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Best Andis Blade For Golden Retriever

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If Hair Or Other Foreign Objects End Up In My Dogs Eyes While I Groom How Do I Remove Them Safely

The answer is that you don’t remove them at all. You should immediately notify your vet if foreign objects get into your dog’s eyes or lodged elsewhere on their bodies. A vet is the only one qualified to either remove the objects or walk you through how to do so on your own. Please don’t panic, but do ensure you get your dog the proper care it needs.

Best Dog Clippers For Golden Retriever Save Money & Groom Your Pup On Your Own Schedule

Golden Retrievers are one of the most loved dogs in the world. With their cute appearance and friendly nature, they can win over hearts in a jiffy.

Well, if you have one at home, be sure to shower all your love on him. You can expect your dog to become your best friend in no time.

You can begin the bonding process by giving your dog a haircut on a regular basis. For that, you will need a reliable clipper that are made specifically for dogs.

Here is an updated list of best dog clippers for your Golden Retriever that you can consider buying.


Tips For Determining The Best Possible Clipper And Blade For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers, like all dog breeds, have an undeniable look about them. Part of that look for Goldens is their thick, smooth fur. Although their fur can be wavy or straight, all Golden’s have a waterproof topcoat and dense undercoat that can make trimming them at home a struggle.

You’ll want to ensure that you have clippers that can handle thicker fur, and preferably can move at varying speeds. You’ll want faster speeds for dense areas like your Golden Retriever’s neck and chest, but you can use slower and more deliberate speeds for their paws and faces if necessary.

Because Golden’s have long, thick fur, you’ll want to ensure that you have a long enough blade. Standard #10 blades are okay, but you won’t want anything shorter than that, and longer blade options like a #7 would be ideal for most of your dog’s coat. Important note: shorter, in the case of clipper blades, is a higher numbered blade like a #15 or a #30.

Your primary concern with your Golden is trimming the hair on their feet and trimming stray hairs because doing more will definitely interfere with the overall look and breed standard of a Golden Retriever. You will want to get a clipper set that has precision abilities to ensure that you can get the most natural look with the least amount of trouble while you trim.

Andis Ultraedge Agc Super 2 Speed Clipper Review In 2021 As Good As Claimed

Monica W. Wright

Looking for the best dog clippers? Well, when it comes to clippers for dogs, three brands rule the market namely Andis, Wahl, and Oster.

However, Andis is known to produce some of the highest quality clippers for every purpose. While they have a range of dog clippers, their UltraEdge AGC Super 2Speed stands out as one of their best innovations.

It’s a heavy-duty dog clipper that can be used for all types of pets. But is it strong and sharp enough to cut through any dog’s coat? Check out our Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2 Speed Pet Clipper review to learn more about the product.

What Other Features & Things Should You Look Out For In Dog Hair Clippers

5 Best Dog Clippers for Golden Retrievers in 2020

You may like to look out for the following considerations and questions about a clipper you buy:

What thickness of fur is the clipper for? Thin, medium or thick hair?

What types of coats and dog breeds can the clipper be used on? Poodles, terriers, spaniels, all breeds?

How many speeds the clipper has

What the maximum and minimum speeds of the clipper is

How much does the clipper weigh

How long is the clipper

What shape is the clipper when you grip it – circular, or squarer?

How long is the clipper cord

How long is the warranty that comes with the clipper? What is the duration, and what are the conditions of the warranty and return policy?

What sort of motor does the clipper have – rotary, electromagnetic, brushless?

What sort of blade drive system does the clipper have?

Does the clipper have any technology that keeps the power and torque of the drive motor consistent through the cuts?

What comes in the clipper kit – does it come with a blade, blade oil, storage case etc.?

What extra blades might you need to buy with the clipper

What blades the clipper is compatible with

What guide combs the clipper is compatible with

Does the clipper come with any extra features like an ON locking switch?

Is the clipper a 2 in 1 corded and cordless clipper?

Additionally for cordless clippers, you might ask:

What type of battery does it have – rechargeable lithium ion, rechargeable NiMH, or replaceable AA?

How long does the battery last for on full charge?


