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Golden Retriever Rescue Waiting For A Home

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Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets

Golden Retriever Puppy Waiting to go Home…

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds when it comes to pets, especially for those looking at larger dogs, rather than small pooches.

While every dog is different, the golden retriever breed has a lot of characteristics that make them ideal pets:

  • They are affectionate and friendly and will bond with you very quickly.
  • They wont bark at or intimidate your friends and neighbors as they like pretty much everybody .
  • They get along with other dogs, so they fit in well in homes that already have pets.
  • They bond with children quickly and form mild protective instincts plus, they are very aware of their own size and strength and know how to be gentle with children.
  • They are very intelligent, which means they are easy to train, and are able to figure out what is required of them in new situations with minimal guidance.
  • They are eager to please and motivated by reward, which again, makes them very easy to train.

But there are also some challenges to be aware of before adopting a golden retriever:

None of these are reasons not to adopt a golden retriever. But they are things to be aware of and prepared for before committing to having one of these amazing dogs in your life for the next 10 to 15 years.

Golden Retrievers Need A Lot Of Exercise

Similarly to the last point, Golden Retrievers are hyper-energetic dogs who love to run and play. Originally bred for hunting, these dogs are at home running around outdoors, which means they need a lot of room to run at home. Unfortunately, living in a city or a small home with little to no yard isnt just annoying for the owner whose dog wont leave them alone its unfair to the dog who just wants to play! Thus, those who dont live an active lifestyle often put their Golden Retriever up for adoption in Ohio.

Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue Ohio

Located in Bath, Ohio, Golden Treasures was founded in 2004 by two experienced dog rescuers. Golden Treasures is entirely operated by volunteers, proving that the organization is powered solely by the love of its volunteers and patrons. To date, they have helped many dogs find homes and has cemented its reputation as a true hero of the Golden Retriever breed.

The rescues mission is to ensure the welfare of the Golden Retriever breed around the state of Ohio. This can mean anything from providing advice, resources, assistance to veterinarians, taking in strays or dogs in crisis, or removing puppies from dangerous situations. Golden Treasures provides each dog with a full veterinary exam upon retrieval, including any necessary procedures, and spays and neuters each dog.

They put their lives on hold for the Golden Retrievers they rescue throughout Ohio by going above and beyond the normal requirements of their jobs. Golden Treasures volunteers and owners have made it their mission to rescue dogs from euthanasia, provide obedience lessons, behavioral intervention, and more to ensure that every dog is given a chance at a happy life.

The organizations Golden Retriever adoption process is pretty rigorous. Golden Treasures requires a veterinarian contact, a home visit, and an interview before the preliminary meeting with a dog.

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How Grr Matches Dogs To Families

What you should consider:

  • Dog is age appropriate for your family
  • Dogâs personality is appropriate for your family
  • Compatibility of GRR dog with your family pets

In the event an applicant requests a dog that we believe to be unsuitable for them, GRR reserves the right to offer the dog we feel are most appropriate for the applicant and their individual needs.

Remember: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I really care about the color of my new Golden?
  • Do I really care about the size of my new Golden?
  • Do I really care about the specific appearance of my new Golden?
  • If these things are important to you, then a rescue Golden may not be right for you.


Goldens Without Borders Rescue

All Dogs

With a Golden Retriever rescue in every state and more than 80 Golden Retriever rescues in the U.S., we saw a great need to help the thousands of Goldens that are killed each year in overseas countries from the horrific dog meat trade.

We are exclusively an international rescue and we rely on both passenger and cargo flights to safely transport our rescued Goldens home to America. We are a 5013 nonprofit run entirely on donations and 100% by volunteers. We are a foster based rescue with no physical location and no paid staff. We are a platinum member on GuideStar for our transparency.

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Golden Retriever Rescue And Adoption Of Needy Dogs

Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs was founded in 1994 by members of the Greater Louisville Golden Retriever Club. They noticed that there was a need for a rescue group for Golden Retrievers in Ohio and Kentucky, and thus, GRRAND was born.

Originally a group connecting dogs in shelters with adoption resources and potential families, GRRAND has held and cared for dogs awaiting adoption or foster homes in its own kennels for the past 4 years. Since its beginnings, GRRAND has rehomed almost 5,000 dogs many of which are Golden Retrievers. Though the rescue is technically based in Kentucky, they primarily serve Ohio.

GRRAND takes on all medical expenses and behavioral training for dogs under its care. In addition, the organization receives donations for dogs whose medical issues are critical and those whose lives are coming to end, ensuring comfort for these animals. The rescue is also extremely focused on educating potential pet owners about issues facing many of the dogs they take in.

