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Top Puppy Food For Golden Retrievers

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Adult Lamb And Rice Recipe

5 Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever in 2020.

Primary Ingredients: Chicken, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Sorghum, Brewers Rice, Chicken Meal

Nutro creates both dry and wet food with real chicken and whole grains for dogs at all life stages. Its Wholesome Essentials Large Breed formula is perfect for your Golden Retrievers complete health, as it contains non-GMO ingredients and natural proteins.

Customer Review: My 15-month-old golden retriever tried so many dog foods, and this is the only one he loves to eat!

Rating: 4.7/5

Holistic Select Chicken Meal And Oatmeal Recipe For Giant And Large Breed

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. Rice, 3. Oatmeal, 4. Oats, 5. Chicken Fat

Holistic is a brand trusted by thousands of pet owners and preferred by thousands of pets. I like how they have a different product for pets with different needs. And when it comes to your goldens needs, Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Health Chicken Meal & Oatmeal is a perfect choice. In addition to a good amount of proteins, you a good source of protease that actually helps in protein break down. That means your pet will not just get the essential nutrients, it will also get more out of those nutrients. Plus, there are healthy probiotics to keep things gentle for those with sensitive tummies.

How To Pick The Best Food For Golden Retrievers

To pick the best food for your dog, you need to take several factors into consideration.

The nutritional needs of the dog will depend on these factors:

  • Dogs breed
  • The overall health of the dog

Adult Golden Retriever Nutrient Needs

When picking a food for your Golden Retriever you need to check if that food formula follows the food pyramid for dogs.

Dogs food pyramid contains six essential nutrients your dog needs. Each of these nutrients has a specific role in the functioning of the dogs body. Lack of these nutrients in your dogs diet will cause health issues.

These are the essential nutrients for dogs:


Proteins play a crucial role in the functioning of the dogs body. They are the building blocks of the body and they build organs together with amino acids.

Proteins are a big part of a dogs internal organs, skin, muscles, hair, and blood. They also function as antibodies, enzymes, and hormones.

Dogs diet should contain between 17 and 30 percent of proteins.


We know how crucial are vitamins for our health. Well, vitamins are also extremely important for dogs.

Vitamins are responsible for some of the most important functions within the dogs body.

Some of the most important functions vitamins perform are:

  • Blood clotting
  • Maintaining a healthy coat and skin
  • Absorbe soluble vitamins and fatty acids

A proper dog diet should contain between 5 and 20 percent of fat.


Nutritional Needs Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Soft Dog Food Dry Dog Food

View on Chewy |

The high-quality proteins promote muscle health while the straight muzzle and scissor bite promote chewing in Golden Retrievers. This meal also contains EPA, DHA, and taurine for cardiovascular health. It also has vitamin C that boosts immunity. It is further enriched with omega fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants which promote skin and coat health, proper digestion, and protect from free radicals which cause inflammatory diseases including cancer.

It is suitable for large breeds like Golden Retrievers as it is specifically crafted to meet their nutritional requirements. Golden retrievers are also best suited for this recipe as it has Chondroitin and Glucosamine that reduce the probability of joint and hip problems which Golden retrievers are prone to. This meal should be avoided in dogs with grain allergies as it contains grains

Weight Management For Golden Retrievers

5 Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers via @dailydogstuff ...

If theres one thing your golden retriever loves more than you, its probably food, but their foodie nature and adorable expression make them vulnerable to weight gain. Learn how to identify a healthy weight, regularly compare them to a body condition chart, and adjust their food intake accordingly.

  • Caloric needs can be highly individualizedask your veterinarian how many calories your golden should consume daily.
  • Golden retrievers are a sporting breed, originally bred as hunting retrievers, so they need lots of exercise to maintain health.
  • Physical activity helps delay the onset of arthritis and can reduce hip dysplasia severity.
  • Maintaining a lean body weight has been proven to add years to a dogs life.

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Feeding Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Although it can be overwhelming to choose which type of food to feed your Golden Retriever puppy, its a very important decision.

To help make that decision, talk to your veterinarian and your breeder, and consider the study mentioned about DCM.

Also consider how long the brand of food has been around, whether or not there have been any recalls of that brand, and if there is any research behind it.

What do you feed your Golden Retriever puppy?

Have any questions about what to feed them?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you liked this article, check out the Complete Guide To Raising A Golden Retriever Puppy.

P.S. Getting a Golden Retriever Puppy? Get the gameplan for raising them right with the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook.

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Health Issues And How Diet Can Help

Golden Retrievers struggle with a predisposition to a variety of health concerns. Goldens are one of my favorite breeds to treat in the vet clinic. But unfortunately, many have to make frequent visits. Thankfully, proper nutrition can help reduce their risks.


Dogs can suffer from allergic reactions, just like people. Skin allergies, environmental allergies, and food allergies can drastically decrease your pups quality of life.

Golden Retrievers are predisposed to these reactions. And diet is an essential aspect of managing allergies in dogs.

If your Golden suffers from allergies, choose a limited-ingredient dog food. These options feature simple recipes and a single protein source to limit the risk of exposure to potential allergens.

