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How Much Is A Golden Retriever Puppy In India

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Is Golden Retriever Good For India

Golden retriever | Golden retriever puppies price in India | Best Family dog Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are two breeds of dogs that have made quite the name for themselves in India. These intelligent canines make fantastic companion animals, as they love to engage with people from all walks of life. Theyre an active breed, so youll need to spend a bit more time on grooming duties- but its worth every minute!

How Many Colors Are There Of A Golden Retriever Dog

Golden retriever dogs come in various colors, yet the most common and preferable colors are white or English cream, red, black, chocolate, and cream golden. White golden retriever price and English cream golden retriever price are the same, which is between $500 to $1000.

Red golden retriever price is comparatively lower as the red color is rarer to find, but the price ranges between 500 to 1000 USD depending on the pedigree and breed type. Black golden retriever price can be near to $1500.

Cream golden retriever price goes somewhere between $500 to $2500 depending on where and what pedigree the dog has. Chocolate golden retriever price holds the average price, which is $1000 for a puppy.

Royal Canin golden retriever price goes relatively higher, as the name royal signifies. However, you can expect to pay between $500 to $3000 for a golden retriever. Above all, these prices are based on the estimate calculations, and the variations can occur according to the pet store and other possibilities.

Who Is It Not For

While the Golden Retriever is certainly a great dog to have, it is not suitable for everyone. Your lifestyle is a primary factor when deciding whether or not you can have this dog breed as your pet.

Golden Retrievers do not like to be left alone. If your lifestyle demands long hours of work and you cant give enough time to your dog, you are better off without having this dog breed.

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In The United Kingdom

Golden Retrievers were first accepted for registration by The Kennel Club in 1903, as Flat Coats Golden. They were first exhibited in 1908, and in 1911 were recognized as a breed referred to as Retriever .

In Scotland

In July 2006, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland organized a gathering of Golden Retriever enthusiasts at the ancestral home, Guisachan House. A photograph taken by photographer Lynn Kipps to commemorate the occasion captured 188 Golden Retrievers, and so holds the record for the most Golden Retrievers in one image.

Golden Retrievers Want Food All The Time

Golden Retriever Labrador Puppies Price In Bangalore

This is a major cause of concern especially in urban setting where dogs dont get enough exercise of running and playing adequately. They seem to be hungry always. Its a challenge to the pet parents to stop them from begging for food. Its very easy for your dog to become overweight unless you control its food behaviour. Bear this in mind to prevent a lot of weight related health issues. Try Kong Dog Toy Bone or Kong classic dog toy large to control their urge for food and keep them busy.

Read here About: 50 THINGS TO FILL A KONG DOG TOY.

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Golden Retrievers Love Water

But they hate to bathe. This is contrary but the fact is if you want to get your pooch into your bathroom for a bath, chances are that it will run away. Go to a nearby pond or lake or beach or a swimming pool, and he will happily take a dive and enjoy the cool waters. Come bath time, and you will be at your wits end to drag him for a refreshing shampoo shower.

How To Read Our Golden Retriever Price List Across All Major Cities In India

A Golden Retriever puppys price depends on several factors.;Dog prices in India;vary much based on several factors. We at;;want our post, the Golden puppy price in India, set guidelines for the buyer and seller of Golden Retrievers in India.;

As breeders of dogs, we have an in-depth understanding of the costs that a breeder typically incurs. We hope to use our knowledge to establish useful guidelines for sellers and buyers of Golden Retrievers in India.

We also know that Golden Retriever prices can vary significantly. For instance, a puppy from imported Golden Retrievers can cost you between 60,000 to more than 1,00,000. We consider these variances in price as exceptions than the norm. Our Golden Retriever price list, on the other hand, works on averages.

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Characteristics Of Golden Retriever In India

The dog we are discussing is a strongly built, medium-sized breed that has obtained a water-repellent wavy coat. The dog is popular for its dense, lustrous coat of gold.

The breed offers a great look consisting of the broadhead and its friendly but intelligent eyes, straight muzzle, and short ears. Breed fanciers complement its smooth and powerful gait carrying a feathery tail as merry action.

The breed loves a joyous and playful life and they maintain their puppyish behavior even in their adulthood that makes it best as a pet. This playful and energetic dog of you will enjoy the outdoor game.

Common Health Ailments In Golden Retrievers For Sale

Golden retriever high quality and heavy bone puppy available in Delhi and India..9811962478

Golden Retrievers might suffer from some genetic disorders and other commonly occurring diseases. Retrievers usually suffer from obesity and hip dysplasia, and while the former ailment is because of a Retrievers love for food, the latter however is quite a serious health condition, and hence it is highly advisable that while buying a Golden Retriever puppy, the pup or even a Retriever dog must be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian for checking any early signs of the hip disease, albeit it is extremely difficult to diagnose hip dysplasia in young Golden Retriever puppies and dogs.

