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How Much Is A Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

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Caring For Your German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix


Although these arent high maintenance breeds, there are still some things to remember when caring for your dog on a daily basis. Food, exercise, training, and grooming requirements are of particular importance.

Your dog will need around 1,500 calories of food every day to stay healthy, according to the American Kennel Club.

This equates to around three cups of high-quality dog food per day. You will want to make sure that you are choosing a food that is meeting the nutritional requirements of these breeds.

As a puppy, you should aim to feed in smaller amounts four times per day, then reduce down to two meals per day as an adult. The purpose of feeding smaller meals is to prevent stretching your dogs stomach while it matures.

Your puppy will reach adulthood between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

As you may already know, the larger the dog breed, the shorter its lifespan. This is simply because larger dogs have more health issues with their bones than smaller dogs.

While this mixed breed dog is still relatively new when it comes to statistics, you can expect your dog to live between 10-14 years. Youll learn more below about how to help him get the most years possible at your side.;

As far as a cause of death is concerned a tough topic, we know Golden Shepherds tend to die mostly of cancer or complications related to their breed-specific health risks .

As you will learn, the more your prioritize your poochs health from the first year and up, the longer they will be able to be your family dog. Speaking of families

German Shepherd Basic Facts

German Shepherds are often used as guard dogs, K-9 police units, and military dogs. However, theyre incredibly loyal in any setting. Whether you want a protector or a cuddler, you can train your GDS to be the perfect companion.

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One of the main behaviors that you need to keep in mind is that German Shepherds tend to bond most closely with one person. Theyll be by your side at all times, so they wont interact with the rest of the family as much as they will with you.

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Despite their classification as a aggressive breed in some circles, German Shepherds are calm and mild-mannered in the right household. However, theres no doubt that theyll remain alert and let you know if anyone uninvited shows up at the door.

With a powerful bark and a strong presence, German Shepherds will no doubt keep away the bad guys simply due to their reputation.

Heres a list of some more basic GSD facts:

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The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Is A Cross Between The German Shepherd And The Golden Retriever

Part of the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mixs charm is a cross between two of the most famous and beloved dogs in the United States.

Both the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are renowned as working dogs and highly regarded as intelligent, friendly, and loyal.

Lets learn more about the German Shepherd Golden Retriever dogs purebred parents to understand their potential personality traits.

How To Feed A Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

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You should ensure that you feed this mixed dog in a high-quality diet that meets his daily nutritional requirements.

Since the Golden Shepherd is a large crossbreed, you should aim to feed him four times a day as a puppy and reduce this to 2 meals per day as he becomes older. This is usually at around 18 to 24 months.

During training use, low-calorie treats as obesity could be an issue in both breeds and also be mindful of the number of calories you give to him.

Calories Per Day

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Rescuing A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Many mix breed dogs come from rescue centers or animal shelters, and we would definitely encourage you to look into adopting an adult dog!

Adopting a Golden Shepherd can be a very fulfilling experience. One benefit is that you will be able to tell more about the temperament of the dog.

Another is that you will have given a forever home to a dog in need!

We have a list of rescue organizations with the potential to have your Golden Shepherd just waiting for you.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Dogs Will Need Moderate Grooming To Stay Happy And Healthy

The German shepherd golden retreivers weather resistant coat means he only needs bathing once every few months.;

All dogs need to be routinely brushed and groomed in order to maintain their health and appearance, and the German shepherd golden retriever dog is no exception. He will need routine brushing with a dematting comb and deshedding brush at least once a week. During shedding season, he may need to be brushed once a day.

Your German shepherd golden retriever will only need to be bathed once every three to four months unless he gets especially dirty, and he will need his ears cleaned and kept free of debris and moisture often to prevent ear infections.

His nails should be trimmed regularly to keep them from splitting or cracking and his teeth should be brushed at least once a day with a quality dog toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste to encourage optimine dental health and prevent potential tooth decay.

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Dogs Are Double Coated Breeds And Heavy Shedders

This mixed breed needs moderate grooming and brushing to keep their coats healthy.

The German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are famous for their gorgeous coats, which is an attractive element to a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix.

That said, this crossbreed will have thick, double-coated fur that sheds quite heavily, especially during shedding season.

Spring and fall are when your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will blow their coat, resulting in a lot of hair loss, requiring routine brushing, lots of vacuuming, and lint rollers on hand.

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever sheds a lot but is otherwise a low-maintenance breed, and their weather-resistant coat allows them to be comfortable in many climates.

