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Best Chews For Golden Retriever Puppy

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Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Dental Treats

Cesar Millan Faces a Destructive Golden Retriever | Cesar 911

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Dental Treats have triple action. Thus, they act to eliminate bath breath, clean the teeth, and freshen the breath of your pet. Along with this, they promote the dental health of your pal by reducing tartar and plaque buildup in the teeth.

Since these treats have a unique X-shape design, your pal will for sure enjoy chewing them. Moreover, try feeding these treats to your pal every day to get the maximum benefit. In addition, these chicken flavored treats are the best to promote the dental care and bone development of your Golden Retriever.

What Is A Natural Dog Chew

Dogs need to chew, and offering them a natural and safe alternative to some of the more dangerous objects they choose to nibble on is highly recommended. Natural chews are typically animal in origin and almost always edible. Safe chew treats for dogs?

Many animal parts can be dehydrated, dried, or cooked, but a natural chew needs to be large or durable enough to keep your dog chewing for a while.

Your dog has unique needs and preferences, and youll need to figure out which chews will be right for your pet.

Best Options For Aggressive Chewers

The hardest and longest-lasting chews are antlers and slow-cured, thick-walled beef femurs and knuckles. While cooked bones should be avoided, slow curing does not dry out the bones or cause them to splinter. Dogs will gnaw away at them and ingest the mineral-laden scrapings.

Long-lasting deer antlers are quite dense and hard, while elk antlers are slightly softer and spongier on the inside. Split elk antlers allow dogs to get at the fragrant marrow-like interior. If the antlers dry out and lose their flavor, soaking in chicken broth or smearing on a little canned food or coconut oil can renew their appeal.

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Raw Bonesnatures Best Chews

For millennia, dogs have been chewing on raw bones for both nutrition and recreation. The hard weight-bearing leg bones from beef can be cut into marrow bones and knuckle bones for your dogs gnawing pleasure. When theyve eaten or stripped off all the nutritious marrow, cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments, you can throw the bone away, or save it to fill with raw or canned food and freeze for a delicious treat. Raw kneecaps are another great recreational chew and are soft enough to be consumed completely.

If your dog is new to raw bones, start them off slowly to avoid digestive upset. The highly acidic stomach juices of a canine will neutralize any pathogens, but humans should exercise the same cautions as for other raw meat when handling. We dont recommend softer raw bones such as lamb, pork, or poultry for recreational chewing, as they are not hard enough to withstand the jaw strength of most dogs, but poultry parts work well as meal replacement bones.

Popular Dog Bones And Chews

BISS GCH Am/Can/UKC. CH Goldenway

Most dog bones and chews found at your local pet store will be safe for your pet. However, some popular types of hard dog bone chews might be more suitable for your pet. Some of the most common and healthy chew for dogs that you can find at your local pet store, include:

  • Bully sticks for dogs. Bully sticks are shaped like natural bones, but they have a softer texture that are more palatable and easy to digest. Bully sticks are some of the best chews to give your dog.

  • Dental dog chews. Some dog chews are specifically created with the purpose of improving your dogs dental health. These are safe for most dogs, but there is little proof that they improve your pets dental health more than other chews.

  • Rawhide dog chews. Rawhide bones are thicker and more durable than bully sticks and edible dog bones. Not to mention, dogs love their natural flavoring. Unfortunately, not all rawhide dog chews are safe for all dogs, as they are sometimes treated with an artificial flavor and chemicals that can upset your dogs stomach. It is a good idea to opt for rawhides made with 100% beef or horse hide. You should also supervise your dog when giving a rawhide treat, since they can sometimes pose a choking hazard.

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Whimzees Dog Dental Chews Daily Teeth Cleaning Option

Let’s be honest, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is tough! Dental chews can help keep their teeth healthy, which in turn helps to keep their body healthy. Whimzee chews are made with non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, or meat. They’re perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. They have a variety of sizes and shapes so you can pick the best for your dog. Whimzees are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council , which tests and verifies the claims of dental products for cats and dogs.

Available at:

Dog Treats For Golden Retrievers

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Are you looking for the best soft dog treats?

Soft treats are great for older dogs or dogs that might have problems in chewing. As you may already know, Golden retrievers love their treats and theyre a part of their daily life. But, a lot of treats can be unhealthy for your furry friend.

They can even contribute to your dog getting problems like diabetes, obesity, etc.

Thats scary, right?

As a dog owner, you need to stay on top of things and determine whether or not the dog treats that you choose to buy for your dog are safe. You need to look at the ingredients, calories, meat content, added sweeteners, etc.

This needs a lot of time and research.

In this blog post, we will go through the best soft dog treats available for Golden retrievers that are healthy and oh-so-yummy.

Lets begin.

