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Best Boy Dog Names For Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retriever Name Ideas

Golden Retriever Names – 40 BEST Ideas!!! | Names

If you are reading this article, then it is likely that you now have one as a member of your family, or will soon; therefore, it is necessary to research golden retriever names.

The name should make sense with your dogs personality, unlike those who have named their timid chihuahua Jaws.

Though its funny to give a dog an oxymoronic name, keep in mind that you will be saying this name for many years to come, and the humor factor eventually wears off .

We have compiled this list of good golden retriever names, so you might not have to look past this list if you are searching for a name!

Male Names

Theres nothing quite like a great big, huggable golden retriever! My familys golden boy was named Buck, but any of these names will fit these friendly fellas!

Naming Your Golden Is Exciting And Rewarding

Finding a name for your new best friend is quite exciting. Whether you want a more classic name to roll off the tongue, a badass name to elevate their coolness, or one that will connect you and your Golden Retriever to their Scottish heritage, hopefully, you find a suitable pick with these dog names choices.Remember to keep your Golden Retriever dog name simple enough that training does not get confusing, yet meaningful enough to reflect your dogs personality or your interests.

What Inspired Us To Name Our Golden Retrievers

SUGAR was our first Golden. We named her after a Lalique Crystal Sugar. Her name was totally a reflection of her sweet lovely personality.BEAR was KORU BEARs original name. When we adopted him, we decided to keep it and add KORU; a Mori symbol for spiral which means new life.

KENZO is our third Golden Retriever. His Japanese name means wise and healthy, and three .

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Why Is Naming A Golden Retriever So Important

Every dog needs a name, and trust me, you dont want to end up addressing your dog with hey you. Naming your dog gives them a sense of identity and makes it easier for you to connect and train your dog properly.

Most golden retriever names are short and sweet, mainly because shorter names are easier to pronounce and for a dog to learn and remember.

While not impossible, it can be a bit tricky for dogs to learn long names with a lot of syllables. And there would be times when you will have to get your dogs attention quickly, and that wont happen if you need a minute to say their name.

Dont forget, some names might sound hilarious and funny right now, but what about later? Would you feel completely comfortable calling your dog Stinkerbell and saying that out loud in the doggy park I dont think so! If there is the slightest chance that you would be embarrassed to say it in public, keep on searching until you find a dog name that doesnt sound awkward.

All Dog Names All The Time

Pin on Golden Retriever Puppy

As dog lovers through and through here at;Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. Over the years, weve compiled plenty of names for you to peruseand we keep our lists updated with new data each year.

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Best Names For Golden Retrievers

The Spruce / Kevin Norris

If you are bringing home a golden retriever, and you are struggling to come up with a name, think for a minute about the beautiful creature you selected. Goldens are known for being loyal, friendly, intelligent dogs. Their physical characteristics and personality are other factors you can consider when naming your dog. Take a look at some of the best names for golden retrievers.

Best Names For Girl Dogs

AryaArya is a great name for your girl dog, especially if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Though she was young and small, Arya Stark was one of the strongest and bravest characters, and this name would fit a little girl with a lot of heart and energy. Alternatively, Aria would also make a great name for a vocal girl that loves to bark you a tune.

CassidyCassidy is a sweet name for a girl dog, especially for dog parents who are fans of the Grateful Dead and their classic tune Cassidy. Cassidy is a name of Irish origin and means curly-haired, so it would make a good name for a lass with a bit of curl to her coat, like an Airedale, Bichon Frise, Portuguese Water Dog, or Curly-Coated Retriever.

ChanelChanel is a great name if youve got a little diva on your hands. The name would fit a French breed or any breed of so-called designer dogs, but its really about personality. If your pup has acquired a taste for gourmet goodies and couture collars, then Chanel is the perfect fit.

HarperHarper is a lovely name for a girl dog. The name has gone through a lot of variations. It started as a surname, then was a boys name, and now is more commonly a girls name due in no small part to the popularity of author Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.

HarrietYou may not think of Harriet as a particularly modern name, but it is an adorable choice for a girl pup. The name means home ruler, which fits a dog who has declared herself queen of your castle.

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Tips Gifting Your Golden Retriever A Good Name

A few tips for giving your Golden a good name is to keep it somewhat simple; you want your new furry friend to be able to understand his or her name for training purposes and to develop a closer bond. If the name is too complex for your Golden, they may have a more difficult and confusing time during training and it may create a rift between the two of you because it becomes difficult to communicate.

