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Golden Retriever Mix With Lab

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Golden Retriever Lab Mix Health Issues

Goldador – Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix – Designer Dogs 101 – Top 10 Facts
  • Hip Dysplasia Hip and elbow dysplasia are very common for this dog breed
  • Obesity If given the opportunity the Labrador will eat an entire bag of dog food
  • Eye Infections the Goldador can easily get eye infections so make sure to be on top of any swelling, redness, or soreness of your dog.
  • Diabetes this can be a problem if you dont feed your Goldador the proper food.
  • Ear Infections The Goldador can get ear infections so make sure to clean out your dogs ear once a month.
  • Cold Tail Cold tail is where a sporting dog loses their use of the tail, which can be quite painful

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Do You Have Allergies Or Asthma

Goldadors tend to shed a lot. This, unfortunately, makes them problematic dogs for anyone with dog hair allergies because their hair is almost impossible to avoid. If anyone in your home has an allergy, they will not cope well with a Goldador.

Their excessive shedding can also exacerbate asthma. While regular brushing can help manage this, they are best avoided for children with asthma or anyone with very severe asthma.

How Big Do Goldadors Get

As mentioned above Goldadors can stand between 22 and 24 inches at the shoulder. With their average build, they weigh in between 60 and 80 pounds . Males are typically on the bigger end of that scale with females on the smaller end.

To get these numbers, we have to look at the parent breeds to see what they average:

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Where To Buy Goldador Puppies

Here are 4 reasons why you should find a good breeder when looking for Goldador puppies for sale:

  • Have a healthier puppy. Puppies that come from good breeders are raised in homes or else nice kennels and are healthier because they are taken to the vet when they are young. Responsible breeders also check for early signs of hip dysplasia and other genetic conditions to reduce the chances of inherited diseases getting passed onto your puppy.
  • Get a better idea of personality. Since much of a dogs personality is inherited, seeing the parents and siblings of the puppy youre interested in will give you a better idea of what youre taking home with you.
  • Support a family. Rather than buying from a puppy mill that treats animals like products, buying from a small in-home breeder will support a family thats not only looking to make money off of puppies but wants to improve the breed.
  • Guarantee a home for your dog. If things dont work out with your Goldador for some reason, a good breeder will take them back at any point in their life. That means you never have to worry about your dog having a good home.
  • Here are several breeders to help you begin your search for a Goldador puppy for your family:

    What Health Problems Do Golden Retriever & Lab Mix Have

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix

    Despite the many benefits of owning a Goldador, there are some drawbacks. Both Labs and Golden Retrievers have several health problems that can potentially be passed to their Golden Lab puppies.

    Here are some of the common health problems Goldadors may have:

    • Elbow and hip dysplasia. As previously mentioned, this is a malformation of these joints that results in the bone not being in the joint properly.
    • Cruciate ligament injury. Another health problem that Goldadors can run into is cruciate ligament injury which involves the knee joint on the hind leg.
    • Eye problems. This mixed dog is prone to several eye problems, including progressive retinal atrophy which can lead to blindness.
    • Diabetes. In dogs, this disease requires regular blood sugar level checks and may need insulin injections as well.
    • Hypothyroidism. This condition is hereditary and causes the thyroid to slow down which leads to low energy, weight gain, and hair loss.
    • Skin conditions. Ear infections and skin allergies are among two of the most common skin conditions that your Goldador may experience. In the case of allergies, you should always have them tested to be sure its not a preventable food allergy.
    • Obesity. If you feed these dogs too much and exercise them too little, then theres a good chance that they will become obese. In dogs, obesity can lead to a higher incidence of elbow and hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligament injuries, which makes it even more necessary to control your Goldadors weight.

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    How Do You Care For A Goldador

    Exercise needs

    The Goldador is both energetic and intelligent, and bores easily. It will need at least one hour of daily exercise building up 2 hours a day in adulthood, therefore not suited to any dog owner who cannot provide the space or opportunity to have this level of activity. They will love to play chase, fetch, with Frisbees and throwing toys, in dog parks chasing other dogs and swimming.


    They have a big appetite, and can be greedy this must be controlled. Feed as a medium to large-sized dog depending on activity level. Split portions, average 3-4 cups of kibble, dry formulated food per day, to prevent bloat and encourage to eat slowly, possibly using a slow feeding bowl.


    This mixed-breed dog has a dense double coat that sheds moderately, but twice a year it will shed more as the season changes. It requires regular brushing, at least 2-3 times a week is recommended.


    This dog loves water and is a good swimmer when allowed, but should only be bathed when required as their coat has a water-resistant texture and its natural oils would be stripped through excessive washing. Certain dog formulated shampoos have a double effect of cleaning while protecting its coat against fleas and insect bites.

