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Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me Quiz

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Question Five: When You Ask To Meet The Sire And Dam Did The Breeder Prevaricate And Say They Werent Available Or You’re Not Welcome To For Reasons X Y Or Z

If yes, put this silly quiz aside and call another breeder. This is a dangerous sign that you’ve reached a puppy mill. Read this blog about how to identify puppy mill sellers, and beware: these people are very convincing. Good breeders of pet dogs will be in no hurry to sell a puppy, and will work to ensure that every dog they sell is going to a well-matched home.

Question Six: The Wall Of Photographs The Breeder Has In Their Home What Does It Contain

IF there are oodles of pictures of their blocky-head dogs festooned with show ribbons, standing with exquisite coiffure—both human and dog—add two million points to the PET column on your page.

IF there is a single pheasant or any other bird from the subfamily Tetraoninae in any of the photos, add 24.6 x 52 +2 points to the FIELD column.

IF there are photos of the dogs, yellow eyes staring preternaturally bright, caught mid-jump in some odd dog sport you’ve never heard of , add your birthyear in points to the FIELD column.

Now add things up now: how does your potential puppy look? Demon or delight?

OK, this looks promising!

If it’s a family pet you want, the kind who hangs on the couch, happily wags along on strolls in the park, enjoys dog classes and dog parks and dog walks with a steady smile, you may do best if you stay away from a field-line dog. If you can’t provide a few hours of cardio exercise and training a day, you may do best if you stay away from a field-line dog. It’s unfair to your family, absolutely, but let’s face the rather rotten truth: it can also be deeply unfair to the dog. They have a million volts of stored up gogojuice and nowhere to release it. It often leaks out anyways, via destructive and unwanted behaviour, further damaging these dogs’ relationships with their human families…no matter how well-meaning the bipeds are.



Bottom/cover photo: By from Tiverton, UK , via Wikimedia Commons


Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me: Requirements For Activity Level And Exercise

Goldens are a sporting breed and require daily exercise, and this is most pronounced during puppyhood . Although most Goldens will adapt to a less active lifestyle once they’re mature and conditioned, puppies and teenagers also have the energy to burn. If an adequate outlet is not created, this energy can be channeled into actions that are disruptive and appear to be “hyperactive.” And even though the puppy is still psychologically young, it can be a strong and powerful dog that can be difficult to control when energy is mounted. Rule to remember: a mentally exhausted puppy is a well-to-do puppy!

Appropriate opportunities for youthful excitement include brisk walks on a lead, fishing, hunting a ball in a protected enclosure, playing dates with known safe dogs, and even obedience, agility, tracking, and field training sessions. Activities such as jogging and biking with a dog are too difficult for a young Golden to grow joints and are not recommended until he is at least 12 months of age. Even then, the dog’s doctor, and probably the hip x-ray obtained to determine the hip’s joint condition, should be consulted before the gradual initiation of this form of operation.

So To Answer Your Question: Is A Golden Retriever The Right Dog For Me

Well, Golden Retrievers are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in the Western world, but they really aren’t suited to everyone.

Don’t get a Golden if you have a small home, simply must keep your home immaculately clean, prefer a sedentary lifestyle or are short on time or short on money.

It’s important to remember that they shed a lot of hair, require a lot of time for exercise and are a 10 to 15 year commitment of this time and your money.

The aim of this article was not to talk you out of getting a Golden Retriever, but is a reality check for some who may have only considered the good side of Golden ownership.

Goldens are adorable in their looks, temperament and personalities. They really are the perfect family pet, life companions and friends. But you need to be prepared to handle the rough with the smooth.

