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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

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Children And Other Pets

The amiable Golden Retriever isn’t bothered by the noise and commotion of kidsin fact, he thrives on it. He’s a large, strong dog, though, and he can easily knock over a small child by mistake.

As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party. Teach your child never to approach any dog while he’s eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

The Golden’s attitude toward other pets is the more the merrier. He enjoys the companionship of other dogs, and with proper introductions and training, can be trusted with cats, rabbits, and other animals.

Ensure Your Dog Is On A Healthy Diet

Providing your dog with high-quality nutritious food is essential for a healthy coat. A balanced diet can do wonders for your dogs coat health.

Ensure that the dog food is made of high-quality ingredients and doesnt contain unnecessary fillers. Also, avoid foods that trigger allergic reactions.

Incorporating protein and Omega-3 supplements in your dog food will also help reduce shedding.

Protein is great for hair healthit increases hair strength and puts a stop to allergy-related hair loss. Omega-3 keeps the golden coat shiny and lustrous.

Do Golden Retrievers Shed Retriever Shedding Guide

Got dog hair? Same. My American Bulldog, Bruce, is a shedding machine. Hi dog moms and dads!

My name is Bri, and as a dog mom, Ive gotten used to mass amounts of dog hair in my home and on my clothes at all times. Bruce is totally worth it, but Im always amazed at how much he sheds without going bald.

However, some dog parents get overwhelmed by all the dog hair if they didnt know the shedding habits of their breed before bringing them home. Thats where I want to help!

One of the best family dogs, and most common, is the Golden Retriever. My sister-in-law wanted one her whole life, and finally convinced her husband to bring home Ralph.

What she did not expect was the mass amount of dog hair Ralph came with. He is a loving, energetic pup that is everything she wanted in a dog, but the shedding took her by surprise.

To help dog parents avoid going through a little bit of culture shock when they bring home a Golden Retriever, I put together this shedding guide.

We will cover the ins and outs of shedding for Golden Retrievers, as well as some useful tips and tools to help manage it.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, lets get to know the breed a bit more.

Dont Use Pills Or Sprays

New Golden Retriever owners who are not pleased with the excessive shedding look for dangerous ways of getting rid of it. While only the most irresponsible pet owners are unaware of the dangers of shaving your Golden Retriever, there are still many that fall prey to products that claim the prevention of excessive shedding.


Sprays and pills of such sort contain dangerous chemicals that can harm the dogs coat and skin; the damage to the dogs coat only increases with repeated use.


Now Why Precisely Is Excessive Golden Retriever Shedding Bad

Can I Shave My Golden Retriever? Bad Idea! Here

Excessive shedding in dogs is such a typical factor that almost all individuals usually take it into account as a usual factor for his or her dog to perpetually shed and leave a path of hair everyplace they are going. In reality, excessive shedding isnt traditional and might cause variety of issues if not treated. As luck would have it, there also are straightforward solutions to treat and stop excessive shedding.

The shedding is excessive and unnatural if your dog sheds all year round! Healthy coats ought to be tight and glossy, and fur mustnt fall out simply.

Most of the issues higher than encountered by dogs can even occur in cats. There is, however, one extra drawback distinctive to cats with excessive shedding: hairballs. So, however does one forestall or get good in reducing excessive shedding and hairballs, and also the unpleasant issues may result for each owner and pet?

Equipment Help To Combat Golden Retriever Shedding

Having the right tools can make any job easier. The same goes for taking care of your dogs shedding!

If you have quality equipment to help you out, it will make your life so much easier.

There are quite a few tools that I have found to work the best for me, but I actually referred to my sister-in-law for a couple tips too since she actually owns a Golden Retriever.

Makes sense, right? Here are my top three tools for combating shedding:

Do Curly Coated Retrievers Shed

Lets just say that if you ever had a dog like this then youre no ordinary dog owner.

They have been bred to be extremely well-coiffed and can survive anywhere from the northern states to the south, especially in hot climates.

So, do curly coated retrievers shed? Yes, Curly coated Retrievers shed because of their coat and genetic factors. If youre looking for a dog to keep as pet, these breeds are affectionate, calmly, and smart. But they shed a few times in a year.

Why do curly coated retrievers shed when they are so well-coiffed? One reason is because they havent outgrown their puppy stage.

They were bred to have beautiful coats and only grow them during their young adulthood.

Another reason that this breed of curly coated golden retrievers shed is because they do not have the ability to control their body temperature.

There are breeds that have been shown to have more of a control over their body temperature than curly coated retrievers.

While the American Kennel Club still allows curly coated retrievers to run in hot temperatures they will lose their coat and also be considered unsuitable for racing.

How can you ? Well, the answer to this question is almost as complex as the breed of your dog.

If you look at your dogs coat as a natural blessing, then you will be grateful for the process of grooming.