    Cleaning teeth, nails and ears

    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Color

    Only by its name, you can expect what color they can come in. A Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix is more likely to come in a single color and it will be chocolate. Well, the word chocolate is the most favorite used by childrens especially girls. You will also find their coat a bit shiny due to its parent Golden Retriever. So, the perfect color of chocolate lab golden retriever mix would be chocolate with some shiny hair on them.

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    Can Goldadors Be Left Alone

    Goldadors are highly companionable dogs that want to be part of their family. They like to be in the thick of things, and so they are happiest when there is someone around to keep them company, even if they arent actually doing anything together.

    For this reason, it is not advisable to leave Goldadors alone for extended periods of time. A well-trained Goldador wont cause too much destruction if you have to leave them at home for a day in an emergency.

    However, if they find themselves alone on a regular basis, for example for 10 hours a day while everyone is at work, they will often develop depression and anxiety, which usually manifests as destructive chewing, scratching, and digging.

    These dogs do best in households where there is someone around most of the time. If you need to be out, having someone pop in and just spend half an hour or so with your dog can make a big difference.

    What Is A Golden Retriever Lab Mix

    Goldador Dog Breed: The Golden Retriever and Labrador Mix

    This dog is a designer crossbreed, first seen in the 1990s.

    A delightful crossbreed, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix was first bred to be a guide dog.

    They have also been used in other professions, such as a search and rescue or drug detection dogs.

    Over the years, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix has gained popularity as a family pet.

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    Golden Retriever Lab Mixes Are Suitable For:

    The best owners for goldadors are people that are prepared to walk, play with, groom, and train a dog daily. Because Golden retriever lab mixes are gentle and patient, theyre particularly ideal for families with young children or other pets.

    Goldadors are large, energetic dogs that do best in spacious households with backyards.

    Goldador: Mix Of The Popular Labrador And Golden Retrievers

    This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

    The Labrador retriever and the golden retriever are two of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

    Both are attractive and energetic dogs that are highly intelligent, easy to please, and incredibly friendly. It was only ever a matter of time before someone tried to cross these two breeds. The resulting crossbreed is known as the Goldador!

    This crossbreed mixes the best of both parent breeds to create a friendly pup ideal for active families with children or for taking on sociable working roles.

    With the right amount of love, affection, exercise, and mental stimulation, these crossbreeds make the perfect addition to any household.

    Goldadors are even suitable for first-time owners, as long as their owner has enough time and energy to keep up with these energetic, loyal pups.

    Read on to find out everything you need to know about Goldador dogs.

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    Goldador Personality And Temperament

    Golden retriever lab mixes are loyal, playful, affectionate, sociable, and get along well with children and other pets. These dogs are intelligent and love nothing more than pleasing their owners, which makes them easy to train.

    Goldadors are energetic dogs that are best suited to owners that lead active lifestyles and have time to play with the dogs throughout the day. While gentle, goldadors can be mouthy and love to retrieve items around the house, so theyll need plenty of chew toys and training from an early age to curb this behavior.

    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Size

    Labrador Golden Retriever Mix

    Both of Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix parents are medium-sized dogs, so no doubts, Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix is also going to be a medium-sized dog.They Can very very good working dogs as well as a watchdog for big families. Apart from that, it is never recommended to adopt a medium-sized dog if you live in a small Apartment as medium size dog like this word can be very energetic and can be destructive at home in your absence.It was always recommended that you keep them in an apartment with their low-energy. So every time you leave your house, make sure that their energy is completely drained.

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    Goldador Training And Exercise

    Both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever come from strong working dog backgrounds. As Retriever group dogs, the Lab and the Golden are both accustomed to a high level of daily activity and exercise and a high level of interaction with people.

    This means that regardless of which parent dog your Goldador puppy may take after, you can count on bringing home a smart, eager, active and social pup who will need plenty of ongoing socialization and training from day one.

    Your Goldador training regimen should include lots of exposure to new people, new places and new situations so your dog grows up to be a poised and calm member of the greater community.

    Also, a word of caution: Goldadors will likely possess a strong prey drive because of their hunting and retrieving background, so you should be sure to keep other vulnerable family pets far out of harms way.

    Where Do You Live

    Goldadors are pretty big dogs, and they also have a lot of energy. This means they dont generally do well in apartments, and you should only really consider keeping them in an apartment if you will be able to take them out multiple times a day. For example, guide dogs can live in an apartment with their charge, but they are also out and about with their owners most of the day.

    Goldadors do best if they have a bit of outdoor space to call their own where they can blow off steam if they cant get out to the park.

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    Should You Get A Goldador

    One of the great things about Goldadors is they are great dogs for almost anyone. They are great around children, including young children, so even families with toddlers can adopt one of these dogs. Still, though, bear in mind that small children should always be supervised with dogs, no matter how familiar they are.

    These crossbreeds are also intelligent, trainable, and easy to please, so even first-time owners can manage a Goldador. Their naturally friendly nature also means that, as long as they are in a loving environment, they will be a personable and friendly dog. With this breed, you are incredibly unlikely to end up with an uncontrollable or aggressive dog on your hands.

