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How To Stop My Golden Retriever From Jumping On People

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How To Prevent Aggression In Your Golden Retriever

Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Jumping (3 Easy Steps)

One of the best ways to prevent aggression in your golden retriever is to properly socialize them.

Show them that other people and other dogs are ok by giving them positive experiences with them.

Now, if your golden is being aggressive, go get professional help.

A professional trainer will help you understand why your dog is being aggressive, what triggers their aggression, and how to fix it.

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Sit For Greeting

When your Golden Retriever meets the person it likes, it will greet him for sure. Further, your pal might choose licking, pawing, jumping, or even biting as a way to greet its favorite person. And all of these behaviors are dangerous.

So, how about teaching your pal to sit for greeting? Dont you think it is safer when your pal sits to greet?

Thus, here are the steps for training your pal:

  • Firstly, ask your pals favorite person , whom it always greets to assist you.
  • Then, teach your pal several commands like sit, stand, stop, come, go, lay down, stand up, etc.
  • Ask your assistant to approach your pet.
  • If your pal stands seeing your assistant, tell youre your assistant to turn around and walk away.
  • Now, command your Golden Retriever to sit and ask your assistant to approach again.
  • If it stands again, repeats the above two steps until your assistance greets your pal in a sitting position.
  • Further, if your pal remains seated for greeting, treat your pal with healthy natural snacks.
  • Follow these steps more frequently to teach your Golden Retriever faster.
  • Are you planning to train your pal? Do you think these steps are helpful for your pet?

    Aggressiveness In Golden Retrievers

    Golden retrievers are know for their sweet and friendly disposition and arent usually associated with aggression or aggressive behavior in general. However sometimes they may exhibit such behavior, which may be demonstrated in many ways and forms. The dog may growl, snap at another dog or individual, and sometimes even bite, but most times, anger isnt the emotion the dog is reacting to at all.

    There are many reasons for aggressiveness in golden retrievers, for example, dogs that show aggressiveness routinely may be or have been victims of abuse, disregard, improper training or poor breeding practices, and may have been witness to such events occurring to their progenitors, which may have lead to this behavior.

    Another reason for aggressiveness in golden retrievers is whenever new people are introduced or are visiting your home, since golden retrievers see their owners as part of the pack, they can simply feel threatened by an stranger being invading their space, or with the notion they will have to share their owner. Aggression can sometimes be also a natural response to fear, insecurity, pain, or illness your dog may be experiencing.

    Avoiding and Stopping Aggressiveness in Golden Retrievers

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    Training Questions And Answers


    Hello Kellie,For the biting, I recommend teaching pup the Leave It command.Leave It method: also recommend teaching pup Out – which means leave the area, and using the section on how to use out to deal with pushy behavior, and you enforce Out on behalf of the kids after they tell puppy Out, if pup doesn’t obey them. This helps pup learn respect for them as an extension of pup respecting you, and takes the pressure off the kids. pup is overtired, pup will also bite more, so I would crate train pup and place pup in a crate or exercise pen with a dog food stuffed chew toy, like a kong, for a rest time when pup is especially rambunctious.Best of luck training,Caitlin Crittenden

    Why Do Golden Retrievers Bite

    My Golden Retriever Jumps On People: How Do I Stop This?

    To start with, all dogs have the chance to bite. However, Golden Retrievers are very reactive and highly intelligent dogs. This means that they are very sensitive to you and your family and can grow anxious and fearful easily if not given the right kind of supportive home environment.

    Golden Retriever puppy nipping and biting are also normal behaviors for this breed. Both of these behaviors should be discouraged especially when you have small children at your home. You need to exhibit care around strangers as well as your little Golden retrievers can hurt an unsuspecting stranger or a passer-by with the intention of not to hurt them but to get their attention to play after all Golden retrievers are the most playful of all dog breeds.

    Other reasons why do Golden Retrievers bite, it usually stems from fear. Fear biting occurs when a Golden retriever dog grows so fearful and anxious of their position in a situation that they will lash out with a bite, hoping to protect themselves from a strange person or dog.

    Additionally, fear can develop for your golden retriever dog when they do not have a strong, stable home environment. Many dog owners think they are being supportive of their dogs by providing everything they need and want.

    Some source of fear could also include early life abuse and mistreatment. If you have adopted your golden retriever dog, youll need to be very wary of any potential fear based behaviours.

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    Command Your Pet To Stop

    You should teach your pet all the basic commands. It is essential for smooth daily activities. Apart from this, a firm no as a command may stop your Golden Retriever from biting.

    Moreover, if your pet starts biting you, stop the game immediately. And do not resume until the pet calms. It will teach your pet that biting is not playful and entertaining.