Most dogs will shed their hair each month; however you will have to begin by removing all the hair from the hair follicles.

Golden Retriever Shedding What To Expect

Golden Retrievers are a moderate shedding breed.

But they are on the top end of moderate because they shed an average amount of hair throughout most of the year, and considerably more a couple times per year as they blow coat.

And this is because they are a double coated breed. They have a soft undercoat and a medium length, water resistant top coat that comes in lighter and darker shades of gold.

So, because they have a thick double coat, come spring and fall, the shedding goes from average to heavy, which is a normal occurrence in most dogs with a double coat.

All that is happening is they are shedding their thick winter coat in spring to prepare for the warmer summer months. And likewise they are shedding their summer coat in fall to grow a thicker coat for winter.

Also worth noting is that when puppies reach 6 months of age they shed their thick, fluffy puppy coat completely, to make way for their adult coat. So during this time youre going to notice a once in a lifetime shedding event.

To give you some perspective on the shedding of an adult Golden compared with other breeds, they lose about the same amount of fur as breeds like the Labrador and Great Pyranees, but not quite as much as breeds like the Bernese Mountain Dog and for example.

So, as amazing as Goldens are, theyre probably not the best choice if you want a low shedding breed. And definitely not suitable if youre looking for a hypoallergenic breed, like the Poodle.


Pests And Skin Conditions

Fleas and ticks along with other pests can wreak havoc on a Golden Retrievers fur. Constant scratching, licking and biting can cause hair loss and excessive shedding!

There are also diseases these pests can carry that could cause changes in a dogs fur. You could notice balding, irritated patches or even just excessive shedding.

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed The Most

In general, the golden retriever dogs will shed more when the main seasons changes. Especially for Golden Retrievers that live outdoor or have frequently of access to fresh air.

The Golden Retriever dogs, is a breed that have the undercoat which will fluff up during the winter to create a warmer fur. When winter turns to spring, they will also change the undercoat again in order to adapt to the warmer season.

During these changing times, you need to take your golden retriever dog outside once or twice every day in order to give him a good brush and de-shedding. This de-shedding time, will take in average, between 20 to 25 minutes; but it will be a great experience for you Golden Retriever dog.

For golden retrievers that stays indoor most of the time, they will start shedding all year round. Because this can make it harder for the pet to recognize when the season changes.

At What Age Do Golden Retrievers Start Shedding

Golden Retriever puppies have an extra thick fluffy fur coat as opposed to the long flowing golden coat that is seen on adult Golden Retrievers. This thick padded fur coat helps to keep the puppies warm during their first 4-6 months.

This coat will then be completely shed at around the sixth month to allow for the growth of the adult coat. After shedding their soft puppy coat, there will be an increased amount of shedding.

Possible Causes For Shedding


Hair follicles can become loose in goldens who are allergic to food, pollen, and shampoo. Itchy skin can encourage scratching. Asthma can lead to itchy eyes, ears. Paws, armpits, and other private areas. It is possible that they are also susceptible to ear or eye infections. Hypersensitivity is when your pet licks too much of her body.


Due to the increased scratching of your pup, mites, and fleas can cause excessive shedding. Please avoid taking your dog to the groomers when you find an infestation. The parasites could spread to other pets. Use anti-tick, anti-mite shampoos and insecticides.

Clean your home regularly to eliminate any parasites and eggs. Also clean their bedding and the areas where they lie often.

Stress, particularly for dogs who are sensitive or anxious, can cause hair loss.

Lifestyle and family changes can cause your Golden to shed. Even noises from nearby construction, as well as a change in routine or scenery can cause shedding.


Its possible to avoid stressing your Golden Retriever by providing a quiet and low-traffic area for her safety when she feels overwhelmed. This could be a crate for your Golden Retriever or an unoccupied room that doubles to be her sleeping area.

Harmonic Changes

Your dogs hormone fluctuations can lead to increased shedding if it is sterilized. The males are more likely to notice a change in their Golden Retrievers shedding in the following months.

Golden Retriever Shedding: How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed


Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, Golden Retrievers shed. Read on to find out just how much, and find out what kind of tools you’ll need to manage the hair.

Emma Braby

Do Golden Retrievers shed? The short answer is yes, they definitely shed. But just how much? Well, thats somewhat of a subjective question, depending on the type of breeds you have experience with. If you own a fluffy dog thats on the larger size side of the spectrum, the Golden Retriever may be a piece of cake compared to what you are used to.

Before we get into the details, you should know that the Golden Retriever sheds moderately throughout the year and heavily during shedding seasons. There is no escaping this fact or preventing it. But what you can do is manage your Golden Retrievers shedding effectively, and here we are going to show you exactly how to do it.

