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Do Golden Retrievers Shed Hair

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Should I Shave My Golden To Help Reduce Shedding

Golden retriever coat stages | Do golden retriever shed ?

No! Absolutely not!

Dont be tempted to go one step further and shave your golden retriever in a bid to stop them shedding. This will leave your dog at risk of sunburn and heatstroke, and will affect the way that their hair grows back.

Nature provided Golden Retrievers with a perfectly balanced double coat, that perhaps counter-intuitively helps to keep them cool when its hot. Dontinterferee with this.

Bathing Helps But Dont Overdo It

Bathe your Golden Retriever once every six to eight weeks. Please dont wash your pet more often than that unless she gets dirty.

Shampoos are filled with chemicals and can dry out your dogs coat. Thats why you should always choose high-quality, gentle shampoo.

Bathing can help remove loosened fur through massaging. You will also be washing off any dead fur thats clinging onto her coat.

A little tip: If youre bathing him indoors, make sure you use a drain guard. This will help with cleanup and stop your pipes from clogging.

Swimming is also a great way to remove dead hair from your dogs coat.

When he paddles through the water, the current will wash them right off. Just make sure you rinse the chlorine off once your Goldie gets out of the pool.

The Truth About Short Haired Golden Retrievers

Although theres no such thing as a short-haired golden retriever, some golden retrievers do have shorter hair than others.

Some types of goldens, like field golden retrievers, typically have shorter hair than other types, such as those bred for shows.

And although you might be tempted to turn your regular golden retriever into a short-haired golden by giving them a haircut, that could actually put their health in jeopardy, as well as ruin their beautiful coats.

So lets talk about the different types of goldens, first

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Take Your Golden Retriever For A Swim

Swimming is a great form of exercise for most Golden Retrievers. It burns a ton of calories, itll help wash off a bunch of hair, and most Goldens love playing in the water.

In fact, because swimming is a low-impact activity, it is a great way to exercise dogs with aching joints.

If you are taking your pup to a lake or river, you dont have to worry about the hair he sheds.

But if you decide to let him swim in your swimming pool, youll want to be sure to remove the hair that collects around the filters and traps to ensure the pump keeps working efficiently.

Its a good idea to give your dog a bath after letting him swim, as lake and river water can contain bacteria and other pathogens.

Even if you let your dog swim in a pool, its a good idea to bathe him afterward, to help rinse the chlorine from his fur.

Will A Golden Retriever Shed Hair

Golden Retriever Shedding: How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

The golden retriever is one of Americas most favorite breeds. They are loyal and friendly dogs with even temperament. Plus, their golden coat is so recognizable for its amazing color and its softness.

In general, people love goldies because they are beautiful and perfect as family pets.

But will a golden retriever shed hair? If so, how much, and how can you handle it?

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Summing Up Golden Retriever Shedding

Golden Retrievers certainly shed pretty heavily, and given the length of their coats, the fur they shed can cause quite a mess.

But if you employ the tips and advice presented above you can keep your Goldens shedding under control and ensure that your home doesnt become a giant furball.

Have you figured out any other ways to control your Golden Retrievers shedding problem? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Tip #1: Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

Shaving or cutting your goldens hair very short is a huge no-no.

In the first section, we talked about the importance of their double coat, and shaving or cutting this off robs them of their natural protection.

Some people think that theyre doing their dog a favor in the hot summer months by shaving their golden, but in fact, theyre doing them a huge disservice.

Their undercoat protects them from both hot and cold temperatures so its best to never shave or cut your goldens coat too short.

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Stop Golden Retriever Shedding 10 Important Tips To Get Control

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Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds, they are beautiful, smart, loyal, gentle, often goofy and comical, and oh so loving. Ask any owner of a Golden Retriever what they love about their dog and they will give you a list of things, but ask them what they dont like about them and they will tell you the amount of shedding they do.

Yes, Golden Retrievers shed, and there is nothing that you can do to completely stop them from shedding, but there are some important tips in this article that will help you get control of all that shedding.

Are There Any Health Reasons For Increased Shedding

Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot of hair?

Most shedding in golden retrievers is entirely normal and natural, although there are a few health reasons that can contribute to heavier shedding than normal.

Allergies can cause increased shedding as they irritate your dogs skin and loosen the hair follicles, allowing the hair to fall out easily and quickly. These allergens could come from your dogs food, their shampoo or even naturally outdoors consult your vet if you suspect an allergy to find out the best way to manage it.