  • In Conclusion: Dog Treats for Golden Retrievers
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    Best Dental Chews For Golden Retrievers

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    The best dog dental chews are an easy and effective way to stay on top of your dogs dental hygiene, one of the most overlooked aspects of dogs overall health. As well as causing bad breath and leading to tooth loss, poor dental health can impact the bone of your dogs jaw, and bad dental bacteria can spread to the heart, causing heart disease. Do you need more reasons to prioritize your pups dental health?

    While these dental chews from the reliable Blue Buffalo brand are primarily designed to support their teeth, they provide a variety of other health benefits too.

    Product Features

    • Made from all-natural ingredients
    • Easy to digest and freshens breath

    These edible dental treats are made from all-natural ingredients and not only dont contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, but are also free from corn, wheat, soybeans, and meat byproducts, all of which are common allergens among dogs. If your dog suffers with allergies, check out these best foods for dogs with allergies.

    The treats give off a strong, meaty aroma that appeals to dogs, and there is little chance of your pup turning their nose up at this treat!

    As well as cleaning teeth and freshening breath, the Blue Buffalo recipe contains glucosamine and chondroitin designed to support joint health, so you are getting extra benefits from this treat.



    • Not appropriate for dogs under five pounds
    • High in calories

    Product Features

    Best Durable Chew Toy: Goughnut Indestructible Chew Toy

    How to Train your Golden Retriever Puppy to Stop Biting

    Looks and smells like a rubber tire. Heavy and durable as heck!


    The GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy was designed to give pups a safer, tougher chew toy. This natural rubber ring is made in the USA using engineered carbon reinforcement. Each GoughNuts toy has two layers the outer color indicates the strength, and the inner core is always red to serve as a safety indicator. Red means stop, so when a dog chews down to this red layer, you know its time to order a new GoughNuts Ring. This GoughNuts Ring bounces, rolls and even floats, so it can stand up to extreme games of fetch and all types of outdoor play.


    Our dogs originally played with Goughnuts at friends house many years ago. Recently we bought Raven a Goughnut of her own. Shes not the heaviest of chewers so not a good test subject. However, one of our most destructive puppies, Dublin was never able to destroy a Goughnut.

    Were going to get one of these for our friends aggressive chewer, Higbee to see if he can destroy the much vaunted, Goughnut.


    • They have a strong smell like a tire.
    • Power chewers have been known to destroy the Goughnut.


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    Tips For Playing With/entertaining Your Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are typically playful dogs with a cheerful disposition. These canines do require a lot of attention, though. Even if you dont have a lot of time, we recommend that you try one of these play activities for at least 10 to 25 minutes each day.

  • Playing fetch in a backyard, in a dog park, or on a beach
  • Stuffing a chew toy with a treat and then hiding it under some pillows or blankets you dont mind your pup digging through
  • Engaging in a little tug-of-war, not so much to stir up aggression, but enough to keep your dog from boredom
  • Rolling a few different toys across the floor at the same time to make your dog think fast and pick an item
  • The Best Dog Treats For Training

    This article contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

    Have you ever wondered what it is that motivates your dog? Why do they want to cuddle? Why do they sometimes listen, and sometimes not listen?

    Training your dog means learning how to understand your dogs motivations, and to help you and your dog see eye to eye.

    Your pup needs a reason to sit when you say sit and to walk calmly by your side when you go out together.

    Sometimes your dog will do what you ask because they simply want to please you. Sometimes exuberant praise and lovin is enough. And sometimes its not. Thats why many trainers turn to food rewards to motivate the dogs they work with.

    So heres what you do

    Golden retrievers are great candidates for positive reinforcement training using food rewards. They catch on quickly, are eager to please, and are incredibly food motivated, as Im sure many of you can attest to.

    A pouch of kibble can work wonders for your training regime, but not all treats are created equal. In this article we discuss the best dog treats for training, pouches for holding them with convenience for you top priority, along with some tips for using training treats successfully.


    *Some of the above links lead to current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

    Carry on reading to discover why we made these choices, and lots of tips and buying advice to ensure you get the right product.

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    Artificial Dyes And Preservatives

    Preservatives are added to the treats to make them have a longer shelf life but, they have bad effects on your Golden Retrievers health.

    • BHA and BHT are two artificial preservatives known to be carcinogenic to animals
    • Glycerin is another preservative derived from petrolatum and may be contaminated with menthol

    There are a lot of other ingredients that are linked to cancer and have no business being near your Golden Retriever.

    As it is Golden retrievers are prone to getting cancer so, you need to keep them as far away from carcinogens as possible. Organic treats are one of the best solutions to the problem and we recommend them to you.

    West Paw Zogoflex Dog Bone

    Best Dog Treats For Puppy Golden Retriever

    Generally, the WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone is floatable and bouncing which tends to be safer and gentler compared to rawhide bones. Moreover, this is a classic dog bone that also acts as a fetch stick making it the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies. Usually, most dogs really love this bone for gnawing and fetching. On the other hand, the pet owners like the easy dishwasher cleanup of this dog bone.

