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Is Golden Retriever Easy To Train

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What Supplies Do You Need

If you are serious about training golden retriever puppies, you may need some supplies in addition to the time spent. These are listed below:

  • Crate: If you want to crate training with your puppy, you will obviously need a crate. It is very important that this training equipment is at your house from day one. You can choose a soft dog crate or a heavy duty dog ??crate.
  • Baby gates: You don’t have to get these, but they are useful. These tools prevent problematic situations when you can’t pay proper attention to your puppy.
  • Leashes: There are indoor and outdoor leashes. You can choose them according to your goals.
  • High-quality food: Consult your breeder or veterinarian about the appropriate food. If for some reason you need a change in the food field, pay attention to the gradation.
  • Toys: Golden Retriever puppies have a lot of energy. You might want to buy them some chew toys.
  • Bedding: If you buy a crate for your puppy, you need to have some bedding in it for convenience. Anyway, there are crates that come with something like this.
  • Treats: These will be very useful during the training. Use them wisely and not excessively.
  • Collar: If you get used to your Golden Retriever with a collar from day one, it will be beneficial later on.
  • Brushes: This is one of the most important grooming tools. This will help keep your dog’s coat healthy which is extra important for golden retrievers. 

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs

Yes, Golden Retrievers make wonderful family dogs because when bred healthily they have very few behavior problems, love all people, are very tolerant of children, and unfamiliar people. They are also very docile and friendly towards other dogs and cats.

Golden Retrievers make great city dogs or country dogs as long as their needs are met. Most dogs are time intensive and not space-intensive. If your schedule permits or you have resources to hire a dog walker, pet sitter, or dog boarding facility, please do. Golden Retrievers love to be out and about and walk and exercise.

Do not get a golden retriever if you are looking for a guard dog or a dog that has a presence to intimidate or keep people away from your home or while out on the street. Your dog will likely look to lick a burglar’s face and get pets from them than scare them away.

Using The Reward System

Rewards for the good behavior of a golden retriever should include one or all of the following:

  • Praise
  • Playtime
  • Food Rewards

Praise is always the first line of defense when training any breed of dog. By giving the dog an excited shout of “what a good boy/girl” while vigorously petting them, the animal will understand they did something that pleased its owner.

Scolding and shaming a golden retriever when they have an accident on the rug is not nearly as effective as offering praise as the dog will not understand.

Playtime is a wonderful reward for a golden retriever that has obeyed its owner. All dogs enjoy rough-housing or playing ball with their owners, and goldens are certainly no exception.

Playtime offers a chance for the dog to enjoy itself and bond with its owner increasing the chances they will want to please and decreasing the chance of disobedience.

Food rewards, while the first thing most dog owners think of as the best reward, truly are not the best choice. Dogs, especially larger dogs like golden retrievers, need to maintain a healthy weight and eat foods that are good for canines.

However, food rewards are used to train, and they do work well if the owner is careful as to what they feed their pets during training. It is safe to feed your pet the following as a reward:

  • Cooked chicken
  • Training treats from the pet store
  • Baby carrots

Avoid foods high in fat, and never, ever, feed dogs chocolate as it is poisonous to them.

Potty Training Your Golden Retriever

House training your Golden Retriever can be one of the most frustrating partsof dog ownership. However there is good news – Golden Retrievers tend to beeasier to potty train than other breeds, due to their intense desire to pleasetheir owners. Lots of positive reinforcement is the best way to ensure thatpotty training your Golden Retriever is a quick, successful process. Housetraining can take anywhere from 4 months up to a year before your GoldenRetriever no longer has accidents inside the house, so don’t get discouragedif it takes a little longer than you anticipated! You should start housetraining your Golden Retriever between 12 and 16 weeks old . Other tips andtechniques to house train your Golden Retriever are below.

#12 Go To A Professional

6 Dogs That Are Easy To Train

Professional trainers can do wonders for even the most stubborn puppy. There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you decide to seek professional help.

In fact, many owners choose to go to trainers even after they’ve established some new skills with their puppies. Obedience training is on a whole new level when compared to simple tricks and house training.

Trainers can give you the tools you need to be successful. They’ll work with you to develop the proper commands and techniques. If you decide to go to a group class, you can also take advantage of the benefits that come with added socialization.

Your dog can see how other dogs behave, further cementing the training techniques.

Addressing Problems With Potty Training

If your dog is male, they may begin urine marking when they are around six to nine months old. Urine marking is your dog’s way of letting other dogs know he is available to mate. You can prevent this by having your dog fixed before he is three months old.

