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Best Dog Leash For Golden Retriever

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When To Start Running With Golden Retrievers

5-Month Old Golden Retriever, Pete | Best Golden Retriever Dog Trainers | Off Leash K9 Training

You should wait until your Golden Retriever is around 18 months old before you start running with them. Before this age, their bones and muscles are still growing and developing. The growth plates on the bones cannot handle the impact and stress of the long runs. Intense running at a young age can lead to joint problems, like hip dysplasia later in life.  

You can spend the first year and a half with your Goldie leash training them and getting them used to walking along at your side. Building a solid foundation of obedience training will guarantee that your puppy will grow into a great running partner. 

Petlove Soft Leash Padded No Pull Dog Harness

Getting a no pull leash for dogs with sensitive skin is a nightmare. Even the most thickly padded harnesses somehow manage to bite into the skin and leave scrapes.

Not this ultra-soft harness from PetLove. It is as soft as it comes and the lush padding is perfect for doggies with all skin types.

You can be rest assured that this wont hurt your pet one bit.

Mesh Lining with sponge padding on the inside

This is the only leash for dog that pulls, with a soft sponge lining on the inside near the back and the chest.

So, the actual nylon layer never comes into contact with your dogs skin.

At the same time, the outer layers are as durable as youd need. The tensile strength is top notch and the design keeps even the most ardent escape artist from breaking out of this.

Reflective straps and bright colors

The PetLove Soft Leash Padded No Pull Dog Harness is available in eight sizes and five bright colors that stand out and offer easy visibility from a distance.

For low light situations, there are reflective strips neatly embedded into the harness at vital points.

Overall, youd be hard pressed to find a better package at this price point. Great reviews to back it up!

Why we like this

  • No pull harness with a sponge padding inside
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Eight sizes, five colors
  • Reflective strips for easy visibility
  • Excellent tensile strength

Things to watch out for

Best Basic Leash For Golden Retrievers: Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash

For loose-leash walking, nothing beats a simple 6-foot flat leash. But this model has a couple bonus features: a padded handle and an additional traffic handle for extra control when crossing the street.

We rescued a Golden Retriever who hadnt walked on the leash at all. When we went on walks with a traditional leash, he would pull me all of the time! However, with the shorter handle, he walked on a leash like an angel, and it was very manageable.

American Journey Peanut Butter Biscuit Dog Treats

The crunchy grain-free dog treat has been oven-baked using fresh ingredients. You can feed this to your dog both while outside or at the home.

The size of the treat should not fool you. While the treats may be small, they can keep your pup energized throughout the day. Each bit contains a crispy crunch that your dog will love.

The naturally preserved treat is free of artificial colors and preservatives. You should treat your dog with this wholesome food that is made with real peanut butter, wholesome peas, and chickpeas.

The oven baked treat is free of fillers like wheat, corn, and soy. The treat is based without any poultry by-product. The product is intended for supplemental feeding only. You should not feed more than 5 treats in a day.

What Length Should I Choose For My Dog’s Leash


All dog leashes have the same basic purpose, that is, to keep your pup safe and under your control while out in public and as an aid during dog training. The dogs age size, temperament, level of training, and the situation, will determine the best leash length to use.Safety first means never having so much slack in your leash that it drags on the ground where it can get tangled around you and/or your dog. A tall human with a small dog should use a different leash length than a shorter human with a tall dog. As younger dogs learn more, and situations change, the optimal leash length will also likely change.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Harness For Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever harnesses come in a variety of styles and uses, and before buying one, you will have to think about your unique needs.

Here are things to consider:

  • Comfort & Adjustability: Your dogs comfort should always be your number one concern! Since Golden Retrievers have sensitive skin, look for a harness that can be adjusted across the chest, belly, and back to prevent chafing and skin irritation.
  • Reflective Straps: Reflective material will keep your Goldie visible even in low light conditions, thus increasing his safety during walks.
  • Sturdy Buckles: Goldens arent very large, but they are highly-energetic and excitable. Hence, strong metal buckles are essential for keeping your dog safe and secure during walks.
  • No-Pull Design: Is a necessity if your Golden Retriever likes to pull during walks. A no-pull harness comes with a front ring that offers better control and can help you in training your dog how to heal. 

Dog Collar Sizing Chart By Weight

Weight will give you a basic idea of where to start when looking for the correct collar sizing for your dog. Below will offer you a starting point of what sized collar to buy based on your dogs weight:

  • Dogs up to 10 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 12 or less
  • Dogs between 11-25 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 11-15
  • Dogs between 26-55 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 13-18
  • Dogs between 56-80 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 16-24

While these measurements are a good starting point, it is not guaranteed that the measurements will be 100% accurate. True measurements can vary based on neck size and weight distribution. Therefore, it is best to measure your dogs neck using a cloth measuring tape if possible.

Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs And Their Owners

The best harness for Golden Retriever dogs or puppies is one that is secure yet comfortable.

Ideally it will have a back and front attachment point, and be designed to be rub free around the legs.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to harnesses for Golden Retrievers, so weve had a look at the options and narrowed them down for you.

Because harnesses are the future of dog training!

Products included in this article were carefully and independently selected by the Happy Puppy Site team. If you decide to make a purchase from one of the links marked by an asterisk, we may earn a small commission on that sale. This is at no extra cost to you.

Virtual Dog Training For Your Golden Retriever

Top Dog : Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever

Virtual training is useful for dog parents who want to brush up on their dogs basic obedience, reinforce fundamental training lessons, get quick answers to questions, or supplement existing in-person training lessons. Its helpful during transition periods such as when youve just adopted a rescue, or have moved to a new home and are trying to find a certified trainer in your area, via Claudia Bensimoun, Animal Wellness. However, virtual training has its limitations, and should not be used as a replacement for in person training, especially in cases where the dog has behavioral problems.

Virtual training can be a tricky proposition, says renowned trainer Victoria Stilwell. In certain cases with certain dogs, while trying to address very particular lessons or issues, it can be an effective tool, but it can also quickly morph into a problem scenario. For example, often a client will hire a dog trainer to fix a given issue, only to find out from the trainer that there are far different issues at play than the person was previously aware of. Virtual training generally doesnt allow for the flexibility to address those types of issues, via Victoria Stilwell, Animal Wellness.

For more on virtual dog training, visit:

What Is The Best Leash For Golden Retriever Puppy 5 Top Models Reviewed

Tom Thorpe Buying Guides

It can be nice to have your little golden retriever under control. That is always possible when you have the best leash for golden retriever puppy. A simple Google search of leashes can sometimes leave you more confused. It is why you would want to have a guide to help you out. Keep reading this guide to find the right leash for your puppy today.


Best Leashes And Collars For Golden Retrievers

A leash is one of the essentials you need with any dog, but choosing one can be a bit tricky with literally thousands of options to choose from.

Thankfully, Ive had dogs throughout all of my life, and Ive bought and used tens of leashes and collars over the years, and I feel that by now I know what works and what just isnt worth it.

So, here are the best leashes and collars for golden retrievers that are definitely worth their money.

Table of Contents

The classic:

You need to start with a classic leash and this one is my personal favorite, it gives all the control you need and it gives them all the space they want and you can use the long leash for casual walks and the short one for the busy sidewalks and streets.

They are available in multiple widths and lengths, you can choose the perfect size for your dog easier than usual.

This leash can withstand over 500 pounds of stress and the 1 wide leash can withstand over 600 pounds of stress. What these complicated numbers mean is that this is a leash that wont snap, ever.


This is the second-best leash for me. Its really strong and it can handle so much. If you have a hyper dog that can make unexpected moves and may even become aggressive, this is the one to get.

This is also a great option when training your dog due to its 5-foot length which gives you a perfect balance between control and freedom and with the right length it wont get tangled in your dogs legs.

The more advanced leash:


Deciding On The Style Of Clip

The clip must be strong and reliable because the best and strongest leash in the world is useless if it doesnt stay attached to your pets dog collar.

You want to buy a leash with a good quality metal clip. And because the leash will regularly get wet, it will preferably be made of stainless steel or brass to resist corrosion and avoid weakening over time.

The clip must be strong enough to withstand a good deal of force because there may come a time when you and your dog are pulling in opposite directions with all your strength. In this instance, when they try to bolt the clip must never break!

The two most common types of clip are bolt snap and trigger snap.

Toys Bones And Bully Sticks

Double Pet Dog Collars Leashes Set Nylon Big Dog Leash For ...
  • : These toys are tough and they can be stuffed with food. If you have a particularly aggressive chewer then I would buy the but if your dog is average then I would use a .
  • : You can fill this toy with a lot of food; the dog has to work at getting the food out by pushing it around.
  • : This is another fun treat-dispensing toy. JW Pet has other great toys too.
  • : This is a well-made but inexpensive plastic raised bathtub. It is lightweight and easy to move around. Plus, it raises your dog up to your level so that you dont strain your back and it has a collar that attaches to the tub to keep your dog still while you bathe him. It also comes with a nozzle that attaches to your hose so that the water comes out heavy but not too hard. Regular garden hose attachments cause the water to come out too powerfully which is uncomfortable on a dog.

