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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Happy

Why Do People Say Golden Retrievers Are So Friendly

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There is a heartwarming reason why the family-friendly Golden retriever is the top choice of many dog owners. Golden retrievers have everything you could ask for. They have a friendly and loyal fun-loving temperament. Added to this, they are intelligent and caring. These pets can tickle your funny bone and calm someone angry. What is not to love? You may ask why are golden retrievers is so happy? This article describes their temperament and explains its unique and amazing personality. Golden retrievers are friendly to everyone they meet, from strangers on the street to visitors that come to your home.

A Needy Golden Retriever Could Be In Pain

Golden Retrievers love to communicate through their bodies as theyll often use their cute paws to gently harass you into submission. Therefore, if your dog has never been overly needy, then becomes extra needy and unhappy all at once, chances are they could be in pain.

Your Golden Retriever might be acting needy to grab your attention and have you focus on their underlying problem. As a result, youll need to pay close attention to your Retriever whenever their needy episodes start.

Pay close attention to how your Golden Retriever responds after physical activity like swimming or play. After enjoying a nice time out, their level of neediness should go down significantly. But if they become persistently needy even after you give in to most of their demands, then taking them to the vet for consultation might be a good idea.

Taking Care Of Your Dog In The Summer

During the summer, youll need to make sure that your Golden Retriever has plenty of moving air, shade, and water. They like the heat, although it normally isnt good for them.

As long as you take care of your Golden and dont let him over exert himself, it should be just fine even on the hottest days that summer can dish out.

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They Love Everyone And Want To Be Loved Back

As a golden retrievers owner, you dont have to worry about leaving your dog at home for hours when going to work because they will be waiting at your door, ready to greet you once you are back.

Golden retrievers take immense pleasure in doing such little things for their owners, and they seem to have an almost immeasurable capacity to give love and receive love.

They dont only love their families and owners, but they extend the same level of affection and warmth to anyone that they meet. But they also want the same in return. They love it when we ruffle their hair, give them cuddly hugs, and allow them to lay right next to us. This makes perfect sense, really. Weve been asking why golden retrievers are so friendly the answer is because they love unconditionally, and want to be loved in the same way.

Other Reasons Why Goldens Are So Nice:

Why Do People Say Golden Retrievers Are So Friendly ...
  • They are mostly quiet.

While Goldens have really loud barks, they dont really bark as much as other dog breeds. In fact, they are known to be relatively quiet unlike other dogs.

These dogs are usually quiet because they dont get scared easily. They are also less territorial with lesser chances to bark whenever the mailman arrives or someone passes by the gate.

  • They are protective dogs.

The calm character is among the top characteristics of this particular breed and it is almost mainly by design. This peaceful attitude and calm demeanor of these dogs means that it is very rare for them to snap. It is notable because they can maintain this composure even amidst situations that might already cause stress to other canines.

But still, these dogs are protective. They are dogs after all. Golden Retrievers can still become aggressive and stand up if their owners are faced with some threats.

  • They are smart without being stubborn.

Goldens are smart enough to learn commands and will follow accordingly without being stubborn. They are also among the most chill and obedient dog breeds.

  • Golden retrievers are strong in a gentle way.

Finally, what makes Goldens really nice is that despite being pretty gentle, they can still be very strong. These dogs are quite muscular and also have among the strongest canine bites.

Owning a Golden Retriever will make you experience firsthand how nice and friendly these dogs can be!

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Happy And Friendly

Why are golden retrievers so happy? One of the main reasons golden retrievers are a popular breed is they readily allow you into their heart to become your best friend. These amazing breeds are super friendly and easy-going. They aim to please more than anything in the world.

The reason Golden retrievers are extremely friendly is due to their natural personality traits.


Golden retrievers have natural self-confidence in their abilities and will fulfill any task up to the end.


Throughout their lifespan, a golden retriever will be fun and playful. These dogs are extremely social and are not suspicious when they see a stranger.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? Golden retrievers are eager to please their human owners and will do anything to make everyone happy. These breeds are amazingly trustworthy, making them an asset to any family.


Golden retrievers, similar to Labradors, are typically used as guide dogs for blind people. They are extremely patient and care deeply for the safety and well-being of their masters as well as other dogs.


The joy and happiness of a golden retriever are rather infectious.


The Golden retriever is fourth on the list of the seven most intelligent dogs in the world.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? No matter how long youve been away, a golden retriever will give you a warm welcome than other breeds.

Good nature



Golden Retrievers Love To Play

Golden Retrievers love to play. Much of that playful drive stems from their high activity level and friendly nature. However, much of it also comes from a high level of intelligence. Goldens are intelligent, and combined with high energy they need to be mentally stimulated to be happy.