If your dog is flying through his or her potty training with flying colors and then suddenly begins to have accidents, you may need to take your dog to the veterinarian to find out if they may have a health condition, like a urinary tract infection, that could be causing this behavior.

Walk With A Friends Dog

Remember that friend with the lovely dog who’s been coming to see your puppy? Let’s call them back. You’re going to go for a walk with them now. Fun!

How to do it

  • Go to the place you usually take your puppy out for walks and have your friend meet you there.
  • Walk for around 15 minutes together, each dog on their lead.
  • Walk alongside your friend so that your puppy learns to walk near another dog without it being a game.
  • Any time your puppy looks at you, give them a treat – this is brilliant!
  • Every few minutes, stop with your puppy and do some training. Their name, or recalls are good ones to go over.
  • Make sure the other dog gets treats too for being such a good helper!
  • Not going to lie, this is going to be a hard exercise for your puppy. You can’t blame them for being so excited! Keep up the frequent rewards to keep them as engaged and focused as possible. 

    How Long Do Golden Retrievers Take To Potty Train

    Golden Retrievers potty train relatively fast. They understand the concept of going out or going to the door to let you know. Their bladders may not work as well as their brains, and young puppies may have accidents by the door. This signals they are learning and understanding the concept of going out to potty. The more times you take your puppy out to eliminate outdoors at the location you want the better chance you have of painting the picture for your pup. Golden Retrievers love to please their humans, and we can show them how to do that by taking them out frequently and rewarding them when they potty outside. 

    A golden retriever puppy will start to potty train at 10 – 12 weeks. They will understand the concept of going to the door. Most dogs are not considered house trained or potty trained until six months.

    What Makes Golden Retrievers So Easy To Train

    Golden retrievers are known for their docility and intelligence. Their intelligence is the main factor in making them so easy to potty train. They can quickly understand that they are being rewarded for going potty outside.

    Golden retrievers are also known for their enthusiasm and high energy levels. This can be a little less helpful when you are potty training them, but don’t be discouraged. With the right training, your dog will respond quickly.

    Keep in mind that your puppy needs to be a few months old before it can hold in its urine long enough to be trained.

    All you need to train your dog is some treats, a bell , and a little patience.

    Paper Training Your Puppy

    Paper training is an indoor training method.

  • First, set up a confined space for your puppy with a training pad in a space of your choosing. This confined space will give your puppy the same comfort that a crate can.
  • When your puppy begins successfully eliminating the training pad, you can begin expanding the area slowly and introduce the puppy to the rest of your home.
  • Provide training pads along the way and once your puppy is familiar with your home begin decreasing the number of pads and set a pad outside.
  • When you notice that your dog has to go to the bathroom, take them to the training pad outside. After they begin going to the outside pad you can get rid of all the training pads.
  • Tips For Golden Retriever Training

    Golden retrievers are great dogs and make great companions. This breed is full of energy, love, and excitement. Plus, many people love the way golden retrievers look with their golden coats of fur and floppy ears. That said, golden retrievers are also known for being rowdy and rambunctious. For this reason, it’s important to train your golden retriever property.

    While training a golden retriever isn’t always easy, it’s something that every pet owner can do. With a golden, you don’t need to bring them to a trainer for any fancy routines–unless you want to, of course. When it comes to training a golden, you just need a little bit of patience and a commanding tone. Oh, and tons of treats.

    If you’re getting ready to train your golden retriever but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Read on to see our top 10 tips to help you train your golden retriever.

    Why Your Golden Retriever Is So Hard To Train

    Below are common reasons why it might be difficult to train and what would make them more likely to be the main cause.

    You have been training it in a distracting environment

    It could be the case that the environment you have been training it in has too many distractions. If you train it in an environment with lots of distractions too soon, your Golden Retriever will struggle to keep its focus on you. When training your Golden Retriever it would help to start out by training it in an environment without too many distractions and then to build up to one that has them.

    You haven’t been training it in small steps

    Another possible cause is that you have made the training too difficult too soon. If you ask it to do difficult tasks before it has learned easier tasks it will be unlikely to know what you want it to do. This is why it would help to start out by training it to do easy things and then to build up to getting it to do more challenging tasks.

    You have been using the wrong training method

    It might also be the case that the training method you have been using is not appropriate.

    The training method that I would recommend would be positive reinforcement training. This is where you gradually build up to training it to do difficult things by rewarding your Golden Retriever each time it does a task correctly.


    A lack of exercise

    The training needs to be consistent

    Signs Of Maturity Phase

    Golden Retriever dogs easy and fun training puppies ...


