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Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone

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How Should I Treat Any Incidents Or Accidents That Happen While I Am Away From My Golden Retriever Who Is Left Home Alone

The way that you should treat any incidents or accidents that happen while you are away from your golden retriever who is left home alone is with a gentle but loving hand but a firm reminder of their training.

Accidents and incidents happen to us all, some of our own doing, some through no fault of our own.  Whatever the cause, the golden retriever needs to be reminded of the training and house rules through gentle love and care.

Golden retrievers are very gentle and loving dogs and should be treated with the same care and compassion that all dogs should be.  They have feelings just as we do, and while they may need to be reminded not to chew on something or that they shouldn’t pee in the house while you are away, it must be understood that they likely didn’t do it intentionally.

It can be challenging for any dog to be away from the people they share a close bond with.  And this can not easily be remedied with any amount of toys, snacks, or other things.  The simple fact is while you are away, they can miss you desperately, and it is often beyond their control that they act the way they do.

They might get scared while you are away or fear that you are never coming back.  They may get bored without time spent with you or just plain lonely because they miss you so much.  Whatever the cause, the golden retriever left home alone should continue to be treated with love and respect.

If I Am Away From The House And My Golden Retriever For An Extended Period How Can I Ensure They Are Safe

When you are away from home and your golden retriever for an extended time, you can ensure that they are safe by having a well-thought-out and planned home environment.

Before leaving your home and golden retriever, it should be decided where they will be staying when you are away and what they will have access to.

Dangerous items that they can get into or cause to break or come crashing down should be removed. That isn’t possible another room or area should be selected.

Having a crate and the golden retriever crate trained is a great option, but not everyone likes this idea.  If that is the case, a comfortable bed in a safe area where they can chew on some toys, move around, and have a snack or two and some water is best. A lovely window with a view can be great for entertainment, depending on the golden retriever’s age and temperament.

It can even be beneficial to remove their collar, so there isn’t the chance to get caught on anything while you are away.  This can be placed in a safe area, so they don’t chew on it.

Aside from this, having a friend, neighbor, or family member check in on them while you are away is handy to keep them not only healthy but emotionally happy too.

When this is all combined, the likelihood of a golden retriever being unsafe is significantly reduced.  This can give the pet parent peace of mind in those moments that they must be away from the fur baby that they love so much.

Preparations To Take If Leaving Your Golden Retriever Outside For A Short Period Of Time

If you’re planning on letting your golden retriever outside for a short period of time, there are some preparations you’ll want to make to ensure your golden stays happy and healthy.

Leave Plenty of Food and Water

Even if you’re home while your golden is getting some outside playtime, it’s smart to leave out plenty of food and water.

Dogs burn more calories and energy when they’re outside, playing, and active, and they burn even more when it’s chilly outside. Leaving out food for your golden can help them stay energized and warm while they’re out.

As we mentioned earlier, golden retrievers are also susceptible to heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Water is a must! Whether it’s hot or cold out, make sure to leave your golden with plenty of water.

Make Sure Your Golden Has Shelter

The shelter is a must for dogs that are going outside, even for short periods of time. Having a shelter can help your golden retriever get shade, shelter, and just have an area to feel more comfortable in.

If it’s cold out, stack your golden’s shelter with hay or straw. It provides insulation from the cold and the wind and is much more useful than just blankets or other bedding.

Make Sure All Entrances/Exits to Your Outdoor Area Are Secure

You’ll need to make sure all the entrances and exits to your outdoor area are secure before leaving your golden retriever outside for a short period of time. As we mentioned, these guys can become quite the escape artists!

Will Your Dog Be Able To Handle A Sudden Change In Temperature Or Weather On His Own

I know that the weatherman where you live is probably never wrong. Where I live, however, it seems like I have a better chance in Vegas than the weatherman getting the weather right on any given day.

As you take a look at your Golden’s situation. What will he do if it turns cold? What if it starts raining? Does your dog have a place to go to get out of these unforeseen turns in temperatures?

Your dog needs an insulated dog house or a doggy door into your garage. That way, if the weather takes a turn for the worse while your dog is alone, you don’t have to rush home.

Too hot or too cold can be too dangerous for your dog. If you ever wondered what is too hot or too cold, then you need to check out these articles. I explain what temperatures are dangerous for your Retriever and why they can or cannot take the different degrees.

What If I Need To Leave My Golden Retriever Home Alone For More Than Eight Hours

Can A Golden Retriever Be Left Alone?

If you need to leave your golden retriever home alone for more than eight hours, it is always best to have someone who can come in to check on them.  The longer the separation, the higher the likelihood of getting into trouble, becoming injured, or getting bored and acting up.  They may also run out of food or clean water or have an accident if left alone too long.

