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Best Grooming Kit For Golden Retriever

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Best Budget Clipper Wahl Professional Animal U

Golden Retriever Grooming Guide

This economical clipper from the trusted Wahl brand works best for dogs with light and easy coats to trim. Featuring a motor with 7,200 strokes per minute, it will definitely get the job done.

Just be aware that its a noisier and heavier model that vibrates quite a bit. So if you have a small dog or one that scares easily, this may not be the clipper kit for you.

Why youll like it:

  • Reliable and economical

Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional

Best Cordless Dog Clippers

Wahls new Lithium clippers have the most advanced rechargeable battery innovations. Indeed, batteries powered by Lithium provide a lot more power, torque and charge cycles. They also have no more memory effect than other regular batteries. The Bravuras battery is charged up in 60 minutes and lasts 90 minutes. Yep, amazing stats.

Bravura has a 5 in 1 adjustable snap-on blade which adjusts from 0.7mm to 3mm. Its intelligent motor increases power and blade speed through thicker coats to deliver a smooth and perfect cut. The blade here does not overheat, it makes it ideal for intensive use.

Available in pink, purple, and gunmetal, the Wahl Bravura Lithium clipper is a beautiful tool. It holds itself very well and definitely feels sturdy. It is lightweight and quiet thanks to its low vibration technology. The MiniBrav+ is even more of a silent clipper for anxious dogs.

A hard case comes with each clipper. Coming with it are a charging stand as well as a detachable blade kit. Additionally, a snap-on attachment comb for the BravMini, cleaning brush, clipper oil, and instructions are to be found in the case.

It was going to be our all-around professional dog clipper winner but it missed it simply because of its single speed.

Furminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush

After using this brush for about six months, it was still able to hold through tough use and be very durable. To be honest it still does the job as good as new. Heres an image of how it works in action.

This place is really good for getting out any tangled on matted hair is dry out your golden outer coat. It also has an Antimicrobial plastic surround it to prevent any bacteria from fro lingering around.

The brush also has a stated dual flex design, which does actually make a difference when youre brushing down your dog. As a kind of glass in whatever direction youre going in.

Overall its a brilliant brush which is why it made it to the top of my list. And to be quite honest its the most used tool on the list too. Next, lets move onto product number two that is recommended as a second essential tool to your kit.

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Cutting Dog Hair On Different Parts Of The Body

You usually use a finer clipper blade on the face, ears, paws, sanitary areas and tail these are considered touch up or lighter cutting areas. For example, you might use an Andis #10 blade on the face and ears

You usually use a broader teeth blade on the body and legs. For example, you might use a 7 or 7FC blade on the body

Refer to the blade chart for blades and combs to use on different parts of the body.

For example, for all breeds and mixed breeds where Andis havent identified that breed elsewhere in their blade chart, they suggest considering the following blades for the following body parts and coat types:

Sanitary Prep 10

Pads 15 to 5 /8 Wide

Body, Slightly Matted 5, 5FC

Body, Very Matted 7, 7FC

Body, Very Heavy Coats 7

Legs 3¾FC, 5 /8HT, ¾HT, Combs or Scissor

Feet , Beards, Mustaches, Furnishings ; Combs or Scissor

Grooming Golden Retrievers Ears Tail & Feet

How To Groom A Golden Retriever

The ears, tail and feet are usually the biggest focus when it comes to grooming your Golden.

The feet of a Golden Retriever should appear compact and round. Untidy hair should be removed with straight scissors, following the outline of the foot as close as possible.

For the back feet, the pasterns and excess feathering from hock to foot should be trimmed by brushing hair upwards and holding scissors parallel to trim off excess.;

Use thinning scissors for the ears they hide mistakes. Remember not to trim too much, and to follow the natural, soft expression of your dog.

The tail should be made tidy and proportionate to the rest of the body a long tail for dogs with longish bodies. Tail feathers should appear as a curve, shaped like a crescent.;

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Dont Forget To Check Out Our Best Dog Grooming Bath Roundup

If you have found our clippers roundup useful you might want to check out our best dog grooming baths roundup. A good dog grooming bath can be the difference between a great grooming experience for dogs and a bad one. Often, your dog will be groomed and then bathed, so these two roundups go hand in hand!;

Its an especially good read for those of you wanting to groom professionally. We have included a range of grooming baths that will suit all budgets and intentions. Take a look over at our sister site.

Grooming A Golden Retriever Puppy

Are there are special grooming tips for Golden Retriever puppies?

How to groom a Golden Retriever puppy is similar to how to groom a Golden Retriever adult but with more of a focus on getting your pup familiar with the process.

Get your puppy used to being dried with a blow dryer after baths.

Its also a good idea to handle the paws so your puppy becomes comfortable with nail cutting and fur trimming on the feet.

Young puppies shouldnt need any trimming, but you can brush that soft puppy fluff from an early age to get them used to regular brushings.