Formulas that are free of soy, corn, or wheat are also excellent choices for sensitive pups.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Nearly all large breeds can be affected by hip and elbow dysplasia. This abnormality impacts the anatomy of the joint and leads to severe arthritis.

Poor nutrition and rapid growth as a puppy can increase the risks of this disease. Make sure growing Goldens eat a diet with adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals play an essential role in bone development.

If your Golden Retriever suffers from arthritis, added glucosamine can help ease joint discomfort.

Aortic Stenosis

Feeding your Golden Retriever a diet low in crude fat but high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids can help manage this diseases risks.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food

View on Chewy |

Taste of the Wild dry food is produced by Taste of the Wild Pet Food Company which formulates healthy meals using ingredients that imitate your dogs ancestral diet. This premium dry food suits Golden Retrievers as it targets large dog breeds. This meal was first produced on February 13th, 2019. The main ingredients include Chicken, Cracked Pearled Barley, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Corn, and Whole Grain Sorghum with a caloric content of 363 Kcal/cup. The protein content is 20% while the fat and fiber values are 11.5% and 4% respectively. This meal is an excellent source of high-quality proteins which gives Golden Retrievers a muscular appearance.

Omega fatty acids are essential for a bright coat and smooth skin. This diet also contains prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants that promote gut and bowel health and protect from oxidative damage. The feeding instructions are based on your dogs weight with dogs weighing 50 lbs requiring 3 ¼ cups while 60 lbs dogs need 3 cups. Dogs with weights ranging from 80 lbs to 160 lbs need 4 ½ to 7 cups respectively. Dogs with tummy sensitivities are best-suited for this meal. Golden Retrievers are better on this diet as it boosts their muscle strength and protects them from inflammatory diseases like cancer

What About Growing Puppies

What Our Golden Retriever Puppy Eats | RAW DOG FOOD!?

A puppys needs for protein and calories are higher than an adults. However, large-breed puppies need to be kept on a calorie-controlled diet to prevent them from growing too quickly.

According to AAFCO nutrient profiles, they also need lower calcium and phosphorus levels to reduce the risk of joint issues. So, yes, its good to look for a Golden Retriever puppy food thats right for your growing pup.

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Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Large Breed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus for large breeds has balanced nutrition for your Golden Retriever. it has the right protein and fat balance to help your dog maintain a healthy weight while staying healthy and active. The balanced formula will also take care of the beautiful coat. Whats more: This dog food also contains ingredients that actually allow for optimal absorption of all the nutrients. You also get natural probiotic fibers for easy digestion.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Lamb & Rice Recipe For Large Breed Adult

View on Chewy |

This diet made from wholesome ingredients is a product of Nutro Pet Foods, which was started by John Saleen in 1947, who later sold it to Mars Pet Foods, the current manufacturer, in 2007. . The production date of this recipe dates back to November 11th, 2014 for large breeds. The first five ingredients for this diet are Deboned Lamb, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Split Peas, and Whole Grain Sorghum. The caloric content is 318 Kcal/cup with 20% protein content. The fat content is 12%, while fiber and moisture values are 3.5% and 10%.

The protein blend is customized to meet the needs of Golden Retrievers, ensuring they stay muscular and strong. This food contains antioxidants that promote immunity and omega fatty acids like DHA for neural and vision health. Glucosamine and Chondroitin promote joint health, while dietary fiber is essential for digestive health. The daily consumption depends on your dogs poundage, with dogs weighing 50 pounds requiring 3 to 3 cups. The portions range from 3 ¼ to 4 cups to 8 to 9 cups for dogs weighing 60 to 100 pounds, respectively. This diet is suitable for large breeds with sensitive stomachs. Golden Retrievers thrive on this diet with high-quality proteins and moderate fats. Care should be taken for dogs with grain allergies

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy

Primary Ingredients: Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Fat, Wheat, Brewers Rice, Brown Rice

Supporting the needs of a growing Golden Retriever puppy is of utmost importance and will shape their health for the rest of their life. Royal Canin makes dry food tailored explicitly to particular breeds. Its Golden food variation uses chicken and brown rice ingredients to support digestive health, strong bones, and a healthy coat.

Customer Review: As a breeder of English Golden Retrievers, I am always looking for the ideal puppy kibble, and I have finally found it! Gorgeous coats, healthy body conditions, great activity levels- perfect puppies!

Rating: 4.8/5

American Journey Dog Food

9 Best Golden Retriever Puppy Foods with Our 2021 Feeding ...

Youll notice the first ingredient is a high quality, deboned source of animal meat, followed by a very concentrated protein source. Then we have the grains necessary for cardiovascular health and other fiber-rich sources.

Ingredients: Chicken meal, deboned beef, brown rice, peas, rice bran, barley, chicken fat, brewers rice.

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Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult & Senior Dry Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult & Senior Dry Dog Food

  • High-quality protein
  • Brewers rice
  • Chicken meal

This delicious dry kibble is enriched with high-quality protein and it is perfect for any large breed that is 18months or above.

