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Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix Breeder

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Grooming And Coat Care

Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Groomed!

When it comes to grooming, the Golden Cocker Retrievers coat is quite dense so it is important to brush it daily to avoid mats and tangles. Monthly grooming via a dog salon is also a good practice to keep their luscious coat attractive. They are average shedders so you may need some effort when it comes to coat maintenance.

In the summer, always give your Golden Cocker sufficient water and keep them indoors to avoid exhaustion. The same goes for the cold months keep them toasty with a dog coat.

How Energetic Is A Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel

There is no doubt about it that any dog you mix with the Golden Retriever is usually going to have a high-energy rate. And you guessed it the golden cocker retrievers right at the peak of the scale when we talk about energy.

You can expect to be taken them out for daily walks of around 60 minutes per day covering around 11 miles a week on average. Whilst these dogs are very small and the minute is still highly encouraged that they go to very active households.

Golden Cocker Retriever Breed History

The Golden Cocker Retriever’s history is not yet documented not much is known about where he originated from. It is suspected that the breed was developed as a result of designer dog trends in the last two decades. Golden Retrievers are considered exceptionally intelligent dogs due to their talent for agility and competitive obedience. The breed was originally developed in Scotland at the estate of Lord Tweedmouth. Tweedmouth wanted to breed all types of animals and he aimed to breed the perfect Golden Retriever with an excellent nose and a loyal personality. In 1868 and 1871, Tweedmouth bred one of the Golden Retrievers to a female Tweed Water Spaniel. With time, the dogs were bred to produce yellow puppies. In 1911, the Kennel Club in England officially recognized the Golden Retriever but not by name. It was classified as a Retriever Yellow or Golden. In 1920, the breed name was officially changed to Golden Retriever. In 1932, the AKC recognized the breed. The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred to be a hunting dog who had his beginnings in Spain in the 14th century. The Cocker Spaniel was originally used to sniff out fowl and send flocks into the air by startling them. In 1936, the breed was the most popular dog in the United States. The Cocker Spaniel belongs to two classifications: English and American Cocker Spaniel. The American Spaniel is smaller with a shorter black muzzle. The English Cocker Spaniel is taller with a narrow head.

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Are Golden Cocker Retrievers Good Pets

Theres no reason why golden cocker retrievers wouldnt make as good a pet as any dog. And indeed, the mix may well make a better pet and family dog than many other types of dog.

If youre after a forever puppy, then you may be disappointed. But if all you want is a friendly pet, this could be a great choice.

This mix is likely to be friendly and trainable, and will have a good chance of a reasonable lifespan. Your pet is likely to be a medium sized dog that needs regular grooming, but be prepared for the possibility he or she could grow quite large

Overall, you could be getting a pup as loving as any spaniel or retriever, with less of the health risks.

Size: Why Are Golden Cocker Retrievers Called The Forever Puppy

Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix Picture

Theres been word going around that this designer dog is described as a Forever Puppy, claiming that it will remain as a Golden Retriever pup in appearance. While this is true for some of them, not every dog will grow or stay the same.

Generally, the Golden Cocker Retriever can grow anywhere between 13.5 to 24 inches in height. For weight, it can be as low as 25 pounds or as heavy as 70 pounds . Most of them will fall in the middle of those numbers, which is around 30 to 45 pounds .

They may be little, but the exercise requirement of the Golden Cocker makes them suitable for homes with a big yard or somewhere in the country. They can be okay with apartments, too. Just make sure that its not too crowded, and you let your dog work out every day.

How about a toy or mini version of the Golden Cocker Retriever?

As the Forever Puppy is a subjective and relative term, there are ways to get this mixed breed that will be small for the duration of its life.

We mentioned the miniature Golden Retriever, right? Now, cross that with the Cocker Spaniel, and youll get a mini Golden Cocker Retriever. If youre wondering how mini Goldies are made, they have a Golden and a toy/mini Poodle for parents.

Another way to produce a smaller Golden Retriever-Cocker Spaniel crossbreed is unnatural and unacceptable.

You might want to consider this factor whenever youre tempted to buy miniature and teacup versions of dog breeds.

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Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix = Blue Retriever

  • The Blue Heeler Golden Retriever mix is friendly dog that is extremely intelligent. If they are properly socialized, they should be good with the family and other pets.
  • This is an intelligent dog that should be easy to train. The best thing you can do is cut the sessions into shorter daily sessions to keep their attention span higher. Make sure to praise her when she does well. With a proper training and attention this dog will definitely one of your favorite.
  • This dog is going to have a higher than average shedding amount as the Golden is a heavy shedder but the Blue Heeler isnt really shedder at all. Be sure to buy in a good vacuum to keep your floors clean. Give them baths as needed, but not so much that you dry out their skin.
  • Buying A Golden Cocker Retriever Puppy

    The price of a Cocker Spaniel-Golden Retriever crossbreed can be influenced by factors like the breeders or kennels location, the pedigree of the puppies, training, and in some cases, travel cost.

    For a Golden Cocker Retriever puppy, expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $2,000.