It is always better to have someone as a backup that can check on the golden retriever, even if it is just for a few minutes after a couple of hours.

Other alternatives in our modern world include having cameras installed in the house so the pet parent can check up on the golden retriever while away from their phone.  Sometimes they can even talk to the golden retriever through the device.

These are a great alternative to nothing, but they can still never replace the loving touch of a human hand or the care received by this hand versus the camera or television.

Humans Are Often The Cause Of Aggressive Golden Retrievers And Dogs In General

Golden Retriever are far from aggressive dogs by nature, they are just not built that way. Whether it is from being abusive or harsh punishment during training, all the way to simple neglect, these are all things that humans do to dogs which often turn Golden Retrievers into aggressive dogs. Some dogs are naturally more aggressive than others. When it comes to a breed like the Golden Retrievers, it’s often nurture is the cause of the aggression because we all know, by nature they are one of the sweetest dog breeds on the planet. It is very rear or unlikely to find a naturally aggressive Golden Retriever.

What Are The Things To Consider When Adopting A Golden Retriever From A Rescue

When you are adopting a golden retriever from a rescue, you may be taking on a dog that has already been abandoned or inadequately cared for once.

READ Dog Walking Tips: How To Have the Best Experience

The rescue center will want to be sure that you are prepared to take on the responsibility of a large dog, as they won’t want to see the pup suffer neglect a second time.

Rescues will work to match you up with a dog that suits your lifestyle and won’t match you up with a dog that has serious behavioral problems.

Your dog may well have habits and hangups from their previous owner, so be prepared to spend extra time training and socializing them.

Leaving A Dog In A Crate For Too Long Can Lead To Very Serious Problems

Dogs need to go to the bathroom regularly. If you leave a Golden Retriever in a crate for a long period of time, he will eventually go to the toilet. Not only does this leave you a mess to clean up, but you are now playing with the dog’s subconscious that taught him to keep his space clean.

In addition to order problems, you can also introduce serious health problems by leaving your dog in a crate all day.

Tracking dogs are already susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Although this disease is genetic, there are some studies that show that the disorder can develop in other ways.

What causes hip dysplasia in dogs? The first likely culprit is bad genes . However, there are environmental factors that can increase a dog’s chance of developing hip or elbow dysplasia, such as lack of exercise, obesity, and poor nutrition.

Why Golden Retrievers Shouldnt Be Left Outside For Long Periods Of Time

It’s clear that golden retrievers are active by nature and love to spend energy, and outside can be a great place for them to do so.

However, golden retrievers shouldn’t be left outside for long periods of time, especially while unsupervised. This means having a golden retriever as an outdoor dog or as a dog that sleeps outside at night is likely out of the question.

There are a few main reasons for this; let’s take a look at them.

Golden Retrievers Are Prone to Allergies and Skin Problems

One of the biggest reasons golden retrievers don’t make good outdoor dogs is due to their genetic predispositions. As a breed, golden retrievers are prone to many allergies, most of which manifest as skin problems.

There are quite a few environmental triggers that can cause an allergy for a golden retriever, and a lot of them are outside. Golden retrievers can and have been known to have allergic and skin reactions to anything like grass, pollen, flowers, dust, and mold.

These skin allergies commonly manifest as a condition called , which often needs veterinary care to be remedied.

Atopic dermatitis results in golden retrievers becoming extremely itchy, and can also result in infections, sores, and raw skin from the itching.

It’s always a good idea for golden retriever owners to brush and wipe off their golden retriever after being outside to avoid exposure to these environmental allergy triggers.

Golden Retrievers Are More Susceptible to Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

What Services Can You Use To Help Out If You Are Working During The Day

If you’ve tried leaving your Goldendoodle home alone and either it’s not working out or you’re not comfortable with the situation, there are other options.

One option is a family or friend that’s willing to come to your home and either sit with your dog, take him for a walk, or just let him out for a little bit.

There may be people in your neighborhood that provide dog walking services or dog-sitting services.

Many of these are very affordable services that will help your dog get through the day and help you relax more while you’re gone.

There are also professional services that will send someone to your home to take your dog out for a walk or spend some quality time with the dog.

While this may not be the ideal solution, you may want to consider getting a second dog.

Two dogs will generally get along better when they’re left home alone provided they normally get along well.

Your dog will not be as lonely if he has a companion with which to play or sleep. We examine the pros and cons of having two dogs in this article.

Questions To Determine If A Golden Retriever Is The Right Dog For You

Q1. Are you ready for a 12-16-year commitment?

A golden retriever is a lifetime commitment, and you absolutely can’t get a dog if you are not willing to have them in your life for the next 12-to-16 years. If you are planning on having the dog for a couple of years from now, please get a hamster, not a dog.