    While this should be a well-engrained protocol by now. If basic obedience/performance titles have not been earned, now is the perfect time to focus on those. Working together becomes fun and enjoyable.

    Growth Milestones:

    Maintaining breed standard weight may be tricky because of the caloric needs of adolescent energy. They may require more calories, but just as they are peaking with the need for more calories, their metabolism changes  and weight management becomes a challenge.

    Exercise demands continue to be high for this Olympic athlete. The personality and traits of the dog come into full bloom now, which may have gone underground during the previous stage. With a potpourri of emotional, physical, and mental changes in the first 1½ years, occasionally special personality traits take a hike. This is when the puppy’s “head reattaches to the body” just like a Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot, add Lewine and Cochran. But, don’t despair, all of the pieces come together at the 2-year mark.


    This is when the physical and emotional development reaches full completion and for the owner to seize the moment and build on the strong team training and foundation.  “If you do everything you need to for the first two years of the puppy’s life, you will have the dog of your dreams for the remainder of its life,” claims Lewine.


    If someone doesn’t want to care for his/her Golden’s coat, the Golden Girls advise getting a short-coated breed like a Labrador Retriever!

    Training Questions And Answers

    How to train the dog to not poop inside the house

    Very cute! I have the perfect guide for teaching Roy to poop outside. Take him often, even when you don’t think he needs it and eventually he will catch on. Clean up any accidents inside with an enzymatic cleaner as it is the only thing that will remove the odor. You may not smell it but Roy does and will continue to go to the bathroom inside. Try either the Crate Method or the Timing Method:https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-german-shepherd-puppy-to-poop-outside. They work well. Good luck!

    Teaching Recall To Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers are renowned for being exuberant, confident, and very playful.

    Ensuring a consistent recall is very important before letting the loose on the world!

    Retrievers will happily approach new dogs and people, however this may get them into trouble as not everyone wants a hairy dog saying hello!

    To start training recall it is a good idea to have a long line attached to their harness. If they decide something is more interesting than your recall cue then they can’t run off!

    We want to avoid them ignoring their recall cue wherever possible .

    As this retriever was bred to cover a lot of distance, it is a good idea to train them to return to you with a whistle . A whistle will travel much further than your voice.

    You can use a whistle to start training recall:

  • Before every meal, simply blow your whistle .
  • Place their food down for them.
  • As your puppy will be on 3-4 meals a day there will be plenty of opportunity across for them to learn that the whistle= food!
  • After a week you should now use the whistle in other contexts.
  • If your puppy is in the same room as you blow your whistle.
  • Your puppy should come running towards you! When they reach you, reward them with some tasty treats.
  • After a few weeks of indoor whistle use, your puppy will have learned the whistle can occur anywhere.

    At this point, you can start increasing how distracting the environment is when you blow the whistle. The yard is a good next step as it is usually associated with free play time!

    Recommended For New Owners

    Despite differences in Golden personalities and your potential deficits in the dog training department, the truth remains that Goldens are easy to train.

    Obedience is in their DNA, and that characteristic carries over into dog owners’ homes all over the world. That being said, these dogs are highly recommended for even novice and first-time dog owners or trainers.

    As long as you put in the effort to train them, you won’t have too much of a difficult time. So many thousands of owners have successfully trained a Golden Retriever. And, you can be one of them too!

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    Tips For Training Your Golden Retriever

    Now that you know golden retrievers can be easy to train, here are six tips for how to do that.

  • Start early. I know we just mentioned this tip, but if you start training your puppy early, they won’t get a chance to develop bad habits.
  • Use positive reinforcement. The goal is to get your puppy to want to do whatever you’re asking them.
  • Take baby steps. To teach a new behavior, start small, and then gradually increase the difficulty.
  • Train in small but frequent sessions. Five two minute sessions are better than one ten minute session, especially for puppies.
  • Join a puppy kindergarten class. This will help with both teaching the basics and socialization.
  • Make it fun. Golden retrievers love playing and having fun, and if you make training fun, they’ll learn much more quickly.
  • Check out this article to learn more about training your golden retriever.

    Benefits Of Training Your Golden

    Training makes your Golden a better dog, but more importantly, makes you a better human! That being said, one key area of dog training is obedience.

    An obedient dog will be saved the strain of being locked up when the owner has visitors or when he or she goes out shopping. And because Goldens love company, being the owner’s companion makes your dog happier.

    Working with your dog in training helps you better understand the canine while being more attentive to its physical and emotional needs. Besides, you also get trained in patience, one of the aspects of emotional intelligence in humans. 

    So as you can see, putting some effort into training your Golden Retriever will improve both your dog’s behavior and your ability to be patient. It’s a win-win situation for both!

