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Best Place To Buy Golden Retriever Puppies

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Taking A Puppy From A Friend Whos Just Had Puppies

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It sometimes happens that a friend or work colleague has a bitch that accidentally becomes pregnant. Or they decide to breed their bitch just once before spaying.

And its quite usual for a friend to offer a puppy at a very reduced price or more usually for free, so it can be very tempting when the cost of a dog from a professional breeder may seem so high.

But where you may avoid backyard breeders for their reputation and the warnings youll have heard, its very likely that acquiring a puppy from your friend is just as problematic.

Its unlikely they will have health screened their dog, matched it to another taking their health and temperament into account and doing everything possible to make sure their litter is as healthy, good-tempered and as high quality as possible.

So the risk is your puppy has a higher chance of inherited disease and behavior problems than the general population.

Also, without proper papers, and particularly with accidental pregnancies, you can never really be sure exactly what type of dog youll be getting. There will be no true guarantee of pedigree.

Of course youd be giving a puppy a good home, doing your friend a favor and perhaps even saving a puppy from a rescue center.

And lets be honest, the majority of such dogs do go on to be healthy and make absolutely fantastic pets. But the chances of achieving this arent as high when dealing with the unknown and compared to a professional breeder.

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost What Expenses Are There

Unlike some other breeds, like Belgian Malinois or Cane Corsos, and similar to Labrador Retrievers, purebred Golden Retrievers are not that expensive. These pups only cost around $500 to $2,000 depending on factors like the breeders reputation, location, health guarantees, certification, etc.

Of course, if you wish to own a Golden Retriever from a champion bloodline, it will cost more. Usually, the price range for these pups is between $2,000 and $3,000.

Aside from the initial puppy cost, you also have to provide the necessary supplies for your new puppy.

Here is a list of things your Golden Retriever puppy will need from the get-go:


Golden Retriever Breeders Wisconsin

The Sun-Golden kennel presents itself as the home of champion Golden Retrievers. This kennel does not claim to be the largest nor the most famous kennel there is, but it does assure prospective buyers that it does not breed solely for conformation purposes.

The Sun-Golden kennel was first able to purchase Golden Retrievers in 1989, and since then, it has had its dogs participate in the American Kennel Clubs conformation, rallies, and obedience trials.

Furthermore, this organization grows all their puppies inside their home, so the socialization is top-notch, and you can rest assured that the temperament your new puppy exhibits will be pretty balanced.

To completely socialize their dogs, these Golden Retriever breeders allow the pups to run inside their home and sleep beside their bed. They also engage the puppies in all sorts of activities, along with other dogs, such as playing ball, swimming, and hiking.

Here are some other reasons to consider this organization on your Golden Retriever puppy hunt:

The Sun-Golden kennel is a participant of the AKC Breeder of Merit.

The kennel is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America .

It is a state inspected Golden Retriever breeder.

It is also a member of the AKC Breeder of H.E.A.R.T.

Sun-Golden Kennel breeder information and details:

Address: 7812 Longview Ct. Edgerton, WI 53534

Phone: 608 884 4000

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Coachs Golden Retrievers Georgia

Coachs Golden Retrievers is run by a former football coach with over 25 years of experience breeding dogs. He considers his Goldens as an extension of his family so he makes sure that they are well taken care of.

This breeder does not advertise puppies that much and in most cases, the litters are sold through referrals or repeat purchases. You would really have to reach out to him for his available puppies.

Since his dogs are often repeated purchases, several families already own second and third-generation Golden Retrievers from this breeder. If this also sounds appealing to you, check the dogs out through their webpage.

Coachs have puppy homes in various states, but mainly they are located in Atlanta.

Coachs Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email:

Top 15 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New York State

Best Golden Retriever Breeders (2021): 10 Places to Find ...

Are you looking for a purebred Golden Retriever pup in New York state?This breed is perfect for your children to play with. You can take your dog hunting, or to play in open fields.

But a puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy mill is not suitable. And because Golden Retrievers are really popular, finding a reputable pup in New York is not easy.

Dont worry, I searched for only the trusted breeders in New York state. Down below, you can find desired Golden Retriever breeders near you.

The qualities I highlight here are the price, offered services, health and customer reviews.

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How Do You Know If A Breeder Is Reputable

For a new and inexperienced puppy buyer, it can be hard to distinguish a good breeder from an irresponsible one.

The easiest way is to find a good one is to go to your local golden retriever clubs website , give them a call, and ask for a referral to a breeder.

Theyll be able to refer you to a reputable breeder, but you should also do some investigating of your own.

For one, the mom and dad will have received OFA clearances for their hips, elbows, and heart, as well as clearances for their eyes, which is a yearly exam.

You can look up the dogs registered names at and see proof of their clearances for yourself.

Theyll also have pedigrees for a few generations prior to the two dogs theyre breeding now.

Golden Beautiesdriven To Doodles

Golden BeautiesDriven to Doodles is the only breeder in New York concentrating on therapy dogs.

