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Do Golden Retrievers Need To Be Trimmed

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The Verdict: Normal Growth Is Not The Same For Each Pup

Every Golden is different and will grow at their own rate. The key is to ensure they arent growing too quickly or too slowly steady growth is ideal.

Aside from other factors we mentioned, a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle will help keep your Golden healthy and happy.

Remember, their final size will vary from one another, depending on variation and pedigree.

Do They Require A Lot Of Grooming

Golden Retrievers are a very active breed. A bath and a blowout are necessary to keep the shedding under control and maintain healthy skin and coat.  Regular grooming should be done every 4 6 weeks.  Make it a habit to spend some quality time brushing your dog to keep the coat separated and divided which, in turn, will allow the skin to breathe.

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Do Dog Whiskers Grow Back

Thankfully, dog whiskers are still hair and they will grow back. Dog whiskers go through a growth cycle just like normal hairs and will grow back on their own.

Still, its never a good idea to cut them yourself or trim them short. Just leave them be.

How Many Whiskers does a Golden Retriever have?

Golden Retrievers typically have 40 whiskers on their upper lips with 4 to 8 whiskers above their eyes and 2 to 4 whiskers on their checks, and the number of whiskers can change depending on your dogs size and age.

How Often Should A Golden Retriever Be Professionally Groomed

What does a Golden Retriever do when I don

For around $50 a professional groomer will take care of all of the above-listed challenges. The Golden Retrievers coat has an average growth rate of 0.5 to 1.0 inches per month.

This implies that they need trimming off 0.5-1.0 inches every month. 

To save some money, you can have your Golden Retriever professionally groomed every few months and groom it at home in the meanwhile.

The professional grooming sessions are important because they give proper shape and structure, making home grooming easier to manage. 

However, if you have more money than time, you can have your Golden Retriever groomed by a professional every month. 

Tip:  Make sure your groomer, and you speak the same language. Groomers often use professional terms, and owners use the term they read online but do not fully understand. 

How To Groom A Golden Retriever At Home

Lets talk about how to groom a Golden Retriever with different kinds of brushes , and how trim the fur with scissors and thinning shears.

Should you use an undercoat rake on your Golden? Well look at the pros and cons of this popular grooming tool.

One hard and fast rule shared by all professional groomers is to never shave your Golden.

Your dog needs that double coat year-round, so keep it trimmed but not shaved.

Plan on a once weekly brushing session at minimum. Many Goldens will require more frequent grooming.

Outdoor grooming can reduce the amount of loose fur in the house.

Golden Retriever Grooming Styles

Now that you have all the right tools to groom your Golden like a pro, what do you need to know about Golden Retriever grooming cuts?

Golden Retrievers and extreme cuts dont mix! Professional groomers who work with show quality Goldens emphasize the importance of an overall balance and symmetry in a good cut.

An untrimmed Golden Retriever has thick, long hair on areas like the neck, tail, and legs.

A properly trimmed Golden should look neat, with the thickest hair on the neck, tail, and legs/feet trimmed to look smooth and even.

Severe summer cuts are generally not done on Golden Retrievers.

Its important to remember that a Goldens thick undercoat works as insulation in the winter.

The undercoat will be much thinner in the summer, but leaving the top coat intact will protect your Golden from sun and heat.

When Do Golden Retrievers Get Their Feathers

Most golden retrievers start growing their feathers around 3 months, but it can be different from a golden to another as it depends on their heritage and bloodlines, you can tell when they will get their feathers by their parents so if their mom or dad grew their adult coat later then they will too.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Have Whiskers

Dog whiskers are kind of like the antennae on insects, they are a sort of a sensory radar that give the dog information about movements of objects around him. They are often called tactile hairs, but its important to note here that they dont actually feel anything.

A dogs whiskers are able to detect slight movements and changes in the air currents around them, these changes are so subtle that its impossible for us, humans to detect. By feeling these subtle changes, the whiskers can transmit information to sensory cells about the size, shape, and speed of nearby objects.

So, in essence, a dogs whiskers are his radar. The whiskers can detect very faint vibrations that are caused by the slightest changes in air currents and send this information instantly to the canine brain, and by so helping dogs sense things that they may not be able to see.

Whiskers, much like other senses, are always working and are constantly sending information to the canine brain, helping it construct a better image of the world around the dog.

Whiskers can allow dogs to sense objects in their path in the dark to avoid pumping into stuff, and in the wild, it allows dogs to sense the presence of prey or a predator gaining on them. And, of course, they also allow them to be better hunters. You can learn more about golden retrievers as hunting dogs here.

Speaking of seeing in the dark, you can learn how dogs really see in the dark here.

