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Are Golden Retrievers Related To Labrador Retrievers

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Body Structure And Size Differences

Golden Retriever VS. Labrador Retriever – Similarities and Differences
  • 1Know that Labrador Retrievers can be slightly bigger than Golden Retrievers. Its not by much, but male Labrador Retrievers are usually between 22.524.5 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 6589 pounds . Female Labrador Retrievers can be anywhere between 21.523.5 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 5570 pounds . XResearch source Male Golden Retrievers tend to be anywhere from 2324 inches tall, and they usually weigh between 6575 pounds . Female Golden Retrievers are anywhere from 21.522.5 inches tall, and they usually weigh between 5565 pounds . XResearch source
  • Golden Retrievers can occasionally be slightly longer than Labrador Retrievers.XResearch source
  • 2Look for a more elegant appearance in Golden Retrievers. Because they tend to be more slender, Golden Retrievers may seem to have more of a graceful or elegant appearance overall to them. XResearch source Labrador Retrievers, on the other hand, tend to be more muscular. XResearch source
  • 3Take note of a longer snout in Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers tend to have a longer snout than Labrador Retrievers.XResearch source Despite that, Labrador Retrievers tend to have a broader, more robust head shape. XResearch source
  • 4Realize that Golden Retrievers may have a darker eye color. While Yellow Labrador Retrievers XResearch source and Golden Retrievers both tend to have brown eyes, it is preferred that Golden Retrievers have dark brown, or occasionally medium brown, eyes. XResearch source
  • Golden Retriever Vs Lab Size

    Both Goldens and Labs are popular choices for people interested in medium to large sized dogs. How do Goldens and Labs compare in size? When looking at size, remember that males tend to be larger than females, and height is measured at the tallest point on the bodythe shoulder blades or withersand not the head.

    Generally, the Lab is a slightly larger dog than the Golden. Male Golden Retrievers are 23 to 24 inches in height; females are 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches. Males weigh between 65 and 75 pounds; females are 55 to 65 pounds. Labrador Retriever males should be 22 ½ to 24 ½ inches high at the withers; female height ranges from 21 ½ to 23 ½ inches. Male Labs can weigh between 65 and 80 pounds, while females should be between 55 to 70 pounds.

    While breed standards are exacting for show quality dogs, remember that a pet quality dog can be larger or smaller than the breed standard, depending on the individual animal. The overall body type of Golden vs Lab reflects the size difference between the two breeds. The proportions of the Golden tend to be elegant and symmetrical. Labs are generally more solid and sturdy than overly refined.

    Difference Between Golden Retriever And Labrador Retriever

    When it comes to family dogs, Retrievers Or Labradors are the best choices. These are energetic, playful, friendly dogs that easily vibe with your family and even other pets. They are playful and are easy to maintain. Both are medium to large-sized dogs that require space to live and love daily walks and runs.

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    Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever: Which Is The Right Dog For You

    The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular pet dog in the world for nearly 30 years. The Golden Retriever usually ranks third on the list of popular breeds. Both make great pets. But whats the difference when you compare Labrador Retriever vs. Golden Retriever?

    If you are thinking about bringing a retriever home but arent sure which breed is right for you, check out this handy Labrador Retriever vs. Golden Retriever guide.

    Once youve made your choice, you can find lots of helpful information for bringing your puppy home at Paws Plus one.

    Labrador Or Golden Retriever: Which Is Better

    Labrador vs Golden Retriever: which one is for you ...

    This a big and long existing debate about these two popular breeds. And there is no easy answer.

    First things first, these are both fantastic dogs, with the Labrador Retriever often at the number 1 spot on the popularity list. And the Goldie not far behind.

    So rather than dare say which one I think is best, lets do this instead:

    Golden or Labrador Retriever Which is best for YOU!

    That means matching the right breed to your lifestyle. We need to take in the key points of dog size, grooming needs, temperament, health and puppyhood requirements to see what matches you best

    Labrador and Golden Retriever Breed Basics

    Though the Labrador and Golden Retriever are not related, and are separate breeds, they were obviously both bred originally to be retrieving breeds, and by that very nature are very similar in size and shape.

    To add one complication; there are English Golden Retrievers and American, with the American coming out the slightly bigger, but its very marginal. The figures below are based on the American

    According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, male Golden Retrievers are 23 to 24 inches in height; females are 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches. Males weigh between 65 and 75 pounds; females are 55 to 65 pounds.

    The AKC breed standard for the Labrador Retriever says that males should be 22 ½ to 24 ½ inches high with female height ranging from 21 ½ to 23 ½ inches. Male Labs can weigh between 65 and 80 pounds, while females should be between 55 to 70 pounds.

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    Lab Vs Retriever Grooming

    Golden Retrievers need regular grooming. They have a medium length, wavy, double coat consisting of a water repellent top coat and a soft undercoat. Their undercoat grows more dense in cold months and sheds during warmer weather. Labs also have a double coat their undercoat keeps them warm during colder months, too but their top coat is shorter than a Retrievers.

