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Can Golden Retrievers Swim

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Your Golden Retriever Puppy And Swimming

Bailey Golden Retriever Puppy Swim in Sea for First Time!

While goldens love the water and seem to take to it naturally, dont assume that a Golden Retriever puppy can just jump in and start swimming immediately. Some do well and dont need to learn much, but others may need a little more encouragement to bring out their inner swimmer.;

Always begin by assuming that your puppy cant swim. Then you can take the time to help them adjust to the water and teach them how to swim and be safe. You may find that just a few times on the water is all your puppy needs to take off and want to spend all afternoon swimming. Other times your puppy may need a little more guidance and help.;

Why Do Golden Retrievers Like Water

Golden Retrievers were once used to retrieve fowl from hunters and ducks. Goldens originated in Scotland. Their original purpose was to locate and retrieve prey while waiting for gunshots. In many cases, they would have to get wet, in order to retrieve prey and return it back to their hunting companions.

Golden Retrievers have an extremely dense and water-repellent coat. Their undercoat is thick and insulates the dog against the cold. The top layer is long and flat, repelling water. These physical characteristics make them a great choice for hiking and swimming with their owners.

The initial breeding process that involved crossing a yellow flat-coated retriever with a water spaniel and then crossing offspring with other breeds of water spaniels has given them an inborn love for water. But genetics dont always apply to these situations. Take, for instance, Golden Retrievers, who are reluctant to swim in the swimming pool.

Most Goldens love water but some Goldens do not like getting their fur wet. There are many pups who hate swimming but become addicted to it as adults. It can be influenced by their environment and their upbringing. Its likely that her pups will love swimming if their mother is gentle when introducing them to the pool. Golden Retrievers have a very easy training process so it shouldnt be difficult to teach them how to swim. Its not just a good way to keep your dog active, but its also a great exercise for their mental stimulation.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Swimmers

Golden Retrievers are instinctively good swimmers, even when they are still a puppy.

Their descendants were bred to retrieve birds and other game from lakes and rivers, so naturally, Golden Retrievers are very comfortable in water. Along with their love of water, they also have physical characteristics that help them to become good swimmers.

To start with, they are medium in size so not too heavy to stay a float. Their legs are big enough to help to support their body in the water, and strong enough when they are swimming.

They also have a thick double coat. The outer coat is water proof. This helps it to repel water and not get weighed down. The under coat helps to keep the skin warm and dry, especially in colder water.;

The Golden Retriever has all of the physical traits necessary to become a confident swimmer.

Couple this with the breeds intelligence and easy to train, relaxed temperament, and youve got a dog that has the potential to excel as a hunters companion and at water sports such as dock jumping. ;

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Other Popular Breeds That Can Swim

While some breeds cant get enough of the water, others merely enjoy a dip when the chance arises.; They may not be top of mind as water-loving dogs, but these popular athletic and energetic breeds can learn to swim:

Siberian Huskies, developed for the strength and endurance to pull dog sleds in frigid temperatures, have legs powerful enough to propel them through the water, but some Huskies need a slow and gentle introduction to swimming.

Similarly, German Shepherdsdeveloped for herding on dry landcan learn to swim, and often love it. But they may not possess the natural affinity for the beach or pool like a waterfowling breed does.

As a hunting breed with the stamina to run rabbits and small game for miles, the floppy-eared Beagle is another breed that has what it takes to learn to swim. Shes not deep-chested or short-legged enough that she struggles in the water, but will probably need a slow and steady introduction to the doggy paddle.

Is Swimming Good For Golden Retrievers

Can Golden Retrievers Swim?

A low-impact activity like swimming is an ideal exercise for Golden Retrievers. With the limited strain on the body, they can perform high-intensity exercise to maintain optimal health. The high activeness of these dogs makes swimming a perfect choice.

The best thing is that Goldens love to spend time in the water and enjoy swimming. So you dont need to take some extra effort to put them in water. You can even take an eight-month puppy to water without using any force .

The experts recommend up to one-hour daily swimming exercise for Golden Retrievers. You can even increase the time a bit more if your dog is optimally healthy. When it comes to deciding the exact duration of the training, you need to consider the age and health condition of your dog.

Swimming is an excellent form of physical exercise for a Golden Retriever. Moreover, it offers much-needed mental stimulation to improve the overall wellbeing of your dog!

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Can Goldendoodles Swim Well

Yes, Goldendoodles are pretty good natural swimmers, and many of them just love to spend time in the lake.

So, why do Goldendoodles love the lake so much? It comes from both sides of his parentage and is largely to do with genetics.

As you know, all Goldendoodles, regardless of their generation, are part purebred Golden retriever and part purebred Poodle. Since both these breeds are known to be avid water lovers, its no surprise that Goldendoodles usually love water, too.