Friendly Disclaimers 





Best Brushes For Golden Retrievers W/ Simple Tips For Effective Brushing

Kate BarringtonBrushesDogs


  • FAQ Regarding Golden Retriever Brushing/Grooming
  • Scottish Highlands

    35% Off at

    How To Redeem This Offer

    While the golden retriever’s sweet and loyal temperament captured the hearts of millions, it was their deeply golden fur that earned them their name. Even today, most people recognize the retriever by their rich, stunning coats and feathery tails.

    Unfortunately, as beautiful as they may be, anyone who owns a golden retriever understands just how high-maintenance those lustrous coats can be. Without proper upkeep, the light-colored fur of a golden retriever can end up everywhere—from your couch to your favorite black shirt. While even proper grooming might not be able to completely erase your retriever’s hair from your home, it can significantly reduce the amount of shedding your pup does.

    Burts Bees For Pets Dogs Natural Detangling Spray With Lemon And Linseed


    What I really like about this spray is that it’s all-natural and affordable. For a long time, I bought the expensive stuff from the groomer.


    • All-natural detangler for pet’s fur• reduces stress during grooming since you don’t have to pull on the mats as much• Easy to use• Safe for all ages of dogs and puppies


    • Some people don’t like the smell• Only 2 Amazon one-star reviews, one review was in Spanish, the other stated their dog didn’t like the product• An Amazon two-star review stated the product didn’t make a difference for their dog

    Why We Like It

    I love Burt’s Bees products for myself, and when I saw this, I had to try it! As I said, I love it!

    Best Golden Retriever Dog Hair Clippers + Our Grooming Tips And Tricks

    Chelsea KuhelDogsGrooming


  • 35% Off at

    How To Redeem This Offer

    The kind of popularity goldens see coupled with their intense shedding makes it obvious why owners need to look for their dogs’ best hair clippers. Although you don’t need to cut their hair often if you brush them weekly or daily during high shedding times, it can help to lighten your load as a home groomer to do so.In this article, we will discuss the following in detail:

    • Types of clippers and blades to use on your Golden Retriever’s fur
    • Our picks for the seven best hair clippers for Goldens in 2021
    • Tips for grooming your Golden
    • Frequently asked questions about the process

    When you finish reading, we’re sure you’ll have the best sense of which clippers to choose for your Golden Retriever and how to get started grooming your dog without professional help.

    Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Best Brushes For Your Golden

    •  It is important to build a consistent routine of regular grooming, in this way, your Golden Retriever will be trained patience and discipline at an early age and he will get used to the brushing, combing, blow-drying, and the clinking of scissors. Do combing or brushing a few minutes every day. You can also give him treats after to let him know that he did a good job, he’ll surely love that. 
    • Next, wash your Golden Retriever before your regular brushing or grooming to avoid, get your pup used to be dried by a blow drier after. It is the best time to check for hidden skin irritations and injuries. 
    • We recommend using professional tools to make it easier to take care of your dog at home. Buy durable, high-quality brands that are proven safe and long-lasting. 
    • The shedding process of the Golden Retriever is non-stop and may double when summer comes. Brushing them regularly is a best way to get rid of dead fur and make way to a brand new fur. 
    • Lastly, before anything else, make sure to seek help and advice from your professional groomer first before you begin to learn all by yourself with the ins-and-outs of the grooming routine. 

    The tools mentioned above are what professional groomers use and it’s the best thing to use them at home. Think of it as a necessity for your furbaby’s daily life and buying these tools serves as a special investment for a lifetime plus saves you time and a chunk of money from going back and forth to pet salons. 

    How To Find Out What Each Dog Clipper Blade And Clipper Comb Does

    Good dog clipper brands should have a ‘blade chart’ that tells you what length each blade cuts to, what parts of the dog’s body to use them on, what type of fur to use them on, and which breeds to use them on.

    For example, you might search for the ‘Andis blade chart’ to see what each Andis detachable blade or comb is capable of doing.

    You can also refer to the individual blade or comb product description to see what the blade or comb is used for.


    Cutting Different Dog Breeds & Cutting For Different Looks/styles

    As mentioned above, blade charts, product descriptions or individual breed grooming guides published by the blade and comb manufacturers usually tell you which blades to use on which dog breeds.