Founder Stacy Fleming is simultaneously a breeder, trainer and behavior consultant.

The puppies are dewormed around the age of 2-3 weeks after birth. Stacy ensures thorough checkup to prevent 160 genetic conditions from 16 different areas. First shot of vaccine is given after 5-6 weeks, the next one comes 2 weeks later.

The dogs have DNA profiling, microchipping service, and up to date vaccinations. This is the only breeder you will find to give you a 6 year long health guarantee. Litters are AKCregistered and CKC registered.

You have to deposit $500 as application-reservation fee and $1080 as the balance along with sales tax. Golden Beauties offer delivery for a 0.75 per mile fee.

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Questions To Ask About The Puppys Parents

Why did you decide to breed these two dogs in particular?

Most breeders have a specific reason they were excited to breed two dogs together.

How many litters has this mom had? And how old is she?

Most good breeders dont breed their females more than once a year.

Can you provide proof of the health clearances for these two dogs?

Youll want elbow, hip, heart, and eye clearances, and you can verify these clearances on

Do these dogs have any titles?

If a dog has a title it means that theyve shown some aptitude for sport, conformation , or obedience.

Even if you dont plan on doing any of these activities with your dog, its good to get a dog with good genetics that shows they are trainable and can work well with humans.

Can I meet the parents?

Meeting the parents is the best way for you to get a feel for their puppies personalities, size, etc.

The parents should be friendly and outgoing to you and any other dogs around.

Golden Retriever Club Of America

How to Get a Dog in USA | We had to pay $$$$ for Our Golden Retriever Puppy!

The Golden Retriever Club of America is a dedicated club that owns and breeds golden retrievers. The responsible members of this club protect the rights and interests of the gorgeous breed through their events and education.

The organizers and members of this club truly understand that all prospective buyers want an active and healthy pet. Therefore, the pets they own and breed go through regular veterinary care. Since pets can be at risk of developing health concerns at any point in time, they ensure that they provide the best possible care to their golden retrievers at all times.

GRCA Member Club Puppy Referral and GRCA Rescue Committee are the two quick ways to get in touch with the concerned authorities that can assist you in buying a golden retriever puppy. The club also accommodates various rescue groups in a number of cities from where you can get a puppy according to your lifestyle.

GRCA always helps connect its customers with responsible breeders whose first priority is to ensure the overall well-being of the golden retriever. These breeders carefully research pedigrees, double-check health clearances, and raise puppies in their own homes. Hence, getting a puppy from them will turn out to be a safe and trouble-free experience.

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True Magic Golden Retrievers

Intending to reduce hereditary problems and improve breed quality, True Magic Golden Retrievers is about more than just breeding. As a member of the Gunpowder River Golden Retriever Club of Maryland and the Golden Retriever Club of America, True Magic has a foundation built upon parent dogs health history.

At True Magic, both dam and sire must have great temperaments and health clearance from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. These Golden Retriever puppies for sale in New York have their shots and deworming and will have a complete health record for you to give to your vet.

Once old enough, the puppies can have visitors from all over to help get them used to other people. There are also ample stimulating items for them to explore during their first eight weeks. Additionally, these puppies go through the ENS exercises for adaptation practice.

In True Magics contract, one of their requirements is that you wait to neuter or spay the puppy you receive. It is also prohibited to show or breed their dogs without speaking with the breeder about it beforehand.

Buying A Golden Retriever From A Respectable Professional Breeder

Purchasing a Golden retriever Puppy from a respected, responsible professional breeder is by far the best option when it comes to getting yourself a good quality, healthy puppy given the best start in life.

A responsible professional breeder:

  • Cares greatly about the overall quality and welfare of the breed and selectively breed for the betterment of the Golden Retriever population as a whole.
  • Guarantee a purebred GR so you can be sure of what youre really getting.
  • Screen sire and dam for health issues in trying to breed puppies with the lowest possible chance of inherited disease.
  • Will help you to select the right puppy for you from the many different personalities in their litter. Not all dogs are created equal! Some are more energetic, more headstrong, more confident, others less so. They will match you to the perfect puppy for your hopes and lifestyle.
  • They handle, care for and socialize puppies in such an expert way that the puppies have had the best possible start in life and the greatest chance of growing up a confident, happy dog of good temperament.
  • They provide some of the best advice and support that can be given about how you should care for your new family member, from the moment you make the decision right through your Goldens entire life.

So as you can see, there are many benefits to buying from a professional breeder. But surely there must be some cons you may be thinking? Well it depends how you look at it, but:

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Questions To Ask About The Breeder Themselves

Why did you choose to breed golden retrievers?

You want a breeder that truly has a passion for the golden retriever breed.

How long have you been breeding golden retrievers?

At what age do you start to breed your dogs?

Goldens must be two years old to receive final clearances on their hips and elbows, so if a breeder tells you they start to breed their dogs before two years old, watch out.