Many puppies will view the brush as a chew toy and try to play with it.

Reward good behavior during brushing sessionsand relax, they will outgrow this and enjoy brushing when older!

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Why Combing Is Important

The first and foremost benefit of combing is that it protects your Golden Retriever;from excessive shedding. Apart from that, combing a Golden Retriever;in its everyday grooming is also important for the following reasons.

  • Combing with a slicker comb also acts as a skin massage. This reinvigorates their fur with the essential oils produced by the skin.
  • Combing is an effective measure to pick up any dog allergy before it becomes acute.

Combing makes your Golden Retriever;matt-free. A dog cant grow healthy when its skin is decked with too much matting. Safari De-Matting Dog Comb;is a purpose-built comb specially designed to help you in keeping your retrievers fur all smooth and silky with no matt patches.

While doing a detailed combing that includes undercoat or when your dog is shedding extra, it is recommended to use grooming gloves for the sake of personal hygiene. Always move the brusher from top to bottom and head to toe to keep the combing gentle, fewer hairs break when you comb like that.

Choosing The Best Dog Clippers For Professionals

Show Grooming for Golden Retriever with #Hydra

A key indicator when comparing quality dog clippers, or pet clippers for that matter, is the Rotary Speed Per Minute. This is what will allow you to smoothly go through coarse coats and difficult knots. Now, most of the best professional dog clippers belong to one of two categories:

  • Single-Speed Dog Clippers: the best option for novice users, these pet clippers are not heating up as fast as variable-speed ones
  • Variable-Speed Dog Clippers: advanced users will love its versatility, it is the best tool to give a perfect-looking finish to dogs coats

On top of this crucial first criterium, there are several features and characteristics that should help you pick your new quality dog clipper. And because were nice, weve listed them just here, below.

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Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit Best For Anxious Pets

Silence is golden in a pair of clippers, and the Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit keeps it quiet, preventing your pooch from being spooked during the trimming process.;

Key Features;

  • No vibration
  • No noise

The silent nature of these clippers makes them an excellent choice for dogs that suffer from noise anxiety. If your furry friend doesnt like the doggie salon because of the constant buzzing of the clippers used by professional groomers, you can use these clippers at home for her comfort.

In dog clipper reviews, users love the two-year money-back guarantee. If you find the grooming process to be difficult with these clippers, the company will refund your money. The attachment combs range from 1 to 6 inches, giving the same options you get with a traditional electric dog clippers.


  • Lack of noise and vibration lessens grooming anxiety
  • Gel finger inserts make it possible to keep grooming for longer
  • Tension levels in the scissors can be adjusted;
  • Precision trimming is possible with different attachment combs


  • Some users report poor grip because of the one finger hole which results in numbness in the finger and thumb

This is an ideal option for doggies that get aggressive and snap at electric clippers. The process of trimming will be less stressful for the dogs and you too. The bonus is that you can use these clippers on your cat as well if you have a multiple pet household.

Key Features

  • Four comb attachments
  • Corded



How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Kit

When it comes to buying the best dog grooming kit, theres a world of choice out there.;

Which one is right for you will largely come down to the type of dog you have, and the type of fur/coat it has. If you have a short-haired dog, the amount of grooming youll need to do will be minimal, but never-the-less important.;

On the other hand if you have a long-haired dog, youll need something which has been specifically designed to tackle that kind of coat, so look at the product description to see which it has been recommended for.;

A set of electric clippers is a good idea for a dog that needs a lot of grooming, but pay attention to how loud the clippers are. Most dogs are a little bit wary of very noisy clippers, so dont be tempted to think you can get away with standard human-grade ones.;

Look for kits which offer lots of different options, including different fur lengths and types of brush. Its unlikely youll find a kit which has been specifically made with your breed of dog in mind, so that which comes with lots of attachments gives you a better chance of matching your needs.

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Top 4 Best Brushes For Golden Retrievers: Reviews

Now that you know what types of brushes you might need, were going to offer you our top picks for each category.

  • Easily gets rid of stubborn tangles, knots and mats from your dogs coat.
  • Great for removing dirt and dander.
  • The pins are long enough to penetrate the coat of a golden retriever, without being so long theyll scratch the skin.
  • It has an easy-clean function where the pins retract at the press of a button so you can easily remove the collected fur.
  • This brush is a number one bestseller on Amazon with very good ratings and overall feedback.
  • It has a comfortable handle to help prevent wrist strain when brushing.
  • It comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee, which is reassuring.


  • The brush head is only 12.7 x 6.9cms, which is smaller than some might like for brushing a dog as big as a golden retriever.

Pay Attention To Your Pets Mood Before And During The Process

How to groom a Golden Retriever

If your dog is the hyper-type or just feeling nervous, a little exercise before your at-home grooming date could help calm him down.

If you find your pet is especially skittish at any time in the process, remember to stay calm. A little cuddling, reassuring and a treat can make the process go a lot smoother.