    The breed specific grooming guides also tell you how to achieve different looks and styles using different blades.


    Cutting Two Or Several Dogs With Different Types Of Fur At Once

    Say you have one dog with soft and fine fur, and the other with coarse and thick or matted hair.

    In this instance, it helps to have a versatile multi speed clipper for all coat types, and have that clipper also be compatible with detachable blades.

    This way you can adjust the speed and blades for the different fur types. 


    Which Dog Clipper Blades To Get For Cutting A Golden Retriever

    10 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles in 2021: In

    The clipper choice is important, but so is the clipper blade or comb choice.

    Some blade manufacturers may tell you what blades or combs to use on different breeds in the product description, blade charts or individual breed grooming guides.

    Two examples are:

    Andis haven’t identified Golden Retrievers specifically on their blade chart, but by following their ‘all breeds’ blades and combs recommendation you might use these Andis blades on a Golden Retriever:

    Sanitary Prep – 10

    Pads – 15 to 5 /8? Wide

    Body, Slightly Matted – 5, 5FC

    Body, Very Matted – 7, 7FC

    Body, Very Heavy Coats – 7

    Legs – 3¾FC, 5 /8?HT, ¾”HT, Combs or Scissor

    Feet , Beards, Mustaches, Furnishings –  Combs or Scissor


    According to Oster’s Canine blade chart, Oster detachable blades you might use on a Golden Retriever are:

    Matted coat – 7F

    Legs, tail, underbody – Oster® shears


    Paw Brothers Stainless Steel Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker Brush


    The is perfect to do the job! A good slicker brush is essential for long Goldendoodle dog hair.

    Brushing your dog is a necessary step to grooming, and you’ll want to have a good dog brush to help you get it done quickly and easily. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.


    • Extra long pins to penetrate deep in the dog’s coat, great at removing tangles and mats from your dog’s coat• Comfortable non-slip handle grip

    • The ends of the bristles are sharp and not rubber coated• Some Amazon reviews stated the brush was ineffective and hard to clean• Some Amazon reviews stated the brush arrived in poor or used condition

    Why We Like It

    I’ve tried this brush on my Goldendoodle and have not had any problems with it. All in all, this brush is affordable, high-quality, and it works!

    Professional Dog Clippers: Andis Dog Clippers Have You Covered

     Super 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers are a very popular choice for professional animal grooming. With good reason. It is robust and has a long heavy-duty cord. These clippers also have a detachable blade. This is important for several reasons.

    The most obvious being for ease of cleaning. With larger dogs that have thicker coats, your blade might get too hot with extended use. If you have a detachable blade, you can swap out the hot one for a cooler blade and keep right on trimming without skipping a beat.

    This device runs quietly so as not to stress out sensitive dogs. The Andis UltraEdge Dog Grooming Clippers are cleverly designed with a ‘cool-running’ system to keep the blades cooler for longer without fans and vents that can become clogged with hair.

    Clipper Options That Might Work Well For Your Golden Retriever

    There are two kinds of clippers on the market, each with their own benefits and drawbacks: corded clippers and cordless clippers. 

    Some clippers claim to offer a hybrid solution, working as both corded and cordless, but these tend to fall more in line with cordless clippers.

    When considering cordless versus corded clippers, it is important to consider your dog’s personal preferences and personality. 

    Noise level, vibration, and even a cord itself – these are all sensory stimuli that can make a nervous Golden much more nervous and uncomfortable. 

    Power is another important consideration, as a more powerful clipper will trim thick Golden Retriever coats quicker, requiring fewer passes.

    Corded clippers are usually much more powerful than cordless clippers.  Drawing constant and direct current, corded clippers can run as long as they are plugged in – a particular benefit to owners with multiple Goldens! 

    Corded clippers are usually more powerful, requiring fewer passes. This power means less time in clipping, but it also usually translates into more noise. 

    Corded clippers are quicker to grow hot as well, which can be uncomfortable to your Golden.

    Cordless clippers tend to be less powerful, and they are also limited in their run time to the charge of their battery.  Most batteries offer 60-90 minutes on full charge.

    They tend to be quieter, though.

    Cordless clippers allow for a fuller range of movement and allow for clipping anywhere and any time. 