    It will all be worth it if you know youre purchasing your new family member from a reputable breeder who welcomes questions and ask important ones in return. He or she should also allow you to visit the dogs and their home, as well as encourage you to observe and get to know the parents and their puppies.

    Responsible breeders also have a history of vet visits, genetic tests, and health guarantee.

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    Golden Retriever Cross Cocker Spaniel Breeders

    The golden cocker retriever state by its name is a mixed breed dog cross between the golden retriever and cocker spaniel. Although cocker spaniels come in a range of colors typically a golden shade is selected to breed with a golden retriever in order to create the golden retriever cross cocker spaniel.

    Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix Adorable And Those Gorgeous

    Breed Origin Of The Golden Cocker Retriever

    Dakota Sport Retriever (Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix) at 5 Years Old

    Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers originate from Scotland where they emerged to be a separate breed of gun dog used to retrieve game that was shot down both on land and in water.

    This was achieved by breeding a Flat Coated Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel for an efficient and loyal hunting companion.

    Flat Coated Retrievers were traditionally black, but a recessive gene occasionally produced a yellow one which is what was first bred with the Water Spaniel to produce a Golden Retriever.

    Cocker Spaniels

    The emergence of Cocker Spaniels in the US can traced back to the 17th century at the landing of the Mayflower as one of the two dogs aboard the ship was indeed a Spaniel.

    First registered in 1879 the popularity of the Cocker Spaniel grew significantly during the 1930s and 1940s.

    English or American Spaniels can be the sire or the dam in this cross breed this contributes to the varying size and appearance of many Golden Cocker Retrievers.

    American Cockers, known simply in the US as Cocker Spaniels, have a much weaker prey-drive than their English counterparts and are predominantly kept as companion dogs.

    This lack of a hunting instinct makes them much more suitable for a family pet, though they are still very active.

    Golden Cocker Retriever

    The breed history and origins of this dog is not widely documented.

    Regardless of their origin, this dog is a hybrid of two active, intelligent and friendly breeds, making them perfect as a family dog!

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    St Bernard Golden Retriever Mix = Golden Bernard

  • The friendly, intelligent, and loyal Golden Saint dog is a large-sized cross between two purebreds the Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever. It is characterized by a strong, muscular body with a broad skull, slightly tapering muzzle, black nose with wide nostrils, dark almond-shaped eyes, medium-sized dropping ears, and a large, thick tail.
  • Since the Golden Retriever St Bernard mix is not a small breed, it needs a moderate amount of regular exercise. Take your pup on daily walks and short playing sessions in the yard to satisfy its exercise requirements.
  • A Golden Saint needs 4.5-6 cups of quality dry dog food on a daily basis.
  • Golden Cocker Retriever Size Appearance Coat And Grooming

    A Golden Cocker Retriever will be slightly smaller than a typical Golden Retriever, usually weighing around 30-45 pounds and measuring between 14-24 inches.

    You can typically expect a medium-sized dog, slightly smaller than a Golden but broader than Cocker with a long, smooth coat, floppy ears and a head which is slightly bigger than a Spaniels.

    This medium sized breed is usually seen in their parents traditional golden color, however, if the parent cocker spaniel is black, brown, white or merle, this can sometimes be passed on to the offspring.

    Their coat is normally medium-length and smooth with some feathered fringes around the legs, ears and stomach. These fringes will need more frequent combing on a daily basis with a finer brush to prevent matting.

    Some puppies inherit more genes from the Golden and therefore have a double coat, in which case, the fur may be denser and require more thorough grooming.

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    Shar Pei Golden Retriever Mix = Golden Shar Pei

  • The Golden Pei is one of many new designer dogs being created in the last twenty years or so.
  • He is a good watchdog and will bark to alert you of a stranger entering the home, but otherwise his barking is rare. He will need 2 1/2 to 3 cups of a high quality dry dog food each day, split into two meals at least. He is better in colder climates than he is in warm ones, he is not good in extreme heat.
  • A puppy averages at $375 to $800 at the moment according to our searches. But your location, how popular it might become, its health, where you buy from are all going to impact prices so these numbers are just guidelines.
  • Shipping Flight Nanny $750 These Prices Are Subject To Change

    Meet The Golden Cocker Retriever: The Forever Puppy ...

    *Due to Covid 19 Cargo is not flying in our area at this time we only have puppy nanny as an option.

    We do offer shipping to most airports. We feel flying our puppies to their new homes when needed is a very safe option, for more information visit American Cargo, United Cargo, or Delta Cargo. We work with Runway Pets to arrange the the quickest route to get your precious puppy to you! Shipping rates from our Kennel start at $500. We do not cover any expenses associated with travel, but we are happy to help make all the arrangements to ensure your puppy gets to you safely.

    We always welcome our puppy families to pick their puppy up here in Utah in person. We raise our puppies at home and For the Privacy and protection of our children and our pets we are happy to meet you at the Salt Lake City Airport if you are flying in or we can meet you at another safe Location.

