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Why Do Golden Retrievers Have Black Spots On Tongue

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The Following Is A List Of Dog Breeds That Have Been Known To Have Black Spots On Their Tongues:


Soft-Coated Wheaten

Tibetan Mastiff

At the end fo the day, I believe we can call the myths about dogs with spots on their tongues exactly that… Myths.

That said, we may as well toss one more possible reason for the dark spots into the mix for everyone to consider.

Maybe golden retrievers have evolved to now come with a “place treat here” spot on their tongue to help new owners!

If you’re not sure what treats to place on that spot, try a few of our homemade treat recipes from our new book!

Have any other questions about your dog? Comment down below! 

There Are Black Spots On My Golden Retrievers Tounge: Does This Means He Is Not Purebred

Let’s make this clear: No, just because you can see black spots on your dog’s tongue does not mean your Golden Retriever is not a purebred.

There are some claims that black spots on your dog’s tongue indicate a connection with Chow Chow bloodlines, but that, simply, is not the case. Black spots on your Golden Retriever’s tongue are just deposits of excess pigments.

Why Some Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue Natural Or A Health Issue

Lily Scott

As a dog owner, it is normal for you to be concerned about your Golden Retriever’s health. The sudden discovery of black spots on your Golden’s tongue can be alarming, especially when you have had your dogs for ages, and these spots spontaneously manifest. I am here to reassure you that these spots are nothing to fret over. 

Some dogs are born with these spots, and a few dogs develop these spots at an early stage in their lifetime, whereas other dogs only experience the development of these spots when they are older.

The black spots on your Golden Retriever’s tongue are entirely usual. However, there are instances when the black spots on your dog’s tongue are a cause for worry. 

Let’s straight get into the topic…

  • Citations
  • Caring For Dogs Tongue: How To Prevent Black Spot On Dogs Tongue Golden Retriever

    It is very unfortunate that most pet owners do not have the chance to take a peek at their dog’s tongue. Sometimes, they just waiting for the Golden Retriever to drink water or greet them upon going home to see what’s inside their dog’s mouth. Generally, experts highly suggest dog owners brush the teeth of their pooch on a daily basis or even on a once or twice-a-week schedule. That way, it will be highly possible to notice any alterations or growth of any spots on the dog’s tongue.

    Below is the proper way to give proper oral care to your Golden Retriever:

    Have a soft finger-mouthed brush

    Generally, the dog may not able to chew or bite something especially if he knows that brushing would be completely administered by his pet parent. So, using a soft finger-mouthed brush would be of big help for this. Moreover, consult the vet when dealing with proper oral care with dogs with anxiety.

     Go for tasty toothpaste

    In the market today, you will see a different variety of dog toothpaste that comes with flavors such as chicken or beef. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone as your Golden Retriever might love it thinking that it is a treat. And, at the same time, you are introducing oral care to him.

    Don’t urge the dog to like the tooth brushing routine

    Check the oral cavity of the dog including the gums, teeth, lips, and tongue

    What Are The Other Places In Golden Retriever Where You Can Find Black Spots

    Instagram photo by The Paws Land • Jul 30, 2016 at 2:49am ...

    Usually, the mouth is the most common place where black spots appear. But having said that, black-spot isn’t always present in your Golden Retriever’s tongue. And the appearance and size of these spots differ in every dog.

    However, some of the other places where you can find similar black spots are:

    • Lips
    • Eye rims
    • Nose

    Moreover, the spots in these places are of different shapes and sizes. Yet, it has the same texture. So, distinguishing them from other health conditions isn’t so difficult.

    Have you seen the black spots in your pet?

    Black Spots On Dogs Tongue Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On Her Tongue

    Dogs come with different qualities and physical characteristics which are what dog owners build their preferences. While some of these characteristics are breed specific, there are others that can be seen across various breeds and in individual dogs. Black spots on dogs tongue are common. While there is a general misconception that a dog with black spots is a Chow Chow mix. This is usually drawn from the fact that Chow Chows have black tongues.