Take This Easy Quiz: Is That Retriever Puppy The Right Choice For You

Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me? [Quiz] – Golden Hearts

Let’s imagine a family who has made the call to bring a new puppy into their lives. Many people who are in the market for a puppy are drawn to the beautiful and lovely Labrador and Golden retrievers, and for good reason. They can be such great pets. Maybe Mom had a Lab when she was a kid, or their neighbour has a sweet Golden now. The dogs’ beauty, friendly nature, and chill personality make them a perfect fit for the family, they decide. Once a decision is made, the family searches diligently for a breeder nearby, and finds a couple of promising options within a day’s drive. A few calls later and presto—a litter of puppies is found, available in a few weeks! Out comes the chequebook and puppy is soon snuggling in the backseat with the family’s oldest daughter.

All is perfection, all is lovely, all is well.

Diagnosis: This family may have unknowingly bought a field-line dog.

My spidey senses are tingling. Are yours?

In other words, many are not good at being chill, low-key family pets. At all.

n.b.: this also applies to some spaniels and other sporting breeds, where there are different lines bred for vastly different purposes – in my area, the dividing lines are hunting dogs vs. pet dogs, so I’ll write about that.

Do You Have Enough Time To Exercise A Golden Retriever Sufficiently

That 1.5 hours exercise I mentioned above? Yes, that’s every day. Goldens are a sporting breed and high activity. So come rain or shine or after a bad day at work, your Golden will still need their 1.5 hours per day to be happy.

This is quite a commitment and is something you need to be aware of and commit to fully.

If you have a big yard, you can get away with 45 minutes per day with a good couple of 2 hour exercise sessions per week consisting of swimming, hiking, running or whatever.

But if you don’t do this, your golden will become bored and full of pent-up energy, leading to them bouncing around the house and likely destructively chewing. This is not a golden being naughty, chewing is a completely natural release for bored dogs with no other outlet for their energy.

Question Three: When You Met The Sire And Dam What Were They Like

IF they were tired and muddy from a ten mile sprint next to the owner’s camo-coloured quad on forested back-country roads, their exquisitely muscled frames taller and more lithe than you expected, but they still managed to circle you, barking and excited and jumping, for at least 5 minutes…add 782 points to the FIELD column on your page.

My spidey senses are tingling again. Compact and well-muscled dogs are often sporty spices.

IF they clomped up to you waggling happily and milled around, getting pats for a minute or two before going back to their obviously well-worn beds to loll about or chew contentedly on their stuffed toys, add 782.4 points to the PET column.

BONUS FIFTY POINTS to the PET column for each minute it took the breeder to get the dam and sire to wake up from the couch, yawning and stretching languorously, before they padded up to meet you.

Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me Reasons You Should Have One

The Golden Retriever is a high-profile breed, frequently seen in the media and consistently making top 10 lists of famous breeds in many countries. They work retrievers and assist dogs, as well as common family pets. And they’re seen all over the world and are well known and enjoyed by many. But is the Golden Retriever the best dog for you, huh? Are you and your family the best people for the Golden Retriever?

There are some very compelling reasons to want a Golden Retriever.

First of all, it’s an incredibly good-looking breed. Only take a look at the picture above, and we’re sure you’re going to agree with that. They’re great with children, other pets, and other animals. They are trustworthy, willing, and will do their best to please their owners. They’ve got wonderful, mischievous personalities. They love to play, and they always seem to be content. They are highly intelligent and can be conditioned to a very high degree, excelling in disciplines of agility and obedience and being used as assistance dogs.

Question One When You Met The Breeder What Were They Wearing

IF they wore neutral clothes, such as jeans and a t-shirt, add no point to either column. Continue detecting.

IF there was any plaid or camo at all and/or a shotgun across the arm; and/or some squinting wisely into the sun as they talk about pointing, flushing, retrieving; or even a single down-filled vest, then add two points to the “FIELD” column on your page.

EXTRA SEVEN POINTS in the “FIELD” column if there was any chewing on a blade of grass.

IF there were polyester skirts and low heels, add 2.25 points to the “PET” column.

SUBTRACT TWELVE POINTS from both columns if they wore no clothes, and twelve more if you didn’t, either. What the hell is going on here?