Reading this guide is a must for those struggling with the Golden Retriever shed because, as the cool kids say, the struggle is real. But with our tips and tricks, there is a golden light at the end of the tunnel. From his coat type, how often he sheds and when, to the best products for managing his shed, well cover everything you need to know. Without any further ado, lets learn everything there is to know about our favorite canine Goldilocks.


  • 8 Final Thoughts
  • Rubber Gloves Work Great

    Your dog will love these little bonding sessions with you and if you like to pet your dog you can use special rubber gloves with rubber spikes for the de-shedding process.

    They work really great for the daily de-shedding during the spring and fall and they will help you get all the excess hair off your dog more easily.

    They also were great during bath time because they protect your hands and help you groom the dog. You will get a much better feel for the dog and it will feel like a good back rub or a gentle massage for him/her.

    You can find all our recommendations for brushes and de-shedding tools here.

    Can I Reduce The Amount My Golden Retriever Sheds

    Although golden retrievers will always shed some hair thanks to their double coat, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure that the shedding is minimal and manageable.

    Firstly, you should commit to a daily brushing schedule. This will allow for you to remove the dead hair straight from your dog before it falls off and becomes entangled in your carpets and furniture. It will also reduce any matting and tangles. If you cant do every day, aim for at least three times a week.

    Secondly, you should make sure that your dogs coat is as healthy and strong as possible. That means feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding anything that they could be allergic to, or low-quality dog food that is stuffed with filler instead of nutrients.

    Food high in protein will help to keep your dogs hair healthy and supple, and will stop any allergy-related shedding and skin problems. Omega-3 oil supplements are also useful in restoring strength and shine to your dogs coat.

    You shouldnt bathe your golden retriever too often as chemical-filled shampoos will dry your dogs skin and hair out, leading to increased shedding and skin problems. Just give them a bath when theyre dirty and, when you do use shampoo, make sure that its a high-quality anti-allergenic one thats gentle on their skin and nourishing to their hair.

    Fur Control When You Have A Golden Retriever Shedding In The House

    While you cant stop your dog from shedding, there are some steps you can take to minimize it.

    Aside from dealing with your dog directly, its best to invest in a powerful vacuum for carpeted areas. A wet-tissue sweeper will do for wooden, laminated, or tile flooring. is a popular choice on Amazon.

    Lint rollers or lint brushes are also a must-have in every household with a shedding pet like the Golden Retriever.

    Bathe Your Golden Retriever Every Few Weeks

    You should give your golden retriever a every few weeks as this can help to wash off some hair that was preparing to shed as well as hair that was already released by the hair follicles but was stuck to your golden retrievers coat.

    However, resist the temptation to bathe your golden retriever too often as that can lead to skin conditions. It also removes the natural oils in your pets fur, leading to a dry, damaged coat that doesnt have its beautiful shine.  

    What Makes Golden Retrievers Unique

    The Golden Retriever is a medium to large breed that got its start in the mid-19th century as a Scottish gundog. At this time, Scottish hunters of waterfowl would use Goldens to locate and retrieve what theyd shot.

    This is a similar purpose that Irish Setters were given, a breed which theyre related to. As well as other related breeds theyre related to, like the extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, which is similar to the Irish Water Spaniel.

    In any case, Goldens made excellent working dogs and were very good at the retrieval based tasks they were given.

    And not just because of their athleticism, keen swimming ability, and soft mouth that doesnt damage the birds they retrieved. But because of their obedience, confidence, and high level of intelligence.

    These traits leave little wonder as to why theyve gone onto become service dogs for law enforcement, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs for the blind.

    Not to mention, one of the most popular family dogs in the United States, as well as other countries like Canada and Britain. To the point there are actually three variations of the Golden:

    • American Golden Retriever
    • Canadian Golden Retriever
    • British Golden Retriever

    Theres not a huge difference in how they shed or how much effort is needed to groom them , but there some differences in their build and the color of their coat.

    Tip #15: Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

    Shaving or cutting your goldens hair very short is a huge no-no.

    In the first section, we talked about the importance of their double coat, and shaving or cutting this off robs them of their natural protection.

    Some people think that theyre doing their dog a favor in the hot summer months by shaving their golden, but in fact, theyre doing them a huge disservice.

    Their undercoat protects them from both hot and cold temperatures so its best to never shave or cut your goldens coat too short.

    How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    In a word: lots.

    These beautiful dogs shed hair moderately throughout the year. And by moderately, we mean that youll find a few of their short, coarse hairs straying across your furniture, clothes and probably your carpets.

    For many golden retrievers, this shedding ramps up twice a year during the spring and fall seasons. If the shedding during the rest of the year doesnt convince you to get a high-powered dog hair vacuum, were willing to bet youll want to during the shedding seasons!

    If you want to research a broader range of pet vacuumscheck out the best vacuum cleaners as tested by Theyve put over 82 different vacuums to the test and have a ton of information on the best models for dogs, carpets, hardwood floors, tile, and more. Additionally, Gemma Tyler from Smart Vacuumssays when looking for a good cordlessvacuumcleaner to tackle dog hair, then one with a motorized head is a must, anything else just wontdo the job.

