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Golden Retriever Dry Skin Treatment

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What Are Common Allergies In Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Skin Issues

Golden Retrievers can develop any type of allergy that affects dogs. However, this breed is more prone to having certain kinds of allergies. These include the following:

  • Skin allergies: Golden Retrievers have skin folds and thick coats that can make them more likely to have allergic reactions that affect the skin. These reactions commonly occur in certain areas, such as skin folds, ears, feet and belly. Golden Retrievers often develop skin allergies when they are between 1 and 3 years old, and these allergies can get worse with age.
  • Food allergies: Golden Retrievers can develop allergies or sensitivities to ingredients found in some pet foods, such as corn or animal protein. Consuming foods with these ingredients can trigger reactions that affect their digestive system or their skin.
  • Ear allergies: Golden Retrievers have floppy ears with a lot of hair growing around them. Ear allergies can affect the skin inside the ears, which can happen due to exposure to environmental allergens, food allergens or other allergens. Having ear allergies can make Golden Retrievers more prone to developing other ear problems, such as ear infections.
  • Eye allergies: Golden Retrievers can have eye allergies if theyre allergic to certain substances, such as dust, fleas, pollen, cigarette smoke, perfumes or cleaning products. Some medications, such as flea shampoo, can also cause eye allergies to occur.

Golden Retrievers Distinct Skin

We all know that the golden retrievers coat is one of a kind because of its distinct golden or sometimes cream-colored hair, and its finest features. But due to their thick fur, they are also subject to many skin problems.

The dual coat of the golden retrievers makes them adapt to colder climates and humid environments also. Their coat is water-resistant and great for water activity sports. Also, as much as theres some goodness in their coat, they are prone to skin allergies. Thats why when it comes to grooming, they needed to have extensive grooming care just to maintain their beautiful and shiny hair. And all of the golden retriever owners very well know this fact.

Normally these wonderful dogs are scratching and licking their body to maintain their hygiene. But, without the well-maintained grooming needs of these golden, you are putting them in a harmful situation. These factors can lead to excessive scratching and itching the hell out which eventually leads to skin irritation and other skin problems.

Hotspots are very common, particularly in this breed. The area of the skin hotspots is usually swollen. Theres an inflamed patch on their skin due to excessive itching. In some cases, this phenomenon occurs when the fur of the golden retriever remains wet for a long time.

Dog Skin Supplement: Our Top 4 Picks

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Common Causes Of Skin Problems

There are various factors that cause problems on the dogs skin, namely mold, dirt, pollen, food, chemicals, environmental irritants, and mites. These are the foremost harmful elements that make the dogs skin become irritated leading to skin problems if not treated properly. Bacteria and fungus on the skin can pose a threat. They can weaken the immune system which makes it more harmful to the dog.

Sometimes its the warm temperature and the dampness the make the dogs coat weaken and susceptible to bacteria buildup and then quickly transforms into skin hot spots. Theres also a disease that is genetically inherited known as ichthyosis which causes them to shed like fish flakes and also dry skin.

These are just one of the many skin problems every golden retriever is experiencing.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Dandruff

Well Care Golden Retriever Chicken Dog Dry Food For Seniors

Pet dandruff is pretty easy to detect. It appears as small, white flakes that cling to your dog’s fur. These flakes can also fall off and attach to bedding, upholstery and a variety of other household items.

Another giveaway that your dog might have dandruff is if she’s constantly licking, scratching or biting her skin. Occasionally, if a more severe issue is present, you might also notice redness, hair loss and even a foul odor near affected areas. While dandruff in itself isn’t harmful, it’s definitely unsightly. Dandruff tends to be a secondary issue, so it’s essential to get to the root of the problem and treat the underlying causenot just the dandruff.

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How Do I Know If My Lab Has A Skin Allergy

There are several different allergies that could cause dry skin.

When your dog is exposed to an allergen, his immune system will kick into high gear. One of the results of this immune system overdrive is an inflammatory response within your dogs body.

Your dog will begin to scratch or bite in response to the inflammation.

In turn, your Lab could end up with dry skin and other problems.

Hot Spots From Allergies

Due to their thick, water-resistant undercoat, golden retrievers store a lot of heat. If wet, it can also keep a very moist, humid environment next to their skin. A lot of golden retriever parents will see their dogs scratching and grooming a lot.

Hot spots are a very common issue for golden retrievers. These are patches of skin that get inflamed and swollen. They will cause itching, and can be painful. Sometimes, they may even fill with puss or liquid.

