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Champion Bloodline Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

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Do I Get To Pick Which Pup I Want

Champion Bloodline Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale | Low Price | Quality Doggyz

I place the pups based on the pups’ individual characteristics and each family’s specific requirements. I obviously take your preferences into consideration, but your puppy’s personality should fit the lifestyle you’ll have with him for the next 12 or so years. I raise the pups in my home. For their first few weeks the pups are in my family room with my family, other dogs, and cats, and, after they are old enough and need more room to move freely, the pups move to a large pen in my basement with access to an outdoor pen. All of my dogs are house dogs the pups are not raised in a kennel. As the pups mature, I spend a great deal of time with them, getting to know their individual personalities. I also watch how they move and determine which have the best conformation. As they get older, they are exposed to many different sounds, textures, flooring and ground surfaces, environments, and people.

That being said, I like to get to know my puppy buyers as much as I can before they take their new puppy home. I often have folks come to visit the pups when they are old enough, and our initial phone conversation often take a little time so you can learn about me and my dogs, and so I can learn as much as I can about the type of dog that fits into your family. A laid-back dog might be better suited to a less active family, and a higher energy dog would be better suited to an active family.

Why Choose Mn English Golden


Welcome friends to our exquisite top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers with many World Championship bloodlines. We are professional breeders that focus on #1 excellent genetic health testings, exquisite temperaments, and highest quality pedigrees such as World Championship Moondust Masterpiece and three times winning Steadfast Angus. We raise our pups inside our home with us giving unconditional love and care 24/7 from the moment our pups are born. Our pups are breastfed until couple days before they go home at 8 weeks old. Our #1 goal is to only breed the BEST OF THE BEST with no genetic issues. Our goldens are health tested with CHIC #s and OFA Health Certificate numbers that are EXCELLENT/GOOD and all clear certificates proven to have no genetic issues.

Our English Goldens are the top 1% of all goldens retrievers tested to receive this highest rating of EXCELLENT/GOOD OFA Certificates. We also have English Goldens with all clear OFA Health Certificate numbers with CHIC numbers. We have ICT Clear puppies and COI. Classified as a working dog with purposes such as Service or Therapy work. We breed to better the breed. We focus on superior health of our puppies to give our families the perfect golden. For more information view health testings on OFA.org.

We are currently taking deposits for planned litters on AVAILABLE PUPS link.


Contact Us

Places To Find Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

The following breeders are chosen according to specific criteria set by Bubbly Pet. This is not sponsored by any breeder, nor is this a promotion of any sort.

You wont also find puppy mills or backyard breeders in this list since I strongly condemn their breeding practices.

The facilities and kennels below are all owned and run by professionals so you are assured that you will be able to take home a healthy and stable puppy from them.

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Coachs Golden Retrievers Georgia

Coachs Golden Retrievers is run by a former football coach with over 25 years of experience breeding dogs. He considers his Goldens as an extension of his family so he makes sure that they are well taken care of.

This breeder does not advertise puppies that much and in most cases, the litters are sold through referrals or repeat purchases. You would really have to reach out to him for his available puppies.

Since his dogs are often repeated purchases, several families already own second and third-generation Golden Retrievers from this breeder. If this also sounds appealing to you, check the dogs out through their webpage.

Coachs have puppy homes in various states, but mainly they are located in Atlanta.

Coachs Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email: coachstrickland@aol.com

Finest Golden Retriever Champion Breeders


Tom Thorpe Blog

Are you looking for the best golden retriever champion breeders? If you are eyeing a purebred healthy puppy that you want to include in your family, you should search for the breeders that possess excellent qualities making sure that the puppy feels ennobled because of how carefully they are bred. Of course, these will take a large sum of your money but if you want the best and top prized golden retriever breeders, then you should consider this fine list of breeders.

Getting a golden retriever puppy from a reputable breed is one of the best things to make sure that your ideal Golden is in great shape with no genetic disorders. Also, you get the chance to seek advice from expert breeders.

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American Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. In fact, the American Kennel Club ranks goldens as the third most popular breed. Golden retrievers are loving, intelligent, active dogs that make great family pets and excellent show dogs.

Legacy Champion Goldens, owned and operated by the Hammon family, has bred pure American golden retriever puppies for the last several years. If you would like a golden retriever puppy for your family, contact us to learn about our available or upcoming litters.

Bailiwicks Stella Got Her Groove Back Stella

OFA Excellent

Sire: Oconee Rivers Make Me Some MoneyDam: Bailiwicks You Go Girl

Stella is a strong athletic 62 pound chocolate female. LOOK AT ME WORLDhere I amthat is Stella. She loves with her whole heart and lives life to the maximum. Her happy personality sets her apart. Watch her for five minutes and you will have a smile on your face. She is a very smart loving and athletic gal.