Professional Pet Grooming In Frederick Md

At Old Farm Veterinary Hospital, we want to make sure your pets stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. Thats why weve got a professional groomer on staff to help keep your pets coat in peak condition. Our groomer gives your pet a good wash, trim, and brushing, going back to you clean and shiny. Schedule your grooming appointment today!

How Long Should Golden Retriever Nails Be

Golden retriever nailsare no different from any other dog nails. If you hear a lot of clacking when your dog walks on hard floorsits time to trim. Your dogs nails shouldnt protrude past the paws of their feet, and they shouldnt touch the floor when your dog is standing. Clipping their nails every two to four weeks can often be a good schedule for your pup.

Cutting Your Goldens Toenails

Your Goldens toenails should not be left overgrown and should be regularly trimmed. But before you start trimming, I want to advise some caution. Not every dog will be thrilled about this, including our Corgi.

If you plan to do the nail-trimming, its important that you dont accidentally cut the skin. It can be very painful and will likely deter your dog from wanting to get its nails trimmed in the future.

Also, youll want to slowly introduce this grooming routine to your Golden Retriever:

  • On the first day, start by introducing the nail clippers. Let your Golden sniff it and get used to seeing it. Dont forget to reward your dog for getting close to the clippers!
  • Next, take the clippers and make contact with their paws. Dont start trimming yet, just let the dogs paws and clippers touch. Reward them with treats!
  • Youll want to now do the same, but squeeze the clipper to produce the clipping sound. Again, youre not actually nail clipping at this point.
  • Start trimming, but just a tiny part of the nails. As the days continue, you can start trimming more and more. Bring out your Goldens favorite treats for this part.
  • A sharp pair of nail trimmers should be used to avoid unnecessary pressure on the nails. You will also need to consistently persuade your Golden to stay still so that you do not cut into the quick.

    Bathing Frequency How Often Should A Golden Retriever Be Bathed

    We need our dinner!!!

    A golden retriever has a warm and double coat. It is a common feature of breeds considered to be water dogs. The natural oils of your Golden retrievers fur help keep the coat water and dirt repellent. Regular grooming and brushing will spread oils through the body and mitigate mats and tangles.

    However, your Golden still requires a bath from time to time. The frequency will depend on factors, including the following:

    • Number of swimming outings
    • The time they spend outdoors.
    • Rural versus urban setting
    • Parasite infestation in your locality

    Helpful Tools For Cutting Your Dogs Nails

    The most popular tool for canine nail clipping is the scissor style clippers. These allow you to easily maneuver and cut the nail without crushing the toes. The internets leading pet fashion resource, Pet Fashion Week says here that scissors can cut either straight across the nail or at a smaller angle depending on how short you want the nail to be.

    Another style of clipper is the guillotine version, which some people find easier to use than the scissors. You simply put the nail in the guillotine, squeeze and press down cut the nail straight across. These clippers can put more pressure on the dogs toe, however.

    Regardless of what style you choose, the most important thing is that the clippers are kept very sharp so they dont splinter the nail.

    Some dog owners prefer to use a nail grinder instead of clippers. Again, these are easy to use by simply slowly grinding down the nail. They may be the preferred choice for people less confident with the sharp and quick motion of the clippers.

    Grooming The Nails And Feet Of Your Golden Retriever

    When a Goldens nails are too long, you will hear them scrape when the dog walks on hard surfaces. The claws should not protrude over the pad and should not touch the ground when standing. A puppys nails grow very fast and need to be trimmed at least every 2 to 3 weeks using a nail clipper to avoid nail splitting and cracking. If you trim your dogs nails regularly, your dog becomes used to it and wont mind.

    During Golden Retriever grooming be mindful that only 3 to 5mm of the nail should be trimmed to avoid cutting the quick of the nail.

    Most Goldens have white or light brown toenails so you can see the pink quick. The quick is the blood vessels and nerves that supply the nail and cutting the quick is a big NO! Dont forget the dew claws these are located slightly higher up on the inner leg.

    Purchase a specially made cutter for dogs nails to assist you with your Golden Retriever grooming routine. There are several styles of nail trimmer available. Plier type nail cutters with a scissor action suit larger dog breeds. Choose a good quality claw cutter with sharp stainless steel blades and a comfortable handle with a good grip.

    After a rainy walk, clean your dogs feet in lukewarm water with antiseptic solution, dry carefully and apply Vaseline for cracked pads or just anti fungus power.

    Start Cutting Dog Nails At An Early Age

    Most dogs aren’t as fond of hand holding as humans. That can make trimming dog nails quite an ordeal.

    The easiest way to get your dog used to having his nails trimmed is by playing with his feet when he’s a puppy.

    Some breeders make it easier for you by clipping their puppies’ nails weekly until they go to their new homes. That makes it a cinch for you to keep cutting dog nails on a regular basis, without a fuss.

