever instead. Thus, begin their journey of breeding the best Golden Retrievers in the USA.

    Currently, the kennel has been running for 20 years and is focused on producing multi-purpose Golden Retrievers and training them.

    Theyre also collecting money to fund canine health research and taking part in rescuing unwanted and neglected Golden Retrievers.

    Aside from all these acts, what makes Gaylans top our list is because over the years, they have already produced 100 titled Golden Retrievers and Gail Watkins has received the Gold-level AKC Breeder of Merit. Surely, this counts for something.

    Here are some other reasons to choose this breeder:

    • The puppies come with a warranty and sales contract.
    • The breeding stock is evaluated for various diseases before having them reproduce.
    • Different types of Golden Retrievers are available like companions, competition, and working puppies.
    • All puppies are raised inside a home so they are well socialized.

    Gaylans Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

    Sweet Cream Goldens Nine Mile Falls Wa

    One can easily guess by the name that Sweet Cream Goldens exclusively breeds English Cream golden retrievers. The surprising thing about this special breeder comes in the form of its extensive, 3-year health guarantee for every puppy adopted.

    Each puppy provided by Sweet Cream Goldens comes with an elbow, hip, eye, and heart guarantee, as long as the new owners stick to Lifes Abundances All Life Stage Nutritional System. If you want to protect your investment, adopting from Sweet Cream Goldens makes a lot of sense.

    Puppyspot Golden Retriever Texas

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in Texas. The downside is that if you contact any reputable breeder, there is going to be a waitlist of 3+ months. Additionally, there are a ton of scams going on asking you to put a large deposit down on a puppy. The reason that we recommend PuppySpot is that it screens all their breeders to make sure they are registered and asks them an array of questions. Their process is fully backed by the American Kennel Club , which helps rule out all backyard breeders and puppy mills. 

    Additionally, since PuppySpot has a network of reputable breeders, they will have puppies available on their website. You can sort by age, coat color, size, price, and gender to find the perfect Golden Retriever puppy in Texas. If the puppy is not located in Texas, they will fly your Golden Retriever out to you safely via their own airline. We highly recommend checking out PuppySpot if you dont want to be put on a waitlist.

    We Breed And Sell English Cream Retrievers For Showing And As Top Quality Family Pets

    Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Ohio

    We chose English Cream Golden Retrievers because we fell in love with their docile demeanor , extreme intelligence, and the fact that they make excellent pets for families of all ages. Also, the English Cream Golden Retriever is one of the most beautiful and versatile dog breeds. They are great dogs for companionship, therapy and service dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds. For these reasons we decided to become English Cream Golden Retriever breeders.

    We breed and raise our English Cream Golden Retriever dogs and puppies on our 16 acre farm in Grabill, Indiana. Our dogs get lots of love and attention everyday. They interact with myself, my wife and all of our children throughout the day and are part of our family. We pride ourselves on breeding and raising quality, healthy English Cream puppies.

    Golden Retriever Rescues For Adoption In New Jersey

    What makes a rescue shelter worthy of our list? All our selections specialize in caring for Golden Retrievers, finding homes that understand their energetic nature, thick coats, and other neat features. Although some of these shelters are in nearby states, they all claim to service the entire state of New Jersey. In addition, all the shelters on our list are accepting dogs of all Golden Retriever mixes, not just purebreds.

    In addition, these rescues offer services and support to new adopters, making the transition as easy as possible for everyone involved. Golden Retriever-specific shelters need volunteers and foster parents; this article covers how to adopt a pet and volunteer with a rescue shelter in New Jersey.

    Golden Retriever Product Recommendations:Best Dog Toys For Separation AnxietyandBest Dog Bed For Separation Anxiety.

    #2 Snow Goldens Ranch

    Snow Golden Ranch is a family operated business. Since 2014, Varlene and her daughter Elizabeth have been breeding AKCregistered quality Golden Retrievers. Currently, they have two studs named Sailor and McCoy. Also, four dams named Tiff, Kierra, Saga, and Molly. But Molly is retired now.