    This tub is especially nice if you have access to warm water through an outside sink. We attach a hose to a laundry sink faucet that is in our garage. The tub comes with a hose to drain the dirty water away from the tub which is nice on a rainy day because it enables you to use it inside a garage or basement and still have the water to drain outside. This tub also comes with a very light-weight attachable set of plastic steps. The steps weigh about four pounds and can also be used as a ramp for getting into a van or SUV. Make sure you get a large-sized for an adult Golden Retriever.

    Reward Good Behavior And Correct Poor Behavior

    During the training process with your Golden, it is important to reward the behavior youre looking for. Dogs obviously love treats and rewards, but they also like to be disciplined. They want and should know what to expect with particular behaviors. Dogs cant handle mixed signals, and that also puts them and you in a lose-lose situation. 

    Disciplining and correcting behavior helps them to associate your commands with what you want out of them in terms of action and response. 

    These steps in training are also a gentle reminder to your pet who the alpha is in the house and whos in charge. If they start to get the idea, theyre in charge, then they will quickly stop listening to you and your commands, and youll lose control over your dog.

    What Is A Dogs Collar For Anyway

    This might seem like a silly question, but its good to start with the basics! What is a dogs collar for and why do they need one?

    One of the primary purposes for many people is to attach a leash for walking their dog. However, not everyone walks their dog on a collar. Many people opt to use a harness or halter to walk their dog, as they can offer more control or increased comfort for the dog. So, does your dog still need a collar? In short, yes.

    The main reason your dog should always be wearing a collar when theyre out is so that if they get lost, they have an ID tag with your name, address and contact details on it.

    Your pup should be wearing a tag even if theyre micro-chipped, because any good Samaritan can read this info, whereas they would have to be taken to a vets office or animal control to have their microchip read. In some areas, its even a legal requirement for your dog to be wearing this kind of tag.

    In places where licensing your dog is an option or a requirement youd also need to affix the license to their collar.

    Doyoo 6ft Thick Durable Dog Leash

    The leash stands out for being great in terms of design and material used to make it. There is no doubt you would find it being suitable for a puppy until it grows into an adult dog. Many people also find it offering the best protection as it feels comfortable in the hand even if you have to walk the dog the whole day.

    Having a length of six feet makes it a great choice for many people who are in the market for the best leash for golden retriever puppy. You would now find it being an ideal choice for activities such as running, walking, or training. The length is also good for keeping the pet close without it straying too far.

    Its clip can swivel up to 360 degrees. This feature makes it easy to quickly and safely attach the leash to the harness or collar with ease. It will also remain tangle-free so that the dog can easily move around while outdoors. Since the clip is made of zinc alloy material, it will remain rustproof and anti-scratch.


    • The leash is high quality
    • It has a safe and durable design
    • The padded foam handle improves user comfort


    Buying Tips For Your Goldens Collar

    1 Year Old Golden Retriever | Best Retriever Dog Training | Off Leash K9 | Board & Train | Oklahoma

    When you go to pick a collar for your golden, dont just grab the first thing you see that seems vaguely suitable. Put some thought in to pick a collar thats going to be safe and comfortable for your dog.

    • Choose a collar of an appropriate size and weight. The exact choice will depend on your dog. For instance, if you have a puppy, a thinner, lightweight webbing collar is best, whereas for an adult golden, you want something strong enough, thats still going to be comfortable.
    • Pick a regular flat or rolled collar. We absolutely would not recommend using any sort of correctional collar, such as a choke chain or prong collar. Not only are they generally inhumane and not in keeping with a positive reinforcement approach, they can do some nasty damage to your dogs neck and windpipe.
    • Select your fastening of choice. Most collars have either snap or buckle fastenings. Theres no right or wrong choice here, so select whatever you prefer. That said, for a puppy, snaps can be better as its quicker and easier to get the collar on and off.
    • Make sure you get a well-fitting collar. If youre buying a collar for a young dog, make sure you get one that fits well now, not something they can grow into. As said above, you should measure around your dogs neck before buying so that you get a collar that fits correctly. For a comfortable fit, you should be able to get two fingers in between your dogs neck and the collar.

    Goldens Have A Friendly And Gentle Personality

    Golden Retrievers are lovers and always wanting to please. This might explain why theyre so gentle, especially in a setting with more human interaction. Because theyre such social dogs, they love and need lots of attention. So, dont be surprised if your Golden goes around the entire room a few times, making sure everyone gives a few ear scratches and belly rubs.