    While there is a possibility for this to happen, the only way to tell if a dog is purebred is through a DNA test since it is possible to have pure breeds with spots. We explore the causes of black spots on the tongue of a dog when it is a problem and what to do if it starts to grow big.

    Whats A Black Golden Retriever Like Are They Just Like A Regular Golden

    If you do some online research on black golden retrievers, some websites say they are more aggressive than typical goldens because of this recessive gene for a black coat coming out, but there are no studies to support this claim. 

    The truth is, black-marked Goldens are just like any other Golden when it comes to personality. Coat color doesn’t impact their temperament. They should be outgoing, eager-to-please, friendly, and people-oriented goofballs, just like the AKC dictates.

    They should be treated and trained in the exact same way that you’d train any other Golden. You should also groom them in the same way. For instance, you should never shave their coat to try and get rid of the black marking – that coat protects your dog from the heat and cold.

    This video will help you groom your black golden retriever .

    What Does It Mean When A Dog Has Black Patches On Their Mouth Or Tongue

    Whether your dog has black spots on the roof of his mouth, a black tongue, or black gums, you may be wondering where those black colors are coming from. You may have heard that dogs with black on the roof of their mouths are much smarter and easier to train.

    Some hunters also used to think that dogs with a lot of black on the roof of their mouths made the best hunting dogs, and the more black there was, the better. Some others believe that black spots in a dog’s mouth are suggestive of a dog that is purebred. How true are these statements?

    There are several dog breeds across the globe who have black in their mouths, but it turns out that a dark mouth isn’t necessarily a sign of a purebred dog or of a genius dog with superior cognitive abilities. Nor does it necessarily signal a dog with premium hunting abilities.

    Can Purebred Golden Retrievers Have White On Them Read Before Deciding

    General FAQ

    One of the most common questions for people who are raising golden retrievers is can purebred golden retrievers have white markings?

    It can get confusing for some people to decide whether the golden is purebred or not, and while I believe all dogs are wonderful, it’s worth exploring how can purebreds have white markings and whether it even means they are still purebred goldens.

    So, Can purebred golden retrievers have white on them? Yes, Purebred Golden Retrievers can have white on them. It’s much less common now than it was 50 years ago when it was common to find purebred golden retrievers with white markings. White markings are inherited and caused by geneticsand you shouldn’t worry about them.

    If the white markings have been the thing that’s holding you back from getting your golden, they shouldn’t, and you can welcome this lovely pooch at your home.

    There is quite a bit more to the subject though, and an interesting history that I don’t see discussed much on the internet, so let’s take a minute to dig a bit deeper and learn everything there is to learn about this….

  • What dogs look like golden retrievers?
  • What Color Should My Dogs Gums Be Black Gums In Dogs Vs Normal Color


    As a responsible and loving pet owner concerned about the darker appearance of your dog’s gum, the question, “What should dog’s gums look like?” may pop in your mind. The gums of most healthy dogs are bubble-gum-pink in color. A variation to this may be an indication of ill health.

    If you have ever seen your veterinarian check your pooch’s gum, you now know what they were checking. Red, pale, blue, purple, and even black gums are all signs that something may not be right. Make a trip to your vet immediately.

    Black Pigment May Be Normal But Sometimes It Signals A Medical Issue

    While it’s perfectly normal for some dogs to have black pigment in their mouths, it’s important to recognize that, in some cases, those black spots may not be normal at all, and they may warrant a visit to the vet. In the next paragraphs we will take a look at some dog breeds known for having black in their mouths and some causes of black spots in the mouth—and while we’re at it, we will also debunk some common myths surrounding those black spots on a dog’s mouth, tongue, gums and roof of the mouth.

    Can you spot the spots on this dog’s tongue?