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    Golden Retrievers: Brief History

    Golden Retrievers were originally developed in Scotland, at the estate of Lord Tweedmouth, who was fond of breeding all types of animals. He wanted to create the perfect Golden Retriever with a strong and loyal personality, together with an excellent nose.

    Somewhere between 1868 and 1871, Tweedmouth bred female Tweed Water Spaniel to a Golden Retriever. With time dogs were bred to produce yellow puppies. Therefore, in 1911 the Kennel Club in England officially recognized the Golden Retriever, as âRetriever â Yellow or Goldenâ. The breed becomes officially recognizes as âGolden Retrieverâ in 1932.

    Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix: Golden Cocker Retriever 101

    If youve never owned a dog or have young children and are looking for a devoted breed to adore you and keep you active, youre in luck! Let us introduce you to a breed thats taking the Designer Dog world by storm the Golden Cocker Retriever!

    Its no surprise that a mix between the ever-popular Golden Retriever and the devoted Cocker Spaniel has produced a pup with such a happy disposition, a gentleness with children and an endless supply of love and loyalty. This mix is known for being intelligent, active and exceptionally friendly, making this breed one of the more popular Designer breeds around.

    The Golden Spaniel mix is descended from sporting dogs and while those energetic genes ever present, this mix truly shines as a companion animal to a loving family. If youre looking for the perfect family dog to add warmth and laughter to your home, look no further than the Golden Cocker Retriever!


  • 4 Final Thoughts
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    Its Also Free To List Your Available Puppies And Litters On Our Site

    Golden cocker retriever for sale in pa. Golden cocker retriever is a cross of the golden retriever and the cocker spaniel, also known as dakota sport retriever. It is a cross between a golden retriever and, most commonly, a cocker spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel, or a poodle or poodle mix. With training, she will be a great dog.

    Golden retriever puppies are one of the most popular dog breeds for a reason! Adopt ruby a golden retriever, german shepherd dog. Golden retriever puppies for sale.

    Lancaster puppies advertises puppies for sale in pa, as well as ohio, indiana, new york and other states. Golden retrievers in hazleton, pa. This is the price you can expect to pay for the golden retriever breed without breeding rights.

    The golden retriever is a gorgeous, large, energetic breed. You can find golden cocker retriever puppies priced from $1500 usd to $3200 usd with one of our credible breeders. Meet maggie, a sharp golden retriever puppy who is being family raised.

    The current median price of golden retrievers in pennsylvania is $847.50. We strive for wonderful health, fabulous temperaments, and of. Meet the golden cocker retriever:

    Golden retriever puppies for sale. Goldens are merry companions that act like puppies well into adulthood. Search for a puppy or dog.

    Golden retriever puppies and dogs. Browse thru our id verified dog breeders listings to find your perfect breeder in your area. This cross is meant to produce a smaller version of a.

    Labrador Golden Retriever Mix = Golden Labrador

    Cocker Spaniel puppies vs Golden Retriever
    • The Golden Labrador mix is loving, devoted, and energetic and is naturally trainable. The Golden Lab mix is a great family member. It is fun and easy going with kids and very sociable to other pets. The Golden Lab are good is also a great guide or service dog.
    • The Golden Lab is a designer breed that you can predict the size. Both parents are large and similar in shape and size. The Lab Golden Retriever mix is usually 22 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 60 to 80 pounds.
    • Golden Labs are an ideal family companion and are generally gentle and loving toward children of all ages. These pups do well with other dogs and pets, especially when raised together.

    Learn more about the Golden Retriever Lab mix.

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    Things To Know When Owning A Golden Cocker Retriever

    Now that you know how sweet and loving these dogs can be, you may already be out the door with car keys in hand. Before you hit the gas pedal, however, there are still a few other aspects of the Cogol you should be aware of before adopting this designer dog. Not to worry though, we have filled in the blanks on their general care requirements below.

    English Bulldog Golden Retriever Mix = Golden English Bulldog

    • Originally bred in Scotland, the breeds winning attributes quickly made it a favorite family pet.
    • Your Golden Bulldog will require regular exercise. The Golden Retriever is more active than the Bulldog, but the mix will need daily moderate exercise, especially if it inherits the Bulldogs tendency to gain weight, it is a must to exercise.
    • Bulldog inbreeding has led to health issues so that many dog experts warn that the breed doesnt live long.

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    Dachshund Golden Retriever Mix = Golden Dachshund

    • There are actually lots of different names for this mix breed. When searching for info you can search for Golden Wiener dog or Golden Dox. Either term is fine, although Golden Dox is more common.
    • There are fears over the health of the parents and the practices involved in creating the pups.
    • Clearly, the most important issue on the minds of owners is the size of the dog. Golden retrievers are medium sized dogs with a good build. Dachshunds are tiny little hounds with long bodies and short legs. The hope here is for a small dog that isnt as extreme in its proportions as the Dachshund, with some of the physical features of the Retriever. There are many short Golden Doxie dogs with longer bodies and the ears and color of the Golden.
    • This is a great family dog in a small package, but only when trained properly.

    Learn more about the Dachshund Golden Retriever mix.

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