    Trimming Your Golden Retrievers Coat

    The entire coat of the golden retriever doesnt need to be trimmed. These breeds have two coats: an undercoat and an overcoat. The combination exists to keep the dog comfortable in any temperature and season. On hot days, cool air gets trapped between the coats, and on cold days, warm air gets trapped between the coats. Trimming the entire coat of the dog is a step in the wrong direction because it can inhibit the natural cooling and heating system of the golden retriever.


    Some owners use clippers while trimming their golden retriever, but this is unneeded. All you need is a good pair of scissors and some thinning shears. Start by trimming the fur on the legs and feet of the dog. Youll need to trim the fuzzy hair growth at the edges cleanly with a scissor. Lift up the paw of the dog and trim the hair between the toes. You will need to comb or brush the hair between the toes before you trim it to allow you to trim it in the best way. The new length should be till the top of the dogs feet. You can now comb it back down so that it is at the level with the dogs pads.


    The fur on the feet of your dog should be around ½ inches long. It should be able to lay smooth at the level of the foots surface. Once you are done, you should examine the pads of the dog as well. If you find any cracks in the pads, you can put Vaseline on them. Check to see if the nails of the pup need to be trimmed as well.







    Where Is The Best Place To Bath Your Golden Retriever

    Where to should you bath your Golden? It is an important question because if you do it in the house or apartment, you could end up with wet paw prints racing through the house and on the furniture.

    Maybe you already have your Golden accustomed to baths and you are not worried about her bolting for another location.

    If that is the case, then great job. Keep it up.

    On the other hand, I know that if my dog gets out and runs through the house leaving behind her a trail of soap suds and dirty paw prints, I know how much trouble I will be in.

    I would rather not risk it. So, I simply set up somewhere that, if my dog does break loose, I dont have to worry about what my wife is thinking.

    There are two places that I like to go.

    The first one is an actual doggy wash near my home. This one might be the best because there are leashes that keep her where I need her in order to vacuum out her hair.

    If you cant get to an official doggy wash, then try your backyard with a hose, or, better yet, a swimming pool

    This will keep your dog cool in the summer months. Additionally, when she gets used to the pool, she will be easier to bath.

    Shaving Will Not Stop Your Dog From Shedding

    Shaving a double-coated dog does not make them shed less. Many people are under the impression that shaving a dog will stop the shedding, it does not.

    Double-coated dogs shed twice a year and that is the undercoat.  The rest of the time the shedding is normal hair turn over, which happens in all animals with hair.

    Shaving only makes the hair pieces smaller, but they will still shed.

    What If I Cut Off Too Much When Cutting Dog Nails

    Uh oh. Now you’ve done it. That last little cut nicked the quick, and now the toenail’s bleeding. What do you do now?

    Don’t panic, and don’t put yourself on a guilt trip. You’re probably more upset than your Golden Retriever dog. Donât let that little drop of blood put an end to your brave first attempts at cutting dog nails.

    Most of the time, a minor cut to the quick will stop bleeding on its own. To speed up the process, you can dab a bit of styptic powder on the nail. If that still doesn’t stop the bleeding, applying the powder along with some gentle pressure for a few minutes will do the job.

    How To Trim Golden Retriever Feathers

    Dog Grooming Singapore

    You can trim your golden retriever feathers by using scissors or clippers and cutting the feathers down.

    Its the best way to reduce the mess on their butt and keep their coat intact.

    Its recommended to trim using scissors to avoid accidentally hurting them. Make sure to trim an inch near their rear ends and its best if you bathe them after you trim their feathers.

    However, most golden retrievers do not have long feathers and you shouldnt trim your golden retriever feathers on a regular basis.

    When Do You Need To Groom This Breed Of Dog

    Golden Retrievers have beautiful golden fur that generally does not need constant brushing, but at least once every week would be good for the dogs coat of fur. Of course, these dogs also need grooming for their nails, paws, and teeth every other week.

    You do not necessarily need to bring your dog to the nearest grooming salon. Grooming dogs are actually quite fun and can be used as quality time with you and your pet companion!

    Golden Retriever Scissors And Thinning Shears

    Learning how to groom a Golden Retriever doesnt just include brushing them. Your grooming kit should also contain a pair of scissors and a pair of thinning shears.

    Scissors are good for detail work around small areas like the ears and feet.

    Thinning shears are scissors with notches cut out of the blade, perfect for removing bulk from areas like the ruff, and softening edges.

    How Often Should I Cut My Dogs Nails

    The answer to this varies from dog to dog. If your dog is running around regularly on hard surfaces that help wear down the nails and keep them short, you will only need to trim them as and when the nail grows long. If you can hear the nail clicking on the ground, thats when you know its definitely time for a trim.