What You Should Know About Golden Retrievers

  • Golden Retrievers are the ideal dogs for children. The Golden Retriever is known as a gentle, friendly and calm dog. If they are well socialized, have their daily dose of exercise and have the five freedoms of animal welfare fulfilled, a Golden Retriever will certainly be the perfect dog to play with your children.
  • Golden Retrievers love water. Although some Golden Retrievers don’t like water because they are not familiar with it, most of them enjoy swimming at the beach, in the river or any water source in the city. Take your dog with you to one of these places and watch how much they enjoy it – after all, retriever dogs were bred to collect prey in the water!
  • Golden Retrievers are very easy to train. Being so smart, it is not surprising that Golden Retrievers are easy dogs to train. If you always use positive reinforcement and never punishment you will get surprising results.
  • Golden Retrievers have a talented nose. Thanks to their sense of smell being so developed, the Golden Retriever can learn to look for all kinds of objects. Perhaps that’s why it has been used as an explosive or narcotics detection dog, or simply as truffle finder.
  • Golden Retrievers need to bite. Biting is a basic need for any dog, but for Golden Retrievers this need is greater. Using teethers, toys or a Kong are a few options for this.

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How Do I Ensure My Golden Can Swim

Most Goldens love swimming, and even though they are young, its a great way to get them moving. Introduce them and let them explore the water. You can encourage them by getting in the water and letting them explore. You might find that puppies younger than 12 months old are more resistant to the water than those who were born in the same month. Dont allow a dog to get in the water if it doesnt want! It is possible to bring an older dog that is obsessed with swimming to teach your dog the importance of swimming. You might try to give him a toy. But be prepared to take it with you if he doesnt.

A swimming pool is a good option. However, youll need to clean the pool every so often because of dog hair. If you have access to the swimming pool and your dog does not know how to exit, make sure they are supervised.

Why your Golden should Learn to Swim

Golden Retrievers have a natural ability to learn and are very easy to train. This will help you teach them to swim. Golden Retrievers make the perfect companion for water enthusiasts. They will enjoy taking you on a game of fetch to the pond and burning off energy with a water-workout, but they will also love to be accompanied to the beach or favorite lakeside spot. Swimming is a great activity for Goldens, even if theyre still young.

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The Golden Retriever Does Not Do Well In Apartments

Golden retriever puppy having a swim

While its true that any dog can learn to adapt, as weve shown, this is a breed that loves its exercise. The Golden Retriever needs to run and play several times a day to get all of its energy out. If its cooped up in an apartment for most of the day, its highly likely that the dog will turn that restless energy into destructive behavior.

Finn needs a lot of playtime, and one of his favorite things to do is chase a ball that his family throws for him. Golden Retrievers love this because they can control how hard they throw it and how far it goes, therefore controlling how much running Finn does.

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Golden Retriever Puppies And The Snow

If you have seen an adult Golden having fun in the snow, you should see how happy puppies are. They even attempt to do the dog version of snow angels!

A healthy pup can go out in the snow as long as they are fully vaccinated and allowed to go outside.

However, you should know that they are not yet good at self-regulating their body temperature. So, you will need to pay extra attention for signs of cold exposure, and you should not keep them outside for extended periods of time.

Tips For Golden Retriever Swimming

If youre planning on bringing your Golden Retriever swimming to a lake or to beach, you should keep a few things in mind before you let your dog into the water and after he gets out. Here are a few tips when taking your Golden Retriever swimming:

  • Take it Slow. If this is your dogs first time swimming then take it slow and dont force him into the water. Some dogs take to the water quickly, whilst others need time to get used to it.
  • Make sure there are no dangerous animals or plants. Most public swimming sites that are safe for people are safe for dogs and you wont need to worry about dangerous animals or plants harming your dog. Just be careful if you are going out on a boat and theres a chance your Golden Retriever might jump into the water. Some rivers and lakes contain toxic algae and bacteria that can be harmful to dogs if ingested.
  • Check for trash or sharp objects. Unfortunately, many rivers, lakes and shorelines are littered with trash. Make sure your dog is not going to come into contact with sharp or dangerous objects that could cause an injury if swallowed or walked on.
  • Put a Life Jack on Your Dog . Dog life jackets are a great way of keeping your dog from getting into trouble in deeper water. They are also great for older dogs, injured dogs and dogs that are not confident swimmers.
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    S To Teach Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Swim

    Want to teach your golden retriever how to swim? Here is a proven 15-step process to teach your golden retriever puppy to swim:

  • Choose a warm day and get ready to wear something you dont mind getting wet
  • Its better if you take them to shallow water
  • Have someone else assist you but let them wait outside the water
  • Get a swimming vest to build their confidence in the water and to make sure that nothing bad happens to them.
  • Pick up your puppy and get into the water and stand where the water only covers your thighs and face the person who is here to assist you.
  • Now, slowly lower your pup into the water while you are still holding them
  • Have one hand secured at the base of their tail
  • The other hand should be under their belly;
  • While you are holding them speak to them in a gentle voice and praise them
  • Slowly lower them into the water but still without releasing them
  • When the puppys legs are in the water they should start paddling on their own and when they do that start praising them in an upbeat voice;
  • Let the other person call your pup to them and remove the hand from their belly but keep the other hand at their tail to keep them balanced;
  • When they get close enough to the person release their tail and let them get out
  • When they finally reach the person, let that person give them a treat;
  • Repeat the whole thing and every time increase the distance just a little bit;
  • When to take your golden retriever puppy swimming

    Why To Teach Your Golden Retriever To Like The Water

    Must Watch! Golden Retriever Pair Play Underwater Version ...

    There are a number of benefits to having a Golden Retriever that likes the water that I will mention below.

    It would help to keep it cool in the summer

    Since Golden Retrievers;are a dog breed that can get hot more easily in the summer being able to get it to go into water without needing to encourage it to will help to cool it down a lot more easily.

    Can give them lots of exercise

    Since Golden Retrievers;require a lot of exercise to be properly stimulated getting them to like swimming will help to give it a lot of exercise without a lot of effort on your part. Swimming requires a lot of effort on the Golden Retrievers part so the act of swimming will wear it out quickly.

    Easier to bath it

    Getting your Golden Retriever to be comfortable around water will also make it a lot easier to bath it. This will help you to wash it more quickly and it will make it a more pleasant experience for your Golden Retriever.

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    Golden Retriever Swimming Safety Precautions

    Looking at your Golden puppy swimming can be delightful and exciting, but there are some precautions you need to take while taking out your puppy for swimming. Have a look.

  • Never leave your Golden Retriever alone. Even though Goldens can swim sometimes it might be difficult to resist against currents in oceans and rivers. Always keep an eye on your dog as a precautionary measure.
  • It is safe to buy him a good safety vest. We cannot expect when your Golden Retriever might encounter a risky situation that makes him difficult to swim. Wearing a life jacket at least ensures that your dog doesnt drown.
  • Do not overexert your Golden Retriever while swimming. Sometimes he can manage to go out far from the shore but could not come back as he gets tired. Be careful especially when your Golden Retriever is in its puppy stage as puppies get tired more easily.
  • Always get into a swimming pool that has a sloped ground or steps so that your Golden Retriever can come out easily. Swimming pools without steps and sloped ground can be risky for dogs.
  • Be careful while swimming in unknown waters. Unknown waters have a risk of dangerous snake bites.
  • Good For Their Joints

    Another benefit associated with swimming is strengthened joints, especially in older dogs who might struggle with mobility issues. This can be achieved by holding onto your pet while they are floating or paddling around in the water!

    This strengthens the joints and also means that you get some quality bonding time as well not many people would turn down cuddle time with their pet if given the chance!

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    When Can A Golden Retriever Puppy Start Swimming

    If you have a new golden retriever puppy, you may first want to know how old they should be before introducing them to the water? Its safe to say that the first couple of months of a young goldens life is spent learning how to walk confidently and regulate their body temperatures. So dont try to swim too soon.

    In most cases, its best for a golden retriever pup to be at least 2-3 months old before attempting their first swimming lesson. At this point they have developed enough to begin to be able to handle the water.

    How Much Do Goldens Shed


    Goldens shed a lot. They have an abundance of coat as well as feathering and they will produce a more or less constant amount of hair in your house. Some of this can be alleviated with regular and thorough brushing, but if you have an aversion to dog hair in your house, a Golden will not be a good choice. On the other hand, many of us believe that the dog-hair problem is more than compensated for by the loyalty and love that a Golden also sheds along with the hair!;

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    The Right Amount Of Swimming

    I would never move Honey aboard a boat if she couldnt swim.

    Ive always known that when she needs to, Honey will swim.

    But Im also glad shes not one of those crazy, water-loving dogs. Because those are the dogs jumping off boats at mooring balls and getting lost.

    My hope for Honey is that swimming can be a way for us all to get exercise together. And that shell have the skills she needs in an emergency to keep herself a float. But that she doesnt love swimming more than she loves being with us so that shes always jumping off the boat and swimming away.

    We all have a lot to learn to transition to life afloat. Im relieved that Honey has taken steps toward swimming.

    And if my five-year old golden retriever can start swimming, maybe I dont have to worry so much about all the things I need to learn myself.

    Your Turn: Are your dogs swimmers? And did you;have to teach them or did they teach themselves?

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