Do you provide registration papers?

They should provide AKC registration papers for you.

Do you participate in any dog sport or activities?

Most good breeders are involved in something other than just breeding.

Their dogs participate in sports, shows, or are even therapy dogs.

Is there a contract when I buy the puppy?

There should be a contract that covers costs, refunds, responsibilities, etc.

Do you require the puppies to get spayed/neutered?

If they do, this will be in the contract.

What happens in case something goes wrong?

See if theres some sort of health guarantee as part of the contract.

This is also a good time to feel them out and see if this has ever happened before.

Do you have any references I can talk to?

Good breeders will have previous happy customers.

Are you a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America or any local golden retriever clubs?

Understanding The Golden Retriever Cost In India

A cute Golden Retriever puppy

When we are on the lookout to buy a Golden Retriever in India. Most of us stop at the initial cost of a Golden puppy and miss to account for recurring expenses. Remember, Golden Retrievers are large dogs that grow rapidly. The larger the dog, the more expensive it is.

A full-grown adult Golden Retriever can weigh as much as 35 kgs and needs up to 2200 calories per day. You also need to account for their foreign origins. These dogs are not like the native Indian dog breeds that can thrive on homemade food and live happily in our hot and humid climate. Hence, understanding the total cost of ownership for a Golden Retriever will help you plan your budget before buying a puppy.

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Hilltop Golden Retriever Ny

Situated on a 50-acre property, Hilltop Golden Retriever is owned by a husband and wife team who have veterinary and animal science backgrounds. With this intelligence backing their breeding operation, they raise Golden Retrievers with beautiful traits that have satisfied many families who have received one of their puppies. Caring about their breeding dogs is essential. Constant monitoring and performance of health tests as their Golden Retrievers age assures they are happy and in the utmost health.

The parent Golden Retrievers dogs in New York undergo health tests including OFA hip/elbows and/or Penn Hip, genetic tests for degenerative myelopathy, ichthyosis, and muscular dystrophy. Through these tests, they can ensure their breeding stock is top-notch which produces healthy Golden Retriever puppies.

Their Golden Retriever puppies for sale range in colors from light golden to dark red, offering choices that will satisfy all owner preferences. Puppies will arrive at new homes very socialized as they will have had many opportunities, before leaving their litter, to play amongst other dogs, children, and adults too.

What Do I Need To Know About Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy

If you dont have enough money to buy a golden retriever puppy straight from the breeders, Adoptions options are also there if you you choose to go that direction.

Here, weve discussed every detail about buying a golden retriever puppy, everything you need to know about to them to even the cost of golden retrievers as well.

Golden retrievers are amongst the top three most famous breeds of dogs in the United States of America, according to the experts at American Kennel Club.

These dogs arent cheap to buy, in any way. And depending on where you get them from, the golden retriever puppy prices vary on a vast scale. There are two places you can get your dream golden retriever puppy.

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Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy

Choosing to adopt or go through a breeder for your new golden retriever puppy is a personal choice that requires research. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to help you find a rescue or breeder that offers healthy, ethically-sourced golden retriever puppies.

Knowing what youre in for when you get a golden retriever puppy is an important step in being a responsible pet owner. Whether you find a responsible breeder or are planning on adopting, its up to you to be prepared for an energetic and friendly addition to your household.

Questions To Ask About The Puppies

Best Of Funny Golden Retriever Puppies Compilation – Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Videos 2021

How do you socialize the puppies?

Theres a lot of handling and exposure to different things in the world that breeders can do to help raise a well-socialized puppy. A good breeder will be able to talk to you about this.

Where are the puppies born and raised?

Are they raised in the home, or out back in the shed?

Will they be examined by a vet before they go home?

The answer should be yes.

What are the puppies bred for?

This may include being bred for companions , or show, sport, or hunting.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Cost

Golden Retrievers, due to their popularity as loyal family dogs, fetch a premium price. The initial Golden puppy price depends on the following.

  • The reputation of the breeder
  • The lineage of the puppy
  • The quality of the puppy A show-quality puppy, can cost twice as much as pet quality.
  • The city from where you buy the Golden puppy
  • Kennel Club of India certification

The average cost of a Golden Retriever in India is between 12,000 to 40,000.

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Golden Retriever

Now thats a truck load of cute!

The decision to bring a dog into your family is one of the most life changing and important decisions you can ever make. It will have a major effect on your life for a decade or more.

Hopefully youve already thoroughly researched whether a Golden Retriever is the right dog for youand just as importantly whether youre the right family for them!

But having decided, choosing where to get one from is a tough and daunting decision with so many options available.

Theres breeders, pet shops, rescue centers, classified ads in newspapers and pros and cons to each to consider. So where is the best place to get a Golden retriever?

This article will take you through some of the important information related to each option so youre well-informed before making this all important decision.

  • A friend whos just had puppies
  • A rescue center
  • A pet store or a puppy mill

Lets look at the pros and cons of each so you can make a better informed decision.

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