    Hills Pet reports that Golden Retrievers dont do much barking , but they also wont be the top-of-the-line guard dog either. 

    While they may not be a home-grown protector, the fact that they are friendly, helpful, and obedient means good news when trained for off-leash activities. 

    Playing Tug With Your Dogs Leash

    If your dog pulls on the leash, its important not to pull back.

    Dogs, especially larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers, tend to respond to pressure on the leash with even more pressure. So if youre not careful, things could end up with you pulling at one end of the leash and your dog pulling at the otherand in this game of tugowar, there is never a winner.

    Instead, if your dog pulls on the leash, stop on the spot and wait until they come back to stand by your side. You can go ahead and call your pet by name or use a clicker, but dont pull on the leash.

    Your dog isnt a fish you need to reel in. Keep the leash slack and relaxed, and wait for your pooch to make the move back to you.

    Always Have Treats On Hand When You Go Out

    Positive reinforcement is the ultimate tool in having your dog perform behaviors you want. Timing praise and rewards right after they do something you like is the absolute best way to communicate what you want and encouragement for your dog to perform the behavior again.

    Therefore, carry a bag of special treats on your walks that you wont give out on any other occasion so your dog has a very good reason to do what you ask. Treat them for walking nicely beside you we have more advice on this in a section below.

    The Standard Dog Leash

    New birthday Harness. Golden Retriever Puppy

    This is the most common type of dog leash used for everyday walking and basic training.

    Theyre usually made from Nylon or leather, although other materials are available such as cotton and rubber, but these arent as durable and so are far less common.

    Nylon and leather are both tough enough to restrain an adult dog, yet lightweight enough for use with a puppy.

    They measure between 4 and 8 feet in length with 6 foot being the most common. This length allowing plenty of room for freedom of movement while being short enough to afford the handler complete control of their dog if necessary.

    We recommend a 6-foot leather leash to every one of our clients for everyday use.

    Should You Get A Golden Retriever Puppy 12 Things To Know

    Golden Retriever Puppies can be considered as one of the most popular dog breeds that you can find in the United States and other countries.

    They became famous because of their good character and having an attractive appearance.

    We all know that having a dog inside your house will give you responsibility for a long time. 10-12 years of responsibility to be exact if you have a golden retriever puppy.

    If you are a type of person that was not born as a dog lover but has a golden heart on taking care of breed dogs such as the goldens, here are the 12 things about what to know before getting a golden retriever puppy.

    Braided Leather Leash For Dogs That Pullby Fairwin

    This is another leather leash that is strong enough to handle even the strongest pullers, including breeds like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls. The leash is handmade from full-grain leather and has a soft top layer to make it more comfortable. Since it is made from real leather, the leash is very stylish, but it also means that it only comes in one color.

    However, the leash is available in four different sizes, and it is elastic enough to provide some shock absorption and protect you from sudden pulls. The hooks are made from pure copper with alloy casting, and they are quite simple and practical. The leash also has tensile resistance that can sustain 500 lbs pull force.

    The leash is 5.6 ft long, which is pretty much the standard. Unfortunately, this leash doesnt have a second handle to grasp in traffic, and the handle is not very comfortable. And while I didnt have any problems with it when I used it, some dog owners reported that the leash broke and was not durable enough.

    »PROS: Available In Different Sizes, Stylish, Real Leather, Strong Tensile Resistance, Suitable for All Sizes, Offers Some Shock Absorption

    «CONS: Only Available In One Color, Not Reflective, Only One Handle, Reports of Leash Breaking Up

    Consider A Harness For Golden Retriever Puppy Pulling

    The most straightforward way to stop your puppy pulling is not to actually use a leash. You may want to opt for a dog harness. The difference is extremely noticeable since you will find that the harness can provide additional support and strength to manage your dog when they start pulling. There are available harnesses designed to stop pulling during walks.

    As you take your puppy for a walk, you may notice that they are reluctant to walk very long and easily become tired the first few times. Puppies can only walk certain distances when young, and you need to know how much activity they can manage.

    Golden Retrievers Are Marathon Runners

    6.5 Mo Old Golden Retriever | Best Retriever Dog Training | Off Leash K9 | Board & Train | Oklahoma

    What better motivation could there be when running a marathon than having your best friend at your side the whole way? Golden Retrievers are able to run marathon distances! That is provided that they train for it in the same way you do. 

    Dogs can injure themselves if they are not in the right physical condition. If you want your dog to run long distances with you, you will need to start by running shorter distances and increasing the length as their staminaimproves. This is especially important if they are older or overweight. 

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