    Physical Characteristics And Temperament Of Black Golden Retrievers

    With the exception of their color, Black Golden Retrievers share the same physical characteristics and temperament as traditional Golden Retrievers, which makes it easier to differentiate them from Flat-Coated Retrievers. For example:

    • Black Golden Retrievers have a longer lifespan of 10-12 years while Flat-Coated Retrievers generally live up to 8 or 10 years.
    • Adult Black Golden Retrievers weigh around 55 to 75 pounds while Flat-Coated Retrievers weigh around 60 to 70 pounds.
    • Flat-Coated Retrievers are more serious, emotional, and love spending time on their own compared to Black Golden Retrievers that are happy, outgoing, and love to be around humans.
    • Black Golden Retrievers have well-proportioned heads while Flat-Coated Retrievers’ heads are generally longer.
    • Black Golden Retrievers have thicker double coats compared to Flat-Coated Retrievers that generally have much thinner coats.

    Black Gums In Dogs Causes And Dog Breeds With Black Gums Naturally

    Black Spots On My Golden Retriever

    If you are wondering, “Is it normal for a dog to have black gums?” the answer is yes and no. Although it is normal for some dogs to have black gums, it may be an indication of an underlying medical issue. In fact, one of the vital signs of the well-being of a dog is the color of gums is the color of gums. You may have seen your vet check them out at some point. Read on to find out more about black gums in dogs.

    Have A Dog With Spots In His Mouth Or A Blue Tongue Let Us Know

    Christina Hernandez on September 07, 2020:

    I have a shihtzu with black in his mouth. The smallest of the broke at 3 months.

    Brad Davis on August 09, 2020:

    I have a Pit Bull terrier and Lab retriever mix that is a beautiful bright Red ish brown and black zebra stripped Brindle color and he has a extremely long tongue with purple spots on his tongue. He has an extraordinary sense of smell….I’m wondering if the spots on his tongue be are indicative of his extraordinary sending abilities. None of his other brothers and sisters or parents have the spots on their tongues

    Deanna Fowler on August 04, 2020:

    I have a 6 months old brindle pit with black on his tongue and top off his roof of his mouth. He was the smallest pup and the 1st to be potty trained and he is amazing family member.

    Adrienne Farricelli on June 15, 2020:

    Kelly Stott, the big question is, has it always been that way or is this something new?

    Kelly Stott on June 01, 2020:

    The inside of my dog’s mouth is black why is that

    Mara More on January 10, 2020:

    My chihuahua’s roof of mouth and some of her gums are black.

    Why Does My Golden Retriever Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue

    Some golden retrievers have black spots on their tongues due to extra pigments of melanin. This is also normal, happens to all breeds, and is not a cause of concern. This is more likely to happen in dog breeds that already have some black coloring in their eyes, lips, paw pads, or toenails.

    Here is a quick list of some breeds that are also prone to having black spots on their tongue:

  • Akita
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Do Purebred German Shepherds Have Black Spots On Their Tongues

    Undoubtedly you’re wondering if you should be concerned about that black coloring on your Labrador retriever’s tongue. Black markings on the tongue don’t mean your dog isn’t purebred, and it doesn’t mean he’s ailing. You need not fret. Many healthy purebred Labradors have black spots on their tongues.

    Can Golden Retrievers Have Black Hair Or Fur Truths And Myths

    General FAQ

    Golden Retrievers do come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all basically some shade of golden. At the end of the day, the color of their coats is one of the most unique things about them, and it’s literally in the name.

    But every once in a while, you can find a few black hairs on your golden and sometimes it can be a lot more than just a few golden hairs.

    So, can golden retrievers have black hair? Yes, Golden Retrievers can have black hair due to a somatic mutation that affects the genetic makeup of their hair cells. The genetics of goldens should make them black but they have a unique genotype that only allows golden & creamy hair colors, but sometimes some black hairs will get through.

    Then, there are golden retrievers that are totally black. Yes, Black Golden Retrievers are a thing, and you can learn all about them here. In this article, though, we are only going to focus on those stray black hairs on your golden, what they mean, and what you should do about them.

    Keep reading, it gets very interesting quickly.