    Labs also need regular grooming but are less high maintenance than Goldens. Frequent brushing for Goldens is recommended, plus regular trimming of their longer fur around their ears, feet, neck, and tail. Labradors dont have longer fur around their ears, feet, neck and tail so they require less trimming than a Retriever. Their coat is shorter so they can be bathed less frequently than Goldens.

    Are Labradors Easy To Train

    If you own a labrador, then youll know they love companionship. Because of this, theyre often a breed that is easy to train. However, they are strong and have lots of energy, and need to exercise frequently.

    If they dont, they may become distracted, and training a Labrador could be difficult. Having a lot of energy is even more of a reason why Labradors require training because if they dont, they can grow into becoming large, rowdy, and unruly dogs.

    One of the best ways of training a Labrador is through positive reinforcement, rewarding them with a treat and praising them when theyve done good behavior.

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    Golden Retriever Vs Labrador Retriever

    • 30th April 2018

    Golden and Labrador Retrievers, or Labs and Goldens as theyre affectionately known by their fans, are two breeds who usually rank somewhere near the top of the nations favourite dog breeds. And its not hard to figure out why; both are fun-loving, super friendly, affectionate and energetic which makes them ideal companions and family favourites. They share many of the same characteristics, though there are some tell-tail differences to watch out for. Dont get your Goldies and Labs muddled read our guide to discover what makes these breeds unique.

    Labrador Retriever Health Problems

    Top Dog : Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever

    There are also several health problems that can affect Labradors, some of which you will have seen in the Golden Retriever list.


    Lymphoma is known to happen more often in Labs than in most other dog breeds. Labs can also develop cancer of the liver, lungs, spleen, bone and mast cell tumors.

    However, the prevalence of cancer in Labs is far less than in Golden Retrievers, and neutering female Labs only slightly increases the cancer risk , although it still increases it, when compared with the increase in Golden Retrievers who were neutered.

    Joint diseases

    Hip and elbow dysplasia. Both are inherited conditions that cause malformation of major joints, leading to lameness or inability to walk.

    Overfeeding during the puppy stage of life can cause problems with cartilage and bone attachment as young dogs grow up.

    Exercise induced collapse

    This inherited condition affects primarily young adult Labs when they get over-excited during periods of intense activity or exercise.

    Eye problems

    Labs are also prone to PRA and need to be tested for it before they are bred from.

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    The Blooming Popularity Of The Golden Retriever

    The same, unfortunately, cant be said for Guisachan. The Golden Retrievers ancestral home changed hands many times over the ensuing decades, with much of its 20,000 acres eventually partitioned and sold off. The great house itself became an albatross, and in 1939, the roof was removed in order to lower the tax bill. A tangle of trees and underbrush began to grow where there were once drawing rooms and wine cellars.

    In 2018, Friends of Guisachan , a non-profit group created to share information about the breeds birthplace, erected a life-size bronze state of a Golden Retriever in the Scottish village of Tomich, along the road to Guisachan. That same year, the group paid to clear the trees from the ruins, and began a campaign to stabilize what remains of the structure.

    With its crumbling masonry and gaping window frames, Guisachan is a reminder that the monuments we humans build to the times in which we live often do not outlast us. Dogs, however, are somewhat more resilient. Like those wildflowers for which the first trio of Golden Retrievers were named, they can settle and thrive in unlikely places. And as their popularity blooms, they brighten their new landscapes, always carrying with them a whiff of the people and places that brought them into being.

    Choosing A Golden Vs Lab Puppy

    What about once the Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever puppy decision is made?

    Whether you decide on a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever choosing a single puppy out of a litter of cute puppies is never an easy task!

    Plus, how do you decide which dog breeder to work with?

    Or, if you are rescuing a Golden or Lab puppy, what kind of questions should you ask to learn as much as possible about your new puppys background and overall health?

    While both dog breeds evolved to work, hunt and herd, both can also inherit serious health problems, as the previous section here explained.

    These tips will help you choose the healthiest puppy of either breed!

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    Similarities Between Labs And Golden Retrievers

    Jo Myers, DVM, of Salida, Colo. is a telehealth practitioner on Vetster. She says when deciding between a golden retriever vs. Lab for your family, keep in mind there will always be breed stereotypes, so the more you can learn about a pup or rescue dog’s background, the better.

    “The variations and similarities between individual dog personalities are much more significant than any breed generalizations,” she says. “But in general, all types of retrievers want humans they can share hobbies with, enjoying things like hiking, running, flyball, agility trials, frisbee, obedience training, and so on.”;

    So if you intend to be an active pet parent, there’s no fluff-up in the golden retriever vs. Labrador retriever deliberation: either one could be a great doggo for you! But Myers adds that if you’re a slightly less active person, a golden might be a better match. “They’re more laid back and just want to be happy,” she says. “They’re a little lazier, and content to do more or less anything as long as they’re with their beloved.”

    Other similarities include:;

    Myers says goldens and Labs share health concerns such as allergies, and joint problems like knee and hip dysplasia. Individually, Labs are prone to obesity, and golden retrievers to congenital heart defects and cancer.

