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Furminator Brush For Golden Retriever

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Furminator Deshedding Edge Dog Brush

Golden Retriever Furminator DeShedding Review | Oshies World

The FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush is an undercoat rake thats perfect to use on your Golden Retriever. Its a multi-purpose tool that separates the fur to reach tangles and knots easier. The rounded pins rotate fully to reduce uncomfortable pulling and skin irritation. The pins tips are blunt.

The shaped lines contour to your Golden Retrievers body, allowing it to remove undercoat mats easily and pain-free. The rubber handle makes grooming your pet a breeze because it will enable you to keep a firm grip no matter how you hold it. The rakes design specifically focuses on the undercoat and doesnt damage the guard coat fur.

  • You cant replace the rake head

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed The Most

Golden Retrievers are known to be shed a lot of fur even when its not the season to shed! When the time comes around for them to shed, there is sometimes so much fur that pet parents cant keep up! Nevertheless, with the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers, you wont have that problem anymore.

Lets talk about when Golden Retrievers shed the most. That way, you will be able to prepare yourself for when the shedding season comes. The best preparation that you can do is to buy your deshedding tool of choice and a dog shampoo that helps with the shedding. Alternatively, you can look for dog shampoo that is both allergy-friendly, good for sensitive-skinned Golden Retrievers, and strengthens your dogs coat, fur, and skin.

So the question now is, When is Shedding Season for Golden Retrievers?

The answer to that question is simple. The shedding season for Golden Retrievers is in Spring and Fall. However, Golden Retrievers still shed throughout the entire year even when its not shedding season .

During Spring and Summer, you will find that your Golden Retriever sheds more than in Autumn and Winter.

Choosing The Best Dog Brush For Golden Retrievers

The selected brushes are the best dog brushes for Golden retrievers and come highly rated by dog owners and their pups.

Best Porcupine Brush for Golden Retrievers

A porcupine brush is considered to be one of the best brushes for Golden retrievers because its basically a pin comb and a bristle brush all in one

The longer metal pins have rounded tips to penetrate your dogs thick outer coat and reach the soft layer underneath without scratching their skin.

Then the soft bristles can smooth the top coat and insulate the undercoat behind the combing action.

The popular and affordable Oster For Your Dog Porcupine Brush* offers a comfy ergonomic grooming experience.

The metal bristles are seamless and the cushioned pins are rounded making sure your dogs skin and hair wont be damaged in the slightest.

Le Salon Essentials Porcupine Bristle Dog Brush* is another porcupine brush that can be used for short or long-coated dogs.

The salon-quality pins and bristles will reach deep into your dogs coat to lift away debris and dirt while smoothing the hair and flushing out the fur that has been shed.

The Hybrid Groomer from Bass Brushes* is a new and unique brush for Golden retrievers and its the versatile dual handle makes it different.

You have the option of using either the palm brush or traditional wood-handled brush, both built into the system.

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Small Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

Ideal for dogs up to 20 lbs with coats longer than 2 inches.

Also available in Small Short Hair model.

When used as directed, the design of the edge allows the tool to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the dog’s delicate skin

Best Dog Brush For Golden Retriever

Great brush for Golden Retrievers! The Furminator

If you are a proud owner of a Golden Retriever, you will already know that their coat needs regular attention. Whats more, its safe to say that if you share your life with a Goldie, you will need to invest a fair amount of time in grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Golden Retrievers have a thick, water-resistant double coat. The top layer is medium to long and varies in texture and appearance. The goldens coat can range from silky to fluffy and can be straight or wavy. In contrast, the undercoat is soft and dense. This combination presents certain challenges because, along with the fur feathers on the back of their legs, chest, and tails, it is prone to matting knots and tangles.

So whats the best dog brush for Golden Retriever? Read on to find out more.

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Why Use A Furminator Deshedding Tool

1) reduces dog shedding by up to 90%2) the stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your dogs top coat3) helps remove dead fur and loose undercoat4) the FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool easily5) better than any brush, rake or comb

The FURminator is recommended by veterinarians and used by many professional groomers. It has a comfortable ergonomic handle and the curved edge conforms to your dogs natural build and shape. It will not scratch your dogs skin, and can be used on your dogs ear and tail.

Using a FURminator 10-20 minutes twice a week definitely reduced KORU BEARs shedding in the house and his coat has a natural shine. I vacuum less and spend more fun time with KORU BEAR. Dog shedding is inevitable but dont dread the shed, use a FURminator deShedding tool available at

Have you used a FURminator deShedding tool?