Another issue that can cause increased shedding is parasites particularly fleas and ticks.;These will burrow and bury themselves into your pups skin, proving very irritable and itchy, and again encourage the hair to fall out.

Make sure that your golden retriever is up to date with their flea and tick prevention treatment and consider investing in some anti-parasite cleaning sprays and shampoos.

Stress can also cause increased shedding in golden retrievers for instance, moving home or a change in the family dynamics. Just as some humans lose their;hair when theyre particularly stressed or anxious, so could your dog.

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Golden Retriever Shedding What To Expect

Golden Retrievers are a moderate shedding breed.

But they are on the top end of moderate because they shed an average amount of hair throughout most of the year, and considerably more a couple times per year as they blow coat.

And this is because they are a double coated breed. They have a soft undercoat and a medium length, water resistant top coat that comes in lighter and darker shades of gold.

So, because they have a thick double coat, come spring and fall, the shedding goes from average to heavy, which is a normal occurrence in most dogs with a double coat.

All that is happening is they are shedding their thick winter coat in spring to prepare for the warmer summer months. And likewise they are shedding their summer coat in fall to grow a thicker coat for winter.

Also worth noting is that when puppies reach 6 months of age they shed their thick, fluffy puppy coat completely, to make way for their adult coat. So during this time youre going to notice a once in a lifetime shedding event.

To give you some perspective on the shedding of an adult Golden compared with other breeds, they lose about the same amount of fur as breeds like the Labrador and Great Pyranees, but not quite as much as breeds like the Bernese Mountain Dog and Leonberger for example.

So, as amazing as Goldens are, theyre probably not the best choice if you want a low shedding breed. And definitely not suitable if youre looking for a hypoallergenic breed, like the Poodle.

Regularly Brushing Your Golden Retriever

Brushing your dog with a Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush from Amazon is the most effective way to control shedding, especially around the house. It removes loose fur before it falls off in your home. Brushing your Golden Retriever on a daily basis to keep shed hair to a minimum should do the trick, especially during the spring and fall shedding season.

Though your Golden will still shed with daily brushing, it should be far less than if the dogs coat was left unkempt. To avoid a mess in the house, its a good idea to brush them outside.

You can also use whats called an undercoat rake like the Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush . Its a special brush that helps to thin your Golden Retrievers undercoat. This type of brush does wonders for getting the dead hair off before it is shed.

An undercoat rake does such a good job, however, that you will want to be careful to use it only occasionally so that it doesnt damage you dogs undercoat. I just use this brush once every week or two, not daily.

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How To Stop Golden Retrievers Shedding

Humans and all mammals shed their hair. There are some things that you can do to help your pooch manage his shedding.

Brushing will probably do the job

Make sure to brush your dog with a slicker toothbrush every day. You can use this tool to get rid of any possible trapped hairs. The less your Golden Retriever sheds, the better. Brushing your Golden Retrievers coat will not only remove any dead hair but it will also eliminate all loose fur from the floor and furniture. You dont need to brush your hair every day if you find it tedious.

You can use a pin brush or a slicker brush to start, and then move in the same direction as the coat. This will remove all loose hair. Also, this is the time you should work out any mats or knots they have. Finish with an undercoat-rake to get rid of dead undercoat fur. This step is especially important in spring or autumn.

Goldens require only a few minutes of brushing every other week. However, they shed more in the spring and fall so brushing daily is a good idea to reduce the amount of shed hair.

Bathing is Recommended

Every six to eight weeks, bathe your Golden Retriever. Unless your dog gets very dirty, you should only bathe your pet once every six to eight weeks. Shampoos are often laden with chemicals that can dry out the coat of your dog. You can loosen hair by massaging it in the bath. You will also be washing away any dead hair that is still attached to the coat.

Take your Goldie swimming

Make sure he has a good diet.

More About This Breed

How Bad Do Golden Retrievers Shed & 17 Ways To Manage It ...
  • It’s no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dogs in the U.S. It’s all good with the Golden: he’s highly intelligent, sociable, beautiful, and loyal.

    He’s also lively. The Golden is slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality of a puppy until three to four years of age, which can be both delightful and annoying. Many keep their puppyish traits into old age.

    Originally bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters, the Golden needs daily exercise: a walk or jog, free time in the yard, a run at the beach or lake , or a game of fetch. And like other intelligent breeds who were bred to work, they need to have a job to do, such as retrieving the paper, waking up family members, or competing in dog sports. A tired Golden is a well-behaved Golden.