    Differences Between Labrador And Golden Retrievers

    Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever: Which is The Best ...

    See files for Dogs

    This article will discuss two extremely intelligent dog breeds: Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. Both breeds have some characteristics in common, and their morphology, while different, can look similar from a distance. Both kinds of retriever dogs have a fairly similar build and used to fulfill a similar function, which is why they’re classified in the same type.

    The closeness between the two retriever breeds means that many people don’t know exactly what differentiates one from the other. For this reason, we at AnimalWised will explain the biggest differences between Labrador and Golden Retrievers.

  • Working and service dogs
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    Both Breeds Shed Moderately But Golden Retrievers Need More Grooming

    Both have waterproof coats that shed moderately and blow out twice a year. The Golden Retriever has longer and denser coats, and you will find their fur everywhere.

    Labs shed just as much, but because their fur is shorter, it might not be so noticeable.

    There is no such thing as a short-haired Golden Retriever. If you find one, it is most likely crossed with a Labrador. Since they are so similar and share many characteristics, they can pass off as a pure Golden.

    Their fur can only be wavy or straight, never curly. Curly coated Golden Retrievers are likely to be mixed as well.

    Labs have short fur, and they come in Chocolate, Yellow and Black. The most common are Yellow, and they look similar to light-coated Goldens. Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold.

    Are Golden Retrievers Or Labs Good With Cats

    Golden retrievers:

    With a proper introduction and training, golden retrievers can make a good roommate for a cat.


    The friendliness doesnt stop with people and other dogs for the lab either.

    With a proper introduction and training, labs can also get along well in a house with a cat.

    According to this list of cat-friendly dog breeds from, golden retrievers and labs take the #1 and #2 spot, so if you want a dog and a cat, a golden or a lab is a good choice.

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    How To Groom Them Properly

    Both dogs will need regular brushing with an undercoat rake to remove dead hair.;

    The Golden will benefit from daily brushings. Special attention should be given to the Goldens feathery areas. Watch how to do that here:;

    The Lab doesnt need any trimming. It only requires a weekly brush.

    Due to the Labradors shorter coat, they need fewer baths than Goldens. The Golden Retrievers long flowy coat picks up on dirt much easier when going outdoors. Neither should be shaved for the weather.

    What Is The Origin Of The Labrador Retriever

    Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever | Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever Comparison

    The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed whose origins can be traced back to the Sixteenth Century. These dogs are native to the Canadian territory of Newfoundland and Labrador, which explains their name.

    The Labrador Retriever results from the evolution of a long line that descended from the St. John’s water dog, which sadly has been extinct for decades. The history of this forefather to Labrador Retrievers remains unknown, but experts believe that they derive from an amalgam of English, Portuguese and Irish working breeds.

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    The Morphology Of Golden Retrievers

    The Golden Retriever is slightly taller and slimmer than the Labrador, although the length of its fur creates an optical illusion which makes it look otherwise. Golden Retrievers measure between 55 and 61 cm to the withers and weigh between 27 and 37 kg , with females being smaller and lighter than males.

    This dog breed has a beautiful double coat. A Golden Retriever’s coat is silky, wavy, fairly long and water resistant. The undercoat is soft and short, keeping the dog isolated from the heat during the summer and keeping it warm during the winter months. According to breed standards, its correct color is one of many different shades of gold, excluding excessively light and red shades. Golden Retrievers molt twice a year, and their coat requires specific care.

    The English Golden Retriever has diverged over the years, and we can now find two more types: the American and Canadian. They are both larger than the English Golden Retriever.

    As mentioned in the previous section, the main difference between Labrador and Golden Retrievers is the length and volume of their coats.

    It Is Important To Spend Time Searching For The Right Breeder

    Backyard or unethical breeders might sell their puppies at a low price.;

    Reputable breeders might ask for a higher price as they put more effort into their puppies care. Quality food, accessories, training classes, and regular checkups all add up.

    You can find Goldens at:;

    You can find Labradors at:

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    Getting The Best Out Of Labrador Cross Golden Retrievers

    • Labrador cross golden retrievers need a lot of exercise, otherwise, they get restless
    • Dont underestimate their intelligence just because they dont always want to do what youre asking them to do, doesnt mean they dont understand you
    • They generally have the food drive and motivation of a Labrador, so are fun dogs to train
    • You can very quickly teach them tricks and behaviours, just as quickly as you can teach them bad habits, so be careful what you are rewarding
    • Introduce them to water because they love to splash about!
    • They should be brushed two or three times a week and properly groomed in moulting season

    Is There A Difference In Temperament Between Black And Yellow Labs

    Labrador vs Golden Retriever: Which Breed is Best for You?

    The Difference Between Shihpoos and Shichons Some commonly held beliefs are that yellow Labs are lazy, chocolate Labs are hyperactive and black Labs make the best hunters. The truth is that the color of a Labs coat has no more bearing on his temperament than a persons hair color has on her intelligence.

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