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What Are The Three Types Of Golden Retrievers

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How Many Types Of Golden Retrievers Are There

3 Types of Golden Retrievers and How to Identify Them?

Weve briefly mentioned that most people recognize 3 types of Golden Retriever. These are:

  • American type
  • Canadian type
  • English type.

Although all types of Golden Retrievers descend from those first developed in 19th Century Scotland, there are now some subtle differences between them.

The differences between these 3 types of Golden Retrievers are mainly to do with appearance. They are quite subtle, so it can be hard to distinguish them if you dont know what to look for!

History Of Different Types Of Golden Retrievers

When you flip the pages of history, the origin of Golden Retriever dates back to the 19th century in Scotland. Since hunting was a medium of food collection at that era, the Scottish estate owners were looking for an animal breed that could hunt in both land and water.

The sole credit for the origin of the Golden Retrievers goes to the British aristocrat dog breeder, Lord Tweedmouth. His attempt to solve the problem drives him to crossbreed a yellow-colored local dog with Tweed Water Spaniel. As a result, small yellow and furry puppies were born in 1906.

Since the breed came into the limelight only after the 19th century, the Golden Retriever made a place in the Kennel Club of England in 1911. Furthermore, the Canadian Kennel Club gave recognition to the Golden Retrievers in 1925 after the breeds were popular in the 20th century in North America.

Eventually, after the American Kennel Club registered the Golden Retriever as an American breed in 1932, the dog breeder started importing these breeds from various places. And they start crossbreeding them with others. Finally, the crossbreds gave the basis for the production of different types of Golden Retrievers.

As a result, there are different variants of Golden Retrievers nowadays.

Health Needs Of A Golden Retriever

The health of your golden retriever is essential as they suffer from a multitude of afflictions. There is a longitudinal cohort study;of golden retrievers being conducted on the subject of health.

Their health is particularly important when breeders only select from a restricted gene pool to create lighter colors.

This shouldnt scare you away as retrievers are generally healthy, but theyre prone to certain conditions that you should know about.

Not all of them will have the following diseases, but when buying, you should ask the breeder for health clearances of the puppys parents. This proves that the dog has been tested and cleared of these health conditions.

Some of the things to look for are hip dysplasia, elbow, dysplasia, and hypothyroidism, among others. According to DogTime, this is what some of the conditions entail.

Hip Dysplasia: this is a heritable condition where the thighbones dont fit properly into the hip joint. Its painful and can make them lame on their rear legs. As they age, arthritis develops, and sometimes the only way to find out is to have an x-ray screening. If they do suffer from this, they should not be bred.

Elbow Dysplasia: another heritable condition with large canines, its caused by different growth rates in the three bones of the elbow. It, too, can be painful and cause lameness.

Fun Fact: a golden retriever named Augie holds the record for holding the most tennis balls in its mouth

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Are There Types Of Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is very similar to the Golden Retriever. Their coats are shorter and require less grooming. If youre looking for a more low-maintenance breed, you should consider Labs.

Flat-coated Retrievers often get mistaken for a Black Golden Retriever. They are slightly larger than Golden Retrievers. However, they have a narrower frame and face.;

Golden Retrievers Also Make Great Working Dogs

8 Types Of Golden Retrievers (With Pictures)  Golden Hearts

It’s not all fame and fortune for these pets. Many Golden Retrievers work as search and rescue dogs. Their tracking abilities and strong sense of smell help them find missing people. Perhaps the most well-known use of Golden Retrievers as rescue dogs was during 9/11, when a two-year-old trained rescue dog named Bretagne helped search for survivors. Bretagne went on to aid in the search and rescue efforts during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina as well.

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The Golden Color And Shades

The second way golden retrievers can vary from each other is by color. Goldens are known for their luscious locks that come in various shades of luminous golden color.

There is very little color variation between goldens. Unlike the Labrador retriever, which comes in three very distinct colors, goldens tend to stay within a limited color spectrum.

When it comes to the American golden retriever, the AKC breed standard states that extremely pale and extremely dark colors are undesirable. And while some goldens can come in other shades of gold, only three distinctive shades are recognized for showing.

These include:

  • Golden
  • Dark golden

This color spectrum is very strict, especially for show dogs. If a dog falls outside of a desirable color range, it cannot compete or be registered with the American Kennel Club. At the same time, the British and Canadian Kennel Clubs accept more coat colors, including cream.

Despite the desirability of the gold color, some dogs fall outside of this range. You can find golden retriever colors varying from pure white, mahogany to red or even black! They are not as common, but they can be found.

Bear in mind that no Kennel Club permits red as a color, so red-coated golden retrievers cant compete in show rings. But although they cant compete in shows, red goldens make good pets, just like all other varieties of golden retrievers.