    As well as giving your Golden Retriever physical and mental exercise, you should also be prepared to include him in your family activities. The Golden Retriever is a family dog, and he needs to be with his “pack.” Don’t consider getting a Golden unless you’re willing to have him in the house with you, underfoot, every day.

    There’s one other potential drawback to the breed: He’s definitely not a watchdog. He might bark when strangers come around, but don’t count on it. Most likely, he’ll wag his tail and flash that characteristic Golden smile.

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    Health Reasons For Excessive Golden Retriever Shedding

    What would cause a golden retriever shed excessively? What appears like excessive shedding might be traditional for a few types of dogs. However it also can be the results of stress, poor nutrition or a medical drawback. Your vet will best confirm if your Golden Retriever dogs hair loss associates in nursing element of the conventional shedding method or could be a symptom of an underlying disorder. Excessive shedding will generally be prevented through correct nutrition. Quality pet-food makers tend to incorporate the proper quantity of nutrients so supplements dont seem to be required, however dogs with allergies and/or sensitivities still may have to be compelled to experiment with completely different brands and formulations to get what food works best for them. We tend to advice that you just consult your vet for recommendation on what foods can best fit your dog.

    Reasons for why do golden retrievers shed and for not knowing how to stop dogs shedding can also result as one in every of the following:


    *Various infections

    *Low immune system

    How To Stop Golden Retriever Hair Fall

    one thing you find in a home with a Golden Retriever is hair, hair, and hair everywhere. You find it in your bed, your sofa, on your dresses and even maybe in your teacup. Shedding is pretty common and hair fall can be a menace to you if your Golden is shedding excessively.

    So firstly you have to find out whether the hair fall is excessive or normal. So the final question is how to stop Golden Retriever hair fall. Actually, there is no stopping but the correct word is regulating. Regulating to an extent you are comfortable with.

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    Tip #: Feed Them A Quality Dog Food

    High-quality dog food can help keep your goldens skin and fur healthy .

    Healthy skin and fur shed at a normal rate, while unhealthy skin and fur can increase the rate of shedding.

    Although high-quality food may be more expensive, youll have a happier, healthier dog, plus youll save money down the road on vet bills.

    Can Purebred Golden Retrievers Have Short Hair

    Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    Yes, some purebred golden retrievers can have shorter hair than the average golden retriever but they cant have hair as short as labs. Genetics is the most important factor in a dogs hair growth, but its not the only one, and so purebred goldens can have shorter hair, but its rare.

    People think that purebred golden retrievers always have the longest hair, and while this is certainly what the shops and breeders might want you to think, its simple not true.

    There are very many factors that can control the length of a golden retrievers coat, and while goldens technically can not have short hair, some purebred golden retrievers can have shorter hair than some other goldens that dont have the purebred badge.

    However, before you decide whether or not your golden retriever has shorter hair because of nutrition or something else, you may want to check the line of your dog for yourself.

    You can do this in two ways; asking the breeder for the documents of the dogs parents and checking their lineage yourself, and doing a DNA test.

    I really recommend doing both to be absolutely sure. You can even get a home DNA test from Amazon. The Best Dog DNA test kit you can find online is the one from the Wisdom Panel, and its super practical and very affordable for what it offers.

    You can check the or by clicking on the image above.

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    Tips And Tricks To Keeping A Clean Home With Golden Retriever

    It’s hard to keep a clean home with a dog that sheds on a regular basis. I would go so far as to say if you own a golden retriever, you may as well embrace living in the hair.

    For those that want to minimize the hair around the house these are some things you can do to help keep your home cleaner. ;;

    Brushing: Brushing your dog on a regular basis with a brush daily and an;undercoat rake weekly can greatly reduce shedding. Brushing your dog outdoors also makes clean up easy.

    Pet friendly furniture. Some pet owners found it helpful to change their furniture color to the color of their dog. Others also brought leather or faux leather furniture. It’s easier to wipe out the dog hair on these surfaces. This is not the easiest or cheapest solution, but should be considered when you are in the market to buy new furniture for your home.

    Not ready to change out all your furniture? Totally understandable. Another solution that golden retriever owners found helpful is to;put blankets or throws on their couch, bed, or wherever your dog likes to sleep or lay. Then throw these blankets and throws into the wash once a week.;

    Invest in a good vacuum. For owners who like a tidy home, invest in a high quality vacuum. A high quality vacuum will be able to suck up all the hair with one or two passes. Another way around this is to get a Roomba for the floor, so your floor is constantly vacuumed.;

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