Could You Financially Afford To Care For A Golden Retriever

Forgetting the initial investment made for a Golden Retriever with good health and pedigree from a good, responsible breeder, the continuing cost of keeping the Golden Retriever fit and safe for the 12+ years of its life is substantial.

But if the money’s tight, and you’re still struggling to pay your bills, it wouldn’t be smart to get a Golden Retriever or some kind of dog. Either you, your dog or both, may have to suffer from the occasional abandonment of necessities. You’re not allowed to put yourself or a dog in this place.

Find Out Which Dog You Would Get Out Of These Three Breeds

Yes, must be cute when they’re adults!

How much grooming will you provide?

I will brush them everyday and wash when needed!

I will brush 2-3 times a week and wash when needed!

I will send then to the groomers to be washed and groomed at least once a week!

Which personality trait do you like the best?


Which average life span do you prefer?


Do you have other pets?

Yes, they roam inside and outside freely.

Yes, they are only inside though

Yes, they are usually only outside.

Yes, but they live in cages/tanks.

No, but I plan on getting some after or before getting the dog.


Is shedding a lot a problem?


I go out once a day.

I go out twice a day.

I go out once a day but for at least an hour.

I’ll let the dog in the yard.

I go out once or more a day and will take time to play with the dog.

How much time will you dedicate to training?

1 hour or less once a day.

I will train twice a day for an hour or less.

I will hire a dog trainer.

I’ll train when I have time.

Do you have kids?

No, and none really visit

No but there will be in the future

You should get a German Shepherd!

You should get a German Shepherd!

You should get a Golden Retriever!

You should get a Golden Retriever!

You should get a Labrador!

You should get a Labrador!

Maybe you should get a cat..

Maybe you should get a cat..

Sorry to say but you don’t seem like you would be a great owner with a dog.. Perhaps getting a cat will work out more for you, they’re much easier to take care of.

Will You Have Enough Time To Exercise The Golden Retriever

The one and a half hours of exercise we described above? Yeah, it’s every day. The Goldens are a sporting breed with a high degree of activity. So come rain or shine, or after a bad day at work, your Golden will always require 1,5 hours a day to be satisfied.

This is quite a responsibility, and it is something that you need to be completely conscious of and commit to. If you have a large yard, you can get away with a decent couple of 2-hour workout sessions per week, consisting of swimming, hiking, running, or whatever for 45 minutes per day.

But if you don’t do that, your gold will be bored and full of pent-up energy, making them skip around the house and chewing destructively. This is not a golden being naughty. Chewing is a normal relief for bored dogs with no other outlet for their energy.

What Does Is A German Shepherd Right For Me Quiz Look Like

Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me? [Quiz] – Golden Hearts

The German shepherd is a large dog with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscular physique. is a german shepherd right for me quiz have a wide powerful chest, a slightly lowered pelvis, and an easily recognizable stand. Limbs are long, smooth and strong, and the tail is straight and saber forms. Skin-tight leather of the is a german shepherd right for me quiz body, so that no folds are formed. The head of the shepherd wedge, the ears are large, erect, slightly pointed at the tips.

The coat of the is a german shepherd right for me quiz is short and dense, with a developed undercoat, which allows you to transfer even cold. The colors are very different: black and grey, but the most common are black .

Can You Financially Afford To Care For A Golden Retriever

Forgetting the initial investment made for a Golden Retriever with good health and pedigree from a good, responsible breeder, the ongoing costs to keep a Golden fit and healthy for the 12+ years of its life is considerable.

You should be prepared and budget to pay out for:

I couldn’t possibly calculate an accurate total cost per year, but a conservative estimate would be somewhere in the range of £1300 GBP or $2200 USD per year, likely more.

So if money’s tight and you’re already struggling to pay your bills it wouldn’t be wise to get a Golden Retriever, or in fact any breed of dog. Either you, your dog or both may have to suffer by giving up on essentials occasionally. You shouldn’t put yourself or a dog in this position.

Adopting A Dog From A Golden Retriever Rescue Or Shelter

There are many great options available if you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. Here is how to get started.