GRRAND and its fellow Golden Retriever rescues are focused on a movement based in Turkey to save Golden Retrievers who are released into the streets as adults to fend for themselves. GRRAND educates its patrons about this and other issues facing dogs worldwide by providing updates on their website, proving their love for dogs knows no bounds.

Easy Ways To Support Rescue A Golden Of Arizona

Rescue A Golden of Arizona


is a 501 non-profit organization that rescues Golden Retrievers who have lost their homes through no fault of their own and places them, through adoption, in their forever homes.

We have been rescuing Golden Retrievers since 1998 and operate in the State of Arizona.

Select the “Dog Availability” tab above to view dogs ready for adoption.

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Tips For Caring For Rescue Dogs

You might want to take a look at our new puppy checklist before bringing home your new puppy. While our list focuses on puppies youll find a lot of items youll also need for a rescue dog.

Unlike brand new pups adopted from responsible breeders, rescue dogs often come with behaviors and habits from their previous homes that may or may not be suitable for their new home with you.

There are a few things you can do to make your dog feel comfortable in your home quickly and start learning new house rules without delay.

Golden retrievers in particular are very intelligent pups and should have no problem adapting if you do a few smart things.

  • Dogs, like children, thrive on regularity, so create a schedule for them. Establish regular eating and exercise times, so they learn to know what to expect.
  • Reward your dog for correct behavior by treating them with food or play. Dont yell or punish. Your dog can develop a negative reaction to this, especially if they have been punished by previous owners.
  • Make sure everyone in the house is giving the same commands and following the same rules. It can be confusing for dogs when people use different commands for the same behavior, or when different behavior is acceptable with different members of the household.
  • If they are not house trained, have them sleep in a crate, but not alone. It is better to place the crate in someones room. They can stop sleeping in the crate when they can consistently hold it the whole night.

Golden Retrievers Are Large Dogs

AFiles – Golden Retriever Rescue

While Golden Retrievers arent the largest dog breed, many adopt them as puppies because they are adorable little balls of fluff. Those little fluff balls quickly grow into large and energetic dogs that require more room and attention than many dog owners realize. For those who live in a small apartment or a house with no yard, this gets old fast. Please make sure that you have an adequate amount of living space before buying a Golden Retriever from a breeder.

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The Application And Adoption Process

Important notice:

  • Please be advised that there is currently a waiting list to adopt that can vary widely depending on the needs of your family and those of our dogs. That’s because GRR works to make the right match of dog and family to find a Golden that fits your lifestyle, and that will be a cherished family member and companion for life.
  • Keep in mind that preferences such as age and gender can also lengthen the wait time. Rest assured, however, that once your adoption application is approved, GRR will contact you when a suitable match is found.
  • Currently, we are in need of families who want to open their heart to adopting dogs with special needs.
  • Complete the on-line application and pay the non-refundable application fee . The application link is located at the bottom of this page.
  • APPLICATION FEE: There is a $25.00 non-refundable Application Fee to review your application for adoption. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason. This fee can be paid online with PayPal OR Visa/MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. After your application is submitted, youâll be prompted to apply this fee. This will be applied toward your adoption fee.
  • ADOPTION FEE: 0 to 7 years of age $400.00, Seniors 8 years of age and older $250.00
  • Application received
  • Verification that the application fee has been received and is noted on the application.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary for the board to recommend that you seek other sources of adoption.
  • Numbers of dogs in care
  • The Story From The Dogs Side

    OUR DOGS: So where does your new pup come from? The number one source for our dogs is owner turn-ins. The top reasons people turn dogs in are because a family is moving, experiencing financial distress, have no time for the dog, or owner health issues. Our second source is dogs from shelters. Lastly, we are called on directly at times to take in strays. On some occasions, we receive calls from contacts outside of Florida needing assistance with re-homing dogs from other shelters or rescue situations.

    VETERINARY REQUIREMENTS: The first stop for your prospective new family member is to one of our vets. The dogs are checked out, nose to tail, and any problems noted. They are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. As the microchip registry will list GRRMF, it means you have an ally in locating a lost dog if that should happen. Any known physical problems will be dealt with and any continuing health issues will be disclosed to you prior to you making a decision on adopting.

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    Adoption Process & Fees

    Our writing team is hard at work researching this shelter’s adoption process and fees, so this page will be updated soon!

    In the meantime, below you’ll find some nice-to-know info that applies to nearly every animal shelter, humane society, and rescue.

    But first…

    • Most Rescues are foster-based organizations that don’t have physical facilities.
    • They usually have websites and contact emails, but not all of them have phone numbers.
    • Because they don’t have a physical facility, you need to view animals in their foster network online, usually on their website but sometimes on their member pages on either PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet.
    • If you see an animal you’d like to meet, contact the rescue using the process listed on their website or via email. They’ll help you through the application process and set up a time for you to meet the animal at the foster’s home.
    • Adopting from a rescue generally is the most expensive option here and takes the longest, but you get an animal that’s been cared for in a loving home environment and their foster can tell you a lot about their personality.