Despite Their Titled Heritage Golden Retrievers Didn’t Win Breed Recognition Until The 1920s

Golden Retrievers were developed starting in 1850 by the Scotsman Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, the Lord of Tweedmouth. Hunting birds was popular at the time, both as sport and as a practical way of obtaining food. Marjoribanks sought a medium-sized bird dog to support the hunt. The breed was developed by crossing a Retriever with a Water Spaniel, then crossing their offspring with Bloodhounds, Irish Setters, the St. John’s Water Dog, and other Retrievers. Golden Retrievers were first shown in 1908, at the U.K.’s Crystal Palace. They were entered as “flat coats ” rather than the name we know them by today.

It took until 1925 for the breed to win official American Kennel Club recognition. Today, Golden Retrievers are still used for hunting and field trials, and they also perform obedience and guide dog work.

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Why Do Golden Retrievers Have Different Shades Of Coat

The different coats of golden retrievers are due to purely genetics. Similar to humans, these dogs have different complexions due to pigmentation that determines the tone and shade of our four-legged dogs fur.

The color of a dog is determined by genes that control the production of melanin named Phaeomelanin. There is no exact science to know what color a golden retriever puppy will grow into. You can only guestimate on the probable color of the little pet friend when it grows into a dog.

To understand why golden retrievers have so many different colors, you need to understand their origins.

Your Golden Retriever’s Health

Different Types of Golden Retriever Dog | Dog Breeds | That are popular Today !

We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Golden. By knowing about health concerns specific to Golden Retrievers, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks.

Many diseases and health conditions are genetic, meaning they are related to your pets breed. There is a general consensus among canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the conditions weve described herein have a significant rate of incidence and/or impact in this breed. That does not mean your dog will have these problems; it just means that she is more at risk than other dogs. We will describe the most common issues seen in Golden Retrievers to give you an idea of what may come up in her future. Of course, we cant cover every possibility here, so always check with us if you notice any unusual signs or symptoms.

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The Three Types Of Golden Retrievers

English Golden Retrievers originated from Scotland in the 1800s. They are adaptable gundogs bred specifically for the wet and cold climate.

Due to their popularity, the breed was shipped to Canada and America. There, they were developed further, resulting in cosmetic differences in the breed.

Each country developed their Goldens to their liking. Thats how the American, British and, Canadian Golden Retrievers were born. These dogs have been bred to highlight specific characteristics.;

Within those classifications, you also have the field and show variety. Field dogs are smaller than show dogs. They also have less feathering and conformation to the breed standard.

Its possible to have Goldens that dont fit into the variation standard. Some British Goldens are dark, and some American Goldens have less feathering. Its all dependent on their pedigree.

Despite their differences, they are all purebred Golden Retrievers. Pasta is still pasta, no matter how it looks. Do note that since they are the same breed, some breeders mix two varieties.

This might further blur the lines between which is which.

Are English Golden Retrievers Calmer

All Golden Retrievers are known for their loving, gentle temperaments, a trait which some people say is even more obvious in the English variant of this breed. While this fido may be less confident than its American version, they are extremely loveable and devoted dogs.

In fact, they love being a part of the family that theyll get sad, and even depressed, if left alone, or stuck outside for hours on end.

They will, however, be quite happy to spend hours being dotted on indoors and their gentle nature makes them a fantastic choice for families and children of any age.

Renowned for their patience, these dogs will show love and affection to anyone and any animal, especially when properly socialised. Due to this, the Golden Retriever is not a good choice as a guard dog.

While they may bark at strangers their bravado will wear off as soon it looks as if a cuddle may be on the cards instead.

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Golden Retrievers Are Record Holders

A couple of Golden Retrievers have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. An Australian Golden holds the world record for the loudest bark, measured at 113.1 decibels — 3 decibels louder than a buzzing chainsaw. Another Golden Retriever holds the record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth, at five tennis balls.

Golden Retrievers are an impressive bunch, as any Golden lover knows. It’s no wonder they are the third most popular dog breed in the U.S.

Which Type Of Golden Retriever Is Best

Types of Golden Retrievers You Need to Know

There is no best type of golden retriever because all of them are the same breed. All three types are energetic and easy to train, can serve as guide dogs, and behave in the same way. Ultimately, you should base your decision on personal preference and choose a dog that will fit into your family and lifestyle.

But whichever type you choose, know that you will gain a faithful, affectionate, amicable, and fun-loving companion for many years to come. The only thing you should ask yourself is whether you want a golden with a longer coat and a full ruff or a golden with a shorter and thinner coat.

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Golden Retrievers Are Very Family

Saying that Golden Retrievers love their families is an understatement. If you own a Golden Retriever, you will forever have an affectionate companion by your side. Goldens see their loved ones as members of their pack, and will always be loyal to them, no matter what. Their friendliness also extends to other people and pets. You will rarely see a Golden thats aggressive towards others.

