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How Often Do You Groom A Golden Retriever

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How To Prep Your Golden Retriever For Grooming

Golden Retriever Grooming Guide

Its not always easy to groom your pets. They can be nervous or scared, especially if theyve never been groomed before. This is why its always great to get your puppy used to grooming from as early an age as possible.;

Its always a must to make the grooming process as enjoyable as possible for your dog, such as by having lots of treats or ending the grooming session with a fun playing session. Here are other tips to keep your dog calm.

Let your pet explore the room. If youre grooming your dog inside, you want to secure a room so that it cant escape. Let your pet walk around the room that has all your tools and products so that they can become familiar with the environment.;

  • Show them the tools. Your dog is less likely to be scared of your brush or clippers if you introduce them to him or her before you even try to groom them. Let them sniff everything and hear the noises they make so that they wont see these tools as harmful.;
  • Take it slow. If your dog wont stop fidgeting or trying to escape, youll have to get them used to the grooming process in small steps. This could mean that if you want to brush them, you only sweep the brush across their fur until they try to get away from you and then stop. You dont want to make your dog view being groomed in a negative way because then the next time you try to groom them they will be even more uncomfortable and anxious.;

Whats The Best Age To Start Grooming

A nice ballpark figure to go off from would be 10 to 12 weeks, which is a great age for your dog to have his first groom. Golden retriever doesnt become fully grown adults until 2 years of age, so its important to make this a great experience from as early on as possible.;

The first time would be well worth the investment of taking your dog into a professional groomer. But as they get older than you can make the choice of grooming form home or continue paying a professional. I have a really cool post that you can read more on here.;

Deshedding Tool: Furminator Deshedding Tool For Large Dogs

Deshedding tools are every dog owners bosom buddy. It helps manage the shedding of a dog, especially if you own a fluffy Golden Retriever.

When it comes to deshedding tools, no other brand is more popular than the famed FURminator. This tool is made with stainless steel teeth that will reach beneath your Goldies undercoat. It will lift loose hair so you can remove it even before it falls on the floor and stick to your furniture.

One thing I really like about FURminator is its trademarked FUR ejector. You simply press the button and it will automatically remove the hair from the teeth. This is widely used by professional groomers and veterinarians so its guaranteed safe for your Goldies shedding.

Instead of vacuuming around endlessly, you can add a FURminator in your dogs grooming kit. It will do wonders on the poochs shedding. And for this price range, I really dont have any major complaints.

Overall, this is an excellent hair removal tool that will not hurt your doggo. It will be indispensable during the peak shedding season of your Golden Retriever.


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What To Do If Your Dog Has Excessively Hairy Paws

Theres no cure for this skin condition at this time but it can be managed.

You can soften and remove the hardened hair and skin on their paws and nose, or you can make an appointment with their vet regularly to have this done.;

Heres what you can use to smooth their paws and help them go back to their regular shape.

  • Coconut oil;
  • Olive oil
  • Natural balms;

They will help to soothe the rough skin and prevent any cracks, make sure while applying any of them that your dog doesnt lick them because it can upset their stomach.

You can also help to protect their paws by covering them with some socks when they are at home or in the backyard, or booties when they are going on walks.

If you are intending to go for runs, though, I recommend taking a moment to learn about how to prepare for running with your golden retriever here.

Brushing A Golden Retriever

Top Pet Grooming Tips for Golden Retrievers in 2020 (With ...

While you only need to bathe your Golden Retriever every;couple of months or so, you will want to brush their fur out far more frequently.

When you brush the fur, it gets rid of dead hair as well as dry and dead skin. It also stimulates the skin surface and helps distribute the natural oils to ensure the coat is healthy and clean.

All dogs need to have their fur brushed every few days for these benefits and to prevent matting in a Golden Retriever.

If you notice any hair mats, you will want to remove them through brushing;as soon as possible. Goldens are particularly prone to matting behind the ears, on the tail, and in the thick feathering on their back legs. Make sure to brush these areas frequently.

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How Often Do Dogs With Silky Hair Need To Be Groomed

In Bookers professional opinion, dogs with silky hair are best served by daily brushing and combing. Curtis recommends using a greyhound comb. The frequency of haircuts depends on how long you want to keep their coat, but Booker suggests every 4 to 8 weeks for these breeds.

Curtis notes that silky-haired dogs tend to have little to no undercoat and oilier skin, so they need to bathe more frequently. For top-notch care, she suggests adding some baking soda to the bath water to help balance pH.