For even further details on grooming your pet, watch this helpful video:

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Wahl Professional Animal Arco

When it comes to looking for a dog clipper for golden retriever this device should not be given a miss. This is a professional cordless clipper and can perform 5500 strokes every minute.

The blades come in 5 different sizes to give different styles of cuts. The device is super quiet so your pet will not be frightened by it.

You will not feel any discomfort while using this for long hours as it is extremely lightweight. The manufacturer provides a valid warranty for 12 months.;This product is manufactured in Hungary which explains its high quality.

Dog Bathing Tool Rinser

About this item:

  • MULTI-USE PORTABLE HANDHELD SINK SPRAYER: With 2 easy steps make an extension of your faucet with our easy spray. Create ease for yourself when it comes to washing your hair, bathing your baby, washing your dog or washing your vegetables even use it for hand washing clothes or other items in your kitchen sink
  • EASY TO USE WITH ON/OFF TOGGLE SWITCH: The handheld portable sprayer has a convenient on/off toggle switch that allows you to control the water flow from light to full, depending on your needs.
  • STEP 1: Remove your old aerator from the faucet spout and install the new aerator in its place to attach sprayer. The included aerator fits a 15/16 outside thread and 55/64 inside thread
  • STEP 2: Align tabs on quick-connector adapter with markings as guides to gently push adapter up into aerator and turn to lock hose in place with a ¼ turn to the right
  • QUICK AND EASY STORAGE WITH REMOVABLE HOSE: To remove hose, turn water off at faucet source, gently push up on hose and turn clockwise a 1/4 turn to the left to release from the aerator

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How To Groom Your Dog Or Cat At Home

  • Our recommendations for towels in this guide have been discontinued. Well add our new picks when we find other cheap towels we lovein the meantime, just about any towel will work for drying your dog,

    Show more

  • Our recommendations for towels in this guide have been discontinued. Well add our new picks when we find other cheap towels we lovein the meantime, just about any towel will work for drying your dog, so feel free to use what you have on hand.

    Show less

Pets need our help to make them look and smell their best, but most pet owners trapped in quarantine arent experienced groomers. Regardless, if youre physically able and you have the means, proper pet care shouldnt fall to the wayside just because youre stuck at home. From bath time to brushing to nail trims, there are still plenty of ways you can keep your pets appearances up.

To help you build the perfect at-home grooming kit for your cat or dog, I spoke with Erin Askeland, a Denver-based pet professional at dog-care service center Camp Bow Wow; groomer Alyssa Hill of Best Friends Animal Society; pet stylist Kesha Horton of Keesh-Hound Groom Room in Westchester, Illinois; and Melissa Mitchner, founder and CEO of The Bark Shoppe in New York City.

Do Golden Retrievers Need To Be Groomed

Golden Retriever Groom

Golden retrievers need to be groomed quite frequently. This will help reduce matted hair, shedding and help keep your golden retrievers feet clean. If you think you can skip on the grooming and let the Roomba handle the shedding think again. At the very least, a golden retriever requires basic grooming of the ears and feet and weekly brushing.

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Gimars 4cr Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Rejoice, all you long-haired dog lovers! The Gimars Grooming Scissors Kit is here to make your grooming fears a thing of the past.

This kit comes with three different scissors to help reach even the toughest spots on your long-haired pooch.

Choose from 5-inch straight scissors, 6-inch straight scissors, or 7-inch curved scissors to get the perfect shape around their legs, paws, and face!

All of the scissors in this kit have rounded, blunt tips rather than sharp, pointy ones, so you dont need to worry about accidentally poking or nicking your dog while you work.

In addition to the three scissors, you also receive a pair of thinning shears, a stainless steel comb, a cleaning cloth for your new tools, and a case to keep it all neat and organized.

The Best Clippers For Grooming Golden Retrievers

Fortunately, we have done the research and found some of the best products available. The products we have chosen and have reviewed show theyre highest in quality and lead the market. In addition, youll get some grooming advice for a golden retriever as well as some frequently asked questions. You can jump to products from right here or scroll to more detailed overviews below.

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Buyers Guide For The Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money

The success of your DIY in dog grooming begins with getting the right shear that meets your furry friends needs. Many dogs are always anxious once they see a stranger with sharp tools or in a strange place. This fear stems from the fact that youd somewhat groom them because of the existing bond; therefore, your devices must have:

  • uncompromised standards in quality parts,
  • high safety of your furry friend,
  • comfort, and
  • Upgrading To A New Professional Dog Grooming Supply

    Hey Good Looking! Grooming Your Golden Retriever, Pt. 2 ...

    If you feel like youve mastered the basics, and youre ready to step up your at-home pooch pampering game, its time to invest in a product that mimics that of the professionals. Sure, youll be paying more, but that also means youll only be paying onceand the right professional dog grooming supply will get you through so many haircuts, youll lose count.

    Best Dog Grooming Investment: Andis UltraEdge Professional Animal Grooming Clippers

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