If you have children, it is beneficial for them to be able to articulate the name as well, so they may find it easier to play with your Golden Retriever dog, help take him or her on walks, or teach him or her a new trick! It is also important to note that you want your dogs name to be unique enough that he or she will not get confused with everyday tasks, such as naming your dog, Fetch or Walker, if those are activities you will do frequently your dog will get confused between its name and the activity.

Finally, it goes without saying that you dont want to name your new Golden after the names of your family member, it would get very confusing for everyone.

White Golden Retriever Names

Top 20 Most Popular Golden Retriever Dog Names With Meaning ! Unique Dog Names 2021

Golden Retrievers make an extremely good circle of relatives dogs because they love being with their families, and are sweet-natured, affectionate, and happy. They love to delight their masters, so will do something for their circle of relatives. Anyone in their own family can train the Golden successfully. The Golden is an active canine that prefers to have a job but does not emerge as negative if he does not have one. They are brilliant for hunting, agility, retrieving, obedience, and tracking and that they love to swim. Golden Retriever puppies chunk and dig. The Golden sheds twice yearly so need extra brushing then. They are especially prone to ear and pore and skin allergies.


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Best Names For Boy Dogs

AdonisAdonis the mortal lover of the Greek goddess Aphrodite is a name associated with masculine beauty. The name comes from the Phoenician adon meaning lord and would make an excellent choice for a very handsome boy dog.

BaxterBy far the most famous Baxter is Ron Burgundys trusted dog in Anchorman. Baxter was Rons best friend and confidante, and if youre like most dog parents and enjoy long conversations with your pup Baxter is a fun choice.

ChaplinThis surname of the iconic silent film star Charlie Chaplin would make a great name for a pup who is energetic and entertaining. If your boy pup is a bit of a comedian, you might consider naming him after one of the most famous entertainers of all time.

CooperCooper is an English surname meaning barrel maker, but it is more commonly associated with the iconic character of Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Cooper would make a great name for a Peaks fanatics new pup, but its also just a nice classic name that would fit any boy dog.;;

DukeDuke is a strong name for a boy dog who is a bit of a boss. The title of Duke in the English nobility is one of the highest ranks. Your boy dog could also share a name with the world-class jazz composer, pianist, and bandleader Duke Ellington.

KermitThe name Kermit may be most closely associated with a certain muppet frog, but it also makes a fun name for a boy dog. One of YouTuber Jenna Marbless Italian Greyhounds is named Kermit, and the Internet absolutely loves him.

What Are Some Cute Golden Retriever Names

There is no shortage of cute golden retriever names that can be a perfect moniker for your adorable pooch. Some of the cutest names for male and female golden retrievers are Archie, Beau, Bee, Gracie, Sweaty, Ellie, Sugar, Fluffy, Happy, Felix, Chief, and many more.

Whichever name you decide to choose, make sure you can pronounce it easily and that you can call it out quickly. Being able to say your pups name clearly will ensure you will be able to teach your dog recall.

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Cute Golden Retriever Names

The cute Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America today. Although he was developed to retrieve downed prey, he is now first and foremost a family dog. His early development as a dog that would remain close to the hunter has made him crave human companionship. He loves children, and he is highly protective of them. He is an active dog who is also sweet-natured. The Golden Retriever is often utilized as a service dog and therapy dog. He often gets along well with other animals, even cats, and rabbits. Choosing a name for your wonderful Golden Retriever will not be difficult based on his special traits and personality.

Cute Male Golden Retriever Names Meaning

+ Memorable Golden Retriever Names To Celebrate Your New Dog

33 Best Male Golden Retriever Dog Name Ideas

A list of Golden Retriever names made specially for this friendly and loyal dog breed. We have searched for perfect Golden Retriever dog names to suit that cute furry ball you just adopted.

Naming your new best friend should be a cause for celebration. After you find the perfect name, gather the family around and make it a memorable event too.

The best dog names are short and sharp, something that calls your dogs attention. It is also important that the name has a special meaning and sets your pup apart. That special meaning may be something unique to your story, or something about your new dog.There is a wide selection of names for boys and girls for your to choose from. We divided the names in different categories to make it easy for you to find the best fitting name for your new family member. After choosing your Golden Retriever’s name, teach your dog its name with our training tips.

