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Healthy Diet For Golden Retriever

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How Much Water Should Golden Retrievers Drink


Golden Retrievers should drink up to one ounce of water every day for each pound that they weigh. However, there are many other variables to consider, such as age, activity level, diet , temperature and humidity, medication, pregnancy, nursing, etc.

Make sure your dogs water bowl remains full and that the water is changed every few hours. Dog water fountains, such as the PetSafe Drinkwell from Amazon, are one of my favorites. I love this one because it is perfect for Retrievers, has a two-tiered design, and even includes carbon filters to keep the water free from odors and bad tastes.

Giving ice cubes, adding water to dry food, or making fun playtimes with a hose in warm weather are some other ways to keep your Golden Retriever hydrated.

Learn More About Golden Retriever Care With Golden Meadows Retrievers

Your golden retrievers health is important to you, which is why deciding on the right dog food is a priority. A healthy diet makes a huge difference for your dogs immune system, muscle development, energy, temperament and overall well-being. When choosing the best healthy dog food for golden retrievers, pay close attention to the ingredients, labels and language choices. Look for wholesome ingredients and keep an eye on your dogs appearance and behavior to ensure the diet you choose keeps your pup happy and healthy.

Diet is only one element of a healthy, happy dog. To learn more about golden retriever care, check out our dog blog. Here at Golden Meadows Retrievers, were golden retriever specialists. Were members of the Golden Retriever Club of America and the International All Breed Canine Association . We understand golden retriever needs, and we can give you expert advice about their care. If you have any questions, or if youre interested in adopting one of our puppies, contact us at Golden Meadows Retrievers.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We compiled a list of the best dog food products for Golden Retrievers on the market with the help of our vets and dog lovers community. We had several mandatory requirements while testing these products. They needed to:

  • List specific meat sources as the leading ingredient
  • Avoid the presence of meat or vegetable by-products, as well as grain
  • Remember that our results are not biased. We dont have any benefits from promoting these products. According to our research and honest opinion, these formulas will be highly useful for your pooch.

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    Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult & Senior Dry Dog Food

    Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult & Senior Dry Dog Food

    • High-quality protein
    • Brewers rice
    • Chicken meal

    This delicious dry kibble is enriched with high-quality protein and it is perfect for any large breed that is 18months or above.

    Natural sources like glucosamine and chondroitin are formulated to support your dogs healthy joints.

    It is made up of non-GMO ingredients, essential antioxidants, and protein as the first source of ingredients, and it doesnt contain any chicken by-products meal, corn, soy, or wheat.

    Foods To Help Golden Retrievers Lose Weight

    The Best Golden Retriever Diet Plan

    An overweight dog is just as unhealthy as an overweight person and can suffer from the same problems–heart disease, diabetes and so on. Golden Retrievers are no exception. As large-breed dogs, Goldens are susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems and being overweight only contributes to those issues. Therefore, if your Golden Retriever is overweight, now is the time to drop those extra pounds. The easiest way to do so is with foods that are designed for weight loss.

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    What About A Mixture Of Dry And Wet Foods

    Both wet and dry foods bring something special to your pets. So, there’s nothing wrong with feeding them with both.

    However, you shouldn’t mix both wet and dry foods in a single meal. Rather, you should serve your dogs with wet and dry food at different intervals .

    When you adopt this feeding method, you should ensure that the amount of food they take does not exceed the required energy, calorie, and nutrient they need daily.

    Moreso, if your pet has digestive problems, it is best to stick to one type of food, especially if your pet nutritionist recommends it. Switching between both foods, in this case, may cause diarrhea, constipation, and other health issues.

    What Are Toxic Natural Snacks To Feed Your Golden Retriever

    The adorable personality and expression of your dog may allure you to serve them what they want. But since their biology is not the same as us, take care of what you serve them. Some of the foods that are beneficial for a human may be harmful to Golden Retriever are

  • Grapes and raisins: cause the renal failure of your pet.
  • Onions, garlic, and leeks: cause damage to red blood cells leading to anemia.
  • Xylitol is a sweetener for chewing gum, toothpaste, and sugar-free candies. It causes a severe drop in blood sugar and liver damage.
  • Chocolate: causes cardiac dysfunction, ataxia, and tremors.
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    How To Select The Right Dog Food Formula For Your Golden Retriever

    Image Credit: Pixaby

    All dog food formulas are regulated by the FDA and the U.S. This provides protection to pet parents and pooch. A high-quality dog food depends on the ingredients within the dog food.

    Today, dog food formulas are always changing so as to update current formulas with new research. There are also numerous high-quality dog food formulas to choose from, which makes it all the more difficult for pet parents.

    There are also many alternative meat options for protein-focused nutrition that offer duck, alligator, venison, rabbit and boar supplemented with chickpeas, sweet potatoes or lentils.

    Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food

    Dog Reviews Healthy Food With Sisters (Golden Retriever, Beagle, & Aspin)

    Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food is another top choice of our staff veterinarians. This brand of dog food provides a balanced nutritious meal that fuels an active lifestyle. The ingredients support healthy brain function and lean muscles.

    Below is a feeding chart for Eukanuba adult dog food.

    Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Feeding Chart

    3 7/8 5 1/8 Cups Per Day
    88 lbs. 4 ¼ 5 5/8 Cups Per Day

    Eukanuba Adult Dog Food is like Royal Canin in that it provides precise amounts of food based on the level of exercise for that day. On the back of the bag, it explains how much food you should give for low, moderate, and high activity.

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    Why You Should Feed Your Golden Retriever A High

    There are many benefits to feeding your dog a high-quality food, including:

    • Healthy coat
    • Fewer allergies
    • Healthy digestive system

    And since choosing their diet is one of the few things you have control over in regards to their health, you want to choose the best for them.

    Now you might be thinking, isnt high-quality dog food expensive?

    It can be, but if you were to choose a low-quality dog food and save money up front, youd probably spend those savings on vet bills down the road .

    Another question is, does food actually matter?

    Sure, there are people who live long healthy lives that smoke, drink and eat fast food every day, but those people are the exception, not the rule.

    If you want to give your dog the best chance at being healthy , then youre going to want to choose a high-quality dog food for your golden.

    Counting The Macros For Your Golden Retrievers

    Have you ever been on a diet?

    If you have, then, you must be know that its not counting the calories that matterit is the source that does. If you eat more junk food on a diet, chances are that you wont lose weight or feel well even if youve just had 1200 kcal per day.

    Same is the case for your Golden Retriever.

    This essentially means that calories you get from your food come from the three vital macronutrientscarbs, proteins, and fats. Your body needs them all in adequate quantities to thrive.

    And so does your Golden Retrievers.

    However, macros need to be adjusted keeping in mind the dogs height, age, level of activity, etc.

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    Is Homemade Food Best For My Golden Retriever

    If your homemade foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs, then it might be best for your Golden Retriever. It takes a lot more time to find recipes and make sure it has all the nutritional value of a store-bought dog food.

    If you are willing to research recipes , then go for it! It is always best to consult your veterinarian before going to any new diet and they can provide you with valuable information also.

    How Often Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Puppy

    Healthy Golden Retriever Diet: 5 Tips For The Perfect Diet ...

    Growing puppies have different nutritional requirements than adult dogs, and they require more frequent feedings at different stages of development. Depending on age, heres how much you should feed your Golden Retriever puppy:

    24 weeks onwards 2

    Golden Retriever puppies get all of their nutrients from their mother when they are born. However, its safe to start the weaning process onto a new diet from three to four weeks old.

    Puppies in the early stages of development need enough calories, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals to support rapid growth and development and set them on the road to a healthy life.

    Learn More on How Often Dogs Should Eat

    Since Golden Retrievers are a medium-large breed, they should be fed large-breed dog food, even puppies. Large breed dog food is actually essential for your Goldens health.

    Heres the deal

    Large breed foods have a higher protein content and lower calcium, phosphorus, and fat content. It is nutritionally designed to keep them from growing too quickly, leading to debilitating conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia.

    While adult dogs can thrive on one meal a day, most Golden Retriever owners tend to feed their dogs twice a day. This makes it easier for the dog to digest the food, control hunger, and avoid life-threatening bloat . My dog would much rather eat twice a day.

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    How Often And How Much To Feed Your Golden Retriever

    Most Golden Retrievers weigh between 55 to 75 pounds as adults. They reach their full size between 12 and 18 months old. But every dog may grow at different rates.

    You should feed your Golden puppy food specifically formulated for growing large dogs. Split his daily serving into three meals per day until he turns six months old. At this age, split his food into two meals per day for the rest of his life.

    Here are some general feeding guidelines for Golden puppies.

    Puppy Age
    Nursing Females 5 to 6 Cups

    Senior Goldens need fewer calories as they age. Golden oldies generally need around 900 calories per day between two equally spaced meals.

    Always remember to consult your veterinarian when determining how much to feed your dog.

    How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy

    Golden Retriever puppies should eat three to four times a day until they are six months old at scheduled intervals. They require more calories and frequency at this young age. It is not best to feed them extra food as they could become overweight. They should be lanky with long legs at this stage in life.

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    Can Golden Retrievers Eat Human Food

    We mustnt forget that dogs historically ate people food long before the invention of dog food

    Golden Retrievers can eat human food.As dogs began to live alongside humans thousands of years ago, they shared food. Their diet was much like their owners, and they got what could be spared, such as scraps of bone with leftover meat and cartilage, horsemeat, cabbage, potatoes, and stale bread.