    Txpy Professional Dog Clippers Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit

    Are you looking for decent clippers for your dog? Well, give this grooming kit a go. This product will fulfill your every requirement.

    The good thing about the product is that it is very easy to use. This is readily sold online and the manufacturer offers a valid warranty on the entire kit.

    The kit has guide combs of varying thickness and these do a wonderful job in keeping your dog well groomed. The good thing about the blades is that they can be adjusted.

    Since the blades are made using high-quality steel they will never rust thus lasting longer. Expect the clipper to be very quiet when it is being used. The cordless trimmer can be charged and it functions for 240 minutes on full charge.

    Shelandy 32hp Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer


    The is another critical part of a Goldendoodle groomer’s supplies. To prevent possible matting, bacteria, and fungus growth in certain areas, you need a dog hair dryer.

    Letting a Goldendoodle air dry is not recommended because of the problems associated with bacteria and fungus. Blow drying your dog’s fur after bathing and grooming is much better at keeping them healthy.


    • Noise reduction technology & two heating temperature settings• Variable airflow for different sized breeds• Fully expanded hose is 73” and 4 types of nozzles included• One year warranty

    • Some Amazon reviews stated the machine stopped working after 1-3 uses• Some Amazon reviews stated hose attachment made unbearable shrieking noise• Some Amazon reviews stated the hose and power cord were not long enough

    Why We Like It

    I’ve used this dryer, and I haven’t had any problems with it. My dog hairdryer is still running strong after using it at least a couple dozen times.

    Our Top Pick: Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

    Product Name: FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

    Product Description: The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs is perhaps the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers. It comes in three sizes. I would say that the perfect size for Golden Retrievers is the largest size. It measures 6.5 inches x 2 inches x 8.75 inches. It’s also lightweight but has a substantial feel to it. This deshedding tool doesn’t feel cheap either. The grips are made of non-slip rubber. I find this to be the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers because it prevents loose and damaged fur from shedding off. The overall design of this deshedding tool is both aesthetic and functional. I like how it makes my deshedding job easier. My Golden Retriever is quite happy because deshedding doesn’t hurt at all. After the couple of times that I have used this, the blades are still intact and effective in helping my dog shed. There seems to be no damage to my dog’s skin and fur. It doesn’t dig into the skin and makes deshedding uncomfortable or painful. The price may seem a bit unreasonable, but I guarantee you that it is worth every penny.

    Brand: FURminator

    The Difference Between Dog Hair Clippers And Human Clippers

    There are some cases where people have used human clippers on their dog. This is not advised as the motor is not strong enough and runs the risk of pulling the skin into the blades. 

    This can result in cuts to the skin. Also, the blades found on human hair clippers are typically thinner and become clogged and blunt. Again, this adds to the risk of cutting the dogs’ skin.

    Dont Forget To Check Out Our Best Dog Grooming Bath Roundup

    Pin on PUPPY STUFF!!

    If you have found our clippers roundup useful – you might want to check out our best dog grooming baths roundup. A good dog grooming bath can be the difference between a great grooming experience for dogs and a bad one. Often, your dog will be groomed and then bathed, so these two roundups go hand in hand! 

    It’s an especially good read for those of you wanting to groom professionally. We have included a range of grooming baths that will suit all budgets and intentions. Take a look over at our sister site.

    Can I Use A Human Shaver As A Pet Clipper For My Schnauzer

    A human hair clipper has basically the same function as a pet clipper. However, there are considerable differences: the shaving head of a human razor is too weak for the fur dogs. The coat of any dog and Schnauzer especially is much thicker than human hair. An ordinary hair clipper will therefore get entangled in the hair, and the hairs will come out rather than get cut. This causes pain and in the worst case, injuries to the pet’s skin.

    Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit Best For Anxious Pets


    Silence is golden in a pair of clippers, and the Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit keeps it quiet, preventing your pooch from being spooked during the trimming process. 

    Key Features 

    • No vibration
    • No noise

    The silent nature of these clippers makes them an excellent choice for dogs that suffer from noise anxiety. If your furry friend doesn’t like the doggie salon because of the constant buzzing of the clippers used by professional groomers, you can use these clippers at home for her comfort.