Never shave your German Shepherd Golden Retrievers double coat to keep them cool or reduce shedding, as doing so can lead to heatstroke as well as skin and hair issues.

Can Be Sulky Babies

German Shepherd golden retriever mix, 2 Year Old, Abby | German Shepherd Training | Off Leash K9

Because these dogs love you so very much, youll find that they are incredibly social. This means that theyll follow you or a household member everywhere possible, and it also means theyll need a lot of one-one time, too.

Lots of cuddles, snuggles, pets, and playtimes, even. They are needy and wont be happy unless they are right as close as they can get to you.;

On that note, Golden Shepherds are prone to separation anxiety when left alone for more than a few hours. This makes it challenging for those busy families with a lot of after-school and other life commitments that dont include your doggo.;

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The Golden Shepherd Sheds

Whoever is on vacuum duty wont be too impressed.

Like its parents, the Golden Shepherd will have a double coat; a coarse outer guard layer and a downy undercoat to keep them warm.

They will have two major blow outs per year, but, realistically your home will always be full of dog hair. You may want to rethink having any black clothing in your closet.

Regular grooming is a must; they will need brushing two to three times per week and whilst youre at it, keep an eye on their ears and teeth.

Weekly brushing will keep their teeth sparkling and healthy.

How Bad Do Golden Shepherds Shed

When it comes to shedding, golden shepherds are amongst the worst for this. This is due to the two mixes of dogs they are. A German shepherd has a thick undercoat that will blow twice a year. This is quite difficult to upkeep, and will require keeping on top of. In addition to blowing their fur twice a year, German Shepherds do constantly shed. As a result of this, you will find hair around your home a lot, and they need to be brushed regularly to reduce this.;

When looking at golden retrievers, they are another type of dog that has a lot of fur. As a result, this when paired to the double coat of a German Shepherd can be difficult to manage. The most important thing to remember is to keep on top of the grooming and brushing. By doing this, you can help with the shedding. As they shed however, if you have allergies, they are not a suitable mix of breeds for you.;

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Do You Have Enough Space

You should get this mixed breed only if you have ample space since theyre active and like to run around.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mixes are about 57 cm and weigh up to 40 kg , making them one of the largest dog breeds. They have loads of energy since both breeds in the mix are packed with muscle and excitement.

Unfortunately, these are not great apartment dogs. Theyll get restless and bark throughout the day, especially when nobody is home to keep them entertained.

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If you have a big yard or lots of land and a family to play with them, youre in luck. These dogs love constant family involvement. However, it is essential to introduce them to new people as much as possible from a young age to form long-lasting bonds.

Fun games and activities for your Golden Shepherd include frisbee toss, fetch, swimming, outdoor dog runs, and more.

Both of these breeds require daily walking. At minimum, take them on a 15-minute walk before and after work to keep their heart pumping, and youll allow them to avoid many of the health issues mentioned later in the article.

Maintenance: The Golden Shepherd A Hairball Of Fun

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Now, if youre looking for an easy going dog that will not be much work then the Golden Shepherd is probably not the dog for you.

Golden Shepherd dogs are notorious for their excessive shedding. You can probably make a whole blanket with his fur!

These dogs need to be brushed at least once a day in order to remove loose fur and dead skin.

Because of this mixed breeds furry mane, it probably wont hurt to invest in deshedding brushes and clippers.

In terms of bathing, these this mixed-breed dog may only need to wash as needed.

Other common maintenance requirements include, regular teeth brushing in order to prevent dental disease and regular ear cleaning in order to prevent wax build-up and yeast infections.

For the most part, if your Golden Shepherd dog is an active fella then chances are he will naturally wear down his nails.

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Golden German Shepherd Hypoallergenic

Around 10 per cent of Americas population is allergic to dogs.

Unsurprisingly, hypoallergenic dogs are often in high demand. These are pups that are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

However, there is no such thing as a 100 per cent hypoallergenic dog breed.Golden German Shepherds arent hypoallergenic .

Pros/cons Of The Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Hybrid

Keep in mind that individual dogs, even among purebreds, have their own personalities. Environment, training, and the amount of socialization a canine gets also play a huge role in shaping the personality of your dog.

However, there are certain traits that are more likely than others which we can expect from the parent breeding. Here are some pros and cons to be aware of before deciding this designer dog is right for you and your family.