How Do I Trim My Golden Retrievers Feet

As long as your dogs nails have been trimmed correctly then you can get started on trimming their feet: First, push the fur between your Retrievers toes down with your fingers. Hold the paw backwards and with straight edge scissors trim the unruly hairs so that theyre even and level. Turn back to the other side of the paw, pull the fur from between your dogs toes up and carefully trim this hair. Always take critical care around your pups foot pads, doing this wrong could leave serious damage for them when they walk.

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How Do I Brush My Golden Retriever

Start by putting your puppy or dog on a table and have him or her stand up. Its easier to brush and groom your Golden when he or she is standing, and it will make the experience for your dog much better. Having a young pup standing for a more extended period can be difficult, I know, but dont give up.

In the beginning, have someone help you by holding your Golden puppy and reward him or her with some yummy treats for standing still and being such a good girl or boy. Your pup will learn and will get more relaxed in time.

There are several types of brushes you can use; each has its purpose. Begin brushing by using a slicker brush. Brush the entire body of your dog. The head, back, belly, chest, paws, tail, behind the ears, the armpits, and the back legs. These last three mentioned spots are spots where matting can occur, so they are essential to brush and prevent matting.

Brush gently down to the skin, a small section at the time, and be careful not to brush too firm, which can hurt your dog. Brush with the direction the hair grows. A dog groomer, who is a friend of mine, told me it is best to start brushing at the bottom and work your way up, start at the end of the dog and work towards the front.

Adult Golden Retrievers shed during the shedding season, which is twice a year around Spring and Autumn. Youll know its that time of the year again when you find more golden hairs than usual on your floor, clothes, and couch, and your vacuum cleaner will is used a lot more!

Slicker Brush: Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush


Slicker brushes allow you to remove chunks of loose hair, matted fur, and knots on your Golden Retrievers coat. It usually has a rectangular shape with wire bristles. To make it easy for you to remove the hair, the tips of the wire bristles are bent slightly.

If youre looking for the best slicker brush for your Golden Retriever, I highly recommend the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. Its a large tool and has 40% more pins than the Big K version. It suits long, fluffy, curly, and cottony coats of dogs.

Each pass using this slicker brush will let you work on the undesirable undercoat. Its also safe to use on the legs of your pooch.

I also like the contoured handle that makes it very easy to use. I just wish that they will make it slightly thicker for bigger hands to prevent it from breaking.

Overall, this is an amazing grooming tool and my Goldie doesnt get brush burn even if we use it regularly. Its a bit pricier than other slicker brushes but I dont regret splurging on this one. It handles mats very well and it can hold lots of loose fur.


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When You Should Start Grooming Your Golden Retriever

You should start grooming your golden retriever when he or she is in the puppy stage. This is because these dogs shed a lot of hair! This is something that happens all year round, but it tends to occur even more when its late in the spring and fall.

This happens because during spring your golden retriever will be shedding his heavy winter coat to get ready for the hot months. Then, this light coat will be shed in fall just before winter arrives so that the thicker coat can keep him warm.;

Although golden retrievers shed a lot of fur, you need to be aware of signs that your dogs shedding is actually a sign of a health condition.

If you can see that your golden retrievers shedding a lot of fur out of season and its leaving bald patches, this could be as a result of medical conditions such as a bacterial infections, allergies, fungal infections, external parasites such as mites or fleas, or an endocrine disorder such as hypothyroidism.;

Clipping The Nails Of Your Golden Retriever

It is important to clip your dogâs nail, so it doesnât accumulate dirt at least every two or four weeks. When clipping your dogâs nails, you must make sure to be very careful not to make them too short since you might hit the life of the nail. If possible, it is recommended to leave this task to dog groomers, so you donât accidentally hurt your dog.

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Completing The Grooming Of Your Golden Retriever

  • 1Wipe your dogs eyes and clean his or her ears. Golden Retriever grooming is not complete without paying close attention to these areas. You can use mineral oil and cotton balls for these specifics of dog grooming, being careful not to get it directly in your dogs eyes.
  • 2Cut your Golden Retrievers . This can be a delicate operation, as your dog needs to keep its feet still in order to avoid injury. Remember to take your time, use a good pair of dog nail trimmers, and avoid cutting above the quick, the live part of the nail.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • The length of your dogs trimmed nails will vary, depending on the dog. The goal it to cut your dogs nails below the quick but to take some length off of them. Nails that are too long can break, possibly causing infection or an irregular gait.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Train your dog to associate good things with its feet being handled by giving it a treat whenever you trim its nails.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Fleas Ticks Other Parasites And Bath Time

