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How Long Is A Golden Retriever Pregnant

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Keep Accurate Records For The Canine Gestation Period

How Long Are Golden Retrievers Pregnant?

It is very important that you mark down the first day that you breed your dog, since this is your starting point for when to watch for puppies.

If anything should come up, you will have an accurate record of when each mating took place.

2009 Calendar by

The green represents the other possible due dates.;The pink shows when you can start watching for puppies to be born and also the latest that the puppies should be born.Notice that I did not allow 5 nights past her last due date.;This is because your Golden Retriever probably would have conceived before the last mating.If she has not gone into labor by the 3 late days allowed, I would take her to the vet just to make sure that everything was alright.

Throughout her canine gestation, your dog will have varying degrees of pregnancy symptoms and will need a slightly different level of care.

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  • What Is The Best Age For A Golden Retriever To Be Pregnant

    Usually, based on the breed type and medical condition, every dog has its age perfect for getting pregnant. Moreover, when you talk about Golden Retrievers, they can get pregnant from their first heat cycle .

    Besides this, the male Retrievers mature sexually at a very young age of six months. Thus, they can start breeding early than females. But you should never force your Golden Retriever to mate and get pregnant.

    Furthermore, good breeders wait until the completion of three to four heat cycles before deciding their pal to breed.

    However, the best age for a Golden Retriever will be after it is two years old. Usually, the dogs become mature after reaching two years. Thus, there will be lesser pregnancy complications and health issues of bred puppies after this age.

    Blood Tests Confirm Pregnancy

    Have a blood test run to confirm pregnancy. If youre not sure at day thirty, or if you dont have time to take her at day thirty you can take her in at day fifty to fifty five of gestation, and your vet can take x-rays and find out how many puppies shes carrying and what size the puppies are.; I actually recommend that for all of my pregnant dogs, just simply so we know, and especially, this is dogs that are at risk for having cesarean sections such as dogs like poodles, and chihuahuas, and doxsins.

    Dogs that tend to have larger puppies than theyre able to deal with or able to deliver. Wed like you to have x-rays before delivery. Other signs that your dog might be pregnant, would be her abdomen gets swollen. Her appetite may decrease. Her activity level may decrease. She may get a little more sedentary. She also may get more needy, and be hanging out with you more, and not want to leave your side. Dogs tend to get a little bit anxious, and then as gestation progresses, theyll start doing things like panting heavily, because their belly is so big and swollen, and pacing a lot, and just not being able to get comfortable standing up and lying down.

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    Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

    Have you noticed your dog acting a bit lazier than usual, or perhaps eating less of her evening meals? These can be signs of pregnancy, and if she otherwise seems healthy and happy, you may have puppies on the way!

    Some of these symptoms can also be signs of illness, so its important to have any marked change in appearance, appetite, or activity level checked out. Of course, if you think your dog may be pregnant, you have a much happier reason to bring her to the vet! Here are 5 signs to watch for:

    Know What To Expect During Each Week Of Your Pregnancy

    How Long Are Golden Retriever

    There will be around nine weeks of pregnancy, with various things to expect at different times. Youll be able to assist your golden retriever to keep comfortable in a variety of ways.;

    Week One:;

    Morning sickness is a method to determine if your furry companion will become a mother. During the first week, you wont have to bother about adjusting their food or exercising.

    Week Two:;

    Because the embryos will still be extremely tiny at this point, no changes to how you care for them are essential. The fertilized eggs descend into the uterus and adhere to the uterine wall during this stage.

    Week Three:

    The embryos will begin to receive all of the nutrients they require to live and thrive in week three.

    You may notice a difference in your dogs appetite at this point she may be somewhat more hungry than usual, but her normal feeding schedule will suffice.

    Week Four:;

    This is when you should start reducing the quantity of activity you do each day.

    Consult your veterinarian in week four to discover whether your expectant mother requires any vitamins or other nutrition. You will also be able to perform an ultrasound scan to determine the size of the litter and any potential health concerns.

    Week Five:;

    The puppies will be less susceptible to health problems. Your golden retriever pups will also be developing rapidly, requiring you to feed them more frequently.

    Make careful to feed the mother frequently and in little quantities throughout the day.

    Week Six:;

    Week Seven:;

    Week Eight:;

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    What Your Vet Can Do

    The study by Root et Al found that, on average, 52% of cases of phantom pregnancy in dogs seen by vets were not treated.

    The current treatment of choice, used by vets far more than any other, is Cabergoline. This medication reduces prolactin and stops milk production. It is long-lasting and has very few side effects.

    It is usually given for 5-10 days but the length of the treatment varies from dog to dog.

    In the past pseudopregnancies were often treated with hormones, including estrogens, progestrogens and androgens. But, their benefits generally outweigh their many side effects. For example, progestins can actually cause pyometra.