Slicker Brush: Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes allow you to remove chunks of loose hair, matted fur, and knots on your Golden Retrievers coat. It usually has a rectangular shape with wire bristles. To make it easy for you to remove the hair, the tips of the wire bristles are bent slightly.

If youre looking for the best slicker brush for your Golden Retriever, I highly recommend the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. Its a large tool and has 40% more pins than the Big K version. It suits long, fluffy, curly, and cottony coats of dogs.

Each pass using this slicker brush will let you work on the undesirable undercoat. Its also safe to use on the legs of your pooch.

I also like the contoured handle that makes it very easy to use. I just wish that they will make it slightly thicker for bigger hands to prevent it from breaking.

Overall, this is an amazing grooming tool and my Goldie doesnt get brush burn even if we use it regularly. Its a bit pricier than other slicker brushes but I dont regret splurging on this one. It handles mats very well and it can hold lots of loose fur.


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How To Choose The Best Dog Brush For Golden Retriever

So what type of brushes are available? There are several different types of brushes on the market, and they all perform different jobs. To pick the right brushes for golden retrievers, you need to understand what each type of brush does. So here is a quick run-down of the most common brush types and what they are designed to do.

Understanding Your Golden Retrievers Coat

Golden Retriever & Furminator Brush – Tons of Hair!!! – Are You Sure You Want A Big Dog? 🙂

While your Golden Retrievers silky coat is beautiful, its a mess to groom. Their coat is considered medium length and its water repellant and dense. The undercoat of your Retriever is considerable. Like other dogs with undercoats, Retrievers shed or blow their coat usually in the Spring and Fall when the temperature changes.

Their longer fur feathers in certain areas on their body such as the tail, neck, underbody, and back of the legs. All of this hair may seem overwhelming, but you can groom them yourselves regularly. A professional groomer is excellent however, you still need to brush them frequently.

For the topcoat, you can utilize a slicker brush to remove the debris and any tangles or knots. An undercoat rake removes loose fur from their lower layer of fur to reduce shedding. Then you can use a pin brush to smooth the overcoat and insulate the undercoat.

Golden Retrievers long hair gets dirty and tangles just from every day play outside and they shed insane amounts of fur. For these reasons, brushing your Golden Retriever regularly is critical.

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The Next Decision You Will Need To Make Is Whether Or Not You Will Be Choosing To Rent Or Buy A Furminator For A Golden Retriever

You will be able to rent one fairly easily. Most pet stores have them in their inventory. The only issue you may run into is if the store does not have one available when you visit. This is not usually a problem because most stores know a great many people will be visiting during the holidays. They will have them ready when they arrive.

Buying a furminator for your dog should cost you about $500 or so. Most people who own them will rent them rather than buying them. This will allow you to save money and still have a high-quality unit. If you can afford this amount of money upfront, you may want to think about buying one in the future.

The next thing you need to know is how strong the model is going to be. This is a very important factor because you will not want to take the chance of your dog escaping. If the cost goes up too much, you may need to consider purchasing another model.

The last thing you need to know is exactly what type of features are important to you. If you have never owned a Furminator before then you are probably going to be looking for something very simple.

You may also need a battery charger so that you do not have to worry about an extra power source.

Furminator: Why It Is Not On The List

The Furminator is the most popular brush out there and it is on a lot of lists. It is super effective when it comes to deshedding your golden. BUT groomers and competition dog lovers have found that overtime the Furminator can damage your dog’s coat if used on a regular basis. The Furminator is better used as an occasional heavy shed removal brush.

  • Gets undercoat and top coat

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Tips On Brushing Your Golden Retrievers Coat

Brushing your Golden Retriever routinely is essential. While it helps cleanliness, it is vital for distributing the essential oils in your dogs coat as well as their overall happiness and health. Brushing also helps prevent matting and tangling that can be painful. Here are some tips for brushing your Retriever.

Gently brush your dogs coat.

Gently brush down your dogs coat thoroughly. Start in the direction of your pets hair growth. Do not brush against it.

Dont force tangles.

You must be gentle when eliminating tangles. If you force them, this can hurt your Golden Retriever. Try a slicker brush or detangling spray to remove problematic mats or tangles. Eliminating mats is a process, so get used to it because your Retriever will get plenty of them from debris, dirt, loose hair, and more.

Never brush in the same area more than three times.

Try not to brush the same place over three times because it may damage or irritate the hair follicles and skin. Using a professional slicker brush prevents irritation because it has soft, flexible bristles. These professional-grade brushes cost more, but they are worth it.

Try to brush at least three times a week.

