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How Many Hours Do Golden Retrievers Sleep

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Calming The Puppy Down

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

Puppies can have a lot of energy and they need to let it all out! The other 80% of their day is spent sleeping, so getting them to exercise and be awake during the day will make sleeping through the night easier for them !

There are tons of things you can do to make a puppy tired they dont have too much energy to give before they need a nap. Taking them on a short walk, playing with them, working on tricks for 30 minutes and brushing them will tire them out to the point that they will take a nap wherever they may be! It is best to allow them to let go of some energy before they are put in a crate or expected to go to bed for the night.

Calming your Golden Retriever puppy for the night after exercising is the best way to put them to sleep for an entire night!

Why Does My Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back

It may seem weird when your Golden Retriever sleeps on its back but there are a number of reasons that it might be doing it. This post will help you to figure out why.

So, why does your Golden Retriever sleep on its back? There are a number of reasons that your Golden Retriever might choose to sleep on its back. Possible reasons include trying to cool down, submission, being more comfortable and feeling safe.

It can actually be a good sign when your Golden Retriever decides to sleep on its back for a number of reasons.

What Can Affect Your Dogs Sleep

Apart from natural ageing, a dogs sleeping pattern can be affected by stress, anxiety and disturbances in their routine. Some dogs have a lot of pent-up energy and need regular exercise to be able to rest well. Health issues such as frequent urination due to kidney diseases, itching due to fleas and recent injuries can also make them restless.

Do remember that dogs are social sleepers. Which means that they adapt to the situation or their parents sleep cycle. You will notice that your pet will generally come and lay down next to you if you are resting or sleeping. However, dogs are crepuscular, which means that they are most active during twilight and dusk.

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Sleeping Stages In Adult Golden Retrievers

For dogs, there are three stages of sleep:

Nap: this is a short period sleep that dogs indulge in during the day when they having nothing to do. While dogs may appear to be deep asleep during naps, their minds are very alert and can wake up at any time. Since they are totally relaxed after naps, dogs can play actively.

Sleep: at night, dogs usually sleep for long hours, depending on several factors, including age and breed. Sleep is the stage between napping and dreaming. For sleep, bigger dogs such as Golden Retrievers tend to sleep more hours than smaller dogs.

REM : this is the doggy-dreaming stage, which can be identified by eye twitches, leg movements, and at times, dogs produce muted woofs. Other clues during this phase are breathing fast, running, howling, and whimpering while sleeping. REM is the third step in the dog sleeping stage.

How Long Can I Leave My Golden Retriever Alone

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Sleep?

Only 4 -5 hours. Golden retrievers bond deeply with their owners and if left alone for a long period of time it can be torture for them. They can become depressed or destructive.

This is something to consider before adopting a golden retriever if you have a full-time job. If you work 8 hours a day and have travel time, you will need to hire a dog walker or bring your golden to doggy daycare. Being alone for 5 days a week for 8 plus hours is not feasible for a golden retriever.

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How To Get A Dog To Fall Asleep

Avoid having him sleep all day or hell be restless come night.

Remember, Golden Retrievers adapt to our schedules and they wont know the difference between mornings and nights. Help them get to sleep even better by wearing him down to bed by playing and exercising him before sleeping. Avoid overexercising him, as he may end up being worked up or feeling too fatigued.

Then, invite your dog to his sleeping area, encouraging him with treats and praise when he willingly goes to his bed. Stick with a consistent schedule of exercising before sleep, as well as his bedtime and when to wake up. Avoid having him sleep all day or hell be restless come night.

. Besides this, you can also try yawning near him, which may induce his sleepiness.

If you have a sleepless dog, try placing a warm bag under their blanket and play a rhythmic, relaxing sound. This can calm your dog down and put him to sleep better. Besides this, you can also try yawning near him, which may induce his sleepiness.

Dont Give In To Whining At Bedtime

Although you have established your pups bedtime routine, your little furry friend may not want to follow it through. Therefore, you may notice whining, howling, or barking during bedtime. That should not dissuade you from the schedule as it is expected. Instead, you can help your pup or pups to love their routine by rewarding them with a treat when they enter their crate. In the long run, they will learn.

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How Much Do Senior Golden Retrievers Sleep

A larger dog breed, such as a Golden Retriever, is considered a senior dog at just 7 years of age, and senior dogs begin sleeping more often and longer.