    Identify The Cause Why Your Golden Retriever Is Jumping

    Since there are many reasons for your Golden Retrievers jumping behavior, you should first find out the root cause to eliminate this issue. Further, sometimes health issues like cancer, ear infections, thyroid disorder, constipation, diabetes, eye diseases, etc., might also result in your pals jumping behavior.

    Thus, consult with the Vet for diagnosis and treatment of the disease so that you can stop your Golden Retriever from jumping.

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    Why Does My Dog Jump Up

    Usually the motivation for the jumping up behavior is to greet people. Many dogs like to greet face to face, like they do with their canine counterparts. Some people, however, find this objectionable. Dogs that jump up can also cause injury or scare the visitor. The visitors reaction to the dog would then serve to make the dog anxious about further visitors coming to the home.

    “The focus should be to teach your dog how to greet properly for rewards.”

    In addition, strong punitive responses when people enter the home can create anxiety and could make the dog aggressive as he anticipates that people entering the home create an aversive situation for him. The focus should not be on how to stop jumping up but rather to teach your dog how to greet properly for rewards.

    Retrievers And Their Energy


    The retriever breedsat least Labradors and Golden Retrieverscome with seemingly endless amounts of energy.

    You see this in the way they run everywhere they go. And in the way they chew everything. Or in the way that they dig holes through the seemingly rock-solid dirt that tractors would struggle with.

    The worst part of their energy is when they meet new people. One of the most common complaints about these breedsbesides their sheddingis the fact that they have a tendency to jump around and on new people.

    It is important to remember that these dogs were bred to be working retrievers. Stamina and high energy are traits that breeders have sought to keep active in their dogs. These traits give the dog the ability to go all day out in the field running miles and miles without slowing down.

    The challenge for most retriever owners is that they are not using their dogs out in the field day in and day out. So, your Golden Retriever or Labrador has all of this energy, but they dont have a way to burn off the energy that they were bred for.

    Every Dog is Different

    I think we should point out that not all Golden Retrievers will have uncontrollable bursts of energy. Like people, dogsÃ;vary from animal to animal. There are some that exhibit the hyper trait for their whole lives and others will be calm even as a little puppy.

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    Giving Attention May Stop Your Golden Retriever From Biting

    Since the Golden Retrievers adore their owners, your lack of time makes your pet frustrated. Thus, your pet may start biting, chewing, and nipping things to get your attention.

    Thus, you must give your pal proper love and attention. Furthermore, cuddling and playing with your pet, taking them to walks and social gatherings, etc., strengthens your bond with your pet. And this stops your Golden Retriever from biting.

    S To Teaching Your Dog To Stop Jumping On People

    Golden retrievers are very people-focused breed. They require and actually need attention, but they need to learn how to control themselves. Jumping on children, seniors, and strangers that are scared of dogs will always result in trouble, so you need to take this into consideration quickly.

    Here are 4 steps to train your golden retriever to stop jumping on people.

  • Negatively reward the bad behavior.
  • When your dog jumps on someone and you tries to push off the dog or tell them no or down, you are actually rewarding their behavior.

    Your dog is jumping on this person because he wants to become the center of attention, and when you direct your attention to them, you have basically given them exactly what they want.

    Instead, you need to completely ignore him. You also need to tell your friends and family members to do the exact same.

    2. Replace the bad behavior with a good one.

    Most dog trainers will tell you that the best way to stop your dog from jumping on people is to tell them to sit. They are right, your dog cant jump and sit at the same time.

    What I found to be great is to give them the sit command just after the door bell rings and seconds before I open the door. This way they can still be rewarded for sitting down if they stayed put or just ignore them completely if they stood and jumped on the person.

    If they stayed down and didnt jump, you should immediately reward them with praise, treats, or both.

    3. Ask another person to help you

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    What Not To Do

    There are many ways in which you can keep your dog inside and stop them from jumping over fences and running away, but there are also ways to keep them inside which you should never use.

    Here are ways that you should never use to keep your dog inside.

    • Never Restrict their movements.
    • Tying your dog in the garden and restricting their movements with chains, ropes, or anything similar should never be an option.
    • The same can be said for crates. While Crates are necessary for training your dog, they should only be used temporarily and they should never be your first option.
  • Dont Punish them
  • If you punish your dog after catching them trying to jump, you will not be discouraging them from jumping again, but teaching them to be sneaky about it the next time they try.
  • Punishing them after a failed attempt can also motivate them to try harder next time since they know they may get punished if they fail again.
  • Dont make it hurt
  • Putting glass, wire, or anything on the top of your fence to stop your dog from jumping is a cruel and horrible thing to do to your dog.
  • Your dog doesnt understand what is a wire, and they may try to jump anyway only to get their stomachs or paws hurt, which can be a serious injury.
  • Carry Treats To Reward Calm Behavior

    Tips to Stop your Dog from Jumping on People

    I recommend Zukes minis for training treats because they are small and soft and dogs love them! Wearing a treat pouch to hold the treats is also helpful, vs. stuffing them in your pockets.