For severe cases, immediate veterinarian attention. But, in most milder cases, you can treat it at home. You need to wash the area using an oatmeal-based shampoo. But be gentle and careful, as this may be sore for your dog.

Once washed and rinsed, make sure you blow dry them after. After swimming or being out in the rain, make sure you dry them off. Dont let your golden retrievers undercoat stay damp for too long.

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Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Dogs

Dogs are great to have around, but sometimes they get under the weather. It doesnt always have to be a major illness, but a condition that is irritating and annoying. That is the case with dry skin. Your four-legged amigo may develop a case of it and that can drive your pet half crazy. You need not sit and watch, but can do something about it. Here are a couple of ways to take care of the dry skin your dog may have.

Other Causes Of Dry Skin On Dogs

Golden Retriever Coat Care : Keep the Coat Healthy and Shiny

Sometimes dry skin is caused by environmental conditions such as cold weather and dry air, or by excessive bathing, harsh soaps, and poor nutrition. If you suspect that your dogs dry skin is the result of nutritional deficiencies, environmental conditions or bathing habits, it is still a good idea to consult your veterinarian in order to rule out more serious conditions.

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Licorice Root For Itchiness

No, this is not the same as the licorice candy you eat. Licorice root is actually a form of cortisone, and cortisone relieves skin irritation and reduces the urge to scratch, says Osborne, who practices in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

You may see bottles of licorice root in stores that sell health products. Pet supply stores also offer licorice products formulated for dogs. Some dog-specific products designed to treat allergy symptoms in dogs may also include licorice root.

If youve given your dog a flea bath and dip and shes still itchy, Osborne suggests the following herbal, home remedy: Take five drops of licorice root, five drops of dandelion root, and five drops of cats claw. Mix all three together and give five drops of the final solution to your canine by mouth, once daily for 14 days in a row.

Since cortisone is a type of steroid, its important to talk to your veterinarian before giving these products to your dog to prevent any potential cross reactions and/or side effects with any other medications your pet may be taking, Osborne advises. Also, some licorice root formulations have been associated with low blood potassium levels, muscle breakdown, and kidney damage. Make sure you are working with a veterinarian who is well-trained in holistic medicine before you reach for any herbal remedy.

The Connection Between Food And Skin Allergies

If you see your Golden frequently or excessively biting, scratching, rubbing or itching, a food allergy may be the cause. Self-trauma and chronic allergies can lead to yeast or bacterial infections that may take the form of lesions, seborrhea and crusting.

In many cases, the cause of food allergies in dogs is an animal protein such as chicken or beef, although some dogs also develop allergies to other sources like corn, eggs and milk. Your Golden Retrievers reactions to a food allergy may manifest itself in areas aside from the skin often, dogs with food allergies will also experience gastrointestinal distress.

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Home Remedies For Dry Dog Skin

Pet Health and Safety Richard Rowlands Aug 02, 2022

Does your dog frequently scratch or bite at their skin, or do you often find dandruff in their fur while you pet them? Just like humans, many dogs suffer from dry skin. And without the proper treatment, the condition can cause discomfort and lead to further problems like skin infections.

Fortunately, with a little knowledge and some easy-to-find ingredients, you can help your furry friend find relief from dry skin. Keep reading to learn about the symptoms of dry skin. And if you’re searching for a dog dry skin home remedy that works, you’re in the right place!

Use A Homemade Moisturizer

Golden Retriever Care Combos for Healthy Noses, Paws &  Elbows

The problem with treating dry skin with cream is that dogs often lick it off. Pure coconut oil is the best option because it will still improve your dog’s coat quality even if he licks it off. If you want to try something else, oatmeal paste is an alternative moisturizer that will not affect your dog’s gastrointestinal system. Like oatmeal shampoo, the paste contains saponins that will clean the skin down to the pores. Here’s how to use oatmeal paste:

  • Combine half oatmeal and half water
  • Mix it up until it is thick
  • Apply it and sit with your dog for about 15 minutes
  • Remove it with clean tap water

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Bathing The Right Way

Everyone wants to have a clean pooch, but dont overdo it. Set a routine and once established take a look at the shampoo. The shampoo should not be the ones that you use. Dogs may have thick coats but they are thinner skin than you have. The wrong pH level can cause serious skin problems for your animal. The right type of after bath conditioning spray can help by softening and moisturizing the skin of your dog.

All of the above are essential home remedies that you can use on your dogs dry skin. It is also possible that the dog is having an allergic reaction to something. Arranging for a trip to the veterinarian is going to help in creating a strategy for taking care of the dry skin. The good thing about this is we are not talking any major surgery or therapy. In most cases it just requires using one or two of the above suggestions to get the dry skin off of your dog.