Q2. Do you have a couple of hours to spend daily with your dog?

You need to spend time daily with your dog. If you or your family don’t have at least two hours to spend daily on walking and grooming the dog, a Golden Retriever is not the dog for you.

Q3. Do you have the space for a large Dog?

Goldens are large dogs that need space. Do you have this space for them? Is your landlord okay with you having a large dog on the premise? Does your car have enough space for the dog?

If you don’t have the space for a large dog, maybe look into smaller dogs.

Q4. Are you financially Stable enough to get a dog?

There is a reason why people get a dog to train on becoming parents; they have needs, and some of these are financials. As explained before, Goldens can cost up to $16,000 during their lifetime, are you okay with this budget?

If you are not financially ready for this commitment, maybe consider adopting a kitten?

Q5. Is Your Family Okay with a Large Dog in the House?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Leaving A Golden Retriever Alone

There are some potential dangers for leaving your Golden Retriever alone at home, which should be kept in mind. So, if you are leaving your Golden alone for more than 8 hours a day, then the following things should be expected after coming back from the work.

  • Damage clothing and shoes
  • Potty and Pee all over the house
  • Distorted furniture

However, these types of disasters are well known by you, but there are some other potential problems as well that you may have overlooked in this case.

For instance, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety which is going to cause some behavior destruction as well.

In your absence, your dog may eat something which may cause some health-related problems. Swallowing unwanted things may cause some serious problems. Therefore it is best to keep such types of things away from the reach of your Golden Retriever.

Steps to train your Golden Retriever to be left alone

Leaving your dog alone at once at home could be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to gradually train him for the purpose of leaving him alone at home. There are a few steps to accomplish the up-mentioned heading.

Is Your Dog Able To Withstand Fear From Thunderstormand Lightning

Can a Golden Retriever be left alone?

Something was said about the weather before. Thunderstormand lightning are parts of weather and there is the need to help your dogsurvive during such adverse health conditions. If the weather becomesunfavorable and you think that it can affect the animal, then you must make acontingent arrangement for that before you travel.

There is a way of dealing with that, and you need an insulated place where your dog can stay during such unfavorable weather. If you are not there to take your pet to that safe place, then it is going to be a problem.

If on the other hand that the animal is used to getting to such a safe place during a thunderstorm and unfriendly weather, then there is nothing to worry about.

When the weather is excessively hot or cold, your dog would not like it, you must make enough arrangement for this before you leave the home.

How To Get Your Golden Retriever To Stop Whining When You Leave

Below are some options you have when getting it to stop whining.

Train it not to using positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training involves encouraging behaviors that you want to see by rewarding them and avoiding rewarding behaviors that you do not want to see.

To use positive reinforcement training to get your Golden Retriever to whine less when you leave you could do as follows:

  • Get some treats that it likes
  • Reward your Golden Retriever with a treat then make a small movement towards the door. If it does not whine reward it with a treat. If it does whine then wait for it to stop then make a much smaller movement towards the door and reward it for not whining.
  • Carry on making small movements towards the door and rewarding it until you are able to open the door without it whining.
  • Start to actually walk out the door and then come back in and reward it for not whining. Each time you do it stay outside for slightly longer.

You can watch the video below to see how it is done as well as a number of other very helpful tips on what you can do:

Give it exercise

If it is healthy, it would also help to make sure that it is able to get daily exercise. It is generally recommended for them to get at least an hour of exercise per day as healthy adults.

Avoid negative reinforcement

As mentioned above, it could be the case that you have trained your Golden Retriever to whine when you leave by giving it rewards when it does it.

Get help from a dog behaviorist

Put The Tv On Dogtv When You Leave Your Golden Retriever Alone

Television has become the inevitable babysitter for the next generation. So why not let your puppy be part of the action?

Your puppy might find a favorite TV show or movie to keep him busy for a couple of hours.

There’s no reason why your Golden Retriever can’t participate in a Netflix bender once in a while. One of the best options is DOGTV.

Pet experts and scientists have designed programming to do one of three specific things: relax, stimulate and expose.

Are Golden Retrievers High Maintenance And Can You Handle Them

General FAQ

Golden retrievers are perfect family dogs; they’re fiercely loyal, incredibly gentle, amazingly loving, and infinitely cute. They are the third most popular dog breed in the United States and have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the world for a while now.

But Golden Retrievers are a large dog breed that needs a lot of care and attention.

So, if your question is are golden retrievers high maintenance? Yes, Golden Retrievers are high maintenance dogs. They are heavy shedders, need daily physical exercise, and are prone to health problems. They need your love, affection, attention, and time to continue being the happy, go-lucky dogs we all love.

The question really is not whether golden retrievers are high maintenance or not. Almost all dogs are high maintenance. If you want something low-maintenance, please get a cat, not a dog.