    You should expect a lot of hair to escape from your golden at this time as they blow their coats, ready to grow in entirely new ones for summer and winter, respectively.

    You should expect a lot of hair to escape from your golden at this time as they blow their coats, ready to grow in entirely new ones for summer and winter, respectively.

    When Is Shedding In Your Retriever A Sign Of A Problem

    Golden Retriever Shedding

    While shedding is completely normal for a golden retriever, there are times when it could also be a sign of a problem. If you notice excess shedding or their shedding is abnormal, it could be being caused by any of the following.


    Allergies are known to affect your golden retriever in a number of ways, and one of the ways they can be affected is excess shedding.

    The allergy may be caused by something in their environment thats aggravating their skin such as grass, pollen, or airborne contaminants. It may also be something to do with you such as the shampoo youre using on them, or the laundry detergent in your clothes. And lastly, it may also be caused by certain foods that theyre eating particularly certain meats.

    Whatever, the case, if you think that your golden retriever is suffering from allergies, you should take them to a vet to help you figure it out.


    Another cause of shedding which you should keep an eye on is parasites. Fleas and ticks in particular are known to irritate your golden retriever. This irritation can cause them to scratch more which can increase shedding.

    Because of this you should be using an effective flea and tick preventative on your pup, as well as checking them over as well!

    Bad Diet


    However, with a healthy diet, you can help your new mother overcome this!



    The good news is, in most cases, once your golden retriever stops taking the medication, its likely that their coat will return to normal.

    How To Find A Good Breeder And Avoid Puppy Mills

    Ask questions, particularly about the health of your dog.

    If a breeder wont provide you with important information, there may be a reason. Dont waste your time trying to figure what it is. It is better to hedge your bets than try to find a more transparent breeder.

    Meet the breeder and your pups parents.

    It is possible to visit the facility in person. Its great to do some internet research, but it wont tell if your pup is sleeping in a warm blanket in the breeders room, or an outdoor kennel that is open to the elements.

    Get Reference.

    Research is key when you try to find the right breeder. Now, you need to research breeders character.

    Puppy mills are breeding programs that expose their dogs to dangerous conditions. These dogs are often malnourished and over-bred.

    Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    Golden Retrievers are a medium sized dog that was bred in Scotland during the mid 1800s to help hunters retrieve ducks and other game birds. And theyve since become one of the most popular breeds in America, which is no surprise given their calm, friendly and intelligent nature.

    How much do they shed? Golden Retrievers shed a moderate amount of hair throughout most of the year, but because theyre a double coated breed they tend to shed more heavily during spring and fall. However, you can significantly reduce the shedding by brushing each day with a pin brush or slicker brush.

    Lets take a closer look at how much Goldens shed and what you can do to get this under control, so that you can spend more time enjoying their company and less time vacuuming!

    Golden Retriever Shedding: An Introduction

    If you are a Golden Retriever dog owner, one of the many facts about your dog that you are simply going to have to live with is that your Golden retriever  shedding. And you are reading this post because you are asking : Do golden retrievers shed?

    Almost every variety of dog sheds hair, unless it is a completely hairless dog, much like the Golden Retriever, American Hairless terrier and others. The shedding may vary from light to heavy depending upon the the dog, the kind of coat he has and how much the owner is taking care of his dog.

    Do Some Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Others

    Not necessarily, but sometimes. This is all dependent on the situation and the dog because every dog is different!

    There are certain factors, such as climate, that could make one Golden Retriever shed more than another. For example, a Golden Retriever in Los Angeles probably sheds more than one in upstate New York.

    Los Angeles is obviously much warmer, so that Golden Retriever will probably shed more often to keep the thick fur from overheating them. One in a cooler climate like New York might shed less because they keep more of that thick fur!

    On average, Golden Retrievers do not really shed more than another.

    Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

    Golden Retrievers are one of the few dog breeds that have a double coat. This double coat is made of a thick plush undercoat and a furry waterproof outer coat. This double coat makes it possible for Golden Retrievers to be able to tolerate different weather types.

    The undercoat adapts to the temperature and environmental needs of the dog. This is the main reason why Golden Retrievers shed a lot. They tend to grow a thick undercoat during the cold seasons which they shed during the warmer seasons.

    Another reason why your Golden Retriever might be shedding a lot could be as a result of a medical complication. When your dog starts shedding its fur in big clumps such that bald patches are left behind, then this is far from normal shedding.

    Excessive shedding may be a sign that your dog has skin allergies or thyroid disease. You can handle this by consulting your veterinarian.

    Also, if you live in a hot area, then your Golden Retriever will tend to shed more. This is because they need less hair in hot areas to stay warm.

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