For dogs such as Golden Retrievers with long hair and undercoats, regular grooming is vital to their health. Try to brush your dog at least 3 times a week, 5 minutes a day. The more you brush, the better. Many de-shedding brushes claim that they reduce shedding from 90 to 95 percent.

Removing tedious mats and tangles.

How To Get Rid Of Mats & Knots

What You Should Know Before Using The Furminator On Your ...

If the mat is bad, the best thing to do is cut it out with scissors.

Remember the gum analogy earlier?

If you have gum in your hair, its a lot less painful to just cut it out, rather than painstakingly try to pry each hair out of it piece by piece.

If you cut out a mat, your goldens fur will grow back quickly, and theyll be thankful you spared them from a painful, tedious chore.

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Best Brush For Golden Retriever Reviews & Buying Guide For 2020

This is the best grooming brush for dogs with long hair. If youve heard of FURminator brushes, youll know theyre highly rated, and there are good reasons for this.

Featured specs

  • Curved-edge design


  • For the ultimate convenience, this FURminator brush has a button that releases hair to prevent shedding.
  • Its comfortable for your golden retriever, because it has a skin guard that glides over the skin without digging into it.
  • The brush also has a curved edge that ensures it can move over your pets contours with ease.
  • Its got a stainless deShedding edge. This is not just durable but it enables you to dig deeper than the top coat of fur so you can remove loose hair without being uncomfortable for your pet or damaging his or her topcoat. This is important because your golden retriever has a double coat and you want to groom it properly.


  • Some people who have purchased this grooming brush have reported that it is a little heavy and you can only use it to brush your pets fur in one direction. But that might not be a problem for you once you get the hang of it.
  • Its only suitable for dogs with long hair, although as a golden retriever owner thats not a drawback for you!

Extra Features

  • This brush has an ergonomic handle so its comfortable for you while at the same time making your golden retriever feel massaged and relaxed. Perfect for a bit of quality time with your pooch!

Buying Advice

How Often Do You Brush

Now, some say that you can brush youre golden every single day. And thats ok providing that you are just brushing them. As you will also know there is an undercoat rake that can be used for raking up and untangling loose hair.

I would not recommend that you rake every day as this could start to cause irritation to your dogs skin, but instead brush them down daily and then use the rake every few days.

That way you will be avoiding any damage to their skin but again this is very subjective to your dog and how they react to this.Grooming your dog on a regular basis is also great for bonding with them and getting up close and personal to find any potential problems they might have.

You might ask yourself what problems am I exactly talking about right? Well, Im talking about when you find any unusual lumps and bumps in places they shouldnt beso grooming is also a great time to check for those too.

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How Do You Brush A Golden Retriever

Knowing how important grooming is for golden retrievers, it’s natural to start looking for the best brush to start with. However, buying the best slicker brush, an undercoat rake, or one of many other types of brushes for golden retrievers is not enough you need to learn how to use those tools properly as well.

Before you even turn to brushing and go for your slicker brush or a soft bristle brush, it’s important to check the current condition of your dog’s coat. Do you see tough tangles? If yes, you should avoid using a slicker brush or even an undercoat rake. Instead, you should consider giving him a bath first. For this, you should use a detangling shampoo as well as a conditioner, as it will also help keep your dog’s skin healthy. You can then use a soft bristle brush when your dog’s coat still looks a bit damp. Here’s a how to proceed:

Why Grooming Is Important

Golden Retriever Shedding Hair! – Using Furminator on My Dog to Remove Fur

Well, it keeps your dogs look healthy, but there are a lot of benefits here is the list of why grooming is considered important.

  • Ventilates the coat
  • Also, it helps your golden to be comfortable and look good!

Grooming helps in keeping away infectious diseases, and hence, grooming is considered an essential part.

Grooming not only contains brushing well theres a lot more about grooming, and Ive mentioned some grooming tips at the end of this guide.

Ill let you know more about it in the latter half of this article.

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Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Quick Summary

For dog owners specifically looking for a grooming tool to deal with leftover mats, the Andis comb is just the answer. Simply gliding it through the coat of your golden retriever will help leave the fur fluffy and smooth. Regular use promises a fur free of tangles and other issues.

While you can find many other similar combs in the market, Andis beats them all because of its stronger pins. The pins are strong, so it’s going to last long, but the good thing is that the tips are soft enough to leave your dog’s skin unharmed. The length of the pins is reasonably good, so it’s possible to reach the undercoat to get rid of dead skin or loose hair.

In terms of price, this Andis comb is quite affordable. However, it’s worth mentioning that some users have complained about the needles bending after a while. It’s nothing serious though because it will serve you well being showing signs of wear. And again, it’s affordable, so quite easy to replace as well.


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