    Golden Retriever Rescue In Southwestern Pa A Not For Profit Organization 501 3

    Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada for Furever Homes

    Golden retriever puppies pittsburgh rescue. Goldenrod kennels is located in the village of markle, allegheny township in western pa, about 35 miles north of pittsburgh pa near monroeville and lower burrell. Animal friends’ unique golden age retriever adoption program matches our mature neighbors with senior pets. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter.

    It is possible to find some different golden retriever rescue organizations in pittsburgh pa. is your source for finding an ideal golden retriever puppy for sale near pittsburgh, pennsylvania, usa area. Golden retriever rescue groups are also responsible for getting all of the proper vaccinations for the pups before they are offered for adoption.

    The greater pittsburgh golden retriever club strongly encourages responsible breeding and offers puppy referral services for those people interested in acquiring a golden retriever. Dark red dam amp english cream sire assorted colors weeks old on ready after like to keep pups for weeks better for pups dam. We hope you enjoy visiting our club site and learning more about the diversity of our golden retriever breed and the activities our club sponsors.

    We are in home quality breeders of english cream golden retrievers with very high standards. Adopt chunky a labrador retriever, pug pittsburgh, pa. 2 golden retriever puppies for sale in pennsylvania.

    This is Tyson and he is 3 months old. He is potty trained

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    Golden Retriever Rescues By State The Ultimate List

    May 9, 2021 By Colby

    This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

    If you are thinking about adopting a golden retriever to be a part of your family, youll want to check out todays ultimate list of golden retriever rescues by state.

    Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the country for a very good reason.

    These friendly and intelligent dogs make fantastic family pets.

    Sadly, while there are many excellent breeders out there selling healthy and happy Golden pups, there are also hundreds of thousands of Goldens of all ages that are homeless and in desperate need of someone to care for them.

    Adopting a golden retriever from a rescue wont only bring a lot of love into your home, but it will also help some of the dogs that need it the most.

    In this article, you will find a list of rescues where you can adopt a golden retriever depending on where you live.

    You will also find essential information that you need to know about these amazing dogs before you commit to taking one home.

    Finally well share a few top tips for getting your rescue dog used to their new home as quickly as possible.

    Rescue A Golden Of Arizona

    Less than half the veterinary costs for a rescued Golden are covered by the adoption fee.Please consider a contribution to help with our care.

    Upon intake, dogs are given a complete exam by a licensed veterinarian, updated on vaccinations , spayed or neutered , tested for valley fever and microchipped.

    Woof LineFor information on adopting a Golden please contact us at 404-WOOF .

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    Top Picks For Our Puppies

  • BEST PUPPY TOYWe Like:Snuggle Puppy w/ Heart Beat & Heat Pack – Perfect for new puppies. We get all of our Service Dog pups a Snuggle Puppy.
  • BEST DOG CHEWWe Like:Best Bully Sticks – All of our puppies love to bite, nip, and chew. We love using Bully Sticks to help divert these unwanted behaviors.
  • BEST DOG TREATSWe Like:Wellness Soft Puppy Bites – One of our favorite treats for training our service dog puppies.
  • BEST FRESH DOG FOODWe Like:The Farmer’s Dog – A couple months ago we started feeding Raven fresh dog food and she loves it! Get 50% off your first order of The Farmer’s Dog.
  • Check out more of our favorites on our New Puppy Checklist.

    Need To Relinquish Your Golden

    20 Golden Retrievers rescued from meat market in China

    If you need to rehome your Golden please call our WOOF LINE at 404-WOOF , or click one of the links below.

    Are you a proud parent of a RAGofAZ dog? Maybe you’re an admirer from afar? Either way, we have made it easy for you to show everyone that you support our rescue!

    Feel free to browse our new shopping site where you’ll find plenty of logo items for purchase. Every penny of profit goes directly to the rescue, care and placement of Goldens in need.

    Check back often as we will continue to update and add more variety of items. Thank you for your continued support!

    Please note: you can still find other items for sale including our Golden note cards, bandanas, and calendars by clicking “Shop” in the top menu of any page on our website, or by clicking here.

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    We Particularly Need Foster Families Who:

    • Are willing to foster Goldens with medical or behavioural issues
    • Are willing to foster a pair, as we will not split up bonded pairs
    • Dont have other pets in-house

    If you are interested in fostering, please fill out the foster application. Once youve filled out the application, a volunteer will contact you to clarify any points, answer any questions you might have, and arrange a home visit.

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