However let all your worries take a back seat as we at mydogs shall help you get the most fluffy, adorable, loving and healthy Golden Retriever Puppies for sale or Golden Retriever Dogs for sale. We are a team of highly experienced, expert animal lovers, and we would assist you buy the most charming, albeit fit as a fiddle Golden Retriever puppy or a Golden Retriever dog. You may be anywhere in India, but you can just sit back home and buy a Golden Retriever puppy online, following which we assure you that you would next find your bundle of joy right at your doorstep, wagging his long haired tailed, and eagerly waiting for you.;Contact us to buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale


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Golden Retriever Puppy Price In India

If you are looking to buy a;Golden Retriever;and to understand the Golden Retriever price in India, you are in the right place. We at;;have extensive experience in breeding and selling dogs. We have a deep understanding of the various costs involved in maintaining Golden Retrievers in India.

In this post, we address the following.

  • The total cost of ownership for Golden Retrievers in India
  • Golden Retriever puppy price
  • All associated costs in maintaining Goldens
  • Golden Retriever price in all major Indian cities

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in India. This dogs intelligence, loving nature, loyalty, and ability to form close bonds with our family make them highly desirable. We urge you to read our post on;Golden Retrievers in India;to get a complete picture of Goldens in India.

Remember, the cost of a Golden Retriever puppy in India varies from one city to another. In India, Goldens are expensive dogs. The average annual cost of a Golden Retriever will be over one lakh rupees without including the puppy price. Depending on its quality, a Golden puppy will set you back by 12,000 to 40,000.

The Reason That You Should Buy A Golden Retriever

The reason that you should buy a golden retriever is that they are so versatile. They are great for children because they can play and interact with them at the same time. You can let your child have their way with your dog until it gets old enough to learn his place in the family. The reason why you should buy a golden retriever is that they love playing games like Frisbee.

When you have a puppy it might not be so common for it to want to play such a simple game but once it is older it will become more interested in it. This is one of the reasons why you should get a golden retriever puppy for sale because they will love playing this type of game.

The most important reason that you should buy a golden retriever is that they love to be around other dogs and can be great with children. They can be great if you decide to take your dog out on a walk every day or go to the park.

Golden retrievers are just so loving to have around your home and they will be so glad to see you. This is why you should buy a golden retriever puppy for sale because you will be happy with the dog and with how well it will fit into your home.

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Faqs About Golden Retrieversin India

Followings are the questions which are frequently asked about golden retrievers

1. Can golden retriever survive in India ?

Although golden retriever is a foreign breed it can very much survive in India with proper care.

2. Can golden retriever be a guard dog ?

Golden retrievers are very kind and trusting with both family and strangers which make them a poor guard dog.

3. How much golden retriever shed ?

Golden retrievers shed a lot and they mostly shed during spring and fall.

If you are planning to get a retriever puppy then you will have to get used to dog hair in your house.

4. Is regular grooming and brushing required for this dog ?

Yes, absolutely Golden retrievers need regular grooming. Daily brushing will get some of the lose hair out of the coat.

5. Where are golden retrievers from ?

Golden retrievers are originally from Scotland.

6. Can Golden retrievers live in Mumbai ?

Yes Golden retrievers can live in Mumbai.

7. Do they eat fish ?

Yes, they can eat fish like salmon etc but make sure to remove bones before you give it to them.

8. Can you shave a Golden retriever ?

No, you should never shave them, by doing so you will be removing their protective coat that protects them from sunlight.

What Causes Hip Dysplasia In Golden Retriever

Golden retriever. Love him much!

Hip Dysplasia is a genetic disease that is affected by many different factors like diet, environment, muscle mass, growth rate, hormones and many more.

As this disease is most likely can be seen in the large breed dogs as well as these puppies should be kept at a normal lean weight natural growth instead of overfed and encouraging them to grow big.

The first basic symptom can be seen is the weakness and pain in the hind legs which is the usual clinical signs.Secondly, the dog appears unstable and is unwilling to rise from a sitting or lying position.Some of the dogs will limp to climb the stairs.

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What Roles Does Golden Retriever Fulfill

Due to their intelligence , the Golden Retriever can fulfill several roles.;

  • Working dog Above all, this dog loves to work. This dog is capable of focusing on a given task without distractions. Goldens have such high work rates that they will not stop until completely exhausted.
  • Hunting dog This dog is a retriever dog. They are capable of retrieving game both from land and water.
  • Guide dog The modern-day Golden Retriever is a;guide dog. These dogs help people with mobility issues live their lives independently and safely as a mobility assistance dog.
  • Search and rescue dog Excellent sense of smell and dedication to work makes these dogs excel in search and rescue. Several police forces across the world employ Golden Retrievers as part of their K9 units.
  • Dog sports This dog also excels in dog agility competitions. They are naturally competitive, coupled with a high work rate, Goldens are hard to beat.
  • Family dog Goldens have a calm and pleasant temperament. They are eager to please, loving, and affectionate dogs. All of these traits make them highly desirable companion dogs.