    As society progressed and dog ownership grew, there were never enough table scraps and leftovers to feed our dogs, and so in the 1850s, the first dog biscuit was created by businessman James Spratt.

    The biscuit made of wheat, vegetables, beetroot, and beef blood was the first commercially available dry dog food. Horsemeat was the main ingredient of canned wet food when it was introduced in 1922.

    Why does this matter?

    It doesnt, because, in a nutshell, nothing has changed! You can buy dog food with meat, fish, berries, and vegetables these days, but ITS JUST HUMAN FOOD IN DOG PACKAGING!

    Learn More on the Science of Why Dogs Can Eat Human Food

    How Much Should You Feed Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Summer Special healthy Food For Golden Retriever Puppy | Stella Time

    How much you feed your puppy depends on what your veterinarian says and what the label on the dog food says.

    Its tough to make general statements like, feed your puppy one cup per day, because 1) all puppies are different, and 2) different foods have different caloric densities.

    One cup of Brand X food may have 300 calories per cup, while Brand Y has 400 calories per cup.

    And heres an example of why it depends on the individual puppy

    When we first got our puppy, Oliver, we were feeding him what the package told us to feed him.

    During a vet visit our veterinarian said he looked too small and lethargic for a puppy his age , and he recommended we feed him a little more.

    So when deciding how much to feed your puppy, read the label on your food and talk to your veterinarian to see whats best for them.

    As far as how often to feed your puppy, this same rule applies.

    Most people feed their puppies three times per day, and then eventually transition to two times per day when theyre a little older.

    At this point, theyre not growing as much, so they dont need to eat as frequently, plus it will usually help them poop less!

    For us, we fed Oliver three times per day until he was a little over a year old.

    Thats when we switched to adult dog food and changed to feeding him two times per day.

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    Golden Retriever & Raw Diet: Most Popular Methods


    As we said above, BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food. There are two types of BARF feeders, those that add plant matter into the mix and those that stand firmly against such practice.

    Generally, the BARF diet consists of 70% meat, 10% plant matter, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other organs. Feeders that dont add in plant matter, replace this portion with meat. This ratio differs from owner to owner, and you should also experiment with ratios and different fruits until you find the best combination for your Golden Retriever.


    Keto diet is more of a short term diet that can help dogs with cancer, autoimmune disease, joint problems, and other chronic health issues. This is very low in carbohydrates and very high in fat diet. The Keto diet consists of 70% fat, 10% bone, 10% meat, and 10% organs. The fat that can be used: raw goat milk, fatty cuts of meat, butter, duck fat, skin, cream, egg yolks.

    As we said, the keto diet is not a long-term diet since the lower amount of meat in the diet means that your dog wont get all the amino acids his body needs. The Keto diet is a therapeutic diet best suited to fight off cancer.

    Organ Meat

    Feeding your Golden Retriever with organ meat is very important as organs contain essential vitamins and minerals. Most raw food diets have a ratio of 5% liver and 5% other organs.

    Fasting And Gorging

    Prey Model Feeding

    Dry Dog Food Versus Wet Or Canned Dog Food

    Freeman argued the amount of water in wet food might make it an unwise investment, and instead recommended you go with dry food. One benefit to dry food , she noted, is that the friction of chewing it can help keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy. Its also less messy. Morgan added that bags of dry food also tend to be more affordable compared to the other options.

    However, Morgan noted that kibble typically includes less meat and often includes some sort of grain, legume, or potato. If you go with kibble, Morgan suggested topping the dry food with a bit of canned food, meat from home, or other toppers.

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    You Can Cook For Your Dogas Long As You Do Your Homework

    Home-cooked meals can be an effective way to feed your dog. But theres a huge caveat: You have to make sure youre providing balanced meals, Dr. Morgan says. In one study from University of CaliforniaDavis, researchers evaluated 200 recipes for home-prepared dog foods and found that 95 percent lacked the necessary levels of at least one essential nutrient while over 83 percent had several nutrient deficiencies, many of which could result in serious health issues. If you want to go this route, researchers recommend consulting a board-certified veterinary nutritionist or at the least, your own vet. Dont miss these wire-haired dogs that will make a great addition to your family.

    Looking For The Aafco Label Is A Shortcut Of Assurance

    Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers â Woof Whiskers

    The Association of American Feed Control Officials helps ensure minimum nutritional requirements for your pets, and Dr. Ward says its label could be a shortcut for assurance. But know this: AAFCO doesnt regularly inspect or guarantee that the amounts of nutrients as stated on the bag are actually in that food. Thats one reason Dr. Ward recommends raising the bar even higher by checking that the nutrient levels meet or exceed European Pet Food Industry guidelines, which have different requirements for certain nutrients. By the way, here are the best natural dog foods for every age and size.

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