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Are Golden Retrievers Outside Dogs

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How Cold Is Too Cold For This Breed Of Dog

Best Outdoor Dog | Golden Retriever

60 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for a Golden Retriever outside. Bigger dogs like Golden Retriever usually will not need a sweater or a coat for walking and playing out in the snow. If your dogâs hair is long, snow can pack immediately in the fur. Therefore, ensure to check him often and get rid of snow.

Cold Weather And Winter Safety Tips For Dogs

Winter. Whether you love it or hate it, theres a good chance your golden retriever enjoys every minute of it. With their long coats and bouncy personalities, golden retrievers tend to embrace the cold like they embrace life, thoroughly and joyfully.

Despite the tail wagging it invokes, winter can bring chilly temperatures, salty roads and sidewalks, and snowy conditions that make walking difficult.

Your dog may not mind the inconvenience, but there are a few steps you can take to make winter more enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

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Can Golden Retrievers Be Outside Dogs No Do This Instead

Goldens are pretty resilient and strong dogs, despite what their goofy nature might make you think. They can actually handle the cold pretty well thanks to this majestic golden coat on them.

Unfortunately, some people take this as an Okay sign that they can leave their goldens outside, and this is just wrong. So, just to give you the short answer:

Can Golden Retrievers Be Outside Dogs? Yes, Goldens can physically be outside dogs but they definitely shouldnt stay outside all the time and they shouldnt sleep outside. Staying outside for long will lead your dog to stress, separation anxiety, and other behavioral problems.

The thing is that people dont get goldens as working dogs or guard dogs, and they are pretty bad as guard dogs, so there is really no justification for leaving your golden retriever outside all the time.

To be honest, leaving dogs outside in general is pretty cruel. We should indeed treat dogs in a way thats similar to how we treat kids, because they depend on us in very much all the same ways for food, shelter, medicine, and love.

To understand a bit more about how goldens can stay outside, how long they can stay outside, and how you can make staying outside good, safe, and comfortable for them, keep on reading.

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Is It Ok To Leave A Golden Retriever Outside By Himself

Its ok to leave your Golden Retriever outside for short periods of time, but there are many reasons why they cant live outside permanently. The main reason is that Golden Retrievers, and dogs in general are pack animals that require regular interaction with other dogs and with us humans.

Even though they are different in many ways, dogs still behave a lot like their ancestors, wolves. If you study wolf behaviour, it is pretty clear that they spend all of their time being in a pack. They hunt, feed, play and sleep as a pack and their lives depend on it.

In many ways, dogs need to be part of a pack too. When we give a dog a home we become their pack, and forcing them to live outside on their own would be unnatural and cruel.

Sometimes there are exceptions to this. Its not uncommon for working dogs, such as those found on a farm, to live in outside kennels or a barn or shed. These dogs are less family pets and more wolf like in behaviour. Their basic needs still need to be met by us, but their social needs are different.

Golden Retrievers were bred to be hunting dogs, but as a family pet they are not working dogs. Whilst they could survive living outside, the average Retriever would not do well living outside by himself.

Goldens Are Overly Friendly

Cancer In Golden Retrievers Is On The Rise. It

Whats a guard dog worth if they dont bark? Since theyre rather quiet dogs, Goldens may miss out on letting you know your house is illegally occupied by intruders.

The fact is, Golden Retrievers naturally have a love everyone mentality. They want to be friends with all other humans, dogs and even cats. According to The Spruce Pets, Goldens are one of the 10 friendliest dog breeds.

To fix this issue, youll need to train your Golden out of their natural friendliness and let them know they should bark to inform you of the arrival of people they have never seen or of animals that might be dangerous.

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Relax And Be Calm For Your Golden Retriever

Remember that golden retrievers get their energy from their owners. If you are in constant worry about your puppy outside, he will feel it too. Trust your pet and make sure that he feels comfortable outside.

It also helps when you establish a sleeping schedule for your puppy. Golden retrievers have inherited their sleeping habits of sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day. Their wolf instincts tell them to sleep in extended periods so they will have the energy when they wake up.

With proper training, you can train your puppy to follow a particular sleeping arrangement.r. So can golden retriever puppies sleep outside? Yes, they can, as long as you train them early. Dont forget to provide everything they need so they can have a good nights sleep.

Golden Retriever Fun Facts

There are few dogs in history more famous and easily recognized than the golden retriever. Theyre our smiley, lovable, long-haired best friend from all the movies, TV shows, and more!

But it turns out they arent just cute and cuddly companions: Theyre a breed with a rich, ancient history and full of fun facts.

Lets take a fun, in-depth look at one of Americas most popular dog breeds!

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Can A Golden Retriever Live In A Water Heater

If the water freezes in negative temperatures you can use water heater to prevent the freezing under the cold weather. The bottom line is that you can keep some types of DOGS outside under some conditions, but if you arent planning to spend time with your golden retriever dog then you probably shouldnt own one.