    Your dogs vet might also prescribe mild sedatives to reduce anxiety or aggression. Sometimes diuretics are given to both reduce milk production and relieve fluid retention.

    Now you might be wondering whether there is a way to prevent a false pregnancy from happening in the first place particularly if your pet goes through this often.

    Golden Retriever First Heat: When Does It Happen

    Your Golden Retriever will get hot when shes as young as six months old. For dogs of a smaller breed-the average age, however, is six months. But on the other hand, giant breed dogs get hot as late as 18-24 months.

    One of the most important things you can bear in mind is that you dont have to breed your dog in the first cycle because it is still growing andfor all purposes and purposesalso a puppy itself. Youre expected to wait for the second or third cycle to breed the Golden Retriever. The vet will help you to decide the right age.

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    Prepare For When The Puppies Arrive

    Not only should you prepare for caring for your pregnant golden retriever, but you should also prepare for when the puppies arrive. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Set up a whelping box To keep both your golden retriever and her puppies safe and comfortable, set up a whelping box in a safe and easily accessible location.;
    • Get your dog accustomed to the whelping box Before your dog has the babies, make sure she is familiar with the whelping box.This way, she will be likely to use it for the birth instead of another location in the house.;
    • Know what your role will be during labor Another good way to prepare for the puppies is to know your role during the birthing process. Make sure to talk to your vet about this beforehand if you wont have an experienced breeder with you.;
    • Assemble supplies ahead of time An easy way to lower the stress of looking after puppies is to gather all the supplies you will need beforehand.;

    Should I Change Her Routine As Pregnancy Advances

    Pregnant Golden Retriever 5 weeks

    As pregnancy progresses, intra-abdominal pressure increases and so does the mother’s food requirements. The dog usually needs to have an increased number of smaller meals rather than an increased quantity per meal. Let your pet decide how much physical activity she needs. This depends on the number of puppies and the amount of intra-abdominal pressure she is experiencing. Do not over-exercise a pregnant female. Check for any vaginal discharges and contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

    Contributors: Ernest Ward, DVM

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    The Golden Retriever Estrous Cycle

    The following section gives an overview of the phases in a Golden Retrievers heat cycle and what they mean.

    • Proestrus phase

    This phase is most associated with significant behavioral and physical changes. The proestrus phase usually lasts 9 days on average, but last as short as 1 day and go for as long as 27 days.;

    During this time, your Golden Retriever will undergo biological changes to prepare for mating and will experience high levels of estrogen in its system. Her vulva will become very swollen during this time but may still show signs of aggression towards male dogs who will try to mount her. Your Golden Retriever may place its tail between its legs during this time.

    • Estrus phase

    This is the second phase in your Golden Retriever heat cycle and is associated with more chemical changes in its reproductive system. This phase lasts between 4 to 24 days, but on average lasts 9 days.

    The most significant change that happens during this time is a softening of your Golden Retrievers vulva and its willingness and readiness to mate. Your dog may move its tail aside if mounted by a male dog.

    • Diestrus/Metestrus phase

    The third phase of the heat cycle is defined as the stage where your Golden Retriever no longer has any interest in mating. This period usually lasts for about 2 months.

    It is at this point do your dogs biological and hormonal levels begin to return to normal. Vaginal discharge starts to slow and lessen at this point.

    • Anestrus phase

    Signs & Symptoms That Your Golden Retriever Is Pregnant

    If you think your dog may be pregnant but are not quite sure, look out for these signs and symptoms. It is vital you are there for your pregnant pooch during this time. Unlike humans, a Golden Retriever’s gestation period will last an average of 63 days. The earliest they seem to go into labor is around 2 or 3 days early, and may go 2 to 3 days late. She will go through many similar changes just as a woman would.

    Symptoms include:-

    • Enlarged nipples
    • Vaginal discharge

    Loss of appetite may be the first noticeable sign of your dog’s pregnancy. She may even lose weight initially before she gains it back. However, during the middle of her pregnancy, her appetite will return with a vengeance!

    Early on in her pregnancy, your Golden Retriever will probably have no interest in exercise and be sleeping much more than normal.

    When pregnant, most Golden Retrievers become extremely affectionate. There can be some exceptions who wish to be left alone. This change in behavior usually only lasts the first few weeks.

    After only a few weeks, you may notice weight gain. As the puppies grow inside your Golden Retriever, her stomach will bloat. The size of her belly depends on the position of the puppies. On rare occasions you may not be able to tell your dog is pregnant until the last 10 days of gestation.

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    Avoid Exposure To Toxins

    Some of the chemicals used in the household are dangerous for your pet, For example, alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Since these chemicals block your pets respiratory system, they invite several health issues like allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, hair loss, etc.