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Welcome To Good Life Goldens

We are a small North Carolina breeder of exceptional Golden Retrievers. Our main goal is to achieve, by selective breeding, Goldens that possess the soundness, natural ability and temperament that is reflected in the Golden Retriever Breed Standard. Our puppies are raised and loved in our home, not a kennel. Health is guaranteed. They are AKC registered, champion sired, veterinarian inspected and monitored, vaccinated, dewormed, well socialized and prepared for their forever homes. They are loving pet companions, and genetically appropriate as Therapy Dogs, Show prospects, Obedience, Tracking or Agility competitors. And we are here to assist you for the rest of your Goldens life, which, typical of these pedigrees, is a good long life!

Duff was in Top 20 Goldens in 2018. Completed Show Dog Hall of Fame in 2018. Completed Canadian Championship and Canadian Grand Championship in August 2019.

Duff showing his outstanding movement with a rock solid topline.

Duff won Select Dog at the Spartanburg Kennel Club show! Here he is pictured with judge, Gloria Geringer and handler, Ginny Kladis.

Duff was sired by CH Owling’s Designed By Signature SDHF OSand out of Goodlife’s Who Dozen Love Lucy? . Whelped Sept 27, 2014

CA GCH, AM MBOSS GCHS Goodlifes Duff the Magic Dragon BN, DS, MBISS, SDHF “Duff”

Cashie demonstrates her outstanding intelligence by closing the door andpicking up her toys.

Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers Texas

Sparky – Champion Bloodline Golden Retriever Puppy for sale in Ohio

Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers are a small breeder that focuses on producing healthy, talented, and athletic Golden Retrievers puppies in Texas. Located just outside of Dallas, Texas, their breeding dogs have been thoroughly health tested genetically and orthopedically with a variety of different methods. They have checked the parent dogs hips, heart, elbows, and eyes which means they are OFA and Pennhip certified and cleared.

Carmel Bliss has been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 15 years. Puppies from past litters have gone on to become hunters, service dogs, therapy dogs, and loved family members. These are one of the older Golden Retriever breeders in Texas.

They make sure that each puppy is introduced to early neurological stimulation and desensitized to a variety of different sounds, textures, people, and positions. This allows the Golden Retriever puppies to enter your home with less anxiety and stress.

Area training is also started before the puppies open their eyes. This enables the Golden Retriever puppies to consistently go to the bathroom over a tray with a grate over it so they stay clean and have strong associations with specific smells.

Carmel Bliss Golden Retriever puppies can be purchased for $2,500 with breeding rights for an extra $500. They also offer a guardianship program for $1,000 if you agree to them breeding your dog. Deposits to purchase one of their dogs are $500 and are part of the full purchase.

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Liberty Run Golden Retrievers Maryland

Similar to Sapphire Goldens, Liberty Run Golden Retrievers has been around for quite a while. Theyve been breeding Golden Retrievers for 24 years and their goal is to produce healthy, calm, and intelligent pups.

So why is this breeder considered one of a kind? To start with, this kennel is fully licensed and is inspected annually by The Humane Society and the Carroll County Government.

They also do not practice overbreeding and they only have 10 adult dogs used for reproduction. Sometimes, these Goldens reside on one of the family members farms or in a kennels good friend.

As for how socialized these dogs are, the kennel boasts of their non-aggressive pups which are exposed to kids every day.

The Goldens play, swim and run regularly alongside several young folks in the facilitys 250-acre land area and four ponds. They even call this their little secret.

Aside from all these notable features and practices, Liberty Run is also known for its state-of-the-art facility which is admired by many veterinarians and even the AKC and the Humane Society.

You can check out how it looks by reviewing the page they dedicated to it.

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers Breeder Information and Details:

  • Special Note: You can contact them through their .

About The English Golden Retriever

The Famous Breed with Brains and Heart

  • English Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an iconic dog – and for good reason! Obedient, playful, intelligent, and polite are all terms used to describe this beloved breed. They make effective watchdogs while retaining the lovable personality that makes them endearing to family and strangers alike! Golden Retrievers are consistently at the top of obedience classes and are often champions in sporting and competitions.

Golden Retrievers are clever and easy to train. They are natural people-pleasers with high food motivation, making them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. Their trainability makes them a top contender for service and therapy dogs, and in recent years they have been a favorite in police forces, who utilize them for search and rescue.

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A Loyal and Loving Companion

  • English Golden Retriever

Beauty and brains make the Golden Retriever a complete package, with an easy-going personality that quickly makes friends with anyone. In the US, the American Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds for families. The English Golden Retriever, however, is quickly rising in popularity due to its beautiful pale gold coloring. At Golden Sensation Kennels, we specialize in preservation and appreciation for the English Golden Retriever.

The English Golden, also known as the British Golden Retriever, has a brilliant light golden coat and a more sturdy build compared to its American cousin.

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  • Dog
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Bailiwicks Spicin It Up Cayenne

OFA GoodEIC CNM Clear thru parentageSire: NAFC FC AFC Windycitys Mighty MouseDam: Taylor Made For Blue MH

Cayenne is a strong, loving, very smart 60 pound black female. Check out her pedigree and spend a minute with her and it is obvious, she is Over The Top, she truly has it all. She is a devoted companion who loves with her whole heart. At the end of the day she will be right by your side.