Natural sources like glucosamine and chondroitin are formulated to support your dogs healthy joints.

It is made up of non-GMO ingredients, essential antioxidants, and protein as the first source of ingredients, and it doesnt contain any chicken by-products meal, corn, soy, or wheat.

What Is The Life Span Of Golden Retrievers

The average lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 11 years. Giving your dog the best dog food for Golden Retrievers is an important way you can help them to live a long and healthy life.

Given their large physique, Golden Retrievers are prone to suffering from the same health and physical problems that other similar large-breed dogs suffer from.

Watch this video to learn more about health issues Golden Retrievers face:

Given these health concerns and problems that all Golden Retrievers are prone to suffer from during their lifetimes, it’s extremely important that you meet your Golden Retriever’s dietary needs day in day out so it can go on and lead a healthy, pain-free and problem-free life.

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What Does Your Golden Retriever Need

Caring for a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you for all their needs.

When choosing food for your Golden Retriever, look for higher protein and fat-rich formulations. Animal protein is best because it contains amino acids that your dog needs. Nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus are essential for puppies and vitamins B, A, and E for all stages of life.

Search for EPA, ALA, and DHA because they are useful for the brain and nervous system, heart and lungs, and immune system.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

Golden retriever puppy eating royal canin food | Best food for Golden Retriever puppy | cute puppy

After proudly owning a Golden Retriever, its constantly your duty to make certain youve got got fulfilled its nutritional necessities. As you recognize, eating regimen is a critical region that one has to fashion on nicely on the subject of puppies. When selecting the quality canine meals for golden retrievers, you need to issue in lots of parameters. As you recognize, the flow making a decision to make will decide whether or not youll be spending maximum of the time together along with your Golden Retriever within side the veterinary health facility or gambling the sport of fetch with it across the yard.

With that said, you may determine to apply moist or dry meals to your Golden Retriever. Either eating regimen have to offer sufficient energy to your grownup or doggy Golden Retriever. All you want to recognize is the professionals and cons of every eating regimen. For example, moist meals is the quality canine meals for Golden Retriever dogs as its miles palatable, moisture-wealthy, and clean to chunk as compared to kibble.

However, the extra they develop, theyll want dry kibble because it has a tough texture that facilitates easy their enamel, its durable, and incorporates extra energy.

Adult and senior Golden Retrievers will thrive on a eating regimen that could keep their skeletons and nonetheless combat off any diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals. You have to test the nutrients and minerals contained withinside the canine meals.

What to love About It

Key Benefits

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How To Know If Your Golden Retriever Is Overweight

Not sure how to tell if your pup is looking a little fluffy? To get a good idea, checking their weight can be done with a few quick observations.

  • Their stomach, rather than being straight , should have a somewhat visible tuck toward the end.
  • Their ribs should not be visible . However, you should be able to feel them. If you cant feel all of them, your Golden is overweight.
  • Is their body straight ? Is it round ? Is it curvy ?
  • If you have any concerns at all, this is a great topic to bring up at your next vet visit. If youre not feeling confident, this is where having a reliable vet shines, since generalized advice can carry myths or tips that arent applicable, or your pup may have special considerations.

    Do keep in mind: if you have a puppy, growth is so fast and disproportionate that its rare to have a problem with obesity. Its unusual for a puppy to need a diet due to the volume of nutrients and calories their bodies can go through! If your pup is a little pudgy, dont worry, theyre likely still working through it. If it doesnt seem right to you, check in at your next appointment puppies should have a vet visit at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and one year.

    The Importance Of Specialty Recipes

    One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is providing their puppy with standard adult formulas. While your Goldie will surely have no problem gobbling up any food you put in front of them, you may notice the consequences later on.

    Puppy formulas are specifically formulated to meet the needs of growing dogs.

    Despite their small size, Golden Retriever puppies need to eat significantly more calories than their adult counterparts. Furthermore, they have unique nutritional requirements that need to be met.

    Puppies go through a rapid growth spurt during their first year of life. At about 16 weeks, most Golden Retrievers weigh approximately 30 pounds. By their first birthday, they will be close to their full adult weight of up to 75 pounds.

    That fast development cycle requires a lot of fuel and a healthy diet filled with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Most puppy foods are packed with all the essentials. They typically contain more calories per bite as well, allowing your dog to gain healthy weight without becoming obese.

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    Best Food For Golden Retriever Puppies

    There are so many options for Golden Retriever puppy food that it can be quite overwhelming.

    And when you add in the strong opinions people have about dog food, the confusing marketing about whats good and whats bad, and the importance of choosing a high-quality food it can be downright scary to pick a food for your pup!

    But heres the good news: this article will make this decision much easier for you.

    Youll see two studies to help you choose the best food for your Golden Retriever puppy, as well as learn what makes a good dog food, what to avoid, and get answers to the most common food questions Golden Retriever puppy owners have.

    Now before we dive in, heres a quick note: the best resource for deciding what to feed your golden retriever puppy is your veterinarian.

    They know your puppy best and are most knowledgeable about their health needs.

    Alrighty, now lets dive into that first study!

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