    All parent dogs are OFA cleared for hip, elbow, eyes and heart. You get a 5 year long genetic health guarantee for your pup.

    There is no cancer in the Snow Goldens bloodline. Litters are well behaved and socialized with both animals and humans.

    And if you stay close to the ranch, you may visit the puppies regularly to play with them. Your chosen pet will be delivered to you once it is 8 weeks old. Deposit is $500 . Total cost is $3000, including the deposit. So when you pick up your puppy, your due will be $2500.

    Recently Snow Goldens ranch has moved to a new location in Snohomish, Washington.

    Winter White English Cream Goldens

    At Winter White we focuson raising, loving, compassionate, therapy quality dogs. We breed healthyEnglish Cream Golden Retriever puppies with excellent temperament. As small home hobby breeders we are passionate about the breed and dedicated to improving the breed.

    Our dogs are our beloved pets, and are members of the family. These girls sleep in our beds and enjoy our pool, and are fed fresh, organic home-cooked meals, the best quality vitamins and dog food available, and live a life of luxury and love, adored by myself, my children, and the whole family.

    We are located in the North East US.

    PRA 1 Clear | PRA – 2 Clear


    Princess Elsa is a Romanian beauty! She speaks Russian. Her line has an A rating in medical clearances, and both AKC and European registrations. Elsa is as calm, kind, and elegant as her pedigree would suggest. Shehas given birth to litters resulting in medical assistant dogs, therapy dogs, and loving family pet

    My Golden Retriever Puppies Millersburg Oh

    Between the cities of Cleveland and Columbus, a group of experienced golden retriever breeders has come together to form My Golden Retriever Puppies. And, the resultant golden retriever pups exceed all expectations. All puppies come with a one-year, genetic health guarantee.

    The fact that My Golden Retriever Puppies will deliver your new family member anywhere in the United States, except Hawaii, distinguishes this breeder from many of the boutique outfits that operate across the country.

    Parents With Conformation And Performance Titles

    Thirdly, our dogs have been successfully shown in both conformation, obedience, and rally. We have earned titles at highly competitive levels in all three. Go to the Our Dogs page to see the titles achieved by our individual dogs. Also, see our page on Dog Titles to learn which titles mean something and which ones can be earned in a weekend of shows with any mediocre dog.

    Top 10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Washington State

    If you are looking for the best quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders in Washington State, then you are in the right place to meet with your Goldie!

    Having a pet dog in your house sure adds some extra joy in your life. And if you want to take your dog for some outdoor adventure, surely a Golden Retriever will suit you.

    Dogs are mans best friend anywhere, as your Golden Retriever will be yours.

    Unfortunately, finding a purebred, healthy pup is not easy. There are backyard breeders, and unethical puppy mills. 

    But I am here to help you as I have gone through dozens of names, and brought you the top 10 Golden Retriever breeders in Washington state.

    The highlights of these breeders are their price, health guarantees, and location.

    Related Topic:High Quality Golden Retriever Breeders Near Arizona State

    Check The Planned Breeding Page For Upcoming Litters

    Goldens bred for Show, Performance and Loving Family Companions

    Sunbolyn Golden Retrievers is a small hobby breeder in Pennsylvania. . Our goldens are the central part of our lives and my husband and I  strive to breed to correct golden retriever standards making health, and temperament our number one priority for all future puppies.  I have been involved in golden retrievers for 35 years, getting my start from a wonderful friend, who  taught me so much about the breed.  My first golden retriever was purchased back in 1980 and from that point I was hooked.  We continue to have wonderful healthy golden retriever puppies for families to love for many years.

    Please enjoy our new web page  and contact us by going to the page with our contact information with any questions you may have.  I always love talking about my dogs and sharing with people my love and passion of the breed.

    Thank You for stopping by!!

    Kim and Rick  Kelley

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