The question is how you are planning on handle your golden retriever and their needs. If you are planning to handle their needs and are ready for the challenges ahead, you will be rewarded with an angel living in your home and showering you with love and affection every day for the rest of their life.

Let’s take a look at what makes Golden Retrievers high maintenance dogs and how you can handle them.

You Shouldnt Leave Your Golden Retriever Alone For More Than 4

Goldens create strong bonds with their owners, meaning they’re great family dogs. They’re willing to please their humans and love being around children of all ages because kids are always ready to play.

Leaving your Golden by herself all day will only make her suffer, which in time can generate depression, separation anxiety, and in some cases destructive behavior.

Hiring a pet walker or taking your Golden to dog care during the day can help, but none of these solutions replaces your presence. Only buy or adopt one of these dogs if you or other family members have time to play with her every day.

How Long Does It Take To House Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

The length of time it takes to properly potty train a puppy depends on your consistency, training method and individual dog. In general, most golden retriever puppies are fully potty trained by the age of 8 months, but if you find yourself needing to still set in some training, then here’s how to do it.

What Will Your Golden Retriever Do For Fun While He Is Alone

There are several different scenarios that might keep your dog mentally stimulated throughout the day. For example, take a KONG toy and fill it with water-soaked dog food. Then hang it from a string.

The more of these kinds of things you have around your house, the longer your Retriever will be okay on his own.

Keeping A Golden Retriever Dog In An Apartment While At Work

Leaving your golden retriever alone without a concrete planto take of its needs is a bad idea. This is because the dog can be erratic inbehavior. If you are there to provide the pet with all its needs things wouldgo wrong.

Before you buy this dog type, you should take intoconsideration its behavior and plan when to take care of it. There are lots ofthings that would go wrong when you leave your golden retriever alone.

What could go wrong leaving a Golden Retriever alone? Assaid above, it is a completely bad idea to leave your golden retriever alone.Several things could go wrong.

There are a few things that could go wrong when you leaveyour dog alone and here are some of the concerns: The dog could destroy yourprecious furniture and if you were available that would not have been possible.

Another aspect of worry is bathroom behavior. You need to bethere to guide the pet which requires a bath every three to five hours.

Furthermore, dogs could damage your clothes and shoes. You need to be around to prevent all these things from happening.

These are the possible areas your mind will go, but otherareas are potentially dangerous, which could mar everything. There could be aproblem when the dog struggles to deal with isolation anxiety as well asversions of separation. If the dog is to get to any form of anxiety the outcomecould be dangerous.

Are There Any Activities Planned To Keep Him Busy Andengaged

Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone? Only If You Do This ...

An important trick you can work out is looking for an activity that can keep that dog engaged and busy throughout the day when you are not around. If your dog is such that likes playing with a toy, then you can look for toys that can keep her busy when you are away.

The more you have those things that can keep your dog busy when you are aware, the more comfortable you would feel leaving it alone when you leave the house.

How Long Can You Leave A Golden Retriever Alone Dog Facts

Tom Thorpe Blog

Golden Retrievers can live in places as small as apartments or in bigger homes with backyards. However, how long can you leave a golden retriever alone before they start to feel lonely? Golden Retriever puppies are adorable and every parent loves to welcome their new bundle of joy into the world. However, leaving your golden retriever unattended for extended periods of time can have some unforeseen consequences.

In this article, I’ll be answering the question, “How long can you leave a Golden Retriever alone?” and include some pretty useful tips and tricks on how to keep your pet entertained while you’re gone!

What Should I Do With My Golden Retriever When On Vacation

It is not a good idea to leave your Golden Retriever alone for more than a day – two max – even if someone is stopping by to check on the dog.

Remember, I said earlier that Golden Retrievers are social animals and need exercise and companionship.

If you cannot take your Golden Retriever on vacation with you, consider leaving the dog with friends or family, a dog sitter, a boarding kennel, or a doggie daycare. Ensuring your Golden Retriever has food and water and its mental and physical needs are met while on vacation is essential. 

Golden Retrievers are dependent on us for more than just food and water. Goldens are social animals and need companionship and social interaction. Goldens also need plenty of activity and mental stimulation to meet their mental and physical needs. 

Of course, whenever possible, it’s best to take your Golden with you. Goldens prefer to be where you are. More and more places are now catering to people who travel with their dogs.

So, load up the van and kids, and take your Golden on vacation with you.

Don’t forget to pack the dog!!

Many hotels now offer pet-friendly suites. A little planning beforehand might result in keeping all the family together on vacation. 

Or consider looking into Airbnb or vacation rentals by owners. Many of these offer dog-friendly facilities. Leaving your Golden Retriever alone in the house for a few hours is not much different from home.

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