Senior Golden Retrievers sleep a lot, just like their puppy counterparts. Their days of frolicking for hours on end have passed, and theyre more likely to enjoy a short stroll before they nap. Long trips to the dog park wont be needed to get rid of all the energy they had when they were younger. More likely, theyll be perfectly content to curl up on the couch or at your feet and sleep.

On average, older Golden Retrievers sleep 16-18 hours, but this can vary greatly depending on the individual dog and their temperament. Some dogs remain high energy throughout their life, and others suffer mobility problems like hip dysplasia that makes too much physical activity painful.

Even if theyre not physically able to exercise much, older dogs are often just as intellectually keen as they used to be. This means that although you may have stopped walking them as far as you used to, you shouldnt lighten up on their mental stimulation. Games like hide-and-seek, shell games with treats, and other mentally enriching games are perfect for keeping your dogs mind as sharp as ever.

How Do You Know If Your Golden Retriever Isnt Getting Enough Exercise

Sleepy Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Rocked To Sleep By Owner

Youll know. Believe me, you will know!

If you have an adolescent or adult Retriever who is almost literally bouncing off the walls, chewing all your belongings, cannot pay you any attention and is very hard to train, just generally seems to be out of control, there is a very high possibility you arent exercising them enough.

Or if your dog is piling on the pounds even though youre feeding them according to the instructions with their food and not giving them lots of extra treats, then its highly likely you arent satisfying your Golden Retrievers exercise needs.

But if your dog looks strong and athletic, is able to relax, pays you attention and will respond to proven commands theyve been trained to follow its a fairly safe bet that they are receiving enough exercise.

In all cases, if your Golden has behavioral problems and seems highly strung and out of control, the first thing you should do is have them checked by a vet for health issues. And if they receive a clean bill of health then the simplest of cures for a better behaved dog is to exercise them more.

Try it for a few days, you just may be surprised at the results:

An exercised Golden is a calm and happy Golden!

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Do Goldendoodles Like To Cuddle Quality Relaxing Time Tips

For families and couples who want a dog that loves being cuddled, then you might want to consider the Goldendoodle.

A mixture of the beloved Golden Retriever and the intelligent Poodle, the Goldendoodle is an extremely friendly dog. Theyre also quite social and love bonding with their owners.

Whether youre a family that wants a dog who loves to cuddle or an elderly couple that desires a companion who is open to affection, the Goldendoodle might be the right choice for you.

Do Goldendoodles like to cuddle? Yes, Goldendoodles who are properly socialized love to cuddle. They are very open to affection and are more likely to follow you around the house. They dont like being alone for long hours, so you can be sure theyll want to cuddle with you when you return home.

Certain breeds of dogs are more affectionate than others and like to be touched. There are also ways in which you can get your Goldendoodle to cuddle with you.

There are many reasons why Goldendoodles are so popular, and their affectionate nature is just one of them. Raising them the right way from the time you bring them home is critical, however.

Youll learn everything from preparing your home for a puppy to using reward-based training methods to what it takes to keep their coat healthy and tangle free.

This isnt just another puppy-raising book.

What To Do About Your Golden Retriever Sleeping So Much

Below are some things you can do about your Golden Retriever sleeping a lot.

Allow it to

Since it is natural for Golden Retrievers to sleep a lot, it is important to let it sleep when it needs to. When they sleep they are rebuilding their muscles and recovering from all of their activities when awake. Trying to get it not to sleep when it wants to will likely make things worse.

Make sure that it is able to sleep comfortably

It would also help to make sure that the room it tends to sleep in at night is comfortable for it. This means that it should not be too bright, it should be cool and there should be a space for it to lay down comfortably.

Make sure that its diet is right

As mentioned above, it could be the case that there is an issue with its diet. You can look here to see what you should and should not feed it and it would also help to talk to your vet about its diet when you see them next.

Keep it cool

If the weather has become hotter where you are, it would also help to keep it cool. You can do this by giving it access to shaded areas, a cool room and by walking it in the morning or evening.

Take it to a vet

If you are unsure of why your Golden Retriever has been sleeping a lot or it has started sleeping a lot suddenly, it would help to take it to a vet. By doing so, you will be able to get expert advice tailored towards your particular Golden Retriever and to rule out the possibility of it being due to a medical condition.

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You Must Make Room For Your Dog And Her Hair

Golden Retrievers are mediumlarge dogs. A male Golden is about 23-24 inches tall and weighs between 60 and 75 pounds . Females are smaller, but they still need space to move, being 20-22 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds .

Youll have to give your dog enough room to move freely around the house. Having a yard can be helpful, but as Goldens are very social dogs theyll prefer staying inside with their families rather than running around by themselves outdoors. So be sure your house or apartment is large enough to host such an active and intelligent dog, even if youve got a yard.

The dog isnt the only thing youll see around the house all day. Free your schedule for cleaning up hair as Golden Retrievers shed all year, becoming heavier in spring and autumn. The easiest way to reduce the amount of lost hair is by brushing your dog 3-5 time a week, for about 15 minutes. However, youll still need a powerful pet hair vacuum cleaner to remove the mess from your carpets and sofa.

How Much Should A 5 Month Old Golden Retriever Sleep

Why Does My Golden Retriever Sleep So Much? 11 Reasons ...

Age is a big factor when it comes to how much sleep a dog needs. Just as human babies need a lot of sleep, the AKC notes your puppy needs 15-20 hours of sleep a day to help his central nervous system, immune system and muscles develop properly. Many puppies will get the sleep they need by napping throughout the day.

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Top Best Answers To The Question How Long Do Golden Retriever Puppies Sleep

Golden retrievers can sleep from 10 to 12 hours a day and spend a couple more hours just laying around, this is not abnormal for a full grown or a puppy, a little less normal for a adolescent golden who is more active and playful, however every dog has it own routine and personally, this affects when and how long they

FAQ. Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How long do golden retriever puppies sleep?» often ask the followingquestions:

Do Golden Retrievers Have Separation Anxiety

Golden Retrievers often suffer from separation anxiety because they naturally want to be with you. Golden retrievers love being with their family and can exhibit separation anxiety if left alone for too long. A golden retriever that has separation anxiety will drool excessively, destructively chew, bark and howl.

If you think about getting a golden retriever and have asked any of the questions above or believe a golden can live or sleep outside, this breed may not be for you. This leads to separation anxiety in a dog that is already sensitive to being without their family.

Even a golden retriever that doesnt get tossed outside can exhibit separation anxiety. Imagine how worse it can be if they are locked in the backyard overnight or for long hours during the day.

My golden displayed some separation anxiety when he was younger, and I have to say it was entirely our fault. He is with us 24 hours because he is being trained to be my daughters service dog. When he was young, we tested the waters on leaving him out of his crate while we were gone for a short trip and decided to leave him in the garage. Big mistake. He chewed the door. Up until that point, he had never chewed anything in the house.

We were so surprised but recognized it was our fault. The garage was foreign to him. So not only was he alone, but he was also in an unfamiliar place. We focus on not putting him in a crate once he was completely potty trained and our space became his space.

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What If They Suddenly Sleeping A Lot More Than Usual

If they started to sleep more suddenly it could be because one of these things

  • Warm weather

If you have recently moved somewhere new where the weather is warmer than what theyre used to or comfortable with such as Florida or Texas, for example then this could be the reason.

Try to make them as comfortable as possible and help them stay cool and they should adapt quickly and get back to their normal levels of activity.

  • Depression

While dogs cant get clinical depression, or at least we cant definitively diagnose them with Clinical depression, they can still get a form of depression that leads to very similar symptoms as it does in humans. You can learn more about golden retriever depression here.

  • Diet

If you have recently changed their diet and they started sleeping a lot more, you need to revert to their former diet. Something is wrong with the new diet and you probably need to discuss it more with your vet.

How To Put Your Golden Retriever Puppy On A Sleep Schedule

14-year-old golden retriever sneaks out of his house every day to visit his next-door neighbors��

If your Golden retriever puppy is waking up during the night or being disruptive when they should be asleep, you will need to put them on a sleep schedule. Like human babies, puppies have to learn to sleep through the night. Having a consistent routine can help your puppy get more restful sleep, which will keep them healthy and happy!

The following is a general routine to give you an idea of what Im talking about. Feel free to make any changes that will fit your lifestyle better. Just remember that consistency is the key.

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You Shouldnt Leave Your Golden Retriever Alone For More Than 4

Goldens create strong bonds with their owners, meaning theyre great family dogs. Theyre willing to please their humans and love being around children of all ages because kids are always ready to play.

Leaving your Golden by herself all day will only make her suffer, which in time can generate depression, , and in some cases destructive behavior.

Hiring a pet walker or taking your Golden to dog care during the day can help, but none of these solutions replaces your presence. Only buy or adopt one of these dogs if you or other family members have time to play with her every day.

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