    How Often Should You Groom A Golden Retriever

    I covered earlier the fact that location plays a significant role when it comes to how often you need to bathe your golden retriever. But, did you know that environmental factors around your home also play an extensive part in this decision?;

    Some factors to take into consideration is whether your yard is prone to fleas, ticks, or other parasites. If it is, then you should be very proactive when it comes to checking your dogs coat on a regular basis.;

    If this issue becomes excessive, it may be time to treat your yard. Treating your yard will not only reduce the number of parasites your dog comes into contact with, it will also cut down on the number of baths youll need to give your dog to combat these parasites.

    If fleas or ticks are a problem in your area, it would be better to stick to a regular monthly bath with a hydrating medicated shampoo followed by a flea treatment like this one . This will keep your dogs skin and coat in tip-top shape, while eliminating the parasites.

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    How Often To Groom Golden Retriever Tail

    You should groom your golden retrievers tail at least 3 to 5 times a week to make sure that their tail is clean and to prevent any tangling, infection, mites living in their coat, and to remove any dead hair that can cause an odor.

    It can be a serious issue if unwanted bacteria lodge in and can cause them an infection.

    Golden Retriever Grooming Cuts

    Besides giving your dog an overall brushing to remove mats and dead fur, the areas of your dogs head and body with long feathery fur should be trimmed.

    Use thinning shears on the uneven hair in and around your dogs ears to make them look neat, but still naturally soft.

    You can trim the whisker area of your dogs face with small, blunt-tipped scissors.

    Your dogs feet will have tufts of fur growing around the toes. Use straight scissors to trim the hair so that its even with the paw pads.

    Longer hair on the top of the foot and rear lower leg should also be trimmed with scissors.

    Well-trimmed feet should be neat and rounded, like a cats.

    Your Golden Retrievers tail should be trimmed with thinning shears to look neat and sculpted, but still retain a full appearance.

    There are various approaches to trimming the tail. Some groomers gather the tail feathers up and some let them fall like a fan.

    Be sure to check out grooming tutorials or talk to a professional to find the method thats most comfortable for you.

    Your Golden Retrievers neck and shoulder area has a heavy ruff of fur.

    You can thin out the thick undercoat using thinning shears, but be sure to never cut the top coat.

    Groomers recommend trimming the neck area in multiple sessions, so you can take a break and assess your work, rather than risk over trimming.

    The hair on a Goldens belly, front elbows, and rear end is not usually trimmed. Some Golden owners like to give their dogs a sanitary trim on the bloomers.

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    Grooming Tips For Golden Retrievers

    The Golden Retriever is a very handsome dog noted for its intelligence, trainability and loyalty.

    It has a wonderful coat which needs regular brushing and occasional washing, dependent on how many times it manages to get very mucky on one of its adventures when out on mucky walks!

    As their coats are long, keeping your Golden Retriever well groomed can be challenging.

    We recommend that you maintain the quality of their coat with regular brushing and washing of their lower legs with water, and then a dry off with one of our Mega Absorbent PVA Dog Towels .

    On occasions, they will require a full shampoo and wash, but please be sparing with these as too frequent washing can result in loss of oils in the coat making it appear dull.

    We would also recommend a visit to your local Grooming Parlour for trimming of coat and clipping of nails when required.

    So, to keep your Golden Retriever in tip top condition we recommend the following.

    Before you start your shower and grooming sessions, give your Golden Retriever a good brush and then make sure you have all tools and materials required:

    Shampoo Make sure you use a Dog Shampoo, not made for humans. This will ensure that the fur stays in a great condition as human shampoos have different formulas not always compatible with dogs.

    1 x Good quality dog brush We recommend Rosewood Soft Protection Salon grooming Slicker Brush

    A good supply of treats

    How To Trim Golden Retriever Feathers

    Grooming A Golden Retriever (Step-By-Step)

    You can trim your golden retriever feathers by using scissors or clippers and cutting the feathers down.

    Its the best way to reduce the mess on their butt and keep their coat intact.

    Its recommended to trim using scissors to avoid accidentally hurting them. Make sure to trim an inch near their rear ends and its best if you bathe them after you trim their feathers.

    However, most golden retrievers do not have long feathers and you shouldnt trim your golden retriever feathers on a regular basis.

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