What To Buy For A Golden Retriever Puppy

  • When looking for the best golden retriever puppies for sale, there are many things to consider. Before the purchase is made, many things should be taken into consideration, including the breeders, the dog themselves, the supplies needed, and the cost. Some things to consider when deciding on what to buy for a Golden Retriever puppy include the cost and the breeder or breeders reputation. This is especially important because there are reputable breeders and less so reputable breeders, which can lead to problems down the road, such as the death or illness of the puppy.
  • The breeders in the know of the breed will have a lot of experience, but they will also be able to provide you with references of dogs that they have bred successfully in the past. It is advisable to avoid breeders who do not have much experience breeding golden and only have a few dogs available for sale. The Internet is a great resource for locating reputable breeders but be aware that some are only in it to make a quick buck. Beware of those that say they have puppies available for sale if they do not have any dogs of that particular breed and only have pictures to show you.

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Golden Retriever Price In Delhi With Monthly Expenses

A playful, loving and Friendly, Golden Retriever are great companions, whether to be kept outside or as Apartment dog. Golden Retriever are perfect Blend of activeness, cuteness and intelligence, The breed are developed for playing purpose. Here is everything you need to know about Golden retriever price in Delhi.

Golden Retrievers For Adoption

Golden Retriever 3 Month Puppy Available For Sale || doberman price in India|| PETS PLAZA ||

Speaking of trusted and reputable sources, there are numerous adoption centers and shelter homes present in our country that has all kinds of animals and pets. And all these animals such as dogs are all waiting for someone to take them away and raise them with love and care. Breeds like Golden Retriever and several other similar canines are all available at these adoption homes and are ready to be a part of your family. And if you want any kind of help in adopting a pooch, then we are happy and ready to help you out as we at Tailsbuddy has and always will support adoption of animals over buying them from a random breeder. Just contact or WhatsApp us on +91 9555566321 and we’ll connect you to the best adoption centers as soon as possible.

And, we are not going to leave you once you successfully adopt your desired pooch. If you need any kind of pet-related advice or guidance on how to properly raise a canine or how to keep him healthy, then you can again message us on WhatsApp saying Hi, I want to become a Pet Parent on +91 9555566321 and well happily solve all your problems.

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Feeding Price Of Golden Retrievers

When it comes to feeding Golden retriever dogs, you have to plan a substantial amount as it is the active and the most foodie dogs. So, check-in your budget before getting your hands on one.

If we talk about feeding a dog, high-quality food is the most preferable, and make sure to provide them well as a healthy diet makes your pet more healthy. The average meal consumption can be two and a half to 4 cups of food per day, depending on the size and gender.

A good quality food per pound is nearly $2 to $3. So, a 30-pound bag of food will cost you about $55. In this sense, if your dog eats approximately 3 cups of food a day, then a 30-pound backpack with 120 cups of food will last up to 40 days.

In this way, one pack of nearly $55 can last for a month again, depending on your dogs size, gender, and activity level. You can also add $10 extra for a month to treat your dog for boosting and treating your dog with the best.

What Are The Traits Of A Golden Retriever

Kennel Club of India follows the UKCs breed standards for a purebred Golden Retriever. India has some of the top show quality Golden Retrievers in the world, thanks to reputable breeders and dog fanciers. Golden Retriever belongs to the gun dog group of dogs, which also includes the Labrador Retriever.;

This dog is medium-sized, well-balanced, and has a wavy golden-colored coat. A balanced and well-proportioned body enables this working gun dog to perform its tasks without any hindrance. Any exaggeration of features is a fault.

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Costs When You Bring Home A Golden Retriever Puppy

This could be approximately Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 5000/- excluding puppy food. To begin with, other than the golden retriever price of puppy that you pay upfront, your initial start-up costs will include preparing for the arrival of your puppy. These include:

  • Comfortable dog bed.
  • Any medications, vitamins, or supplements your vet recommends.

With these dog supplies, make sure your puppy feels comfortable and cozy when it first arrives home. You need to buy these before the puppy arrives.;Your puppys second, third, and fourth vaccination shots will be due and have to be factored in the costs.

Additionally, within a month, you will need to buy puppy shampoo, a small collar, and leash, peeing pads , nail clippers, hair combing brush, etc. By the end of 3 months, your golden retriever puppy will be teething and will start mouthing . This is normal but you will have to bear the pain as it will bite you every time you interact with it. Do not worry, this will stop over a couple of months. To keep the pooch engaged, buy a few chew toys that are puppy safe.

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