  • Very intelligent and eager to please makes this hybrid very easy to train.
  • The hypervigilance of the GSD is likely to be tempered by the gentle and fun-loving nature of theGoldie for an all-around balanced dog well suited for family life.
  • Good looks are one thing you can all but count on with these dogs since both parent breeds areprized for their appearance.
  • Loyalty is a characteristic of both parent breeds, but a Golden Shepherd is more likely to adaptto new people and pets more easily than GSDs.
  • Athletic prowess is a hallmark of both breeds, so expect a very capable and enthusiastic partnerfor just about any outdoor or sport activity.
  • Both breeds are notorious for shedding profusely unless brushed regularly. Expect a major molttwice a year.
  • This is a very social breed with a high pack drive. Golden Shepherds wont typically do well beingleft alone for long periods of time on a regular basis.
  • Exercise needs are moderate, so apartment living is not ideal.

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Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix: Characteristics At A Glance

Also known as the Golden Shepherd, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix can range between 21 inches and 26 inches in height, and can weigh between 50 lbs and 70 lbs. The average lifespan ranges between 10 years and 14 years.

As the appearance of these two different breeds is so strikingly different, there are many different color variations that can result.

Some of the most common color variations of the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix include black, white, black and tan, golden, dark golden, and brown.

Since their parent breeds are both active, affectionate, and playful, a new owner can expect these hybrids to be loving, doting, and eager to please.

They are best suited as companion dogs, and are ideal for families who have large homes and yards.

Feeding Your German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix


The best food for a German shepherd golden retriever mix is a blend created for large dogs with lots of energy. However, the wide variation in weight and size means that a more specific recommendation will depend on your particular golden shepherds body. Ask your vet if you arent sure. Usually, though, a golden shepherd will need between 2.5 and 3 cups of food a day. When the golden shepherd is a puppy, this should be split over four meals, but for an adult, it can be split into two meals.

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Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Mix Dogs And Families

This dog breed, especially the trained ones are good with people and are particularly fond of children. Although they are big, they can be gentle, mild and playful when in the right mood.

Likewise, teach the children to be sensitive with this dog breed. Do not permit them to pull their ears and tails or hit the dogs. Dogs may misbehave when not properly treated. They tend to be aggressive when provoked by sudden actions whether they are intentional or not.

German Shepherd mixed with Golden Retriever dogs get along well with other pets if raised together. They tend to be nervous around other dogs and need to be exposed early and regularly to act suitably around other animals. If the dog is feeling stressed or tensed, do not force them to play with other dogs and wait patiently for them to adjust.

Being an excellent family dog is one of the best characteristics that this breed is known for. They love offering protection and support to their owners and the family members. Like most dogs, they defend the people they feel most connected to. These dogs have a people-pleasing attitude which helps them get along with their families and to strangers. Do not forget to give these German Shepherd crossed with Golden Retriever dogs the love and affection they deserve.


German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Appearance And Size

Golden Shepherds are classified as large-sized dogs, standing between 21 and 26 inches and weighing between 50-70 pounds.

They can come in a variety of colors that may range from black and tan, tan, white, golden, dark golden, and brown.

Some have floppy ears while other mixed have erect and pointy ears.

This dog has a thick double coat just like their parent breeds. Their coats can be longer if the German Shepherd parent had a long coat.

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Big Dog Means Lots Of Exercises

Golden Shepherds require lots of attention and care and arent for the lazy at heart.

Plan for many daily walks. Theyre big dogs that love to have fun, but if there is any leftover energy, it may turn destructive.

Because of this, a house with a yard is better. But an apartment can work if given enough daily exercise.

Since German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are prone to having joint problems and your pup could inherit these issues, be cautious when exercising. You dont want to overdo it!

As well, overeating can be a problem because extra weight increases the load on the joints. Aim for ¾ to 1½ cups of food split into two meals each day.

Feeding A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Golden retriever cross german shepherd

Expect that a dog this size would require a lot of food. This hybrid needs approximately 2 to 4 cups of high-quality dry kibbles every day. You should try to divide this amount into spaced out feedings, giving an adult dog two meals a day and a puppy four meals a day.

Dividing your dogs meals throughout the day will minimize the chance of bloat, which happens when your dog overeats at one feeding.

Also, the type and amount of dog food you give your pet should be based on his age, size, activity level, and health. Some owners even prefer feeding their canines with their daily caloric needs.

You can use this calorie calculator to compute how many calories your doggo needs.

If youre getting this dog as a puppy, give him the same diet that the breeder did. If you switch between dog foods right away, this could upset his stomach and cause all sorts of unwanted illnesses.

Even though this is a big dog who eats a lot, you need to make sure that hes not eating too much. Obesity is relatively common in this breed, especially if they dont get enough exercise.

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