Which Golden Retriever Is Right For You

Determining which type of Golden Retriever is best for you depends on your unique lifestyle. All kinds make a great family pet, but some have distinct characteristics that make them better suited for specific homes. To decide which Golden is ideal for your family, you can consult with a reputable breeder or trusted veterinarian!

Find your new best friend from our list of top quality Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale.

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What Makes Golden Retrievers The Same

In general, golden retrievers have similar characteristics and temperament, and even similar health needs. They have more in common than they are different. They are:

  • Lovers of the outdoors, especially swimming
  • Calm indoors, which makes for an excellent family pet
  • Easy to train and easy-going
  • Sensitive and independent thinking
  • Even-tempered, well-behaved, and very faithful
  • Social animals that can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long

Fun Fact: golden retrievers have been known to take care of other animals, including cats

Slender Head Golden Retrievers

relationship between two golden retrievers

The head of these dogs are narrower compared to that of their block head counterparts. They are also often called wedge-shaped-headed Golden Retrievers. The size and shape of the head have something to do with the skulls structure. Their bones align in such a way that their head takes on a narrow shape instead of a square one. The fur of these Goldens are also shorter. Most of these belong to the Canadian and American types. It is very rare to see British slender heads.

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Are There Red Golden Retrievers

Though not an officially recognized color, Golden Retrievers can have a coat that is decidedly red or mahogany in color.

The red coloration is probably due to the Irish Setters who were once used in the creation of Golden Retrievers.

Not to be confused with the dark golden coloration, the red color is dark, rich, and deeply saturated.

Although Golden Retrievers with red coloration are disqualified from the show ring, they are still purebred dogs, perfect companions, and identical in temperament to their color-conforming counterparts.

Golden Retrievers Come In Threes

Golden Retrievers have a signature golden coat thats sure to turn a few heads. But did you know that their beautiful fur can come in three different coat colors? Its hard to tell at first, but Golden Retriever coats come in three distinct shades: golden, light golden, and dark golden.

Goldens can also be divided into three types: English, Canadian, and American. And these pooches also have key differences that make them unique.

English Golden Retrievers, for instance, have a stockier build than their Canadian and American cousins. They also tend to have a light golden coat. As with Canadian and American Golden Retrievers, both cousins look identical but with one notable difference: Canadians have a much thinner coat.

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Which Type Of Golden Retrievers Is Best For Me

The differences between the 3 different types of Golden Retrievers are very subtle, and predominantly affect appearance.

So, unless you really care about how your Golden Retriever looks, it wont really make a difference which type is best for you.

All types share the same loving personality. But, if you are planning to show your Golden Retriever, you will need to pay attention to the breed standards in your area.

Especially if you live somewhere where certain features or colors are considered undesirable or disqualifications.

Field Breed Golden Retrievers

The Different Types of Golden Retrievers

Generally, the history of the Golden Retrievers makes it clear that their creation was for hunting. But as they reach this era, they are more of a family-friendly dog breed than the hunting dogs. However, if you train them, they can be a great hunting companion.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, field Breed Golden Retrieversembodies the actual work of the Golden Retriever. Since these breeds are athletic, more driven, and energetic, they are best for fieldwork and hunting. Despite their agility and hunting ability of the field breed Retrievers, they are friendly with appealing shorter gold to red-colored coat and lankier body features.

However, since these dog breeds are hunting dogs, they are mouthy. Thus, you must give them proper training before introducing them to your kids.

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Golden Retriever Types For Competition

For Golden Retrievers in Show Dog Competitions, their coatsneed to meet a very specific standard in order to even qualify as GoldenRetrievers! As defined by the American Kennel Club , their standard statesthe coat must be, a rich, lustrousgolden of various shades.

This means thatextremely light or extremely dark coats aredisqualified as Golden Retrievers. Any Retrievers that fall within the purewhite, red or copper, or black color for their fur coats are not seen as trueGolden Retrievers, when it comes to Show Dog Competitions. However, it is leftup to the judge to determine whether or not a dogs coat color falls outsidethe parameter for too light or too dark.

It should also be noted that certain countries will notaccept cream-colored Golden Retrievers in their dog shows. Specifically, the UnitedStates will not allow them in their shows; however, the UK happily accepts the cream-colored coat!

Different Types Of Golden Retrievers And How To Recognize Them

May 11, 2020 By Meg Austwick

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed that is loved in America and across the world. But, many people dont realise that there are 3 different types of Golden Retrievers within the breed as a whole!

The 3 most well known types of Golden Retrievers are the American type, the Canadian type, and the English type.

There are some slight differences in appearance that can help you tell the 3 types apart. But they will all have the loving, friendly, playful temperament that the breed is known for.

So lets find out more about the different types of Golden Retrievers.

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