  • Myth Or Reality: Does The Black Golden Retriever Really Exist

    There are several genes that determine the color of a dog. Goldens have two recessive genes that make their coats either red or yellow. Even if they have a black ancestry somewhere in their line, a purebred Golden Retriever will never be all black

    A Portrait of a Golden Retriever

    That doesn’t mean that genetic mutations can’t happen – they can and do! When this happens, you’ll see a Golden with a black patch of fur. Perhaps their face will be partially black or they’ll have a black tail. Often they’ll also have a black nose. 

    These black marked dogs are considered purebreds, but they can’t be shown in AKC dog shows because they’re considered to have a fault that excludes them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful companions, though.

    So what if you see a Golden Retriever that is totally black? It’s not an AKC-registered purebred. It likely has some mix of another breed in its recent history. That doesn’t mean that both of its parents weren’t Goldens. It could be that its black relative was one generation back. 

    But that still means that it isn’t a purebred in the eyes of breed registries. 

    The other option is that it’s a Labrador Retriever or a Flat-Coated Retriever that looks a lot like a black Golden. 

    Why Some Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue

    The dark discoloring spots on your Golden Retriever’s tongue are derived from hyperpigmentation on their tongue. These excess deposits of melanin result in the darkening of patches on your Golden Retriever’s tongue and are harmless markings. This is so common that it typically occurs in thirty different dog breeds and other animals too.

    These dark spots are usually not indicative of a health issue, but some health issues may cause them in some cases.

    Why Does My Golden Retriever Have A Black Spot On His Tongue

    Anything Golden Retriever TeamHealth and Care

    Keeping your dog healthy is always a dog-owners top priority. This means when things pop up that we don’t know about, we can often get very confused about what’s going with our dog’s health and how we should react to it.

    Why does my Golden Retriever have a black spot on his tongue? A blue-ish black spot on your dog’s tongue is only a result of its pigments. The spots are common among 30 different breeds of dogs, and they don’t point to any health diseases.

     Now that you know your dog is okay, we will go over why they show up and if they could ever be problematic for you and your pup.

    The Myths About Dogs With Black In The Roof Of Their Mouths

    Black Spot on Golden Retriever

    You may have heard many interesting facts about dogs with black on the roofs of their mouths. Some say that they are smarter, easier to train and make wonderful hunting dogs. Others say that dogs with black in the roof of their mouths instead are more aggressive. How true are all these beliefs? Turns out there’s actually no scientific evidence indicating this relationship.

    When A Spot On Your Goldendoodles Tongue Could Be Dangerous

    The black spots we have discussed thus far appear at or shortly after birth and have no height, ridges, or three-dimensional aspects to them. If your pooch develops an unknown spot on its tongue as a teenager or adult or one that is raised or has a shape or different texture to it, it could be cancerous and should be checked out by your pup’s veterinarian immediately. A potentially cancerous lesion could also produce a foul smell and/or a resistance to eating as well.

    Do All Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue

    No, all Golden Retrievers do not have a black spot on their tongue. These black spots are equivalent to the birthmarks that can found on human bodies. These black spots will manifest randomly on different Golden Retrievers. Just like some people have birthmarks, and others do not, the same applies to Golden Retrievers.

    Why Are There Black Spots On My Golden Retrievers Tongue

    Like freckles in humans, black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue are natural. Generally, the Golden Retriever susceptible to this condition develops them at a very young age. So, the aging of your pet has nothing to do with this issue.

    Usually, the shape and size of the black mark depend on the pigmentation of a dog. Thus, each Golden Retriever may develop a black spot of different sizes and shapes.

    However, the cause of the black spot in your Golden Retriever’s tongue is melanin. Generally, melanin is a pigment that imparts color to the skin coat, hair, eyes, and iris in your pet. The same melanin settles in the surface of the pink tongue and gives some black marks to your pet.

    Further,  the melanin deposition in your Golden Retriever’s tongue ends up as a black spot.