    Besides this, some human foods are toxic for your Retriever, like xylitol, macadamia nuts, caffeinated drinks, raisins, etc. Therefore, if you want your Golden Retriever to live a longer life, you should avoid exposure to such toxins.

    What Age Is Best To Breed A Golden Retriever

    How Long Are Golden Retriever

    Each individual dog will have to be evaluated for terms of health problems and issues before deciding upon the right time for breeding.

    While a female Golden Retriever can go into heat 6-12 months of age and a male can breed as young as 6 months old, dogs should never be forced to breed at so young an age.

    Usually a breeder will wait two or three of her heating cycles to pass before deciding it is an optimal time for a female Golden Retriever to breed, which is usually sometime after 24 months.

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    Golden Retriever First Heat: Things To Know

  • Final Words
  • Youve just got your first golden retriever, and its a kid! Shes cute, playful, and shes coming from a long line of golden retrievers. The heat period of a female golden retrievers life is a significant occurrence. Its important to know when your gold will go into heat and how long their heat will last. You will learn about the golden retriever first heat in this article. Read on to learn more!

    Well, most female puppies will not enter their heat cycles until six months or so . Golden retrievers are more likely to have their first heat period at around 10 to 14 months, with giant breeds beginning at 18 to 24 months. Bear in mind, these are ranges, and they may be sooner or later, as every dog is different. Its crucial to keep track of when your dog has its first heat cycle. Mostly, their timing is expected to become normal after the first cycle.

    After The First Month

    • Putting on the pounds Yes, but we dont have a pet scale to accurately measure her weight.
    • More pee pee!; I never really noticed an increase in pee pee breaks.
    • Belly starts to pooch; Yep! This is probably one of the first things I notice that confirms pregnancy.
    • Shes a Goldenshes always hungry, hungry hippos!

    I mention this again below. Since were on our third pregnancy one of the clear signs Ive noticed is the fur along Ravens abdomen begins to flare out when shes pregnant. Every breed and dog will be different. This is something Ive noticed with Raven.;

    QUICK TIP: We slowly startfeeding Raven a little more of her regular dog food. We feed her Wellness Core Grain Free Dog Food. By the time she gives birth we also start adding a powdered probiotic to her meals which we noticed has helped her with digestion when taking care of her litter.

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    How Many Times Does A Golden Retriever Have To Mate To Get Pregnant

    Generally, the semen of a male is watery and easy to leak out of the female reproductive system. Thus, mating once can result in a pregnant Golden Retriever. But if your pet sits down or cleans herself after mating, then there will be lesser chances of her getting pregnant.

    Furthermore, during the pre-heat condition, the eggs wouldnt be mature enough, and her body temperature will be relatively low. Besides this, you will notice that your female dog is more aggressive to males mounting to her and appears unreceptive. Thus, your pet will be less likely to get pregnant in that condition.

    However, to confirm fertilization, breeders prefer mating the dogs all day when the female is in heat. So,;arent you eager about the number of puppies you will be inviting after your Golden Retriever gets pregnant?

    How Many Puppies Can A Golden Retriever Have

    Cute Puppy Adorably Teases Golden Retriever Pregnant

    One of the most lovable dog breeds around, the Golden Retriever is a true family friendly dog. Whether you are hoping to expand your furry family or perhaps you are unsure your dog is even pregnant, oneHOWTO are here to help. Although the average litter size of a healthy golden retriever is eight puppies, there are factors that can affect this number. Keep reading to find out how many puppies can a golden retriever have.

  • Once the pups arrive
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    Choose A Joint Supplement That Has A Wide Variety Of Ingredients

    Glucosamine is an essential ingredient that you should opt for when choosing a joint supplement. It lubricates your Golden Retrievers joints so that their movements can become more fluid. Your Golden Retrievers body produces less glucosamine as they get older.;

    The lack of glucosamine results in joint pain and discomfort. Ensuring that your joint supplement has glucosamine will counter the deterioration of your Golden Retrievers joints.;

    Another ingredient that is vital to your Golden Retrievers joint is Chrondroitin sulfate. It has been proven to support the cartilage in the joints. This counters the extra strain that is placed on your Golden Retrievers joints. This ingredient also supports the development of cartilage and reduces joint pain.

    What Are The Best Hip And Joint Supplement For Golden Retrievers

    The best hip and joint supplements for Golden Retriever are:

    1. The Cosequin Maximum Strength Joint Supplement Plus MSM with Glucosamine and Chondroitin2. The Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews3. The Nupro Joint Support + Glucosamine4. The VETRISCIENCE Laboratories Glycoflex 3 Hip & Joint Support for Dogs, with Glucosamine, DMG, MSM & Green Lipped Mussel5. The Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and CoQ10

    What Symptoms Need Appointments And What Need Emergency Visits

    Best Vitamins For Golden Retrievers To Keep Your Fido Healthy

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