And mental stimulation best comes from play. So whether its a game of hide and seek, fetch, soccer, or any other game your kids can come up with, rest assure your Golden Retriever will be a willing participant to join in with your kids.

Not only will children benefit from the activity and play, but its very beneficial for your Golden Retriever. Many Golden Retrievers do not get the necessary physical and mental stimulation they need. With children, that usually is not the case. So, it is a win-win. Each gets the exercise and play that they need.

Goldens are also well known to stay in puppyhood longer than most dog breeds. Meaning while many dog breeds will become much more mature at two years old, you may find your Golden still being playful and good well into adulthood.

Golden Retrievers remain young at heart for most of their lives. So its not uncommon for an older Golden Retriever to enjoy some fetch, tug, or backyard play. They just cant do it for as long.

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They Get Along With Other Pets

When a new pet is brought into a home, it is important that the pet gets along well with the family. Intelligent and gentle, Golden Retrievers are quick to warm up to your other household pets, including cats or other smaller animals. Their calm nature will also mean less, or no furry quarrels at home. In addition to the good company, Golden Retrievers will often help you look out for pets too.Golden Retriever Training Tips

They Can Read Body Language

Golden Retriever So Happy & Friendly

Golden Retrievers are clever dogs. So, they can understand and learn commands quickly. Moreover, after building a bond with the owners, the dogs can read their body language. Thus, the pets will know when you need emotional support.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers will make a friendly gesture by cuddling, licking, and hugging you when they find you low.

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Golden Retrievers Are Highly Active

If you own a Golden Retriever, then you know how much energy they have and how much physical and mental stimulation they need. If you are considering getting a Golden Retriever for the first time, then be prepared.

If you are a first-time Golden Retriever owner, you might find it worthwhile to check out this article: Golden Retrievers: A Good Dog For First-Time Owners?

Golden Retrievers are renowned for their high activity levels. Adult Golden Retrievers can need upwards of two hours per day of exercise. The breed also excels in outdoor activities and enjoys swims, walks, runs, and hikes. Pretty much any activity can be done with a Golden Retriever.

An active child should find little problem engaging a Golden Retriever in some playtime, whether its running in the backyard, a walk, playing in the park, or just goofing around the house. Most Goldens are always up for some activity and play.

Chances are, if your kids have a lot of energy, it will be matched easily by a Golden Retriever.

Why Get A Golden Retriever

We already know Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs. However, you should never pick a dog breed based on how smart they are, at least according to the experts.All dogs are smart enough for you and your needs.

Unless you plan on using your dog for a specialized task or job, theres no need to pick one of the smartest dog breeds. But if you just want a great companion and family dog, Golden Retrievers are some of the best.

With that said, Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly and affectionate dogs. Theyll play with you every chance they get. But as energetic medium/large dogs, theyll need a moderate amount of exercise at least 1 hour of activity each day!

Golden Retrievers are also some of the most loyal dogs you can find. Mostly because of their eagerness to please, theyll thrive best in a family oriented environment.

If after reading all this and you still believe that the Golden Retriever is right for you you should definitely bring home one! Theres a reason why theyre one of the most popular dogs in the world.

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Playfulness Makes Golden Retrievers Friendly

Golden Retrievers are very playful. And since they have relentless energy, the dogs can play all day long. In addition, this attribute of the pet resembles the kids that make the Golden Retriever the best companion for kids.

If you supervise them, the pet and kids develop an unbreakable friendly bond. Thus, Golden Retriever is an undoubtedly friendly pet.

Inadvertently Reinforcing Your Golden Retrievers Needy Behavior

Golden Retrievers: Why Are They Always So Hungry ...

As natural hunters and retrievers, Goldens are easily among the most intelligent dog breeds around. Due to this, your super-smart four-legged friend might feel entitled and thus act needy to intelligently coerce you into giving in.

If you allow your Golden Retriever to always get what they want whenever they act needy, then chances are your dog will develop an appetite for acting needy. Therefore, youll need to be extra careful when handling your Golden, especially when theyre misbehaving.

Be firm and avoid giving in to their demands whenever they act needy. While saying no to these cute furry companions might be hard, the tough love will eventually pay off when your Golden becomes fully independent.

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Goldens Are Easy To Train

Since they have the natural temperament to work with people and they are super smart, golden retrievers are known to be easy to train.

Golden retrievers were originally breed as hunting dog that help retrieve birds and small game. Being easy to train has given goldens a reputation as a great service dog.

A golden retriever’s friendly demeanor means they are comfortable around people, which is important when guiding his owner around crowded situations.

They have a highly adaptive intelligence, meaning that when they make a mistake they learn from it. They are quicker than some other breeds in understanding cause and effect making them easier to train. Not only that they thrive in training classes and have a love of learning.