    If your dog spends most of their time on soft ground and carpets, however, its likely that theyll require much more regular trims either once every two weeks to maintain their length, or once a week to deliberately shorten them.

    Ideally the nail should be cut to within about 2 millimeters of the quick thats the pinkish part in the middle of the nail that holds the blood supply. You can always double check with your vet or groomer as to whether your dogs nails are ready to be cut yet and to what point you should be cutting.

    Remember, you dont have to cut all the nails in one sitting feel free to just do one nail a day if you think that would be less distressing for your dog. As long as you remember the order in which youre cutting them, you should be able to maintain them at a short length if you cut one or two every day.

    What Type Of Shampoo Should I Use To Wash My Golden Retriever

    According to many canine experts, its not recommended to wash your dog using dish soap or human shampoo. This will most definitely strip your dog of its natural oils. Plus, shampoo made for humans is too acidic for regular use on a Golden Retrievers hair and skin.

    The best shampoo to use is one thats specially formulated for dogs. Its recommended that you use a highly-rated oatmeal shampoo like at amazon.com to help in the nourishment of their coats. Its organic, soap-free, and contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera to naturally soothe and moisturize sensitive or dry skin.

    While using this shampoo, you should wash your pup from front to back, gently scrubbing your dogs fur to get the dirt thats attached to the undercoat. 

    When drying your Golden Retriever you can choose to use an old dog towel, but many people choose to use a blow dryer on their dog in order to make sure that all their fur is dry. A double-coated dog, like a Golden Retriever, can stay wet for hours, even after being towel dried so a hair dryer can really speed up this process.

    A pet-friendly hair dryer like this on amazon.com, can also help with regular grooming. Its temperature controlled so it wont get too hot for your pooch.

    Steps In Trimming Golden Retriever Feathers

    Step 1. Brush the dogs coat

    Before you start snipping through your Goldies feathers, its important to give it a good brush first. This will fix tangles and remove loose hair trapped on your dogs coat. Be slow and gentle with it so your pooch wont find grooming time traumatic.

    Step 2. Pull the fuzzies

    You will notice around your dogs legs that there are fuzzies or shed undercoat that you wont get out by brushing. To remove this, you can use finger cots on your thumb and index finger. The rubber will help grab the loose undercoat and pull it without hurting the dog. Its important to keep the pulling light and never pull intact fur.

    Step 3. Start with the feet

    Most commonly, a Goldies feathers will grow too long in the leg area that it starts touching the ground. You should use a pair of thinning shears to trim the excess fur growth on the paws. Theres no need to use clippers for this part.

    You should also trim the feathering short from the Goldies foot up two inches up. This way, it will not gather dirt and dust outdoors. Trim it short until its the same length as the coat.

    Do this on all four feet of your Golden Retriever. For the hock at the back legs, place the scissors parallel to it for a more natural look. The feathering around the hock should be cut short with the same length as the rest of the legs coat.

    Step 4. Work on the legs

    Step 5. Proceed to the tail

    How Fast Does Golden Retriever Hair Grow Back

    You can expect a Golden Retrievers hair to grow back to the full length within 8 to 10 weeks. Although its not recommended that you shave or cut your dogs hair to the pint that you are waiting for it to grow back again.

    On the flip side, if youre just looking for more info on how long your dogs har will take to grow long again before needing another groom. Well, that would be 8 weeks which is why 6 weeks is a great time to get them back in for another groom.

    So lets go through a few beautiful designs that you can do with a basic set of tools and a good guide .

    What Can Be Done To Combat A Golden Retrievers Smell

    A few things can be done to combat a golden retrievers smell.

    Golden retrievers can be bathed and groomed regularly to promote a healthy body, skin, and less smelliness.

    The earlier in life these hygiene treatments are started, the easier it is for golden retrievers who smell to accept this as a regular part of their lives.  Puppyhood is a good time to start with gentle but quick sessions of brushing and short baths just for fun and to prevent golden retrievers smell.

    Golden retrievers should be brushed daily to remove excess hair that they often shed and keep their coat of hair clean.  Golden retrievers have a coat of hair this is thick and dense, and water-resistant, which can promote the accumulation of bacteria trapped in the body.

    When this brushing is combined with regular bathing, it can reduce the smell of a golden retriever.

    Bathing should be done about once a month.  This depends on the dog, but when golden retrievers smell bad or brushing doesnt help, they can be bathed more often with caution and a watchful eye on their skin while they are being brushed regularly.

    As a general guide, golden retrievers can be bathed as often as once a week or as little as once every six weeks.  Each golden retriever will have different requirements in this area depending on their lifestyle and their overall health.

    With a healthy diet, daily brushing, and frequent bathing, a golden retriever can suffer fewer bouts of smelliness.

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