    Teach Your Puppy To Sit

    Teaching your puppy how to sit is a popular one. Not only is it something we like to teach because they look incredibly cute, but sitting also means that there will not be any jumping up and down on people – It’s also a fairly easy trick for puppies to pick up. 

    How to prepare

  • You’re going to introduce a word that tells your puppy they got it right –  something short and sweet ‘good’,‘yes’ or even ‘cheese’ if you like. The first two are far more common though.
  • Keep using this word when they do the right thing, and then follow it up with a food reward.
  • PRO TIP: Remember that the stinkier the treat, the better. In puppy logic, stinky means yummy. 

    How to do it

  • Start at home; where there are no distractions. Just make sure to shut off Gogglebox in the background.  
  • Pop the treat on their nose and slowly take it up to your waist
  • They should follow the treat and pop their bottom on the floor
  • Say your marker word ‘good’ and reward
  • TIPS

    ·   Finish your training session with some play to end on a good note.

    ·   Keep your training sessions short – take a break after 5 sits. It’s still the early days anyway. 

    And What Should I Do If My Golden Retriever Has An Accident And Goes Potty Inside The House

    What should be done if your Golden Retriever has an accident and goes potty inside the house is nothing other than a clear reminder of where they are to go potty.  A simple we go out to use the bathroom, or something else, without treats and extra physical attention, can send the puppy a signal that this is NOT the place to go potty.

    Without the positive reward of a treat and some words of praise, the puppy will associate the negative behavior with the negative response.  With time they will understand and know that they don’t want that response.  They like the treats and kind, loving words of praise, so they will do what brings that reward.

    What Should I Do During The Night When I Am Training My Golden Retriever Puppy To Go Potty

    What you should do at night when you are potty training your Golden Retriever puppy to put them in a crate or section off an area using a play yard or something else.

    Do expect that you will be waking up periodically throughout the night to take them out to the bathroom and expect accidents. Nighttime potty training is the last step they succeed at, just like with human babies.  Going to the bathroom every half hour or hour will not work for a pet parent or puppy unless no one wants to sleep.

    Don’t be surprised or upset by accidents because there will be many, most at night, some during the day.  It is all a part of the normal process of potty training a Golden Retriever puppy.

    What Are The Biggest Worries And Concerns When Training A Golden Retriever

    What Is The Best Age To Train A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever Funny

    Most puppies leave their mom around eight weeks of age. At this point, your puppy will not have any training.

    It’s likey the breeder had them on pee pads so they may make a slight connection with the pee pads if you choose to use them in your home.

    You will want to start working on potty training right away. You can also start working on some basic obedience training.

    You will want to use treats and positive reinforcement to start getting the dog familiar with some basic obedience commands.

    They are never too young to start training.

    Potty and basic obedience training can start at 8 weeks.

    Golden Retriever Leash Training

    Play with your dog while she’s wearing her or while letting her drag the leash around the house or yard. This will allow her to get used to it.

    Once your Golden Retriever is used to wearing a harness and leash, you can start guiding her around gently, partnered with lots of praise and treats.

    Dragging your pooch by pulling on the leash, hoping she gets the hang of it, is NOT the right way. It essentially sends the message that she’s the pack leader.

    Strive to have your Golden walking beside you on a slack or loose leash.

    Reinforce the idea that walking beside you is good. If she walks ahead, stop, and don’t give her any attention until she returns to your side.

    Here’s a quick video on how your dog should be on a loose leash training:

    How Can I Prevent Accidents

    If your dog has an accident, it is because you didn’t take them out often enough or you were not watching your dog closely enough when he or she was sniffing around and looking for a place to go.

    • The best thing to do at that point is to clean up the mess and move on. Your dog will not understand why you are upset.
    • If you find a wet spot, soak up excess urine with a towel or paper towel and scrub the carpet with an enzymatic cleaner.
    • If you catch your dog urinating on the carpet, clap your hands. This will startle the dog and cause them to stop going to the bathroom so that you can carry them outside to finish up.
    • You can prevent accidents by watching your dog closely for behaviors that indicate they are about to relieve themselves and rushing them outside when they are.
    • You also want to make sure you are taking them outside at the appropriate times to give them the best chance at being trained quickly .

    At Home Golden Retriever Training Services

    At Michael’s Pack, we work with dogs and their owners to correct behavioral issues and build a strong, healthy relationship based on communication and mutual respect. The following are some of the services we offer to our New York and New Jersey clients. We are happy to address any specialized needs you may have. We are approved Canine Good Citizen Certification Evaluators by the American Kennel Club.

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