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    Funny Names For Golden Retrievers

    There is nothing like a good laugh to lift the spirits. And giving your pet a humorous name can certainly bring a shine to the day. It can also be fun to pick an ironic name. One which doesnt match your dogs real personality or looks at all. Just make sure the novelty wont wear off!

    The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

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    What Goes Into Naming Your Puppy

    As youre trying to figure out what to name your new puppy, here are some tips:

    1. Golden retrievers are sweet-tempered

    Golden retrievers having loving, loyal personalities, so names like Diablo, Killer, or Medusa usually dont fit goldens.

    And although your puppy will bite a lot, Jaws probably wont be a great name long-term.

    2. Youll be saying their name a lot

    You probably dont want to give them a really long name because youll be saying it so often.

    Also, if theyre doing something you dont want them to be doing, youll probably want to be able to say it quickly!

    3. Everyone will know your puppys name

    Although inside jokes can be cute or funny, you dont want to give your puppy an embarrassing name.

    You probably dont want to be at the dog park yelling out, Cuddley Wuddley! Come here!

    4. Your puppy will have that name forever

    You dont want to choose trendy names for your pup that will be lame or weird in a few years.

    For example, you probably wouldnt want to name your puppy, Joe Exotic.

    5. Dont put too much pressure on yourself

    No matter what you choose, it will definitely grow on you as you associate it with your cute puppy.

    Crazy Facts About Golden Retrievers

    Top 20 Golden Retriever Names In 2021

    Before we go, heres a fun fact: Golden Retrievers were bred into existence by Lord Tweedmouth in the mid 19th century. He wanted to create a skilled retriever that would navigate Scottish climate and terrain, according to the AKC.

    To do this, he crossed his yellow retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel, a now extinct breed. A mix of Irish Setter, Bloodhound and other Tweed Water Spaniels led to the modern Golden Retriever.

    Crazy cool, huh?

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    Cute Food Names For Golden Retrievers

    Naming a dog after a food is not uncommon, as some foods sound quite cute. Goldens are so sweet, naming them after your favorite treat may not be a bad idea. This list should give you some ideas when looking to name your pup after different food products.

    Food Names for Golden Retrievers


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    Last Updated on March 23, 2021 by Jackie Castle

    Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are smart, loving and they truly are our best friends. They have such a joyous personality and the cutest face that deserves the cutest name! Just put a little bit of thought when choosing Golden retriever girl names and boy names!

    However, many people struggle with picking the right name for their Golden retriever. After going back and forth they usually settle with the most basic name like Tucker for the male dogs and Biley for the females. There is nothing wrong with those names, but there are so many other unique names you could give your Golden retriever.

    Today Im going to only write about the best Golden retriever girl names. These names are very unique and creative, I am certain youll love them!

    Lets dive right into all of the best Golden retriever girl names out there!

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    Golden Retriever Names Based On Personality

    Sweet, smart and ready to please, Golden Retrievers;dogs make excellent companions. Its no wonder theyve been in the top 10 for most popular dog breeds for decades!

    Their sincere, loving personality provides some wonderful ideas for dog names.

    • Happy; after all, Goldens are ALWAYS happy.
    • Buddy; your Golden is clearly your best pal.
    • Jubilee; the definition;of jubilee is a celebration, which sounds like an awful lot like how Goldens live their lives.
    • Joy; because Goldens are pure joy.
    • Earnest/Ernest theyre also straightforward and devoted.
    • Scout; with a strong nose, Goldens are always on the lookout.
    • Skip; Goldens have a certain bounce to their step, like a skip.
    • Coach;;the breed acts as a natural leader, which makes the name Coach a fun choice.
    • Chewie;;a Golden Retriever;loves to chew, so you could have a little fun with the name!
    • Fluffy;;Goldens are known for their voluminous coats, making this name a perfect option.

    You Will Be Saying Your Golden Retriever Names For Many Years So Make Sure It Is Easy To Say

    30 Best Dog Names For Gorgeous Golden Retrievers [PICTURES ...

    The one thing to remember when choosing golden retriever names is to make the name something you can live with. You will be saying this name for many years so make sure it is easy to say, a simple name is also easier for the dog to learn. You also do not want to choose a Golden retriever name that could cause grief when you are calling your dog;in a public place.

    To help you find the perfect or great golden retriever names, we created this topic which proposes over best 10,000 Golden retriever names for 2016. The names are ranged by gender, size, and character. So for example if you have a black female dog, you can choose the black for color category, and the female for gender. The tables below give you some indications.

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