    In dog clipper reviews, users love the two-year money-back guarantee. If you find the grooming process to be difficult with these clippers, the company will refund your money. The attachment combs range from 1 to 6 inches, giving the same options you get with a traditional electric dog clippers.


    • Lack of noise and vibration lessens grooming anxiety
    • Gel finger inserts make it possible to keep grooming for longer
    • Tension levels in the scissors can be adjusted 
    • Precision trimming is possible with different attachment combs


    • Some users report poor grip because of the one finger hole which results in numbness in the finger and thumb

    This is an ideal option for doggies that get aggressive and snap at electric clippers. The process of trimming will be less stressful for the dogs and you too. The bonus is that you can use these clippers on your cat as well if you have a multiple pet household.

    Key Features

    • Four comb attachments
    • Corded



    What Is The Difference Between A 7 And A 7f Clipper Blade

    Choosing the right type of clipper blades for golden retrievers is just as important as choosing the right clipper size.

    • 7 clipper blade:

    7 clipper blade cuts and leaves approximately 1/8? or 3.2mm length of golden retriever coat. #7 clipper blades are great for an all-over summer cut on your golden’s body. The 7 blade will give your Golden Retriever a close, smooth look.

    #7 produces a fantastic short haircut and is a favorite among golden retriever groomers everywhere. Remember to pull your dog’s skin-tight when using a #7 blade.

    • 7F clipper blade:

    The 7F clipper blade also cuts and leaves approximately 1/8? or 3.2mm length of golden retriever coat. Clipper blades that have an F in their number result in a smoother finish.

    They are usually used on thinner, softer hair of Golden Retrievers. Also, 7F adds a finishing touch to recent shearing. The 7F blade will give your golden retriever a short, textured look.

    When grooming your golden retriever, the right clipper blades make all the difference. Get a set of different blades, let your creativity run wild with grooming clippers for golden retrievers.

    Additional Products For Clipping A Thick Hair Dog At Home

    If you are new to grooming your dog at home, check over this list to be sure you will have everything you need to get started once your clippers arrive.

    If your dog has any mats then this tool is a must have. The comb is designed to gently and safely get under the mat, then cut only on the mat side as you pull away from the coat, shredding the mat as you go.

    Comb Set: Using combs with your trimmer allows you to get precise lengths as you move through the coat. This set is for Andis clippers, but you can find them for any reputable brand of clippers that you have. If you plan on doing any fancy styles, or want to leave behind more than say 1/8” of fur, then you will need combs for the job.

    Safety Rounded Tip Scissors: In many cases with thick dog fur, you will find that it is much easier to take off the bulk of their fur with scissors then tighten up the trim with clippers. These round tips make sure you won’t hurt your dog during this first step of the clipping process. If you are new to trimming your dog at home, use these instead of the electric trimmers to do delicate areas around the face.

    Styptic Powder: It is very common to accidentally nip your dog during a trim, especially if you lack experience. Just put a little of this powder on any cuts and it will quickly stop the bleeding.

    Different Sizes Of Blades For Golden Retriever Clippers

    As we said in the introduction, golden retrievers have a double coat. This is to keep them comfortable in any season, but it also means they’ll shed their excess hair all over your house or apartment.

    Since golden retrievers naturally regulate their hair, they don’t require too much maintenance. This also means that traditional blade lengths might be a bit too short for the breed.

    Unlike human clippers, animal clippers get longer as the numbers get lower. A #3 blade leaves hair ½ an inch long, and a #10 blade will leave 1/16 an inch of hair behind.

    The standard clippers come with #10 blades. These are the most common and work for the largest percentage of animals. Unfortunately, you probably don’t want to go this short on your golden retriever.

    We’ll get more into the ideal blade length for your golden retriever below, but it should almost always be longer than the #10.

    Since this is the case, the best dog hair clippers for golden retrievers are going to be those with blade attachments and removable blades. You might need to get an extra set of #7 or #7F blades to do home grooming on your golden retriever.

    There are two different blade types for dogs: split-tooth and fine-tooth. The F that we included above is the fine-tooth indication. These blades give a clean, tailored look to the coat that split-tooth blades can’t really match.

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