    Health Conditions Associated With Dogs Tongue Black Spot

    In some instances, the black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever is connected to some medical conditions. Here are those:

    Black Tongue Disease

    Usually, this condition of the Golden Retriever occurs when there is an immediate alteration in the dog’s tongue color. There is actually a sudden shift from a normal pink color to black. It is also represented by the foul odor of the dog’s breath, mouth ulceration, and blood in the saliva. This is caused by niacin deficiency. Death could also occur if this disease is untreated.

    Canine Melanoma

    It is generally a skin cancer in dogs that targets melanocytes. The malignant form of this dog’s disease is found within the mouth and mucous membrane of the Goldies. This is cancer that spreads out quickly and can also affect the other organs of the dog such as the lungs and liver. The black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever is a great indication of melanoma in dogs.

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Another type of skin cancer in dogs is due to exposure to sunlight. Yet, this skin cancer may not affect the other organs of the dog’s body but it is an aggressive form of skin cancer in dogs. Tissue breakdown surrounding the malignant tumor can be a result of this skin cancer in dogs.

    Canine Stomatitis

    Trench Mouth


    Fungal Stomatitis

    Why Do German Shepherds Have Black Spots On Their Tongue

    If you have a German Shepherd with a black spot or multiple black spots on their tongue, there is no immediate cause for concern.

    People may falsely tell you that your dog is part, Chow. While spotted tongues are a trait of the Chow, it is not unique to that particular breed.

    Chow’s usually have a blueish black tongue.

    The Chow and Shar-Pei may be breeds you immediately think of when you hear about dogs with spotted or dark tongues, but they aren’t the only breed of dog with that specific physical trait.

    Let’s talk about some other breeds that do, too.

    All told, over 30  breeds are known to have spotted tongues, including German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Labs.

    How Can I Tell If My Golden Retriever Is Really Purebred

    You can tell if your golden retriever is a purebred by a DNA test, there are a few online places that can provide you with that, or you can buy a it will give you information on their ancestors and it will provide you with some useful information about your dog such as their adult weight prediction.

    Check out the this homekit which I have found particularly useful:

    Can Black Spot On Golden Retrievers Tongue Be A Problem

    The black spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue is a result of hyperpigmentation. So, it is not a fatal health issue, threat, or problem for your pal. Yet, you shouldn’t completely ignore these spots.

    Regularly observe these areas. And when the texture and size of the black spots start changing drastically, ask advice from the Vet. Furthermore, two most fatal mouth conditions whose appearance coincide with the black-spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue are:

    • Canine melanoma
    • Squamous Carcinoma

    However, these conditions appear more in the skin coat of your Golden Retriever than its tongue. And you can distinguish them because they are slight bulge flesh spots, unlike the black ones. So, consult with the Vet as soon as you notice these fleshy spots.

    Furthermore, the black spots on the other parts of Golden Retriever are bluish rather than black. Thus, the marks on your pet’s body, aside from black or blue colors, indicate a severe health hazard. So, consult with Vet because early diagnosis of these issues ensures the success and effectiveness of the treatment.

    Another Hidden Reason For Regular Professional Grooming

    69 best images about Side Tongue! on Pinterest

    Most people just assume their dog is getting a bath and a haircut when they go for a visit to the Dog Groomer Salon. A good, professional Dog Groomer is doing much, much more than just making them look pretty and smell good. A professional Groomer is consciously inspecting your pampered pooch for any medical abnormalities and then making the recommendation to get your Doodle Dog into the vet for further investigation as soon as possible.

    Black Golden Retrievers: What You Absolutely Must Know

    Ever seen a black Golden Retriever and wondered how on earth a Golden could be black? The truth is, they can’t. If you see a Golden that is all black, it’s likely another similar breed like a Flat-Coated Retriever. 

    A Black Flat-Coated Retriever in the spring garden

    But that doesn’t mean Golden Retrievers can’t have black markings. It all comes down to their genes, and we’ll explain everything you need to know. Ready to get into the science?

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