Her pedigree presents 5 National Field Champions, with her father.NFC FC AFC Windycitys Might Mouse and Grandfather NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek at the top of the list. She came into this world dreaming of ducks and duck ponds.

Golden Retriever Puppies Akc Registeredchampion Bloodlines For Sale In Yachats Oregon

Champion Bloodline Golden Retriever puppy for sale PimpriChinchwad ...

Golden Retriever puppies born 1/23/2015 will certainly prepare to go home on 3/20/2015 young puppies are AKC registered, have champion bloodlines and come with qualified pedigree. Both moms and dads are on website. Young puppies receive all vaccinations and health exam by a certified veterinarian. All young puppies will receive a certificate of excellent health before going home. We presently have young puppies readily available to approved houses. Our waiting list will certainly fill fast. Kindly visit us at and reserve your puppy today. We can likewise be reached or -LRB-503-RRB- Thank You!

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What Exactly Is The Champion Bloodline Title

Basically, when a dam or a sire has entered into an AKC competition and earned a title. That said, the AKC recognized the dogs success which in turn, there will be a CH before the dogs name. Meaning that when a dog has the title of a champion before its name, that means that the dog or the dogs ancestor have hailed as a champion.

For obvious reason, bearing the title of champion and an AKC recognized dog will be deemed as something royal or have noble blood because of its said title. This will also affect the price of the puppy. This will also help you evaluate the temperament and the health of the puppies easily. The fact that it garnered recognition makes the dog breeder proud.

Goldiva Golden Retriever Puppies


A $1000 Deposit is required to hold a puppy from a litter, of which $500 is non-refundable or transferable. Pick of the Litter Pups, if not kept by us for show, are available for an extra $500. Puppy selection is by Date of Deposit Received. During Covid 19 and quarantine, only outdoor visits are permitted, masks and sorry, no handling puppies. Puppy selection and contracts are signed at 6-8 weeks. If we keep a puppy for Show/Boarding Contracts, we decide between 7-8 weeks of age which one to keep. Puppies leave at 8 weeks of age after vet checked, vaccines & microchipped. All pups are sent home with Panacur and Metronidazole. Please download the Puppy Training Manual. Repeat buyers, please text Mary. .

Co-own Show & Breeding boarding contract pups are available at a reduced price to local families within 2 hours of us. We meet families from the Boston area in York, ME at Stonewall Kitchen or north of us, we meet in Augusta, ME at Pine Tree Vets). For more information about boarding contracts, *.

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Akc Golden Retriever Puppies

All puppies from this litter are from AKC registered parents. Pepe the sire is a large English cream Golden Retriever with a blocky head, weighing 97lbs with champion bloodlines. Lucy the Dam is 65lbs light Golden Retriever, both parents are healthy …


  • Use a safe location to meet the seller
  • Pay on collection
  • What Goes Home With You

    Charlie – Champion Bloodline Golden Retriever Puppy for sale in Ohio
    1. First of all – Your puppy2. Puppy food. We send a gallon zip lock bag of food that we have been feeding him/her. We like to send some of this along to help with the transition. I would recommend giving them just that for a day or two and then start mixing it with your brand of food until our brand is gone.3. AKC litter registration and the info you need to do the final registration.4. Health certificate from my vet. This certifies that they have been examined and that they are in good health. If there are any health concerns with the puppy you reserved at a young age I will call you with the Vet report immediately. 5. Health Record Paper. This has record of the shots we have given, the deworming and what is needed in the future. You will pass this along to your vet for their records.6. –Our one year genetic health guarantee.

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    Come Visit Our Dog Ranch

    Located in Vista, California, San Diego County. 1 mile west of the I-15 fwy.Golden Retrievers in North County San Diego, short drive away from Point Loma, La Jolla, Dana Point, Orange County, San Clemente, Rancho Sante Fe, Inland Empire, Temecula, Murrieta, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Los Angeles County areas.Appointments Only If you are planning on visiting, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

    What Different Countries’ Kennel Clubs Say About Cream

    Both Canada and the U.K. accept a broader range of coat colors within the golden retriever standard than the American Kennel Club does.


    According to the American Kennel Club website, the standard coat color of the golden retriever is a “rich, lustrous golden of various shades.” The club further adds that the “predominant body color, which is either extremely pale or extremely dark, is undesirable. Some latitude should be given to the light puppy whose coloring shows promise of deepening with maturity.”


    On the other hand, the Golden Retriever Club of Canada seems more inclusive of pale dogs. They state that “the acceptable range of colour in the golden retriever is broad. While a medium gold is always correct, coat colour can range from cream to a darker coppery gold.” The Club adds that as long as specimens are within this color range, they should be judged equally.


    The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom seems to agree with the Canadian club’s standard when it comes to cream coats. It accepts a golden retriever that is “any shade of gold or cream, neither red nor mahogany.”

    The Golden Retriever has been recognized as a distinct breed for nearly a century.


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