Why Goldens Are Great Retrieving Dogs

Four distinguishing characteristics made the Golden Retriever the perfect hunting dog. All of which, are still commonly seen in modern Golden Retrievers today.

  • The breed has a soft mouth, allowing it to retrieve the game and deliver it to the hunter in one piece. But because of this, they have a tendency for mouthing.
  • Golden Retrievers have an inbred love for the water. Most of them are excellent swimmers and can wade across rivers and swaps to retrieve game.
  • The breed is naturally obedient and thus easy to train in hunting skills. Theyre so eager to please that theyre the 4th highest-performing breed for obedience & working intelligence.
  • The breeds double coat provides insulation from cold and protection from heat during hunting sprees. Besides, the coat is also waterproof and repels water.
  • Because the crossbreed outcome was a perfect sportive dog fit for retrieving game, the Golden Retriever continued to be bred and was soon adopted in other parts of the globe, including the United States.

    Want to see the Golden Retriever in action? Check out this amazing dog retrieving ducks and other waterfowl for his human hunters:

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    How To Adopt A Golden Retriever

    If you consider getting a Golden Retriever for your next pet, please check adoption resources even purebred animals end up in shelters.

    Try Petfuls pet adoption page. You can filter your search results by breed and ZIP code.

    If you decide to look into breeders, make sure theyre responsible and do not exhibit any puppy mill red flags. Ask if health clearances were performed clearances are tests that look for issues in the parents to determine if any conditions will be passed down to their puppies.

    Neediness Makes Golden Retrievers Friendly

    Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs? (Or Too Friendly)

    The Golden Retrievers always crave attention from their owners. Thus, they will do everything to get love and care from their parents.

    Due to the neediness of the dog, you can control the behavior of your pet. In addition, the dogs eagerly follow the command that disciplines your pet. So, the Golden Retrievers will be very friendly to get your attention.

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    Getting To Know The Golden Retriever

    When you are searching for that perfect pooch to add to the mix, your future pups personality is only one part of the equation. There are several logistical pieces of the puzzle that you have to think about when you are looking for a dog, such as size, ease of training, health issues that are common to the breed, and your budget. For example, a dog can be the absolute best dog in the whole world, but if he weighs 250 pounds and you live in a small apartment, he might not be the best fit for your family. Likewise, you might find a pup that is perfect in every way, but you know you cant keep up with the extensive grooming and maintenance that the breed requires.

    Therefore, its always helpful to get to know the basics of any dog breed that you are considering adding to your family. Here are a few helpful stats about the friendly and devoted golden retriever:

    What Makes A Golden Retriever Unfriendly

    Generally, Golden Retrievers are very friendly. Yet, the pet can sometimes be unkind and destructive. And some of the reasons for the unfriendliness of your Golden Retriever are:

    • Unhealthy diet
    • Lack of training and exercise
    • Unfriendly breeding environment
    • Mistreat or abuse by the owners
    • Previous incidents

    After you know the reasons behind the harsh behavior of your pet, I guess you want to know how to manage the behavior of your pet. Dont you?

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    They Are Easy To Train

    One of the top 5 smartest dogs in the world, Golden retrievers are considered easy to train and can learn an awful lot of commands and tricks.

    Of course youll want to master basic obedience together, but you can also impress your friends with all sorts of tricks such as: Learning the names of and fetching different items, putting away their toys, dancing and even bringing you a drink!

    Of course, being such an intelligent breed it does mean you simply have to dedicate to regular training, otherwise those smarts can lead to mischief and misbehavior.

    In The United Kingdom

    The " Why did I need a bath?"  look on her face..

    Golden Retrievers were first accepted for registration by The Kennel Club in 1903, as Flat Coats Golden. They were first exhibited in 1908, and in 1911 were recognized as a breed referred to as Retriever .

    In Scotland

    In July 2006, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland organized a gathering of Golden Retriever enthusiasts at the ancestral home, Guisachan House. A photograph taken by photographer Lynn Kipps to commemorate the occasion captured 188 Golden Retrievers, and so holds the record for the most Golden Retrievers in one image.

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    Golden Retrievers Are Inherently Playful And Enjoying Making Friends

    Golden Retrievers are designated to the Sporting Group of dog breeds, which means they love an active lifestyle. It is essential to keep in mind their energy level when deciding to adopt a golden. For instance, they wouldnt make very good apartment dogs, and if youre not a fan of walking, they arent the right breed for you.

    Their water sporting and hunting past gives the breed unlimited energy and a love for playing outdoors and anywhere near water. They love to play fetch and will play for hours upon hours, which is perfect for families with energetic and adventurous children with large yards. The breed is not shy around new people and will welcome playtime with any companion who will join, human and animal alike.

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