    Another good thing about this WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone is that it stimulates the mental and physical alertness of the dog. It is basically made in the USA and compliant with the FDA standards. Aside from that, this dog bone comes in various bright colors that are easy for spotting making it good for playing within the snow, grass, and water.

    Product Features

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    Dogs Can Benefit From Chewing On Bones

    With so many safety considerations, you might wonder if giving your dog a bone is really worth the trouble. Well, most dogs will feel the urge to chew on something, so its good to have a safe bone around instead of your shoes, furniture, or other belongings.

    Here are some other benefits of bones for dogs:

    • Mental stimulation Can distract nervous or anxious dogs.
    • Oral hygiene Can help minimize the accumulation of plaque and tartar on dogs teeth.
    • Puppy support Can soothe teething dogs.

    Best Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

    In this article, we will be looking into the best teething toys for aggressive chewers. It’s important to find a toy that gives your dog a fun interactive toy that they love that is also safe for them to use. Teething toys are great way to entertain your dogs and give them purposeful activity.

    In this guide I’ll show you what to look for when buying a toy for aggressive chewers that your dog will love.

    In this article we will be covering the following subjects, so you’ll have the know how to pick the best toy for your lovable chewer:

  • Different Types Of chew toys
  • Materials For Heavy Chewers
  • Best Toys For Aggressive Chewers
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    Power Chew Bacon Dog Chew Toy

    Check on amazon

    If you are a pet lover, I believe that you know that dogs are chewers by nature. In fact, dogs need mental and physical stimulation which if not provided adequately, you are likely to note them creating it themselves by chewing your belonging. To avoid such destruction, here comes one of the best chew toys for Golden Retrievers Nylabone dura chew double bone.

    Made using tough and durable nylon ends, the toy serves as an excellent choice for powerful chewers. In fact, you can expect it to withstand the challenge posed by aggressive chewers, which assures you of getting a chew toy that is designed to last.

    Asides from keeping chewers busy, this toy plays a role in cleaning a dogs teeth. The reason is the raised bristles that help to clean the teeth while controlling tartar and plaque.

    Nylabone Power Chew toy features a delicious bacon flavor that dogs love which means that you can be sure to have an easy time when introducing it to pets. This toy is medium-sized, and therefore suitable for use on dogs up to 35 pounds.

    Gen7 Pets Cool Air Cot Bed

    12 Things Golden Retrievers Hate That Humans Do

    Outdoor time can be a lot easier with the right place for your Golden to nap. This option features an excellent design that helps encourage circulation and keep your Golden cooler. It uses a smart airflow mesh to circulate air and has a circular back that you dont often see on a cot to provide a feeling of security. Its easy to set up and easy to use.

    It has a powder-coated steel frame that resists moisture and rust with sturdy seaming that wont fray. You can set it up quickly, and its light to move around. It comes in medium and large so you can decide how much room your companion would like to have. We dont recommend using it indoors but you could if you wanted to.

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    The 6 Best Dog Bones For Puppies

  • Dog Pet Guide
  • The 6 Best Dog Bones for Puppies
  • This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world’s species..

    Best for
    Nylabone Just for Puppies Peanut Butter & Banana

    Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes. Theyre comfortable, theyre worn in, and they just feel good. Most people have more than one favorite. When you bring a puppy into your home though, those favorite shoes become chew toysunless you do something about it. Puppies absolutely need something to chew on. Otherwise, they wont just get to your shoes, theyll get to everything you love and cherish. To redirect this behavior, you can pick up some dog bones for puppies. Theyll love you for this and youll thank yourself later.

    The experience of bringing home a new puppy is exciting and should be enjoyed thoroughly. However, it does come with a lot of responsibility and if this is your first puppy, there are some tips and tricks you should know upfront so that you can save yourself some headaches. One of these tips is to keep several dog bones on hand and store them in different locations so that your puppy has something appropriate to chew on in different parts of the house.

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    Think You Can?

    Treats To Avoid Giving Your Golden Retriever

    As mentioned previously, your Golden Retrievers health is of utmost priority.

    Its always a good idea to look at the ingredients in the treats you give them.

    Treats and snacks that are full of fillers like flours and sugar are okay in very small amounts, but its best to look for proteins as the main ingredients.

    Additionally, food coloring should be avoided.

    Treats with a long ingredient list and that have been heavily processed are better passed by for treats with short ingredient lists and minimal processing.

    Look for ingredients you can recognize.

    If you notice that your dog has loose stool or becomes itchy after eating a certain treat or snack, its probably best to avoid giving it to your dog again in the future.

    You can always consult your vet if youre unsure about a particular treat for your specific dog.

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