    But what are the other things to consider? Ask yourself the following questions before bringing home a Goldador.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Training

    Goldador – Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix

    Golden retriever lab mixes are easy to train because of their intelligence, strong focus, and eagerness to please. These dogs love learning new tricks and can pick up complex tasks, which makes them well-suited for service work.

    Training can start as early as eight weeks and should begin with name training, crate training, housebreaking, and basic obedience. Puppies should also be socialized throughout their lives, especially between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks, to help them become outgoing, even-tempered adult dogs.

    Goldadors respond best to positive reinforcement, with rewards such as high-value treats and toys. Always acknowledge and praise desirable behaviors.

    Golden retriever lab mixes are mouthy, so they need plenty of bite inhibition training. Whenever the puppy bites you, make a yelping noise and turn away from them. Dont give them any attention until their behavior subsides. You can also redirect their mouthiness by giving the dogs durable toys to chew.

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    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Grooming & Care

    Although they have thick double coats, Golden Lab mixes are moderate shedders and wont fill your house with loose hair. However, regular grooming is still necessary and you should brush your mix three times a week with a curry brush. Your mix will shed more during the shedding season at which time youll have to brush him every day.

    When it comes to bathing, do it once every two months or as needed to keep your Goldadors coat clean and shiny. For bathing, use only dog-approved shampoos that wont dry up or irritate your dogs skin. Furthermore, be sure to rinse your dog any time he goes swimming to prevent skin infections.

    The rest is basic care and includes regular teeth brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. The Goldador can be prone to ear infections due to its floppy ears so make sure to check and clean the ears weekly. And whenever in doubt, take your dog to the vet who can show you how to clean your dogs ears at home.

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    How Do You Train A Goldador Puppy

    The best way to train most dogs is by using positive reinforcement. This means showing your pup the behavior that you would like and then rewarding them when they complete the behavior.

    Positive reinforcement training teaches dogs how to perform desired behaviors and that they can expect good things to happen if they do it. Soon, it will become instinctive, and you will no longer need to reward them every time.

    This is a particularly good form of training for Goldadors because they are highly motivated by both treats and pleasing.

    It is never a good idea to punish dogs when they misbehave. To be useful, punishment needs to be delivered when they are âcaught in the act.â

    Punishing a dog when you get home because you discover that they have peed in the house will just lead to confusion, as they will not be able to associate the previous act with the current punishment.

    Finally, punishment often teaches dogs different lessons than the ones you actually want them to learn. For example, instead of learning not to pee in the house, they might just learn not to pee while you are around.

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    Exercise & Living Conditions

    The Goldador will need at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day. If you cannot commit to this high level of activity, you should either pick another dog breed or hire a dog walker. Traditional working dogs, which both of his parents are, need daily exercise without fail. And without it, he will become unruly and problematic.

    Unfortunately, this is a big reason why both of his parents end up in rescue centers because people come to realize that they cannot provide them with the exercise that they need. The Goldador doesnt stay a cute and cuddly Andrex puppy forever, and hell soon grow up to be an energetic workaholic.

    When he is a puppy, his exercise shouldnt be too intense, because you need to protect his joints from heavy impact as he develops. Instead, stick to long walks and swimming. As he becomes more sturdy, he makes a great jogging partner, frisbee catcher, or agility course participant.

    The Goldador has an intelligent brain, and as such, you need to vary his exercise routine. Hell quickly become bored with daily walks. Especially if you dont take him swimming or to the local doggy park to catch up with his friends.

    He also needs daily playtime in the yard to keep his mind stimulated. You can join him in his fun and games, or you can leave him to it if he has plenty of toys to entertain himself with. But being a needy pooch, hell be much happier if you join in the fun.

    Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Temperament

    Golden retreiver and lab mix

    The Lab golden retriever mix is sociable, kind, and easygoing. They are affectionate and devoted to their owners. But theyre also too trusting and friendly to just about anyone, which makes them poor guard dogs.

    Goldadors are not territorial. Unless provoked, they are neither mean nor aggressive. Even when they are approached by strangers or are being poked by small children, they usually stay calm and stoic. They are well-mannered and gentle with kids, which makes them excellent family dogs.

    Because the Goldador is highly active, it does best in a country or suburban home with lots of space to run around in. But these dogs can easily adapt to any environment, which means theyll do fine in a city apartment as long as you provide sufficient exercise and playtime.

    A post shared by Buddy Pleva on Nov 8, 2019 at 1:08pm PST

    While grooming a Goldador is pretty much typical of grooming any dog, these dogs do need to be brushed daily. And have their teeth cleaned at least twice a week. Also, check and clean their ears regularly to prevent infections, clip their nails at least once a month, and bathe them as needed.

    Goldadors also need at least a ½ hour of exercise every day but do well with more.

    And you should consult your veterinarian as to what types of food and how much you should feed your dog per day based on their age and condition.

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