1. Use the Web

Sites like and can have you searching for a Golden in your area in no time flat. The site allows you to be very specific in your requests or very general . AnimalShelter can help you find animal rescue groups in your area. Also some local newspapers have “pets looking for homes” sections you can review.

Social media is another great way to find a dog. Post on your Facebook page that you are looking for a specific breed so that your entire community can be your eyes and ears.

2. Reach Out to Local Experts

Start talking with all the pet pros in your area about your desire for a Golden. That includes vets, dog walkers, and groomers. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations.

3. Talk to Breed Rescue

Most people who love Goldens love all Goldens. That’s why breed clubs have rescue organizations devoted to taking care of homeless dogs. The Golden Retriever Club of America’s Rescue Network can help you find a dog that may be the perfect companion for your family. You can also search online for other Golden rescues in your area.

4. Key Questions to Ask

What is his energy level?

How is he around other animals?

How does he respond to shelter workers, visitors and children?

What is his personality like?

What Is The Connection Between Dogs And Your Personality

Maybe you have already guessed or thought about this, but you will get a more accurate answer here. Hopefully, this test will also give you a chance to look deeper into yourself. It can provide an opportunity for you to know yourself better or even improve yourself as a person.

Dogs have been humanity’s most loyal and trusted companion since 14,000 years ago. After all these years, they have become familiar with various human behaviors. They can help humans perform many tasks, like hunting, herding, moving loads, protecting, and mostly in the past century assisting the military and police in detecting drugs or other dangerous stuff. So there is definitely, a deep connection and sort of mutual understanding between dogs and human beings.

Among all the animals, dogs are the ones that resemble humans the most in terms of temperament. By going through the “what dog breed are you?” quiz, you will satisfy your curiosity and have a little fun by finding out what kind of a dog you would have been if you were not born human.

Should You Get A Goldendoodle Or Newfypoo The Conclusion

  • If you love big dogs, the Newfypoo might be the better option because it tends to be bigger. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smaller dog, the Toy or Mini Goldendoodle may be right for you.
  • Goldendoodles tend to live a few years longer than Newfypoos. 
  • Newfypoo breeders may be a little harder to find as they’re not as popular as Goldendoodles. Litters also tend to be slightly smaller.
  • While both are great with kids and pets, Newfypoos tend to be slightly more gentle which can be great for young children.

The Character Of Is A German Shepherd Right For Me Quiz

The is a german shepherd right for me quiz, like many other large breeds, requires a lot of time and attention to it. is a german shepherd right for me quiz is better to live in a private house to have access to the street, garden or yard.

The is a german shepherd right for me quiz has a well-developed instinct to protect their loved ones. These dogs get along well with children and other animals, provided that the first acquaintance occurred in the puppy age. An adult is a german shepherd right for me quiz is unlikely to accept a new four-legged family member, although the intervention of a professional cynologist and this problem can be solved.

Pup Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are some of the most intelligent and kind dogs around. It’s no wonder they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

It wasn’t until 1925 that the Golden Retriever breed was officially recognized, but these colorful canines have been living up to their reputation as fun-loving friends ever since.

They were originally bred by Lord Tweedmouth, also known as Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, in the late 19th century as hunting dogs and for retrieving small game. Golden Retrievers have been trained to assist professionals in tracking and sniffing out drugs. Their demeanor suits them well to therapy work as well.

Training comes easily to most Goldens, as does an active lifestyle. They love to play, and swim, especially. Their water-repellent coats come in handy for such purposes. The same coats often shed, however, so a lint brush and a dog brush are often essential to Golden ownership.

Golden Retrievers being such a popular breed, it’s quite possible there is one waiting in your local shelter. If you are interested in learning more about Goldens, take our quiz and test your knowledge before making the decision to rescue one yourself.