Incidentally, the fact that your pet has dry skin does not make you a bad doggie parent. This is a common condition that dogs will have and it isnt life-threatening. It is simply a pain for the animal and needs to be corrected. The right food supplements or greater attention to grooming and bathing will be sure to have your dog back with healthy skin in no time. The treatments may result in a very nice-looking coat on that sweet little buddy of yours. That is a nice side benefit to treating the dry skin.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Itch So Much And What To Do About It

Your Golden Retriever may start to itch at themselves and act like there is a problem.

An occasional itch is normal, but when they itch quite a bit, you will want to do something to provide them with relief.

When some of the at-home treatments do not seem to be doing it, you need to take a closer look to see what is causing the itching.

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Bathe Your Dog Regularly

For many dogs, a soothing, conditioning shampoo will help to reduce itch and inflammation in the skin, and reduce skin cell turnover, explained Dr. Woodnutt. You’ll also physically remove the skin flakes in the bath with a good rub. âI usually recommend an aloe vera and coconut-based shampoo for dogs with dry skin,â says Dr. Woodnutt.

What Is The Best Option For Dogs With Dry Skin

Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time

The best overall option for your dogs coat and skin may be a mixture of these remedies, although we highly recommend CBD dog shampoo. While other remedies can target some of your furry friends symptoms, CBD shampoo also provides relief to the entire body. You can clean your dogs skin on the outside, nourish it, and provide a soothing sensation with CBD suds.

Fortunately, you dont just have to try a single treatment method. Combine different techniques, use essential oils or CBD with coconut oil, and let us know your most effective methods. With cleansing properties, moisturizing effects, and the benefits of CBD oil, youll quickly see why this is product is one of the best for dry skin!

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The Right Omega Makes All The Difference

So do yourself a favorget your dog on an Omega-3 supplement. My dogs seem to love the taste of the Omega-3 Select chews. Plus, when you purchase Omega-3 Select chews, you also be providing up to 21 meals for shelter dogs. So talk to your vet. To friends. Find whats best for your dogs. Just make sure you make an Omega-3 supplement part of your golden retrievers daily diet. Theyre lives are short enough, we think they deserve the best we can give!

What Causes Dry Skin On Dogs

When the weather changes or even when the conditions within a dogs indoor environment change dry skin can strike. Dry skin in dogs can be due to environmental changes, such as cold weather in the winter , says

Another factor could be your dogs food. She notes that poor nutrition, including deficiencies in protein, vitamins, or essential fatty acids, could be a culprit.

More From Good Housekeeping

Just like people, dogs can suffer allergies to a number of different factors in their environment. “Because allergies can cause excessive itching in dogs and cats, it is one of the major causes of dry skin, says Dr. Amanda Nascimento, the head of integrative veterinary medicine and research at NHV Natural Pet. It can be caused by ingestion of food, dust, or liquids, for example.

Similarly, all those baths you think are helping your dog stay in top condition might actually have the opposite effect on their skin. Excessive bathing can also lead to dry skin, especially when the shampoo is not followed by a moisturizer, Bouillon notes.

In some cases, your dogs dry skin could be something more serious. Ultimately, scaling can develop in association with some illnesses such as endocrine diseases , skin allergies, resolving skin infections, parasitic infestations and, more rarely, cancer or genetic diseases like ichthyosis , Bouillon warns.

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Purchase A Humidifier For Your Home

This can be a big help for some inside dogs. Low humidity in a house with central heating or air conditioning aggravates dry skin, which is why this problem is relatively uncommon in outdoor dogs. It is not the best nor the only solution, however, and if your dog is still eating commercially produced dry dog food that has been sitting on a shelf, he will be lacking the nutrients he needs for healthy skin. The best way to tell if you need a humidifier is to look at your own skin. If it is dry, especially if you have noticed it itching, then a humidifier is a good option.

Keeping The Skin Safe And Itch Free

Golden Retriever Nose Butter

No one wants to see that their dog is in discomfort or not feeling as good as they should when it comes to their skin.

When the dog is itching at the skin and seems like they are not able to stop, then this is a sign that something is wrong with them.

You need to take a closer look to see what is causing the problem the most.

In some cases, you will be able to take a look at the skin or the ears and see what the problem is.

When you are able to do that, it is possible to use some good home remedies to help out with making the skin healthier and to stop the itching.

However, when the skin irritation is really bad and the dog will not stop itching, even when they are making the situation worse, then it is time to go to the vet to get a better treatment option.

The reason for the itching will often determine the treatment that will be used.

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