    You can use treats to reward your dog when you notice calm behavior.;

    Our foster dog, Lana

    I will give a treat to Remy when I see he has chosen to remain lying down or sitting rather than jumping.

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    Stress Will Cause Your Dog To Bark And Other Bad Behaviors

    Are you starting to see why your dog is stressed and barking when you leave now?

    And all those other annoying behaviors such as chewing, destruction and trying to dig under the fence, or jump over the fence that only happens when youre not around Yep, thats right. They are all symptoms of a stressed dog thats desperately concerned about you not being home and safe. Remember your dog cant speak English to tell you any of this!

    Dont Yell At Your Golden Retriever

    Dogs have impeccable hearing skills, and they can detect the highest and softest pitch sounds. They know the difference in;your voices tone and that screaming;and shouting are signs of;your anger;or;frustration.

    Yelling also causes fear and aggression in Golden Retrievers,;making them rebel against you, possibly with a bite, or they may try to run away. Over;time, dogs;can take;a;kind;of indifference to your;yelling;and learn to ignore it. It;means you will not get anywhere;with them;in;training and achieve very little.

    This scientific research showed that;dogs trained using aversive-based methods experienced poorer welfare in both the short and long term;compared to dogs trained using reward-based methods .

    Specifically, they displayed more stress-related behaviors and body language during training and increased amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.

    Rather than shout at your Golden Retriever, you will achieve far greater results if you use a calm voice and make concise, consistent commands in a confident tone.

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    Is A Puppy Jumping And Biting Clothes Normal

    Yes, its perfectly normal behavior for puppies to jump and to bite clothing. They jump because theyre excited and too immature to know any other way to show their excitement and love.

    They chew and bite on not just clothing but almost everything in sight.

    Some bite on things out of boredom, but most puppies do it because theyre teething and chewing provides relief from the pain of teething.

    Youll find tips in this article to help nip this behavior in the bud and a detailed look at reasons other than teething that cause puppies to bite and chew on practically anything.

    Have A Plan Decide On Your Rules

    How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping Up on People

    Its important to decide your own rules and be consistent. If you dont know what is allowed, how is your dog supposed to know? All family members and roommates should be on board with the same rules.

    For example, I dont mind if my dogs run up and greet me at the door and show excitement. I like that. However, I do expect them to settle down shortly afterwards, and I do not allow any barking or jumping during greetings. Your rules might be a little different.

    We discussed this in my post on how to keep a dog calm around visitors.

    Its not enough to want your dog to stop jumping. You have to decide what you want him to do instead.Lie on a bed? Sit next to you? Calmly greet people without jumping?

    Then figure out how to make this happen, and practice it. Dogs need lots and lots of repetitions in order for a concept to stick, especially with something as challenging as not jumping on visitors.

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    Train Your Dog To Sit For A Greeting

    With a mix of the above techniques, your dog should slowly be getting the message about what not to do when greeting you. But as previously mentioned, thats not enough. They need an alternative behavior to replace the jumping. You need to teach what they should be doing instead.

    Most dogs are familiar with the sit command and even if yours isnt its one of the easiest things to teach. So teach your dog to sit when saying hello. A sit is a calm position and with their bum on the floor, they cannot possibly be jumping. So a reliable sit is the easiest alternative behavior to jumping.

    After enough repetitions of praise and reward for sitting for a greeting, they will quickly realize its highly rewarding and will gladly offer up the desired behavior. Heres how to go about it.

    Your Goldendoodle Puppy Jumping Up 90% Effective Prevention

    Puppies Jump.;I mean they just do. They jump, mouth , and run around like nuts. So its not just you, and its not just your puppy.;

    Goldendoodles are great dogs for their temperament and are sweet and loving. That doesnt mean they wont jump up on you, and in fact they may do it a bit more cause they just LOVE YOU SO MUCH! *Tail wag*

    Although originally created to get a dog with the intelligent and hypoallergenic characteristics of the Poodle and the gentleness and great temperament of the Golden Retriever, today the Goldendoodle dog is chosen for its looks, playful personality and loyalty.

    Their playful personality and friendly nature often make the Goldendoodle puppy jump with joy when they see people particularly their family.

    Is their jumping a problem or something thats just a part of their nature?

    How do I get my Goldendoodle to stop jumping? Puppies love attention and enjoy greeting you at their level, so they tend to jump. Although there are various reasons why Goldendoodle puppies jump, their main purpose is to be as close to you as possible. There are proven methods to curb this behavior or eliminate it altogether.

    • Do not reward the jumping by petting him or giving him treats.
    • Ignore the jumping by walking past them or turning away.
    • Reward the puppy when he stops jumping.
    • Redirect the puppy towards a treat or a toy.
    • Teach the puppy the sit or stay command.

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