If Its Warm/hot Outside

Golden Retriever Puppies First Adventure Outside!

If its too hot or warm outside, your dog needs protection from the heat and something to refresh them. Here are a few tips:

  • Cooldown their water in the fridge for a few hours before adding it to their bowl
  • Add ice to their water to cool it down
  • Give them shade and protection from the sunlight

This is why your dog needs shade and not just a dog house. Here is something I do when I leave my dogs outside, I put out the beach umbrella for them. Its kind of perfect as it allows them to enjoy the weather while being protected from the sun as well.

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English Cream Golden Retriever Training

Golden retrievers are easy to train and love learning new commands. Start working with your new puppy as soon as possible to create a strong relationship with them. Once youve taught them basic commands, look for tricks and activities that will help maintain your dogs interest. Remember to hold refresher sessions regularly so your dog doesnt forget everything that theyve learned.

Interesting Golden Retriever Number Facts

  • Typically, a healthy Golden will weight between 55 to 75 pounds.
  • They usually stand somewhere between 1 foot 9 inches tall and two feet, making them a great medium-sized dog.
  • Goldens usually have a 10 to 12-year life span, making them great family dogs.
  • The females are typically smaller than the males, only measuring up to about 21.5 to 22.5 inches and weighing in around 55-65 pounds.
  • There are three different types of Golden Retrievers, the American, British and Canadian versions. Each one is different in a few subtle ways.
  • American Goldens tend to have thin, dark coats and usually the thinnest of the three.
  • Canadian Goldens usually have darker coats and are the tallest of the three options.
  • British Goldens tend to be the lightest in color and are usually stocky and muscular.
  • All three types of Goldens , with a broad, straight muzzle that comes to a well-defined stop.
  • Interestingly, your dogs head shape could predict how long its going to live. Generally, dogs with sharper pointed faces and wolf-like features tend to live way longer than their flat-faced cousins.
  • Facts About a Golden Retrievers Appearance

  • Their special waterproof coat serves as natural protection and helps the Golden protect itself from both the heat and the cold.
  • They should never be shaved or have their coats cut very short unless needed for a medical reason.
  • Some breeders are even selling white Goldens, even though theyre not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.
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    Top Ten Reasons To Not Get A Golden

    Thinking about a Golden Retriever as a pet?

    Top 10 Reasons NOT to get a Golden Retriever Printed with Permission – Cheryl Minnier

  • YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OUTSIDE ONLY DOG Part of what makes Goldens Golden is their affectionate, people loving nature. This trait makes them VERY unhappy when they dont have a high amount of interaction with you. A Golden confined to the backyard can become destructive and LOUD! Imagine if you left your children alone most of the time until they reached adolescence. The wild child you are picturing is similar to what will happen to a Golden left alone that much. If you arent planning on your dog becoming one of the family a Golden is not the breed for you!
  • YOU DONT LIKE DOG HAIR Goldens shed a little all year round and then a couple of times a year- look out! If you have a problem with Golden fuzz becoming part of your dietary fiber or youre compulsive about always dressing in black this is not the breed for you! Goldens also need regular grooming to keep their skin and coat in good condition. You can easily learn to do this yourself or have your dog professionally groomed, but grooming time is something to factor into the amount of time you will need to spend caring for your dog.
  • YOU ARE A CLEAN FREAK Muddy paws, nose prints on every window in your house and car, and did I mention the hair? Enough said If you cant relax and enjoy it, you and your dog will both be miserable.
  • Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside

    Golden Retriever Puppy Outside Photograph by Karen Rispin

    Yes. Golden Retriever dogs can live outside. They can survive outdoors. They are used to living with other dogs.

    However, Goldens are an indoor dog breed because of their owners. If your Golden could talk, hed choose to stay inside the house and not outside.

    The main reason behind this is that Goldens love being next to their owners. Your Golden would be happier inside next to you. Goldens bond fast with the owner. Once a Golden is attached to someone, its hard for him to get away.

    They are pack dogs. They love to live in packs and need a leader to feel comfortable. They consider their owner their leader, thats why your dog follows you wherever you go.

    He thinks you are the pack leader. He trusts your decisions like hed trust a leader dog in a pack of 15 dogs.

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    Why Golden Retrievers Shouldnt Be Left Outside For Long Periods Of Time

    Its clear that golden retrievers are active by nature and love to spend energy, and outside can be a great place for them to do so.

    However, golden retrievers shouldnt be left outside for long periods of time, especially while unsupervised. This means having a golden retriever as an outdoor dog or as a dog that sleeps outside at night is likely out of the question.

    There are a few main reasons for this lets take a look at them.

    Golden Retrievers Are Prone to Allergies and Skin Problems

    One of the biggest reasons golden retrievers dont make good outdoor dogs is due to their genetic predispositions. As a breed, golden retrievers are prone to many allergies, most of which manifest as skin problems.