Help Rescue Animals

Golden Retriever: Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me

Golden retrievers are smart, loyal dogs, perfect family companions. With their friendly disposition, sparkling coats, and beautiful smiles, they are considered one of the most common breeds in America. Read more about living with these guys-pleasing pups.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most common breeds of dogs in the U.S.—for a good reason. At the same time, they are great family pets—thanks to their friendly, tolerant attitude—and competent, intelligent working dogs. These robust, medium-sized dogs grow to about 55–75 pounds and normally live to about 10–12 years of age. Outgoing, trustworthy, eager-to-please, and easy-to-train families are particularly popular with young children. Goldens also retain their fun-loving puppy personalities and their signature adult smile.

In a part of the sports dog category, golden retrievers are active dogs who need at least an hour of physical exercise. They live up to their name; they love to recover everything thrown at them. This makes them excellent hunting partners and trained service dogs. They love to feed, run, spend time with their parents, and even participate in obedience and agility competitions.

Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me: Goldens And Kids

What Dog Breed Is Right For Me Quiz

Goldens has a well-deserved reputation as a good family dog and a great boy. This makes it all the sadder that families who are attracted to Goldens because of small children in the family may often find it difficult to raise a puppy. And why is this happening?

Second, introducing a new puppy to the family is a lot like adding a toddler in terms of the time and attention needed and the commotion that might ensue. For a family that might already have one or more preschoolers, this combination may literally spread the parents’ resources so thin that something needs to be offered. Unfortunately, this may result in not spending the time and effort required to do enough exercise and teach good puppy manners.

Second, a puppy may be excited and puzzled by contact with young children. The puppies instinctively chase, leap, and bite , and the noises and gestures that children make will give rise to this usual yet rough behavior of the puppy. The success of the relationship between the puppies and the children depends almost entirely on the parents’ care, and without this, mishaps are bound to occur.

Certainly, most Goldens are good with children – but only when parents devote enough time and energy to raise them well.

Question Two What Is The Name Of The Breeders Kennel

IF the name includes words like Championship Show Dogs, add 42 points to the PET column.

IF the name include words such as “Working Dogs”, “Hunting Dogs”, “Not Really Pet Material Here”, “GunDog”, or similar, add 42.8 points to the “FIELD” column on your page.

NO POINTS to either column if any of the name invites you to think about the craggy coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This Isnt Just About Time Do You Have Enough Energy

And if you have enough time to exercise Golden enough, do you have enough energy? If you’re an outdoor guy who enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, outdoors, and exploring with your dog every day without exception, the Golden Retriever and you’re the right match.

But if you’re a home-style sit, who’d rather kick their feet in front of the TV five days a week or don’t go out in the cold winter months, it’s probably better to get a lower energy breed. Goldens have a great deal of energy and need the owner with the energy levels that fit. Someone who will always fulfill their needs for training, exercise, and play.

Locked up indoors for any amount of time, they will become bored and hyperactive, which is cruel to the Golden, and will undoubtedly end up being just as unkind to your chair legs, shoes, and any other belongings within the scope of their bored mouths and minds.

What You Need To Know About Golden Retriever Health

Golden Retrievers look beautiful, but are they healthy? An individual Golden certainly can be, but the breed as a whole can be affected by a number of health problems.

At the top of the list of health concerns in the breed is cancer, including hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumors and bone cancer. Some veterinarians call Goldens “Cancer retrievers,” and treatments for this disease can be emotionally and financially devastating. It’s not known to what extent all these forms of cancer are genetic or exactly how they’re transmitted from one generation to the next, but the sky-high rate of cancer in Golden Retrievers is suspected to be at least partly inherited. The Morris Animal Foundation and the Golden Retriever Foundation have teamed up to do a major cancer study that will focus on Goldens and may eventually benefit other breeds, and people, as well.

Goldens also suffer from a high incidence of the painful genetic hip deformity known as hip dysplasia, which develops when the head of the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into the hip socket. Serious hip dysplasia can lead to crippling arthritis and requires costly surgical treatment.

Golden Retrievers can also have genetic elbow deformities. Eyes are another problem area in the breed, so make sure the parents have been examined by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist and certified by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation.


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