    There are quite a few environmental triggers that can cause an allergy for a golden retriever, and a lot of them are outside. Golden retrievers can and have been known to have allergic and skin reactions to anything like grass, pollen, flowers, dust, and mold.

    These skin allergies commonly manifest as a condition called atopic dermatitis, which often needs veterinary care to be remedied.

    Atopic dermatitis results in golden retrievers becoming extremely itchy, and can also result in infections, sores, and raw skin from the itching.

    Its always a good idea for golden retriever owners to brush and wipe off their golden retriever after being outside to avoid exposure to these environmental allergy triggers.

    Golden Retrievers Are More Susceptible to Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

    Signs Your Dog Is Too Cold

    Mans bestfriend may not be able to blatantly tell us they are cold, but their bodylanguage and behavior sure can give it away. If you notice any of the signslisted below, you should bring your Goldenback inside and warm them up.

    • Reluctance to walk or move
    • Lifting their paws from the groundconstantly
    • Excessive whining or barking
    • Seeking shelter
    • Anxious or discomfort

    Golden Retrievers can thrive in colder regions. If you live in anarea where harsh winters are common, this breed will do just fine indulging innormal outdoor activities. Just take caution. If younotice any of these behaviors, that is whenyou can tell your pet has reached its limit for cold temperatures.

    If theregion you live in experiences extremetemperatures all year round or even most of the year, it would be wise to knowthe symptoms and early warning signs of hypothermia in dogs. Studies have shown that hypothermia can occur whenexposed to cold air, rain, and wind.

    Iftemperatures are low and the conditions for hypothermia are present, this canoccur indoors as well as outdoors. Our dogs lose body heat easily inside our homes on colddays, especially if they spend their time laying on cold flooring.

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    Is It Safe To Live A Puppy Retriever Outside

    No. Dont do it.NEVER!

    While adult Golden Retrievers can stay outside, puppies cant. Its too dangerous and risky for them. You should keep your Golden puppy inside, or with you, all time.

    Leaving a puppy outside your house, other than for playing, could lead to traumatizing experiences. You really dont want that to your baby, do you?

    Puppies, in the learning and development phase, should be next to you all the time. This is mainly to protect them from any danger, and also to teach them good behaviors.

    Watch Your Dogs Body Language And Behavior


    The body language and behavior of your dog is perhaps the most reliable way to tell if he or she is cold or not. Not only that, but your dogs body language can also tell you if they are at risk of hypothermia.

    Signs That Your Dog is Too Cold

    Warning Signs of Hypothermia Seeking places for shelter

    Lifting paws off the ground

    Generally seems anxious or uncomfortable

    Whining or barking

    Acting as if in a stupor

    Loss of consciousness

    If you see any of the following signs in your dogs body language or behavior, its likely that he or she is too cold and needs to be warmed up and/or come inside .Just like there are signs your dog is too cold, there are signs that your dog may be at risk for hypothermia. If you see any of the following symptoms in your dog, seek veterinary care for him or her immediately.

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    How To Make Staying Outside Comfortable For Golden Retrievers

    There are some basics to make staying outside comfortable for your dog, regardless of the weather, and then there are some special recommendations I would like to make in different cases such as when its hot, cold, windy, humid, etc.

    Making sure your golden retriever is comfortable and safe while staying outside is a must if you are going to leave your dog outside for any period of time.

    Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside 4 Tips If You Had To

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most loyal and smart dogs in the world. They are very attached to the owner and cant get away.

    If you are traveling or living in a small house, you may be considering leaving your dog outside, and are probably wondering whether Golden Retrievers can survive outdoor or not.

    Theoretically, Golden Retrievers can live and survive outside. In this article, I will dive into this question and explain all the scenarios.

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    Consider Giving Your Pet A Buddy

    Not all dogs like to be by themselves. If you notice that your puppy is playful and needs attention, he might need a friend out there. Puppies are very playful at this short stage of their life. If the puppy is social, this playfulness heightens.

    Puppies thrive once there are other puppies or dogs around that they can play with. But you need to control your dogs behavior. The moment you start noticing that your puppy is in distress, find ways to calm him at once.

    Pros & Cons Of Leaving Your Golden Retriever Outside

    Whew, it
    Pros of Outside Cons of Outside
    Goldens shed profusely. If they spend more time outside, you will have less cleaning up to do! You need a large space for your dog to be comfortable. A small yard is insufficient.
    An occasional bark from your backyard is an excellent thing to ward off strangers. Your dog may chew on tree roots or destroy flowers. Make sure theres nothing toxic he can eat, such as rotting apples or wild mushrooms.
    Your dog can get rid of any pent-up energy, especially if you buy a dog agility course or make one! Your dog may be unhappy and feel less part of the family. Theres also a greater risk of fleas or ticks.

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